Crap Mariner


What the…?  Who the…?  Where the…?



But…R. is the preferred name. “Please call me R.”

And not just any Crap, this is THE most fascinating uber-talented, multi-faceted Crap that you will ever have a hope to encounter.  A gifted photographer with an eye for shot composition, a provocative writer that will leave you pondering, and a sense of humour to calm life’s histrionics, Crap is the epitome of “no limits.”  She calls herself the Iron Bitch.  TOOT-TOOT!  All aboard the Chaos Express!  She generously takes a lot of pictures of dance shows, publishing them on her Flicker to share.  SHE IS AWESOMENESS!  Don’t be fooled by the simplicity expressed in below “interview.”  Just under the surface, a highly complex metamorphic enigma is brewing, and it is too late for YOU to turn back!  DUCK AND COVER!

Hi. I’m R. Crap Mariner.
I do things. And make some stuff.
It’s fun, eh.


Bad Luck Streak Dance School – The Village at Eyefliez