Elysium Cabaret Friday June 24th Steampunk Theme Show

Great show tonight… superb dances, costumes and sets.. such wonderful creativity! Thank you to aall the Elysium Cabaret for sharing their talents with all of us!!! A big welcome to PussiGalore who made her Elysium debut this week with an amazng performance and we hope to see many more in the future!!!

Babypea – ‘Caravan Palace – Dragons’ – With Nadi, Bianka, Azdra, Pussi, Tempe, Melli, Tabby, Dear, and Jeni

you always inspire me Babypea! Your use of movement and set changes in this is so amazingly smooth and looked so natural! Just wonderfl and a super opening act for the show!

Dear – ‘Steam Powered Giraffe – Me and My Baby’

This performance is so cool Dear, so artistic and very clever. Love the costume , set, and the timing to every music note is so well done! Bravo!

Bianka – ‘Jukebox – Super Mario Bros’

Oh this tap dancing was just wonderfully performed! Fabulous costume and set, smooth toe tapping moves, great song, gotta love Mario!!!! All around fantastic!!!

Azdra – ‘Abney Park – Aether Shanty’ – With Melli, Babypea, Cael, and Yancy

This was very cool Azdra, great set trasitions, smooth movement and i just love the cloud flight at the end..claps madly**


PG, this was brilliantly done! Love the set and costume, so much detail, wonderfully done and the overll effect was just so cute!!!! Btw…welcome to the family!!!

Melli – ‘Sleep Isabella – Abney Park’ – With Azdra, Pussi and Coralie

Love this fun choreography Melli! Everything was perfectly executed with a true bouncy feeling to make everyone smile. Fantastic performance!!!

Sakura – ‘ Dead London by Hirokazu Akiyama
Steam Fortress by PeriTune’

Sakura, this is a beautiful finale. So gorgeous, smooth and memorable! A fantastic and lovely vision to watch as you stepped across the stage!!!

Bianka (CROWD)

Oh my gosh Bianka this was just such fun! What great exercise hahaha! I just love the animations you use to push us around, and great choice of music! thank you so much!!!

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