Elysium Cabaret Friday July 15th

Brilliant and fun show this evening, full of colour, emotions, and fun!! We have a new member to the Elysium family tonight as Sultry took her turn on the Empire Room Stage and she wow’d us all with her smooth sexy choreography and fun upbeat tune! Also, thanks to Christee for the poster this week!

Christee – ‘ Santana – Do You Remember Me (Music Video)’ – With Morganna , Merelynn

This performance is so fun and I just love the costumes and set, thak you for having me to dance this with you..smooth smooth dance and just lovely!

Sultry – ‘Cher – You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me’ – With Kendra, Rosie, Christee, Ariel

Your choreo on this dance was spot on and sassy and smooth, just loved it! great set and costumes! welcome to the Elysium Family Sultry!

Babypea – ‘Sail – Concrete Ghost Mix’ – With: Kendra, Diva, Blue and Beebles

Just epic Babypea! You always inspire me so much! I wish I had just a fraction of that oh so creative vision you have! Amazing set and costumes. Wonderful transitions and set changes..just wow!!!

Mavrick – ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers ‘ – With Sloan

This is a lovely, touching, emotionally charged performance that almost had me in tears! I’m sure everyone felt the poignancy in your every movements and felt a pang deep inside!!! Beautiful!

Diva – ‘ Nina Simone – Feeling Good’

Sexy, sexy Diva! Loved this set and it is a perfect foil for your sultry, smooth performance. Very seductive and so very well done!!!

Babypea (CROWD)

Oh my gosh Babypea this was so much fun!! I had forgotten how great these old tunes are and you had us moving and shaking like slimer himself!!! Love the staypuff guy too!!!

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