Elysium Cabaret Friday, November 18th, 2022

Creativity never waits for that perfect moment but when it arrives it sets off sparks that fills the empty world around it with joy! Our Elysium Cabaret chorographers proved that tonight as they took to the stage and showed us all what true talent and creative genius can do! The Empire Room had a full house and everyone had such an amazing time. What a fun show!!! Happy Birthday to Eva!!!!

Mavrick – ‘ Livin’ La Vida Loca (Mavrick Edition)’ – With Anya, Elerra, Sloan, Tessa

This was a Brilliant and oh so sexy opening to our show tonight Mav! Awesome song, Great set transitions and costumes and love those moves!

Kyser – ‘KYSER – ROCK OF AGES’ – With Taema, Babypea

So awesome Kyser! It has all the hallmarks for a superb performance! Love, love the set, the costumes , your choreo ..it is just so aggressively predatory!!! Magnificent!

Chrissy – ‘Lorde – Tennis Court

Wow Chrissy! I am always so fascinated by your smooth set changes and costumes..everything runs like clockwork. It is easy to see how much work you put into this, and it shows! Beautifully and wonderfully done!

Rory – ‘Ex Wives – Cast of Six’ – With: Chrissy, Eva, Ice, Melli, Bianka, Kyra

Hahaha Rory this has to jump to being one of my favorites of yours. What a fun song and your depiction of it is just so cool! Just so sassy and fun! Love it!

Eva – ‘Emii – Magi’

Love this Eva! Powerful and strong, great tune and love the mystical set and costume..so good! Had me dancing in my seat!

Sunset – ‘Goldeneye’ – With Darcy, Morganna

Sunset you did an incredible job putting this all together. Delighful, perfect choreography and the set and costumes looked fab together! Thank you so much for having me to dance with you, always such a pleasure!

Ice – ‘Shatter Me’ – with With David, Shayne, Paxton, Ally, Rosie, John

Other-worldly and so very cool! Love this set and the costumes, wonderful choreo! beautiful work to an amazing song!!

SoCo – ‘Everybody Loves An Outlaw – I See Red’ – With: Star, Babypea

Bewitching and intense, such an impressive performance. Very inspiring! Very sexy, no one could look away! Fantastic choreo, set and costumes. Masterfully done!

Azdra (CROWD)

Crowd Dances

Brooks and Dunn – Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee

Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places

For this set of crowd dances, everyone looked so great out there dancing to those awesome country beats. I took a lot of pics just to share! So much fun Azdra, I love a good country song and don’t hear or dance to them much anymore so this was a blast for me as well as eveyone else! Thank you so much for working so hard then pushing us all around!

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