Elysium Cabaret, Friday December 2th, 2022

It was a sensational show this week filled with fun and surprises ! You never know what the Elysium Cabaret will come up with next, so much talent, genius, and creativity fills the theater with magic and those and the imaginations are incredible! A huge thank you to DJ Gunner, Pea, Paul, and Wiz for keeping everything running smoothly , and to our amazing troupe who are just phenomenal! Thank you also to all of you who take share a part of your time every week to visit us! We love you all!!!

A welcome to DJ Bertie this week who shared his time at our afterparty!!!

Babypea – ‘Dodged a Bullet’

Loved this Babypea! Awesome, some super smooth transitions and very smexy movement! Your sets look so real it was like actually being there! Laughs… I could not resist the gun pic, says everything..don’t mess with the Pea!!!

Koyia – ‘ Ac/Dc Hells Bells ‘ -With Eo, Tempe, Jeni

Oh great tune Koyia and nice moves! That lava looked like it hurt the feet but you survived it and carried on brilliantly! Well done!

Kyser – ‘SHOWTIME IN DA CLUB ( 50 CENT) ‘ – With Taema,Babypea, Kira, Diva

Wow Kyser! So very cool! Loving those moves, superb and flawless transitions , so well performed! Rockin our world and waking everyone up with a smile!!!

Azdra – ‘Nomy – This Heart of Ice’ – With Melli, Cael and Yancy

Very pretty Az, everything about this dance is delicate and filled with light. Might be a heart of ice but it flows like magic!

Wiz – ‘Daydream – Lily Meola

Haha Wiz I love your ‘youtube videos’! Very unique and fascinating! So very clever! Awesome concept !

Diva – ‘Levitate (Koven Remix)’ – With Diva, Oliva, Diawa, Jo

Hehehe…Diva when I saw that upside down close up of you it spoke volumes about your always so very impressive and mischievious mind lol! Loved this performance! Truly epic! Fantastic!


Love, Love , Love your crowd dances Eva! Every one keeps me dancing in my seat and smiling! Such great fun and awesome tunes!! Thank you , thank you for sharing all these great times with us!!


It was nice to meet you DJ Bertie and thank you for sharing your time with us at the after party this week! Awesome tunes and good times!!!!

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