Elysium Cabaret Friday, September 30th, 2022

Bombs Away!! Our F-Bomb Theme at The Empire Room was a real blast!! What a Brilliant show! The visualization and talent the Elysium Cabaret always impresses me and tonight was no exception!
Thank You so much to all the guests who come to support the Empire Room whenever possible to see the wonderful Elysium Cabaret choreographers and dancers perform and also thanks to DJ Gunner for those amazing tunes and to Paul, Wiz and Babypea. Thank you for providing such an extraordinary venue and show every week. It is never boring , always something new and surprising!

Babypea – ‘Pink – Fuckin’ Perfect’ – With Webby, Tabby, Azzy, Bianka, Safra, Yancy, Blue, Rory, *Kendra, *Hazel

Loved this one Babypea, so smooth and vibrant and I just adore your costume! So much variety and expression in this performance! Great song and set, inspirational and anawesome start to the show!

Wiz – ‘123Fuck Me-Cyber X-tronic’

Woohoo Wiz!!! This was just an awesome dance..fantastic, you certainly got those moves! Great choreography, had me bouncing in my seat to that beat and I just love those pants!

Scarlot – ‘FROZEN – FUCK IT ALL ‘

Haha! I loved this Scarlot! So fun and incredibly creative..good tune too! Everything about this was just wonderful! Bravo!!!

Taema – ‘Guccie Coochie by Die Antwood’ – With Ame, Kira

Taema this act was so fun, super sexy and your set is just beautiful! Super sassy moves and your costumes looked fabulous on that stage!!

Mikiko – ‘Erika Jayne – How Many F••ks?’

Go Mikiko! Very, very sexy, full of energy! Love the choreo, the colours and and your use of the animesh!

Diva – ‘ Kailee Morgue – F**K U (Lyrics)

Wow Diva! Go go go! This was absolutely fantastic! Everything about this is stunning, love that choreo, wonderful set and superb effects..great finale!!!

Azdra (CROWD DANCES) Alice Cooper – Poison Adam Lambert – Runnin’ Def Leppard – Undefeated

Awesome dances Azdra, such great tunes and moves! Thank you for pushing us around and doing it so very well..what a great time!!!

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