Elysium Cabaret Friday July 29th

Fantastic Matrix Theme show at The Empire Room this week! The Eysium Cabaret put their best imaginations to work and created some incredibly wild performances! What a great time we had! So much Variety, such Dynamic flair!

Babypea – ‘Kasabian – Re-wired’

Wow Babypea! This is just a stunning masterpiece! Superb opening act to another realm of thought and brilliantly performed!!!

Yancy  – ‘Nugel John Stanford – Cymatics: Science vs Music’ – With Melli, Azdra, Alex, Cael

Love this act Yancy! Very well thought out and put together, awesome costumes and set..wonderful!!!

Sunset  -Imagine Dragons – Believer  – With Babypea, Morgana, Paul, Reinah, Theron, Zakros

This is such a great dance Sunset! It is upbeat, fun and the choreography is just perfect! Love the set as well, the elevators are a cool idea!

Melli – ‘Heroes by CRMNL ‘ -with Azdra, and Babypea,

So fun and sexy, super cool set very matrixy.. hve to be very careful which pill you choose! Awesome costumes and great choreo too!!!!!

 Mikiko  – ‘Emiliana Torrini – White Rabbit (Sucker Punch VA)’

So supercharged Mikiko! Fabulous set, very techno, smooth sexy choreo and i just love that costume!!!!

Azdra  – ‘Sia – The Greatest’ – With Babypea and Melli

What a great set Azdra! I love the orb effect! very creative and stunning costumes as well!!!

 Morganna  – ‘Dubstep Violin- Lindsey Stirling- Crystallize’ – With Diawa, Babypea, Sativa, Kendra

I had so much fun doing this dance, took a lot of work to create it but in the end I could feel the vibrations of the song itself lol..thank you so much to Diawa, Babypea,, Sativa and Kendra for dancing with me!!!

Chrissy – ‘Collide – White Rabbit’ – With Cassie, Akiko

Love this Matrix rendition Chrissy! Your set nd costume changes are always just fantastic and your dance flowed across those circuits!!!

Azdra (CROWD)

Great music choices on this Azdra, such a great crowd time! Love the set and my only regret is that there wasnt more more ore!!! thank you for such a fun end to the evening!!!

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