Elysium Celebrates Black History Month, Friday February 25th, 2022

In the United States, February is the month chosen to honor the contributions and legacies of Black Americans of African Americans across U.S. history from activists and civil rights pioneers to leaders in industry, politics, science, culture, and the Arts. Here at The Empire Room, we wished to bring our own tribute through the incredibly creative and talented Elysium Cabaret. It was a wonderful show and let us look into an incredible past and future. Thank you to all that shared with us those special moments in time!

Quient – ‘Common, John Legend – Glory’ – with Hailie, EvA, Ame, Diamonte, Zach and Yona

How wonderful this was Quient! Strong and powerful message, Emotional and passonate..just wonderful! Such a perfect start to our show!

Ariel – ‘The Color Purple- Push da Button’ – With Azdra, Melli, Chrissy, Cael, Yancy, Wiz

Great set Ariel and what a fun expression of this song! Had me tapping my toes wanting to dance myself..smooth and fabulous!

Babypea – ‘Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes’ – ‘With: Gunner, Quient, Hailie, Blue, Web, Beebs

Fantastic! Very powerful very clear ..love the set and the dance itself ..the movements truly expressed that message dear to your heart and caught everyones breath as they watched! It was clear how much he affected your life! Bravo!! Just Brilliant!

Mikiko – ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You – Etta James’ With EvA and Morganna

Fun, sassy and sexy all wrapped up in one package! Etta James was wonderful, truly classy and classic and her music is timeless. lovely set , ty for having me dance with you it was such fun and your choreo was a joy to dance to..just perfect, ty!

Paul – ‘Jon Batiste – FREEDOM

Paul, Jon Baptiste could not ask for a better tribute than the one you danced for him here. There was nothing i don’t love about this..the set the choreo the vision..just so well put together! I hope he gets to see a video of this performance..!

Hailie – ‘Janet Jackson – Rhythm Nation’ – with Quient, Taema, Kyser, Antonio, Jilley, EvA, Diamonte, Ame

This is awesome Hailie! I love the set the costumes and the choero..what a wondertful finale for the show..upbeat and powerful, smooth and fierce! Beautifully done!

Bianka (crowd)

Soooo much fun Bianka, love this set and there is no doubt that everyone was having a great time! Thank you for sharing thiese dances with us..it is the icing to our cake!!!

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