3/31/17 – A Chuck Berry Tribute

At Elysium, we respect and honor the great musicians that gave us the music we dance to and Friday was no exception.  This show was in honor of Chuck Berry and we had an eclectic collection of dances to showcase his music.

The crowd was gathering, greeted by Jilley and Paul as Gunner was spinning his awesome tunes.  We were all furiously caching our sets, checking the costumes and attempting to bribe or drive out all the SL gremlins for the evening.

Babypea w/ Gunner, Wiz and FT – Chuck Berry – Shake, Rattle and Roll

Empire 3-31-17_007

The opening act for the night was Baby and crew in a rollicking fun dance.  Shimmying with each man in turn and making her way through the house, I think we were all a bit jealous that we didn’t have 3 sexy men at home to party with.  Baby chose this song because, “I love this song.  It is so upbeat and rowdy and fun.  It is a classic, one of his most well-known songs, and we can’t have a Chuck Berry show without this song.  I love the energy of it!”  We were definitely energized by the end.

Luna w/ CC – Chuck Berry – Nadine

Empire 3-30-31-17 (32)

Next, Luna and CC took us on a romp through town.  From the set to the cute costumes and her choice of choreo, we were transported back to the 50s and immersed.  I really enjoyed the fact the scene kept changing culminating with a terrific groove inside the quintessential pink car.  A very fun and entertaining number.

Corri – Chuck Berry – School Days

Empire 3-31-17_033

The third performance featured Corri giving us a joyful dance in celebration of our times in high school.  Moving from classroom to local soda shop, I think we all had flashbacks of football games, homecoming dances and hanging out with friends.  Corri had on a costume with a sexy and short poodle skirt that would have had any guy offering to escort her home.

Gracie w/ Nara and Tristan – Chuck Berry – Maybellene

Empire 3-31-17_042

In this performance, Gracie and Nara gave us a spirited dance with Tristan in the role of Chuck Berry.  Gracie tells us, “I chose this song because it made me laugh. The thought of someone chasing or racing rather their cheating girlfriend was funny to me.  As I researched  this song I discovered that Maybellene is a cow from a book when he was in school. So I just had to do this song because it showcased his sense of humor.”  She definitely left us all with a smile.

Kyshra w/ Baby, Queenie, Rhonda, Gunner, Zach, Ame and Tristan – Chuck Berry  – My Ding-a-Ling

Empire 3-30-31-17 (2)

Kyshra chose one of Chuck Berry’s most funny and well known songs to celebrate his life with.  On a stage full of bells, we danced to animations not often used for dance and they were perfect for this music.  When asked how she settled on this particular song, she says, ” I was trying to decide on a piece of music when I ran across My Ding-A-Ling and the ideas for how to do the set and choreography just started to flow.”  This was another act showcasing Chuck’s varied style.

Jilley w/Baby and Rhonda – Chuck Berry – Blues for Hawaiians

Empire 3-30-31-17 (72)

The final performance of the evening was Jilley and her girls were sexy hula dancers in a beautiful tropical setting transporting us straight to Hawaii.  Jilley chose this music since it was different from the norm and immediately spoke to her.  The movement was lovely and perfectly timed as Jilley is known for.  As she said, a nice mellow dance that was fun to make.

Ame – Crowd Dance – Chuck Berry – Roll Over Beethoven, Carol and You Can’t Catch Me

Empire 3-30-31-17 (47)

At the end of our shows, we offer our crowd dance to the audience in appreciation and thanks for their continued support.  We invite everyone to come up with us for their time in the spotlight as well.  The 3 songs I chose were quick and lively to get everyone moving.  It was a great close to a great show.

Thank you for joining us for a wonderful night of dance and fellowship with like minds.

Please join us next week and every Friday at 6pm for another inspired show.

Photos by Web Sass, with thanks and gratitude!

Another Hot Night at the Empire Room – Feb 3, 2017

Another Friday night and we all know what that means…dance!  Creative, hot, sexy;  you name it we have it at the Empire Room.  DJ Gunner was setting the atmosphere with some great tunage as always, Paul and Jilley greeting and getting everyone settled and of course how could it be a show without the open bar and the beverages freely flowing.  I didn’t dance tonight so I was able to really focus on what was presented and I left still convinced we have some of the best dancers on the grid.

Jilly w/ Paul and Sebastain – Pakito – Living On Video


The show opened with the ever creative Jilley bringing us a dance with some very cool effects.  They began as complete robots dancing in front of a video screen surrounded by wispy, colored cloud.  As the dance progressed we see them enter the screen and are able to see their inner working as if in an x-ray machine.  A fun and futuristic dance that got the audience revved for more.

Ariel w/ Nara, Devlin, Gracie, Pan, Beebs and Wiz – Jennifer Hudson- The Color Purple- Push da Button


Next up, Ariel raised the temperature in the room with a sexy, bluesy and sultry dance set in the deep south.  As the dance begins, Ariel moved down to the audience treating Jorgio to a smokin’ private dance then joining the others, does the same for Wiz while the others danced the Charleston together enhanced by tight choreo and mover work.  I’m not sure how Jorgio and Wiz felt about it but the audience was certainly fanning themselves and draining those glasses looking for refills.

Angie w/ LuLu and  Candinette Metaluna – Lady Gaga – Telephone


Our third dancer definitely kept the heat coming.  Garbed in some of the sexiest prison wear I’ve ever seen, the ladies left their prison cells in a grungy urban police station joining officer Angie to gyrate without a care.  It looked like they were having so much fun none of them seemed very eager to be calling for bail.  I doubt the guards and judge would have let this eye candy escape very quickly in order the save it for themselves. And wouldn’t you know, the phone didn’t work anyway.

Kyshra – Mika – Lollipop


Up next was a performance by Kyshra that on the surface seemed very much out of her usual with a set full of bright candies while she was wearing a cute vintage style dress with matching purse and pony tails.  As the dance continued, I could see a different but still very sexy Kyshra peeking out of all the projected innocence enhanced by the lyrics of the song and looking like she really enjoying keeping those men and women off guard.  A fun dance with a great set and choreo.

Lulu – Marilyn Manson – The Nobodies


Our fifth performance of the night was the ever smexy Lulu.  The first thing that caught my eye was the green smoky haze effect of the set.  It was almost like viewing it through an absinthe haze in a dream like state.  Lulu’s costume was a perfect mix of sexy and fit the dance perfectly.  Not being a huge rock fan, I was really impressed how it was all tied together and her choreo worked so well with the music definitely keeping the vibe going in the room.

Diawa w/Baby, Gracie, Nara, Jess, Queenie, Jo and Kay – Genesis Mix


I don’t get to see Diawa dance often but when I do, I’m truly captivated by the depth of her performances and tonight was no exception.  Using the Metaharper camera system to enhance the dance by directing the viewer’s focus she brought what I can only describe as the birth of a planet or civilization.  The dance begins with an explosion of white before the dancers appeared.  As the dance moved on, they seemed to be summoning or worshiping before the central fire adding more dancers.  Riveting is the only word I can use to describe the entire performance.

Gunner w/ Sebastain, Big Red, Paul and Wiz – Justin Timberlake – Sexy Back


The men of Elysium took the stage next to give the ladies a bit of eye candy for the night treating us to the hawt choreo of Gunner.  He sure knows how to move those men so we just can’t take our eyes off and wondering just how we can take them all home.  In a deceptively simple black and white set with the colored light accents, these men showed us the meaning of sexy.  They even had the ladies leaving their seats for a closer view.  Whew!

Babypea – Donna Taggart – Jealous Of The Angels


The final performance of the night was a moving dance offered in tribute to Cyan Magic, a dancer in several troupes including Elysium, who passed to the other side earlier in the week.  The dance was dedicated to Cyan and her husband Pride in honor of Cyan.  Baby painted a beautiful picture of the angels gathered to meet and guide her to the next journey in store.  A beautiful tribute to an amazing lady.

Lina – Crowd Dance

Elton John – Bitch is Back
ZZ Top – She’s Got me Under Pressure
Billy Joel – You May be Right

This leads us to one of my favorite parts of the show where we have the privilege of inviting the audience to join us in celebration and thanks for their support.  Lina rocked us through the end of the night with Gunner then DJing the after party.

A very special thank you to Baby and Jorgio Vaher for the pics of the dances.  My PC just doesn’t cooperate sometimes.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did and look forward to seeing you again next Friday night at 6pm for another round of great entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

1/20/17 – Another Hot Night at the Empire Room

I always look forward to Friday nights at Elysium.  I get to hang our with the best audience and dancers on the grid.  Gunner was keeping the crowd entertained with his always great mix of tunes, while Paul and Jilley greeted our fine guests.  I’m not sure who got the tab, but the refreshment was certainly flowing people got seated and comfortable.  We always have a great variety of dances and tonight was no exception.

Ame and Zach – Future World Music – Voyage to Atlantis


Zach and I had the privilege of opening the show with a dance we hoped would capture the mood and beauty of the sea.  Set in our imagined Atlantis ruins, we twisted and turned through the columns honoring the magical place of speculation and legend.

Amari with Diamonte Thomas, Hanna Mixemup, Si Di Brit, Dream Wrexan and Rod Eiland – Marlon Roudette – When the Beat Drops Out


Amari and crew were up next with a really fun routine to a song about being there even when everyone is gone.  The dance began with some on stage walking about and leaving while Amari started alone.  They then began rejoining her with great mover work and choreography.  Definitely a chair dance routine.

Wiz with Ariel – I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash and Olivia O’brien


I always appreciate Wiz’s ability to bring a dance to life and this was no exception.  With a minimal set which allows you to focus on the dancers and emotions they evoke, Wiz and Ariel pulled us right into the conflict represented in the song. This was stunning and one not easily forgotten.

Gunner and Baby – Fiza – Mere Watan


The fourth performance of the night was Gunner and Baby telling the age old story of passion and conquest.  Their dance began as a battle of wit and skill while they jabbed each other with words, punches and kicks which ended in the capture of the woman carried off my the man of the desert.  I think he’s expecting her to cook but I have a feeling it won’t be until he surrenders his wealth…as it should be,  *grins*

Monavie with Fukuju, Diiar, Lina and Goddess Shayna – The New Seekers – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)


Next, Mona brought out a colorful set and dance to this great classic.  Beginning in the rings on the stage full of hearts and bright hues of love, it then transformed into a garden with large flowers and the dancers atop them like fairies.  I was transported back to the simpler and more quiet time of my childhood in the 60’s.  Simply gorgeous.

Babypea with Gunner, Pan, Paul and Zach – Savannah Churchill – Fat Meat is Good Meal


Following Mona was Babypea with a real twist on lobster dinner.  As the chef this time, Baby extolled the virtues of the very handsome meat…er men…in her tank, keeping them fresh until dinner time.  It’s probably a good thing none of us were hungry at the moment or they may have met a supermarket lobster’s usual fate.  Tons of fun with a very snappy tune.

Jilley – Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle (Remix)


In our final act, Jilley seduced and enticed as the elusive genie in the bottle offering up her famous wishes.  Dressed in gold, she seductively moved while removing layers on a beautiful Arabian type set.  I adored the effects she had on the floor and I’ve added this to the list of things I’m jealous of and have to steal.  A terrific end of the show leaving everyone wanting more.

Goddess Shayna – Technotronics – Flo-Rida – WildOnes Dubstep – Pixies – Move This, Where is my Mind


The end of the night allows us to invite our audience up to join us in 3 fun crowd dances.  On a multi-color stage of varying tiers, Goddess Shayna lead us through songs that were a favorite of and dedicated to her son.  With great choreo to match, we closed the night with a bang.

We hope you enjoyed the show and if you weren’t able to make it this week, please join us each and every Friday night at 6pm SLT for some of the greatest entertainment on the grid!  See you next time!

Classic Rock w/A Twist -9/30/16

I love our theme shows and tonight was no exception.  We were given the theme “Classic Rock With A Twist” to interpret in our own unique way.  This could include mashups, different genres or pretty much any way we could envision it.  Gunner was in top form playing all our favorites while Paul and Jilley got everyone settled in and comfortable.  The drinks flowed freely and the audience was getting loosened up while all of us were doing all the last minute stuff before the show.  Soon it was 6pm and it was time to begin.

Kyshra with Asali, Baby, Lalita, Mona, Fuki, Jo, Gunner, Nevar, Wiz, Zach, Joss and Ame – Tricky Sandman – RunDMC/Metallica


Kyshra started us off with a version of the classic Tricky Sandman that had us all dancing from the ceiling, well maybe not the ceiling but at least upside down.  The ladies were in smexy lingerie with the guys without shirts all in matching white.  Kyshra definitely knows how to bring the sizzle to the stage and we were off to a hot start of the night

Ally and Michael –  “Dance With Me” by Orleans


Ally danced her first duet with her husband Michael to this awesome classic.  Dancing in a gazebo under the stars, it was romantic and warm.  The choreography was perfect both separately and together and the couples work was spot on.  A truly enchanting first duet.  I hope to see more.

Nevar with Ame , Zach ,  Krysta , Fuki and Nadi – Kansas – Dust In The Wind REMIX (FUNKYMIX) 


Next up, Nevar brought us a different version of Dust in the Wind with a funked up beat.  In a set reminiscent of a dig at some ancient Native American ruins, we danced across the sand with a gentle breeze blowing the dust all around us. We ended in a perfect head spin like small dust devils reminding us that eventually we all end up as dust in the wind.

Babypea with Gunner, Sorcha, Mona, Paul – Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy vs Fedde Le Grand ft. Ida Corr – Let Me Think About It  (mashup by MadMixMustang)


Baby and friends definitely brought the sexy in this very cool mashup.  The stage was sleek and metallic in blacks, teal and gold matching the electro feel of the music.  The butterfly cages surrounding Sorcha and Mona only enhanced their mystique with Baby enticing the men with those sexy moves and strut; a perfect mix to the music.

Ame with Zach, Ray, Nadi, Wiz, Fuki – Falco feat. Queen – Rock you Amadeus 


After Baby was Zach and me and our interpretation of a mashup of We Will Rock You and Rock Me Amadeus.  Set on a stage reflective of the classical era of dress and style, we danced hard with a combination of singles and couples work to tie in the mix of 80’s favorites.

Corri – Stevie Wonder – Superstition


Delicious Corri danced as a black cat on a stage filled with all the things that come to mind when you think of superstitions, complete with the broken mirror and open umbrella.  I’ve never really considered myself superstitious but if I did, her sultry moves would have convinced me that at least black cats are safe…I think. 🙂

SoCo – (Phoenix Dance Team (CAPTAIN) with Melvis, Seb, Lily, Zach, Ame), Baby, Fuki, Ray, Ahn, JP and  Nadi – Disturbed – The Sound Of Silence 


The Phoenix Dance Team were our next dancers and guests with a routine to this haunting version of “Sound of Silence”  Starting again a black stage and adding components and people as the song progressed, SoCo captured the feel of the song, adding a completely different dimension to the words and dance.

Jilley – Streetnoise – Horse With No Name (Club Mix)


The final dance of the evening was Jilley.  Set against a background of desert sands, it looks like she found an oasis to entertain us from.  Complete with armored horse and chain mail armor of her own and awesome dance, she gave us a wicked cool interpretation of another classic standard and ended our performances with a bang.

Babypea  – The Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb on Me,  Pink – U and Ur Hand,  Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce


Ending the night was our Friday night tradition of the crowd dance choreographed by none other than the lovely Babypea.  As we invited the audience up to join us, Baby gave us all an tough workout to end the night.

If you were able to join us tonight, thank you!  If not, we’ll hope to see you next Friday at 6pm sharp and the Empire Room!





Elysium Review – 9/2/16

Another Friday at the Empire Room!  Last Friday began as they all do with Gunner playing some great tunes and Paul and Jilley looking fine and getting everyone welcomed and settled.  I think Gunner and Paul lost track of who was picking up the tab so it may have ended up being Jilley or Babypea.  Either way, the crowd was jumping and we were hyperventilating in the back as show time finally arrived.

Jilley with Paul and Andy – “Physical” – Olivia Newton John

Jilley started us off with a terrific dance.  It was high-powered and energetic.  It was so energetic, she started with a very out of shape Paul and Andy and whipped them right into shape by the end of the dance.  I would have felt sorry for them if they didn’t have Jilley to look at and try and impress.  Excellent choreo and great job putting them through their paces.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Jilley

Goddess Shayna with Oodlemi, Fukuju Amaterasu, JMB Balogh, Joy Canadeo and Nicholas Mougin – “Prisoner of Love – Borg edit”

Next up we had Shayna’s styling of a dance by the Borg…well, if they danced.  Set in a Borg ship with flashing pics of the Next Generation Star Trek series, every Star Trek fan in the room was seriously geeked out.  With a variety of dance styles, the choreography was uniquely her own.

Babypea with Jilley, Mona, Kyshra, Fuki, Ame and Immy – “Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk)” – RuPAUL 

The 3rd dance was probably the most fun I’ve had in a dance in a while.  Dressed as mollusks, Babypea and crew strutted the runway like we owned it.  The sets and footwork made this a creative and unexpected dance in typical Babypea style.  Who’d have though anyone could make a mollusk sexy.  *grins*

Elysium - 02SEP16 - BabyPea

Diddy Hyun – Kittens N Tigers DANCE TEAM with Bubble Roffo, Mandy Oconnell, TanyaSmart, Andytez Dumpling and Rayzza Rubble – “Little Less Conversation” – Elvis Presley

The next act of the night featured our guests, the Kittens N Tigers Dance Team.  They brought a great dance with a very colorful set.  Their interpretation of the song was spot on and there was sexiness galore gyrating on that stage.  We love our guests and what they bring to us every week and this was certainly no exception.  Thank you!

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Guest(Kittens n Tigers

Nadi with Ame, Zach, Ray and Fuki – “I’m Alive” – Céline Dion

The fifth dancer of the evening was Nadi.  We don’t see her as often as we’d like but when we do, she always has a great dance.  Set in a Spanish courtyard, we samba-ed and salsa-ed our way through the courtyard while Nadi added her own moves and flair in the center.  Everything about this dance was awesome.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Nadi

Asali with Baby, JMB, Nea and Renee – “The Way You Move” – Outkast

Asali was up next as a referee with her team on the football field as the temperature raised in the room at least 30 degrees with their skimpy outfits.  They demonstrated their flexibility and stamina going through the choreography with skilled acrobatics through out.  It was good to see Asali again after a long absence.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Asali

Ame with Zach and Ray – Descent – “VNV Nation”

The final dance of the night was a dance we’d just done for the Lovecraft festival featuring Evil Alien Queens.  The boys were my “guests” and believed they were going to be mated with…well up until I got hungry.  They then realized their fate was sealed and were going to be my dinner.  *evilly grins*

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Ame

Jilley – Crowd Dances – Atomic Kitten – “The Tide Is High” – Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake – “Love Never Felt So Good” – DNCE – “Cake By The Ocean”

Finishing off another great night of entertainment was the lovely Jilley treated us to a trio of great dances for the audience to come up and join us.

Elysium - 02SEP16 - Crowd(Jilley)

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did.  We look forward to seeing you next week – same time, same bat channel.  That’s Friday nights at 6pm at the hottest ticket on the grid, the Empire Room!

Another Awesome Friday – 8/19/16

I love Fridays.  It’s the traditional end of the work week and the first night of a weekend full of dancing.  Tonight was definitely no exception.  Gunner was getting the room rocking with great tunes and picking up the bar tab for the room, Paul and Jilley were getting everyone settled in and comfortable and all of us dancers were in back putting the finishing touches on our costumes and making sure the SL Gods were being kind to our sets.

Ame and Zach – Snow Patrol – What If The Storm Ends

We were honored and excited to open the show with this song that Fuki pointed us to. Set in an post – apocalyptic Dystopia, we did our best to incorporate as many of the lyrics as we could into the dance, beginning with the return of the female to him and taking him away with her at the end.  A very emotional dance for us and proud to have been able to present it.

Ame and Zach - Storm - 81916

Celia – Comptine

I’m not sure any words I could use would describe this stunning young talent.  She is mesmerizing and graceful to watch and brings more than one person to tears with her interpretation of music through movement.  This evening Celia wowed us with a sublime dance in a grand foyer that only seemed to enhance the story and not overwhelm her diminutive stature.  Beautiful dance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Celia

Jilley – Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody

Jilley’s creativity, sets and light work are astounding to me and this was no exception.  She danced on a ship amid the stars and bright colors of space around her in another cool outfit; I really need to see about raiding her LMs.  :))  With her own special alien magic, she got the room hot and audience wanting more.  Stunning performance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Jilley

Seb w/ Babypea, JMB, Nadi and Lily – Miss McDonald Mix – Continued 

Sebastain, the quintessential bad boy, brought us another example of his yummy bad side with this dance.  Set to swing type theme, Seb danced and seduced each of the women while spending just enough time with each one to leave them begging for more.  Of course Babypea was having none of it and was happily bullying the other girls for more Seb time.  Very entertaining and perfect.  A dance I would love to see again.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Sebastain

Monavie – Beyonce – Heaven

Mona always impresses me with her use of the entire stage, the detail and choice of costume and choreo to fit her music.  She danced in a beautiful purple gown amidst the clouds, gracefully moving from one to the other, the clouds seeming to lead her and form the steps for her to descend and ascend.  She truly gave a vision of heaven for us.  Outstanding!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Mona

Eva w/ Ally Romani, Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas, Nadi and Tauriel – Jai Ho

This is one of my favorite songs and completely enjoyed Eva’s interpretation of it.  Set in a stunning courtyard in India, the women took turns dancing as well as dancing all together in a spicy routine that got a few hearts pumping in the room and maybe even some blood boiling too.  There sexy costumes and movement made me feel transported directly into that Far East setting.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Eva

Ayita w/Sebastain – Evil Night Together by Jill Tracey

In this naughty and delightfully cheeky routine, Ayita begins as our alien Domina with Sebastain (remember the quintessential bad boy) waiting on the lounge for the lady of the ship, errrr, house to return.  Quickly ducking in the closet, Ayita drags him out riding him around the home, teasing and dancing with him but Seb has other ideas.  He turns the tables on her and she finds herself being the one in the cage and Seb taking the bows for his clever turnaround.  Very well done and loved the twist at the end.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Ayita

Babypea w/ Wild Bravin – Mandragora Scream – Dark Lantern

Our last performance of the night had the talented Babypea as an old haggard witch looking for another dose of youth and poor Wild was her victim.  Baby wove her evil magic throughout the dance with spectacular lights and smoke and fire.  At the end, nothing could save our prisoner and Baby was once more returned to the beauty of her youth.  This dance was simply amazing and I really want to steal her set.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Baby

Eva – The Final Countdown – When Stars Align – Major Tom

As always, we finish our night by inviting the audience to come up and dance with us and experience a few moments as an Elysium Cabaret dancer.  Eva put together a great crowd dance on a terrific space stage.  The choreo was spot on and we all loved it.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Crowd(Eva)

We look forward to seeing you again next Friday night @ 6pm SLT for the hottest ticket on the grid.  Hope you can join us!

Elysium Friday Show Review – 8/5/16

Friday nights are my favorite in SL because I get to dance with and see some of the best performers in SL and this one was no exception.  The evening started like any other with Paul and Gunner deciding between them who was picking up the tab, the performers back stage making last minute preparations and blowing out the nerves and of course, only the best audience on the grid.  Without our audience, we would have no reason to work to give our best to the night.  We had an eclectic mix of dances so let’s get right to it.

Selene – Kenny Chesney – Summertime

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Selene

The show opened with Selene and her friends Thunder and Yukio having a wonderful time in the water splashing, floating and dancing on the dock.  I was really impressed with the perfectly timed splashes and Thunder floating around aimlessly on the water.  The dance was sultry and sexy just like summertime and you could feel the sun and sand between your toes.

Jilley – Kongos – I’m Only Joking

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Jilley

This dance was very entertaining and comic.  Jilley created a set straight from a super heroes comic, the perfect lair for Jilley as Joker to enjoy some popcorn while watching her poor jailed captives; Paul, Si De Brit, Melvis, Tray and Zach, try to escape.  They then cavorted with the Joker and proceeded to have many strange and some erotic thoughts about each other before they were abruptly put back in the jail.  It was fun and feisty all rolled into one.

Queenie – The Sound of Silence (Original Version from 1964)

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Queenie

Up next we were treated to a performance choreographed to the version of the song I and many others grew up with.  Set on a city block in the rain, Queenie danced a poignant routine containing depth of emotion and meaning.  We were truly silent and mesmerized by the music and story unfolding before us.  The lyrics were added in perfect emphasis to the points in the song drawing you in.  The attention to detail on the set truly enhanced the entire experience.  I’m still humming the song today.  🙂

Nadi – Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Nadi

I was happy to see Nadi take the stage after a bit away and was certainly not disappointed.   She was joined by Zach and I on a shipping dock filled with crates and barrels for provisioning as we danced along the dock enjoying the music and soft breeze off the water.  She even had a boat in the event I pushed Zach off and bright pennants and lights adding a festive feel.  We were all stoked for a good time and could hardly wait for the boat to appear!

Monavie – Gin Wigmore  – Devil In Me

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Mona

Mona and Baby sure brought the heat in this next act.  With very sexy costumes, the luscious demons danced there way through fire, pillars and steps as if fearlessly walking through hell, stopping at the bottom showing how devilish they really are.  Mona’s mover and particle work was impressive and made a seamless performance that I’m sure raised the temperature in the Empire Room by at least 50 degrees.  I seemed to notice those drinks being replaced quicker than normal and a whole lot of fanning and loosening of the ties.

Zach – Blake McGrath – Chains

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Zach

Tonight was Zach’s debut at the Elysium and Voodoo, Nadi, SoCo and I were more than happy to help.  The dance opens with poor Zach chained to a pole at the police station surrounded by all of us sexy cops pondering his fate.  It was sexy and fun and not often we get to see a male pole dance.  As Winnie said a couple of weeks ago, it’s amazing what stealing the Oreos will get you; the problem is, I think his Oreo theft days won’t be over any time soon.

Babypea – Valentino Khan – Deep Down Low

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Baby

I’ve known Baby a long time and I’m still trying to figure out where she gets these great and sometimes twisted ideas.  Some think it’s what she had for dinner or maybe something in the water down under.  Either way, when I see a set full of piranha and alien-type sea creatures, I figure we’re in for a wild ride and this was no exception. Baby was our alien mistress of the lab creating new life forms from VooDoo, BB, Pan and Keith in the ocean depths.  It was totally wicked and now I will go to bed wondering exactly what’s down there…as if I don’t have enough to worry about trying to figure out what is happening on planet Earth.

Kyshra – Beautiful Liar – Beyonce & Shakira/Get Low – Dillon Francis & DJ Snake/I Want Your Sex (Freemason’s Remix) – George Michael

Elysium - 05AUG16 - Crowd(Kyshra)

Kyshra ended the night with a terrific set and a great mix of music and choreo for the crowd dance.  I really enjoy her crowd dances.  They’re never the same way twice and always a new set carefully thought out to match the song choices.  There was something for everyone and we were all grooving and shaking and bummed when it was finally over.

Thank you Fuki for the great pics!

Please join us next week for another performance!  We’re at the Empire Room every Friday evening at 6pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Feel free to share this with your family and friends so they see what they’ve been missing!







Review for 6/10/16

Tonight began with an unexpected twist courtesy of LL and the SL gremlins.  Until about 20 minutes to show time, most of us couldn’t log onto the grid at all and the ones still online couldn’t leave where they were.  Paul made the wise decision to push the show back to 6:30 to allow time for everyone to arrive.  Gunner started spinning the tunes, the drinks were flowing and everyone was relaxing and getting into the mood…until the Internet down under swallowed up Gunner and Baby after our first act.  I then grabbed the stream and off we went again.  🙂

 Imrhien with Fuki, Baby, Tray, Sebastain and Nevar – Kongos – Come With Me Now

Imrhien opened the show with a colorful, futuristic set with great choreography and creativity.  Our dancers entered from the top in smoke filled tubes, wearing white latex in various styles and opacities.  Imrhien kept everyone moving and grooving right on the beat.  A wonderful opening to the show and worth waiting for.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Imrhien

Wiz w/Ame and Zach – X Ambassadors – Unsteady

Unfortunately Jilley was unable to be with us as well due to naughty SL but Wiz was ready to take the stage.  With Zach and I hopping up to join him, Wiz took us on a story of an alcoholic family struggling to hold him and each other up.  A truly masterful telling of a story so suited to the music.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Wiz

Corri – Enigma – Return to Innocence

Our third performance of the evening was the beautiful Corri.  Dressed as a lovely, sparkly fairy and surrounded by magical animals and set, we were taken to a time of innocence and peace;  the sort of place you might go in your dreams or the fantasies of childhood.  Mixed with stunning movement and you have a true delight to the senses.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Corri

Monavie w/ Fukuju, Shayna, Oodlemi and Zach – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony) by The New Seekers

Our next performance was Mona treating us to a colorful set representative of the time with the dancers reflecting all walks of life to the song we usually associate with Coca Cola.  Our dancers moved in a garden of flowerswhile surrounded by hearts and the message of peace and harmony.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Mona

Melvis w/ SoCo, Ame, Mona, Jo, Andy and Seb – The 900

Winnie was also another casualty of the SL debacle on Friday, so Melvis stepped up and closed the show for us.  We were wowed with a energetic and strong hip hop routine.  He included the smoke and effects, complete with a man appearing to scream in the background; this all partnered with Melvis and the great choreo he put together.  It was a terrific finish to an awesome show.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Melvis

Ame – Janet Jackson – All Nite, Make Me, Burn It Up ft. Missy Elliott

Wrapping up the night, audience and Elysiums gathered on stage for our crowd dance delivering 11 minutes of solid aerobics to send everyone home with.

Elysium - 10MAY16 - Crowd Dance(Ame)

Thank you all for hanging in there with us and enjoying the show!  We perform every Friday night at 6pm, SL willing, and would love to see you there!









Review for Friday 6/3/16

Friday night is always full of excitement at the Empire Room and tonight was no exception.  Thanks to Gunner we had some great music to get everyone in the mood, Paul picked up the tab this week so the nectar of relaxation was flowing freely as Paul and Jilley greeted our guests.  As the strains of “I Gotta Feeling” filled the room and Wiz gave our intro, the excitement was palpable.

Ame – Mr. Strange – Life’s a Cabaret

I was very excited to have the honor of opening the show.  This was a dark circus-type cabaret number originally done for the Lovecraft Festival last year.  Updated with some skittering rats and an evil clown bodyguard who followed my every move, the focus of the dance is the mask we all hide behind out in the world.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Ame

Keith – Master of Puppets – Metallica

Next up we had Keith take the stage.  This is the second dance of Keith’s I’ve seen and I like the way he includes a synopsis of his dance on the program we use.  This one reads: “In the cave of the Devil/Demon Puppet Master, its a man frozen in a block of ice.  As he’s thawed out, its time for him to dance for his master. But the unhappy master thinks he can make the dance HOTTER, and slowly lights him on fire until he is burned alive, only a dancing skeleton is left….”  This was a very hot dance indeed.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Keith

Kyshra – Midnight Caller – Chase & Status

Following Keith, Kyshra kept up the heat with a sultry dance complete with the sumptuous tent, comfortable pillows, a sand pit to dance in and in the center Kyshra chained to a post.  What followed was a sexy dance as if performed by a harem girl.  I think the temperature raised another 10 degrees in the room.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Kyshra

Goddess Shayna – Simply Irresistible – Robert Palmer 

Our 4th act and a new debut at the Empire Room was Goddess Shayna.  Dancing with JMB and Fukuju, she opened with Fuki as the innocent girl next door with JMB mirroring her but in the guise of her “dark side”.  We then switch to Shayna dancing in a club and working the dance floor and dance pole  and finishing back in the bedroom with the “nice” girl gone and the “bad” girl dancing away.  I think I feel the heat rising again.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Shayna

DavidGage – Motivation by Kelly Rowland

Now lest we think the women got left out, our next performers were DavidGage assisted by Melvis, Wiz, Paul and Sebastain doing a very smexy dance for the ladies.  These men were smoking and earned a shower of panties thrown to them on stage from one seriously happy audience member.  We look forward to seeing what David brings every time he comes to the Empire Room.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - DavidGage

Babypea – John Legend – Each Day Gets Better

Baby and Gunner have a very unique and special relationship and it was portrayed beautifully in this dance.  Commissioned for an anniversary and birthday, it was if the story of that couple matched theirs perfectly.  Take some beautiful couple’s choreo combined with that special stage magic that is uniquely Baby and you’re left with a romantic love story that touched everyone’s heart.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - BabyPea

Jilley – Jungle by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

The final dance of the evening before the crowd dance was a fierce Jilley with Paul and Zach doing a street tough number.  As always, Jilley’s choreography was spot on with the beat and matched the energy of the song and story.  She brought the room up at least 10 more degrees and got everyone’s heart pumping for the crowd dance and the rest of the evening.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Jilley

Crowd Dance – Babypea – JIMMY EDWARDS – I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana, Boogie Nights and Feed My Frankenstein.

Some times I wish I had just a small piece of the creativity that can take 3 songs from 3 different genres, put them all together in a crowd dance and really make it work.  Baby did just that with our crowd dance with a very cool futuristic stage with all kinds of interesting places to groove in.  A fun end to a perfect night.

Elysium - 03JUN16 - Crowd(BabyPea)

Don’t forget to come visit us every Friday night at 6pm for some of the best performers in Second Life.  See you next week!

























Friday the 13th – Prince Tribute Show

Friday the 13th is one of those days we can look at with trepidation if you’re superstitious or sneering if you enjoy watching those people squirm.  In this case, we had a fabulous show lined up and no reason at all to dread it.

The club was full, the spirits were flowing, Gunner was playing some great tunes and we were excited to be there.  Now we just had to keep our fingers crossed the SL gremlins would stay asleep and not come playing.

Most of us are big Prince fans so we had a wide range of Prince songs and interpretations.


Opening the show was the beautiful Jilley with Prince’s version of Crimson and Clover.  With a flashback to a time of peace and love, Jilley performed a very sexy interpretation of this iconic song, surrounded by a psychedelic garden of whimsical plants.  The perfect start to a great show.

Elysium - 13MAY16 -Jilley

Following Jilly was Adam, Nadi, Zach, Moni, Nev and me dancing to one of Prince’s newer songs, FunkNRoll.  One of the more fun dances we’ve done in a while, we had our street dancers in an abandoned hangar, rocking out.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Ame

Third, from the great mind of Babypea, we had her space interpretation of 1999.  Baby, Jo and Gertie lit up the stage with a combination of great choreo, and awesome set and bright lights culminating with Baby’s ship taking her away all too soon.  It was an awesome party!

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Baby

Following Babypea was someone that visits us far too infrequently, SexyS.  She performed to Sexy MF sharing the stage with Diiar, Royal, Sebastain and Zach.  The set was brilliant and creative and the choreo spot on, but you would expect nothing less from Sexy.  A very hot and sexy number.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - SexyS

Next up was Wiz and Suz with Raspberry Beret.  Wiz wowed us with his Ben Franklin 5 and 10 straight from the song while Suz teased poor Wiz with her yummy beret and sexiness.  Wiz always bring pure enjoyment with his dances and tonight was no exception.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Wiz

After Wiz, Kyshra stepped up to do a saucy performance with Kellan, Moni, Melvis, Nevar, Tray, Andy, Falkon, Si De Brit to Prince’s Pussy Control.  She had a colorful and bright stage and the dance was sharp and crisp.  I felt like I was at a Prince concert watching his back up dancers.  She even changed her name for the occasion.  Another stellar act.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Kyshra

Just when we thought we’d gotten through the show without any trouble from the gremlins, they attacked with a vengeance and Eva was unable to get her set to do what she said.  I think the gremlins chewed all the stage wiring.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Eva this week and look forward to the next.

Elysium - 13MAY16 - Kellan

Closing the show was Kellan with “Purple Rain”.  I was fortunate enough to dance in this with Wiz, Jo, Nadi, Imrhein, Kyshra, Jilley, Keith, Andy, Melvis, Zach and Tray.  Purple Rain is one of his most well known and probably most beloved songs that takes a special hand to perform and Kellan did not disappoint.  We had a stage fit for Prince, light, smoke, purple rain and terrific choreo ending with Prince ascending with the angels.  A perfect end to a wonderful night of great acts.

Finishing up the night, as always, we invited the audience to join us on stage for the group dance, also choreographed by Kellan.  She chose When Doves Cry, I Would Die 4 U and Baby I’m a Star to dance and send our audience home with.  We were honored to present this show in tribute to an iconic performer.