Elysium Cabaret Friday, November 25th, 2022

What a dazzling night The Elysium Cabaret brought to The Empire Room this Friday! From start to finish, our first-calsss choreographers set the night on fire in this special spotlight extravaganza! I have to say I could not look away! Thank you to all of our performaers, thank you to Babypea and Gunner, Paul and Wiz, and thank you most of all to our amazing audience because it is you who help make all our dreams come true! Happy Tanksgiving Holiday to all!

Azdra – ‘Celine Dion – Ashes’ – With Yancy, Melli, Cael, Shaane, and Sage

Lovely start to the show Azdra! So pretty and graceful, fabulous entrance, wonderful couples choreo and perfect costumes!

Mikiko – ‘Caro Emerald – Excuse My French’

This is such a beautiful dance Mikiko, the colours in your set are so pretty, and your movements so smooth, very fun ,very feminine and sweet! Just lovely!

Kira – ‘ Måneskin – The Loneliest’ – With Azdra, Cael, Koyia, Melli, Sage, Shaane, Tiberius & Yancy

Kira, Great moves, and costumes.. your set is a very cool, very creative way to portray your dancers on another level, and so perfectly lit up! Well done!

Emberlady – ‘ j-hope Daydream’

Oh how fun and trippy Ember! Your transition was very cleverly done, loved watching the process of change as it happened! what wonderful colours, mindbending!

Babypea – ‘Enya – Trains And Winter Rains’

This dance is beautiful Babypea. Every aspect of it was mesmorizing and I found myself unable to look away! wonderful frozen set, brilliant imagery! Excellent costume, truly a spellbinding performance!

Alexis – ‘Loren Allred – NEVER ENOUGH ‘

Alexis, what an incredibly magical performance! Epic! So wonderfully put together and well thought out! Brought tears to my eyes! Love this so much!! Fantastic finale!

Cael (CROWD)

Crowd Dances


Wow Cael this was so much fun, great music and animations choice nd superb set! Thank you for making this happen, I took a lot of pics I know but we all had so much fun it had to be shared!!

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