Andytez Dumpling

andy with camera

Surely by now, everyone knows who Andy is!  I first met him in our audience, but before long he was backstage waiting to go on stage, and I see that he dances for several troupes.  He also does machinima in Second Life.  Andy is a generous soul who often videos dances and dance shows for people without them asking or even knowing, until he offers them a link so that they can download the video.  This gives them a wonderful opportunity to do something that dancers don’t often get… to sit and watch their own performances in a relaxed manner, without having to click HUDs.  It also preserves the memory of their dances forever.  What a treasure, what a gift!  Why does he do this?  I would say because it makes them happy, and he is the type of person who likes to spread joy.  Thank you so much Andy for all you do for the dance community!

If you would like to hire Andy to video one of your dances, shows or events, at the moment, he works for tips.  He does not have set fees.  Here is a bit more about Andy:

How did you find SL:  A friend at work told me about it, as he had heard about it on the radio on the way to work, so we checked it out on our dinner break at work, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

How long have you been in SL:  Eight years.

What all do you enjoy doing in SL:  I love exploring, and playing with big boys toys, planes, boats, cars, rockets, love dance shows and live music, and partying, and also enjoy recording events here in SL and sharing.

How did you find SL dance:  My girlfriend Bubs got me into dance.  I always used to go to shows, but after meeting Bubs she asked me to dance in their group Kittens & Tigers, so I did and really enjoy it.

How did you get into machinima:  I’ve always enjoyed recording events in RL, I’ve done that for many years, so thought why not try it here.  I learned it mainly to share the talent and hard work that all the dance groups put together.

What is your fave thing about SL machinima:  My favorite thing about recording here, is just sharing and making people happy.

What is your least fave thing about SL machinima:  The worst thing is lag, and crashing.  If people ask me to record a show for them, I can never be 100% positive that recording will all work out ok.  Power cuts, internet going down, SL crashing, I have no control on these.

Where can people find your machinimas:  This is my YouTube page with some dances on them:

I can’t always put all my recordings on YouTube because of copyright on some of the sound tracks.

Anything else you want to say:  I have met some lovely people while being involved in recording for dance groups.  I’m always happy to help anybody out in there dance routine.