Elysium Cabaret Friday, June 3rd

Such a great show this was this Friday!!!! What incredible and creative talent ! Such good times sharing the laughter and fun! Thank you Pea, Paul and Wiz for all they do, and DJ Gunner for the music. Hope you feel much better very soon Gunner and thank you for being there despite being ill! Also a big thanks to all of The Elysium choreographers, dancers, and their guest dancers for such a fabulous evening, and to Temperance for sharing some of her incredible photos with us all!

 Rory  – ‘ Sukiaki Sumo- Rory Edit ‘ – With Yancy and Griffin

Awesome performance Rory, made everyone laugh like mad, clever and so fun! Not sure how you pulled this one out of your magic hat but you did it well!!! Great set and costumes as well! Bravo!

Dear  – ‘ Camila Cabello – Bam Bam  ft. Ed Sheeran ‘

Very sexy Dear! The things that people get up to in the flamingo room! Fabulous choreo and oooh lala to the outfit!

Azdra  – ‘ Lauren Daigle – Hold On To Me’ – With Melli, Cael, Yancy, Quient, Hallie, Koyia, Sage, Shaane

This is beautiful Azdra, lovely outfits , wonderful choreography, and set changes. Very emotional and heartfelt, flowed so smooth like a river!

Chrissy  – ‘ Florence + The Machine – Not Fade Away’

So creative, creepy and sexy too hahaha! Fantastic sets and transitions, an awesome performance and great costume..Love that dog too!!!

  Babypea – ‘ Zheng, Oud And Udu A’ – With: Web, Jilley, Dear, and Ginty

OMG Pea this is so darn cute hehehe! So cool, awesome costumes..your creative mind has taken on a new twist ! Great choreography and set! I have a question? Did the ants escape?

Yancy  – ‘ One Republic – Counting Stars’ – With Seb and Shaane

This is superb Yancy. Love the costumes, the song and the choreo. Your set and changes were beautifully done..so mysticall!!!

Wiz  – ‘ The Git Up – Blanco Brown’ – With Dear and Chrissy

Very, very clever Wiz and very fun. What a concept! Awesome moves, costumes , great song and well ya’ll looked soo good!!!!

 Eva (CROWD)

Oh this was such a great crowd dance Eva! All of your song choices were great ones and I just love your set!!! Thak you so much for bringing this to the Empire Room and for sharing it with all of us!!!!

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