Elysium friend and fan Dan the Man (sorry, I had to say all that cause it rhymes and I think it’s cute) found himself in a very interesting costume, as he joined Maia on stage for her dance in July’s matinèe show.  So he is now an Elysium dancer!  But he is also a very talented photographer.  Here is a little bit about Dan, and some of the pictures he took at Saturday’s show.

Dan TheMan found SL actually Back ten years ago when he was Tex Pinazzo.  Only three weeks into SL, LL locked his account and wanted him to send a copy of his driver’s license to unlock it (as they do… randomly… I have no idea why, but it happened to me too).  He could not be bothered with the hassle of it, so he forgot about SL.  Then,  a lil’ over 3 yrs ago, he stumbled back into SL, found Live Music in SL, and was fascinated by it.  So he stuck around in the Live Music scene, takin’ pictures along the way.  It became a hobby.

He says, “There’s a Park in SL called Calas Galadhons Park, my absolute favorite place in SL.  I recommend the one-hour long hot air balloon ride.”  That was where he began taking random pics of people enjoying the park.  “Still feel I’m sort of an amateur, always room to perfect photography.”  Then he discovered troupe dancing and found he could take great action pictures.  “Hehe, even danced in a show recently, making my dancing debut with none other than the Elysium Cabaret.  I do Profile pics, singles and couples.  I try to keep the prices reasonable, and if you choose more than five pictures, I will give a great discount.”  If you would like to have your pictures done, his fees are:

Singles 300L$
Couples 400L$

“If ya see my on the grid, feel free to say HI, I’m always up for great conversation!”

If you would like to check out his Flickr Page, it is here:

Here are some pictures Dan has done at Elysium shows.  If anyone has more to add to this page, please email them to  Thank you!

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