Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 6th Show

WOW what a great Friday this was! Tonight’s show by The Elysium Cabaret at The Empire Room was phenomenal! Each act was so different, unique, and brilliant! I am always in awe at the performances I see cross that stage! It is such a gift to be able to see what new vision reveals itself from the minds of our amazing choreographers! Such a joy to watch! A huge thank you to our wonderful choreographers, dedicated dancers, and to our audience who always take their time to be with us each week! Thank you to Eva for being our DJ this week and for providing us with a festive fun-filled Cinco de Mayo crowd dance and afterparty!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!!

Misha – ‘Chicago the Musical – All that Jazz’ – With CG, Baby, Eva, Blue

Misha, your performance was the perfect start to our show this week! Your dynamic energy was so infectious, had my feet tapping behind the scenes! I love the smooth, sassy choreography and set, super fun!! Well done!!!

Nadi – ‘Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers’ – With Melli

Beautiful song, you brought me to tears Nadi, remembering my own mom who passed away a few years ago. So emotional with smooth movements expressing the feelings so very well. And Melli is a wonderful angel! Loved this!

Babypea – ‘Halestorm – I Miss The Misery’

Burning hot Baby! incredible song to create a dance to, your visual personification of those raw, base emotions expressed intensely with the help of your incredible set and particle use..so well done, fabulous performance!!

Wiz – ‘Vitamin String Quartet – Pumped Up Kicks’ – With Nadi

This was so cool Wiz, very Regency pomp with a modern twist! Great Costumes, perfect Choreo and nice wiggle hehe! Just awesome!

Diva – ‘”Bang Bang” by Rita Oro’ – With PussiGalore Hijinks and Scarlot

Wow! I really love your transitions, costumes and sets Diva! Very sexy and fabulous choreo..a wild moment where the audiences jaw dropped haha, but iced drinks helped! Fabulous work!

Webby – ‘Christina Aguilera – Desdunate’ – With Baby and Beebs

This was sooo good! I really enjoyed watching this dance Webby, it was smooth , sexy and fun all in one! Your Rainforest set is great, outfits adorable, and omg I just loved those rain drops on the ground!!!

Morganna – ‘ Lindsey Sterling – Masquerade’ – with Cullum, Sunset, Reinah

I had so much fun doing this dance, thank you to my dancers and to Cullum a huge thanks for this beautiful set. Your artistry is amazing! All the kind words said to me for this performance mean alot to me and they encourage me to continue forward..hugs to you all!


What a wonderul stage setting for a Cinco de Mayo celebration Eva! This crowd dance was super fun and I love the animations you chose to share with us.. what a great time thank yolu!!!!

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