Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 27th

What a beautiful show this was!!! You could feel the healing vibrations filling the sim, everyone was relaxed, happy and enjoying what they saw on The Empire Room stage and as usual The Elysium Cabaret didnt let their audience down!! Magic filled the Room! A thank you to all our fantastic audience , without your support there would be no shows! Thank you to The dedicated and creative choreographers that grace this stage and to the wonderful dancers who are always there to share their time and space! Thank you also to Tempe for sharing some of her photos as well!!

Babypea – ‘Coldplay – Yellow’

A beautiful start to this very special show! So awesome, love the space you created and the emotions filling it as you danced. wonderful set, and that is an incredible tattoo!!! Very, very cool Baby, set the whole tone for the evening to come!!!

Bianka – ‘Mirabai Ceiba – Shree Ma’ – With Charles

Bianka, this is an enchanting and passionate dance. Very poignant and fragile, very loving and filled with feeling! Fabulous choreography , so smooth and constant, and your set is so pretty too!!!

Mikiko – ‘miki matsubara – stay with me ‘

First I have to say how much I love this costume. It is very unique and fit your dance so perfectly! With your sensual, smooth movements and creative stage, this was such a pleasure to watch!!!

Sakura – ‘MATSURI by Kaze Fujii’

Elegant, mystical and |Stunningly beautiful Sakura! Such a graceful and smooth dance, and your set and transitions are amazing! Love your costume so much as well! Just wonderful!!!

Taema – ‘”24K Magic” by SPEEDHERTZ’ – With Dear, Hailie, Jo, SoCo

I just love the colours you used for this performance Taema! So bright and vivid! They fit in so well with your fun and lively dance that made everyone wiggle and bounce! So good, super cool!

Divalin – ‘Gary Jules – Mad World ‘

Diva this is magical! I love everything about it, your set is to die for and your costume is gorgeous! Fantastic movement and transitions, just incredible and a wonderful finale to our show!!!

Bianka (CROWD)

  1. All In – Sean Paul ft. Amara
  2. Medicine – Jennifer Lopez Remix
  3. The Cha Cha Slide – Custom

Oh my gosh Bianka this was awesome!!! Love the song choices and the sexy moves..I have never seen the cha cha slide in sl before..love, love it!!! Thank you so much for the smiles and laughter!!

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