Elysium Cabaret Friday July 22nd

Wonderful show this week filled with sentimental, sexy and fun performances! It was a pleasure to watch as each choreographer took to the stage and showed us all their incredible visions. It was one of those times when its good to feel so relaxed and happy! Thank you to all of you so much for giving us the gift of being able to share in your journeys in creativity!!

Nadi – ‘ The Piano Guys….Just the Way You Are’

Nadi this was simply lovely, feminine and delicate like a Spring Breeze and left us all sighing with a smile! Beautiful movement, delicate and lovely se and I love that dress too!

Rory – ‘ Lovely Ladies of Las Vegas ( Rory Vegas Mashup various Artists )’ – With Thunder, Griffin, Cael, Yancy

Rory this was once of those performances where I wished I put up more than 2 pics of each dance hehe.. Exceptionally well done, a performance that was obviously very thought out and it came out so well! Clever and fun!

Dear – ‘Sleeping At Last – Everywhere I Go’

Wow Dear this was stunningly beautiful, Everything was so perfectly designed. Love the set, particles and costume as well as the dance it self. Just wonderful and what an incredibly breathtaking end!!

Azdra – ‘ Royale Deluxe – Bad’ – With Cael, Melli, Yancy, Nadi, Gunner, Pea

This was so very cooly done Azdra! Love the costumes and set and your choreography really was so very very good! Truly awesome dance! Great couples work too!!

Bianka – ‘ Like A Virgin – Madonna’

I love this costume Bianka, well loved all of it, but your outfit caught my eye first..beautiful!!! Very sexy dance(especially for a virgin hehe), smooth flowing sensual moves and brilliant set!

Sakura – ‘SAKURA Drops by Yōsui Inoue – Interlude by Hikaru Utada’ – With Kyser, Taema

This is such a fun dance Sakura, I love how colourful and vivid everything is, sad story (at least for you..Im quite sure Taema is happy haha). Fabulous performance !! Fantastic dance!

Mikiko – ‘ Make Me Feel-Janelle Monáe’

Super Sexy Mikiko , love that outfit! Great seductive choreo, beautifully performed, bravo! Just loved it!!

Bianka (CROWD)

What a great stage you set for this oh so fun crowd dance Bianka..i love the simplistic complexity of it all! Good colour combos and those nifty particles shined down on all of us up there on that stage! I loed the variety of animations you used and had such a great time enjoying the songs you chose! Thank you!!!!

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