Elysium Cabaret Friday July 8th

Dance is one of the most beautiful and expressive of forms of art there is. Through dance we can convey anything said and unsaid and express our feelings, our stories, our desires and our visions. The Elysium Cabaret brings so much of this energy to The Empire Room each week, filling our senses and sharing smiles and tears! Thnk You all of you, so very much. Happy Birthday this week to Nadi and a very happy Rez day to Hazel!

Dear – ‘Lauren Spencer-Smith – Fingers Crossed’

You chose such a pretty song to go wih your stunning performance tonight Dear! This was a truly beautiful opening act, your set, costume and movements were all so perfectly balanced and emotion flowed out into the audience!

Taema – ‘I am every woman by Chaka Khan’ – With Ame, Azdra, Blue, Nadi, Morganna

Your energy is so infectious Taema, Very dynamic performances lovely and unique set and outfits, awesome smooth movements! So glad I could dance it with you!!! So fun!

Christee – ‘Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent’ – With Merelynn

Very sexy Christee, love the cat costumes, great choreo, cool stage, super transitions, Pretty colours!!very well done!

Azdra – ‘ Oshrins – Out of Control’ – With Melli, BabyPea, Cael, Yancy

This is beautiful Azdra, Nice formation and energy, wonderful costumes, that outfit looks superb as you danced. A warm and welcoming set..overall so well done.. left us all feeling good!

Koyia – ‘Celtic Woman – You raise me up’

I loved your performance Koyia, your solo was lovely and graceful! Lovely outfit and set, you should get this one videotaped so you have it! Bravo , keep up the hard work!!

Rory – ‘Japanglish’ – With Mavrick, Griffin, Thunder, Melli, Hazel, Bianka, Blue, Kenda, Azdra

So funny, Rory only you would bring Godzilla to The Empire Room in New York and make him dance haha! fun concept, great costumes and set, nice choreography, so fitting for the music..gotta love it!!

Babypea (CROWD)

I just loved your music choices for the crowd this week Babypea! Never a dull moment, well maybe except to anyone Godzilla stepped on lo! So much fun, laughter and you pushed us around so well! Great animations!!! Awesome set! Thank you!

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