Elysium Cabaret Friday June 17th

Sorry this is so late this week all, had a lot going on rl these past few days so everything else fell behind a little! I didn’t forget however, and here we go! Fridays show was so fun and sexy! A BIG Happy Birthday out to both Chrissy and Paul this week and an extra thank you to Paul for coming in on his birthday to take care of everything for us rather than party at home!

Christee – ‘ Jessie J – Sexy Silk’ – With Merelynn Krell, Babypea, Morganna, Kendra Click

Super sweet, super fun and super sexy! Love the colours and set and your moves were smooth and you made us all look so very good!!!! Great Strat off for this weeks show!

Yancy – ‘Rosenfeld – I Want To’ – With Tiberius, Zach, Az, Melli and Pea

Yancy this was awesome! Great costumes, set and animations! your transitions flowed and it looked great from where i was viewing!

Koyia – ‘ Imagine Dragons – Bad liar’ – With Tempi

Really nice koyia, pretty set, nice movement, great song choice! Wonderful choreo, so well done!!!

Rory – ‘Faith Micheals- Definition of a Fetish’ – With Resmay, Griffin, Rosie, Babypea, Sage, Azdra, Melli, Beebs, Yancy & Cael

Well you certainly put the naughty in our show tonight Rory with your fetish hehehe! So sexy, raising the blood pressure of everyone watching!

Diva – ‘Devil in Your Eyes – Valerie Broussard’

Love this Diva! Beautiful stage tranitions and wonderful set, costumes and those oh so smooth moves!

Rosie – ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd – Swamp Music’ – With Rory, Gunner, Babypea, Paul, Morganna

Very fun Rosie and i love this set , looks so great, next best thing to being there! Nice costumes and great movement..bravo!!!

Chrissy – ‘ Eric Church – Talladega’ – With Cassie

Love this Chrissy! Just beautiful and emotional! Fantastic set and great comes, lovely movement!great show finish!

Bianka (CROWD)

Bianka this crowd dance was just so good! I loved the movements and the incredible set changes o match the music! Superb! And so very fun!!! ty!!!!!

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