Elysium Cabaret March 17th, 2023

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! This weeks performances were all wonderful examples of creative genius and unlimited imaginations! Always something unexpected and never boring, the Elysium Cabaret never lets down its public! The crowd was in a party mood and the drinks were on the house! A huge thank you to Paul for helping me with the pics this week!!

Bianka – ‘Blow’

Wow Bianka what a sizzling hot performance this is! So expressive, and such detail! Love the costume and set as well..wonderful!

Mikiko – ‘Daisy Gray – Wicked Game’ – With Morganna, Eva

So beauitiful Mikiko, perfect moves for a perfect song! Very sensual and emotional, thank you for asking me to dance with you, always a joy. Wonderful set and costumes too!

Babypea – ‘Swine’ – With Azzy, Star, Yancy, and Diamonte

Love this Babypea, Bounces in my seat, super choreo and awesome transitions! Great costumes and clever set..just superb!

Dear – ‘ iRobot – Jon Bellion’

Dear this is amazing. Love how you move about with the music, just so well done! Great dance and set, fantastic costume!

Mavrick – ‘Saptak’ – With Anya, Tessa, and Sloan

Mav, this choreo is just so great, intoxicating and mesmerizing! I thought your fire dance perfectly executed, looked amazing watching it! Beautiful set and costumes! Fabulous!

Sarah – ‘Tsumi no Namae (The Name of the Sin) english ver. 【Oktavia】 罪の名前 ‘ – With Sakura

I love this Sarah! Your movements are just so meaningful and right on the money! Phenomenal costumes and awesome set!


Flogging Molly – Devils Dance Floor
The Gobshytes – Bloodshot
Barrels of Whiskey – The O’Reillys and the Paddyhats

Hahaha Eva thank you so much for carryinng us all far away on the leprechuan express! So much fun, just watching mde my legs tired lol. Such great fun and thank you for the catch a shamrock gifts! Also..what a great set!!!

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