Elysium Cabaret Friday, February 11th, 2022 Show

Friday’s show was just delightful! There was a hint of Valentine’s Day in the air and The Elysium Cabaret brought it to life with their brilliant creative minds! The pctures I managed to get don’t do justice to the wonderful performances that graced The Empire Room Stage ! We had other exciting news this weekend; choreographer Christee Lutrova has come to perform with us. Welcome to the family Christee! Another first is Rosie’s very first crowd dance..so exciting and very very awesome!!! Oh…and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!

Azdra – ‘ KI Theory – Enjoy the Silence’ – With O and Melli

Beautiful performance Azdra, terrific set and costumes, ultra smooth choreography…such an awesome start to our show!!!

Dear – ‘The Weeknd – Take My Breath’

Fabulous Dear! You truly caught a creative vision from this wonderful song that reflected to us all from the stage! Truly lovely with your smooth flowing choreo!

Christee  – ‘ I Wanna Sex You Up … extended smooth mix … Color Me Badd’ –   With Beebs, Morganna, Koyia, Rosie, Ariel

Loved this Christee, beautiful set, very well put together choreography, fun and sexy , I enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed dancing with you in your debut!

Wiz – ‘ : Black Hole Sun – Nouela’

Emotionally touching dance Wiz, loved your choreography, your movements showed a very contemplative and reflective interpretation of your music. Great job!

Melli – ‘ Ain’t She Sweet – Gene Austin/DJ Electroswing (DJ Melli ReMix)’ – With Azdra, Divalin, Akiko and Chrissy

So fun Melli! Sassy, saucy, and sweet! Loved your set and costumes and what a great tune! perfect for Valentine’s!

Rosie – ‘ Sexy Silk – Jessie J ‘

So good Rosie! Loved your set, and your dance itself is very bold, cheeky and confident…very well done, fun to watch and brought smiles to everyone!

 Babypea – ‘ Nickelback – Savin’ Me’ – With Gunner

This was beautiful Pea, wish my camera could have caught the different lighting better! Love the set and set changes and the song . Your dance itself was very deep and you made what was obviously a lot of work look effortless! Wonderful!

Yancy  –  ‘Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal’ –  With Melli, Azdra, Chrissy and Sage

Fantastic rendition of a great tune! Awesome costumes and set and lively upbeat choreo! Well done..Bravo!

Rosie (crowd)

Woohoo Rosie you finally did it ! Your first crowd dance and I truly hope not thew last we will see! You did a fantastic job! Thank you for stepping up to the challenge! Great crowd dances!

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