Elysium Cabaret, Friday March 10th, 2023

Brilliant show this week! From start to finish, our first-class choreographers set the night on fire! ! I have to say I could not look away! Thank you to all of our performers, thank you to Babypea and Gunner, Paul and Wiz, and thank you most of all to our amazing audience because it is you who help make all our dreams come true! My week has been crazy so not much time for a write up but here are a few of the pics from the show!!!

Rory – ‘Bad Guy – Cog Is Dead’ – With Melli, Azdra, Morgana, Koyia, Beebs and BabyPea

Jilley – ‘New Kings by Sleeping Wolf’ – With Antonio, Hailie, Quient

Sarah – ‘As Seen’

Hailie – ‘Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill’ – With Quient, Antonio, Jilley, Star and Tristan

Wiz – ‘Take Me To Church – Hozier’ – With Sunset

Yancy – ‘ JPollock – Rise’

Ella – ‘Drink You Sober – Bitter:Sweet’

Azdra -(CROWD)

Amaranthe – Digital World,

Caedmon B – Digital Music Age,

Orgy – Fiction (Dreams in Digital)

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