Elysium Cabaret Friday June 1ST

Friday at The Empire Room brought us an outstanding show of superb talent! The hard-working, creative Elysium Cabaret really shined as they brought us all a fabuous evening of variety performances that truly show us the hard work and dedication our choreographers have .Thank you all so much. A newcomer to the Elysium Cabaret this evening is Rina. Beautiful performance and hope to see you much more in the future!

Chrissy – ‘Rag n’ Bone Man – Human’

Great song Chrissy, and I just loved the changes in your sets and costume! Brilliantly done and so unique! It was difficult to take pics that could do your cyborg metamorphisis justice but how wonderfully done!!! Great start to the show, vibrant!!!

Koyia – ‘Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA’ – With Temper, Eodred, Jeni, Azdra, Cael, MellI

Very fun , pretty set, love the fireworks! Nice choreography, lively and bringing those smiles to the viewers! Perfect for the 4th of July weekend! Very well done!

Rina – ‘Sound of Silence-Disturbed’

This dance and sets were both awesome and very lovely Rina! So glad you brought it to the Elysium stage and hope you will perform many more dances with us. Wonderful chorography and costume as well! Bravo and welcome!!!!

Yancy – ‘Nickelback – Stand Together’ – With Azdra, Melli, Shaane, Sage, Tiberius, Cael, Nadi and Chrissy

Great visual for this wonderful song! Love your formation and smooth moves Yancy, really super! Great choreo! Everything is wonderfully put together and just so very well done! Bravo!!

Wiz – ‘Do You Wanna Date My Avatar’ – With Christee

Ha! I have to say I just love this one Wiz! Great avatars and scenery, great choreo and animations! Such a great fun song and you both looked adorable!! Fabulous!! So very cool and clever!

Cael – ‘Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love’ – With Gunner and Paul

Hahah Cael! Gotta love it, not often we get to see you guys with so little on!! Love the choreo on this and your entrance was awesome! great set, vibrant colours.. so good!!!!

Babypea – ‘Shipping Up To Boston-Enter Sandman – Bagpipe Cover Goddesses of Bagpipe x The Snake Charmer’ – With: Kendra, Blue, Beebles, Taema

What a wonderful act this was, great tune, love bagrock! The choreography on this is fantastic and I adored the wicked mixed in with the innocent effect! Great costumes and set as well, perfect faerie forest!!!

Azdra (CROWD)

Woohooo Azdra this crowd dance set was awesome fun and your setting is really fabulous! I love how yo set us on different levels and I really love that floor…so much fun! Thank you for pushing us around!!

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