Elysium Cabaret Friday, February 17th, 2023

Another awesome show at The Empire Room tonight as The Elysium Cabaret took to the stag! What a variety of colour, imagination and such great fun! Sunset did her first crowd dance tonight, Brazilian Syle, and it was a blast! Thank you to all who worked so hard to bring it all together!! Happy Carnival Brazil, Happy Mardis Gras New Orleans!!!

Kira – ‘Madness – Madness’ – With Azzy, Cael, Dee, Sage, Shaane, Tiberius and Yancy

Great song and total madness Kira, so well put together, love the costumes and set, great choreo!

Melli – ‘Body Language by Queen’ – With Azdra, Oliva

Wowza Melli..you knocked their socks off with this one, I heard more than one person wishing thy could climb up on that stage hehehe!

Sarah – ‘[Nakiri Ayame] [3D] – ODDS&ENDS / ryo’

Sarah this was really pretty! I love the colours you used , they stand out so well and the lighting was perfct! Lovely tune and nice choreo!

Rory – ‘ Ain’t no place to Pee on Mardi Gras Day by Benny Grunch’

With Mavrick, Melli, Azdra, Yancy, Shaane , Sage, Anya and Tessa

So funny Rory! Great moves and what a fun, silly song I lovd the street view very Mardis Gras!

Yancy – ‘DJ Mario Mariottini – Old Town Road/Cottoneye Joe/Timber mashup’ – With Melli, Az, Nadi, Pea, Cael and Zach

I love the cotton eyed Joe! Such fun, perfect choreography to it and great scene changes..bravo!

Mavrick – ‘Pure Imagination’ – With Anya, Tessa, Melli. Azdra

Gosh Mav this brought back memories! Loved this, so well thought out and superbly done!

Sunset – (CROWD)
The Brazilian Carnival

1- Batucada (batucada)

2- Aquarela do Brasil (samba)

3- Levada Louca (axé)

Sunset..loved loved this! Lights, sparkle and bright festive colours..what more could we ask and then on top of it the music was awesome! Well done! thank you for pushing us around!!!

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