Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 13th Show

What a great show!! Super creative, and seriously entertaining! The Elysium Cabaret has proven once more that The Empire Room has the best of the best dance choreographers that ever graced the stage on any grid!! Thank you all for sharing these gifts with us!!!

Rhea – ‘MUTANT by Reol’ – With Emberlady

Beautiful peformance Rhea! Everything was stunning. Perfect transitions, amazing stage sets and changes, and wonderful use of the mirror effects. Just fabulous! Wnderfully done!

Dear – ‘ Ava Max – So Am I

What a great song choice, reaches to all of us on some level I think and your dance interpretation of it is just fabulous! Great costume, set and oh so smooth movement! Love it!

Taema – ‘In the name of love by Bebe Rexha’

Taema, you look just stunninly beautiful in this outfit and the dance you created for this is both allurin and heavenly at the same time. So very lovely!

Rory – ‘Gin Wigmore’ – With Evan, Resmay, Rosie

Rory..Rory..Rory…. tilting my head sideways trying to figure you out hahaha! Fantastic costumes, clever set and such great laughs to a brilliant song.. flawless choreo and so much fun! Bravo!!

Christee – ‘Britney Spears – Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Official Video) )’ – With Morganna, Rosie, Koyia, BabyPea

Some great moves on this Christee as well as a beautiful set and you made us all look and feel very sexy! Loved your entrance up the stairs (might have to tie Paul down next time lol) and I adore the ending with all of us together !

Wiz – ‘Evolution of Dance’

Wizness in motion! How clever this is! Your creative genius shines through..who would have thought about using youtube in such a unique way!? Love , love it!!!

Babypea – ‘Metallica – The Unforgiven – With Beebles, Blue, Kendra, Koyia

This is so cool Babypea! Love the unique costumes and the heat from those fires could be felt across the sim! Very deep song, intense movements that expressed it well, so smooth and strong!

Bianka – (CROWD)

Oh gosh Bianka this was marvelous! Your crowd dance songs are always versatile and put together in such a fun way!!!! Thank you for pushing us around this week!

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