I have said many times, one of the reasons I dance is to socialise.  It is a great way to meet and get to know kindred spirits who share my love of combining music, movement, and visuals.  Elysium brings together such people.  Over time, we get to know one another, especially through the crowd dances at the end of our shows and the after-parties that enable us to ‘hang out’ together, enjoying one another’s company.  Many in our audience have a great deal of talent in copious mediums.  They often combine our passion with their own, as one of SL’s greatest gifts to the world is inspiring one another.  This page is created to highlight our audience, for we are as much their frans as they are ours.  They are a huge part of our show.  Without them it would not be a show.  Many of them sooner or later join us on stage as backup dancers in various acts.  They often take pictures and make videos of our shows, so here is a peek at some of what they have created from what we created from what musicians have created.  With thanks and love!