Elysium Cabaret Canadian Singers Theme Show , Friday April 29th, 2022

Dance is social, cultural, and historical. It is a way to express our creativity, our emotions, our hopes, and dreams. Dance is a magic with so many forms that it is a neverending treasure of surprise. This theme show reminded me of how great that treasure is. The monthly theme show at The Empire Room this week was all about Canadian Singers and what a great night it was! The Elysium Cabaret took the stage and rocked our world with such a great variety of music genres all gifted to us from great Canadian talent and the performances were all stunning and unique!
I want to add here an acknowledgment and a huge thank you to Temperance Von Phoenix and her incredible photography skills! I have included many photos this week that she took as well as my own, and I am just in awe of Tempes skill! Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing talent with everyone Tempe and I look forward to seeing much much more!!

Bianka – ‘Weeknd – Blinding Lights’

Such an awesome set Bianka, everything was so vivid, and vibrant! Your use of particles was fantastic! Perfect choreo, great costume! The whole performance was entrancing and just wonderfully done!

Melli – ‘Stompa by Serena Ryder’ – With Diva, Scarlot, O and Beebs

This performance was truly lovely Melli, very cool costumes and brilliant choreography, such a great song and your smooth animations were really right on the money..bravo!!

Mikiko – ‘ Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Official Music Video)’ – With Morganna and EvA

Sassy and sweet, provocative and daring..this dance has it all Mikiko. Love the costumes(especially the hat hehe) and your transitions and stage effects were fabulous! So fun, glad I could be part of it

Sunset – ‘ Come What May’ – With Cullum, Morganna, Paul and Reinah

Sunset, this is I think my favorite dance of yours. It is magical, and sets such an otherworldy essence to the stage. Fabulous use of movement and costumes, thank you for having us dance with you! This is just so beautiful!

Babypea – ‘Tom_Sawyer – Rush’

Wow Babypea, this is performace shows such incredible talent and gives us a peek into what true imagination and creativity is all about. Fantastic transitions and brilliant set design, superb, in every way , Awesome!

Diva – ‘Classified – Oh…Canada’ – With Web Sass

Diva this really made me smile. Made me miss Canada more as well hahaha! Wonderful, and clever. Webby was such an adorable moose, and i just love all those Canada creatures..so much fun all in one big package!


I really loved this crowd dance Eva. The music was so fun, and you always have such fantastic movements to make us all work out hahaha! Quite a crowd and everyone had such a great time. Thank you for pushing us around so well!!!

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