Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 20th Show

To say that this weeks show was simply a great Show is an understatement! The Elysium Cabaret pulled out all stops Friday and the result was an amazing variety of exceptional artistry! Thank you all so very much for sharing your incredible talent, and creativity with us at The Empire Room!!! There is always something new and different and it is always such a joy to watch!

SoCo – ‘ Titanium’ – With Troy, Fafnir, JP, Diamonte

What a beautifully choreographed dance Soco, complete with strong, powerful music, fantastic costumes and detailed set, bewitching and eyecatching!!! Such a GREAT start to this weeks show!!!

Nadi – ‘Gipsy’

Beautiful set Nadi ! I love the particles you chose, the colors accentuated your flawless choreography, so smooth and pretty! Bright enticing costume as well, very sexy! Wonderfully done!

Mavrick – ‘ You’re The One That I Want’ – With Cael, Shaane, Tessa, Anya, Rosie A

Mavrick, I must say that so many memories flew at me as I watched this wonderful performance! I actually saw the original on Broadway many many years ago and your rendition was fabulous! Love the costumes and the moves…and what a great funhouse set too!!!

Ariel – ‘ Really Slow Motion- Leviathan’

Ariel first I have to say that your costume was just wonderful, clever and unique and just lovely!! Topped with graceful smooth moves and pretty effects, this was just So good!!!!!

Rory – ‘( Sexy and I Know it ) Stay at Home’

Rory…omg you always make me laugh, everytime without fail! Great moves haha, you must have a huge collection of panties by now ! Your mind is so creative and on a different level..love it !!!!

Corri – ‘Christina Aguilera – I am a Good Girl’

So very pretty Corri! Fantastic stage and costume. very seductive, very tempting and alluring! Beautiful choreography, such a pleasure to watch! So well performed! Bravo!!!

Eva – ‘Nicole Scherzinger – Wet’ – With Cowgrl and Melli

This is a great finale Eva, suave, sassy and just a hint of naughty! Love the costume changes very effectively done, nice movement, great set, just Wonderful!

Bianka (CROWD)

Crowd dances are always so much fun and you have really taken us out for a great night partying on this one! Everyone had such a great time it was sad that it ended so soon!!! Thank you Bianka!!!!

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