Most dancers know who Toy is, as well as live singers and musicians.  He has spent countless hours attending dance shows throughout Second Life, and is renowned for taking beautiful photographs of dancers during their performances, all done gratis, never asking a fee for the wonderful images he creates.  His gift is his eye for a great shot, his patience in waiting for that shot, and an artistic talent for polishing an image.  He puts a lot of additional time into his photographs, often enhancing them with subtle effects to make them even more special and memorable.  His photography in other mediums has also inspired dance performances.  Elysium even once did an entire show inspired by Toy’s art.  He is a positive and uplifting person to chat to, and a good friend to all who know him.  He is one of the few people who have successfully taken SL to RL by actually selling his Second Life art creations in real life.  His work in this is legendary, with even an official Linden purchasing one of his unprecedented sculptures.  We appreciate all that Toy does for the dance community by selflessly sharing his talents.  Below, find a bit more about Toy.

How long have you been in SL and how did you find it in the first place:
Toy: Jan 23, 2008. At an IBM teleconference where the speaker Grady Booch from IBM spoke to the audience from SL. It amazed me and I registered that night.

What all do you enjoy doing in SL:
Toy: Too much to list but Live Music, Karaoke, Fine Art, Stage Dance, meeting ppl around the world and making friends.

How did you find SL dance:
Toy: Back in 2013 Aubrey invited me to her dancing on a stage for a group called Guerilla Burlesque. It was amazing and I loved the crowd atmosphere too.

How did you get into photography:
Toy: April 2010 I got into a photo contest for the Fantasy Faire where my landscape terrains were used by one of the top nine artist/builders at the event. I came in 2nd place in my submission. My dear friend Domitalia previously already interested me in SL photography.. but that was the trigger.

What is your fave thing about SL photography:
Toy: Capturing and processing a photo into an artwork that can convey a feeling / emotion / story that moves ppl

What is your least fave thing about SL photography:
Toy: That in SL textures can’t exceed 1024×1024

Where can people find your pictures… a link:
Toy: All over like my FB, Flickr, DeviantArt… a central reference to all is:

Anything else you want to say:
Toy: Anyone that says Secondlife has become boring is not exploring and searching hard enough to find and participate in all the amazing communities in SL. If you are bored then search harder and engage 🙂