Elysium Cabaret Friday, September 9th, 2022

What a great show everyone! Friday nights with the Elysium Cabaret at the Empire Room just get better and beter! Every week the creative and brilliant minds of the Elysiums just astound the world with the talent they bring to the big Stage! Thank you all so very much for sharing these gifts with us all!!!

Babypea – ‘Take Me To Broadway’ – With Gunner and Webby

OMG so awesome BabyPea! Super cool , so well done and so fun too! Great show opener!!!

Yancy – ‘Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Wompanahga Dubstep Remix) [HD]’ – With Zach, Melli and Az

Another fun spin of imagination and a new take on an awesome song up on the big stage! Great dance Yancy and gotta love those aliens! Great job! Bravo!

Taema – ‘Fleur East -SAX’ – With Diamonte, Nadi, Morganna, Kyser

Oh how fabulous this is; the colours, the set and this dance rocks! Just fantastic and thank you for asking me to dance it with you..made me smile so much. Love it!!

Eva – ‘My Nocturnal Serenade by Yohio’ – With Melli and Zena

Wow Eva this is such an amazing and stunning dance! So beautifully put together, everything about it was perfect! Fantastic and dramatic choreo that holds the eyes steadily..just wonderful!!

Sativa – ‘Kraftwerk Robots’ – With Roxee and Caresse

Love this set and costumes and the choreo, so unique and creative! Superbly done!!!

Sunset – ‘ AHWAKE (I love you) – ABU’ – With Morganna, Kendra

This dance makes me happy. So upbeat and cheery and the gold shimmer filed the theater with smiles! Fabulous choreo Sunset, great mover work and lovely costumes too! Thank you for having me to dance with you..so fun!

Christee – ‘Devil Doll – Queen of the Road’

Sexy stuff! Great song and set.. and very sassy as you move across the stage! Applauds!!

Azdra (CROWD)

Oh my Gosh Azdra these dances were so amazing and fun!!!
Love the moves you used pushing us around and your set is brilliant..thank you for making our crowd dance super!!!

Crowd Dance Mix – CRAZY FROG
Popcorn, Axel F, Tricky

Afterparty pics!!!

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