Elysium Cabaret Friday June 10th

Fabulous show this week at The Empire Room! This was an extra special night as there were two choreographers making their debut! Congratulations on your lovely performances and welcome to The Elysium Cabaret family to both of you!!

 Jo – ‘Bi sla naprej?  – by Manouche’ – With Seb, SoCo, Antonio and Jilley

Jo, what a great performance to start off our show, just loved it! Fun, upbeat, snazzy and jazzy with a great set, super costumes and just wonderful choreography! Brilliant!

Arial  – ‘ Little Shop of Horrors prologue/Skid Row’ – With Wiz, Tabby Catnip, Sultry McGregor, Azdra

Ariel, your dance had everyone bouncing in their seats! Nice moves, such cute costumes and set, love the man-eating plants! So fun!!!

Taema, – ‘Bim Bam Bom’ – With Blue, Christee, Jo, Nadi

Super sexy, super fun! Loved this set and costumes, makes you want to get out and party on the beach!! Great choreo, and a pleasure to watch..just wonderful!

Babypea – ‘ Low feat. RuPaul by Todrick Hall’ – With Ame, Zach, Diamonte, Rory, Sebastain, Gunner, Jacob, Web, and Cael

Out of this world Babypea! Such awesome transitions, great sets and costumes and fantastic choreography! So much to see, so brilliantly put together! The energy coming from that stage vibrated through the house!!! Loved this!!!

Koyia  – ‘I knew I loved you – savage garden’ – With Eodred

Lovely Koyia, welcome to the big stage! This dance is beautiul, so romantically sweet and touchingly emotional! Love your set too!! Way to go!!!

Christee  – ‘Maroon 5 – Memories’ – With Babypea, Rosie, Taema, Morganna, Koyia, Merelynn

This is so lovely Christee, all of it..wonderful choreography, super formations, pretty costumes, and it was extra special with the rising flowers, great transition!

Sage  – ‘Enrique Iglesias   Bailamos’ – With Azdra, Melli

What a great debut Sage, loved this! Sexy and fun, great set and smooth moves! Congratulations and welcome to the Elysium family!!!

 Mikiko  – ‘Billie Eilish – Oxytocin (Official Lyric Video)’

Wow Mikiko! Such a great finale to our show! This is just wonderful; choreo, set, song, and your smooth moves and transitions.. all of it is superb, and what a sizzling outfit!!! Love, love this!!!

Babypea (CROWD)

Such a great crowd dance Babypea! Great song choices, the kind that make you feel good and make you want to just dance to dance and have a great time amd we did..thank you for sharing this with us all!!!!

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