Magnificent Matinee Moments

It was that time of the month again where we welcome you to the weekend twice over with the Matinee madness! No hiccups plauged the cast, movers behaved and sets rezzed on cue. If SL were a student we would have been sure to give it a gold star, and each of our acts at least five. Without further prattling, let’s get right to yummy goodness and take a peek at the talented choreographers who graced our stage.

Down With the Sickness by Disturbed

Disturbing. Creepy. Scary. Creative. Unique. Awesome. These are the words that come to mind on this number by Pea. This exceedingly icky creature started by jumping around the dark forest, finally settling in one place. Thus followed the rise of evil, green smoke which magically transformed it green. Pea is green, who woulda thunk it ~laughs~ I know I wanted to make mush out of this shudder-worthy being. Then we add a pram with broken dolly in a kids bedroom and I just want to run screaming. Definitely an awe-inspiring trip into the imagination of this choreographer, creating yet another very memorable dance.

Magica Mélodia by Rondo Veneziano

Ness is well known for her astounding particle work, blended with unique costuming and seamlessly simple choreography. Somehow, all these things gel into this perfect, jawdroppingly unique piece of art that dance along never quite captures. Color changing mermaids, magic fairy dust and a lilting melody carried the audience away once more. One of the hallmarks of the best choreographers and artists is that their work carries their signature without a clear mark, you just know. And with Ness, we always just know.

Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne ft. Randy Rhoads


Diddy Hyun
Another Piece of My Heart by Haley Reinhart

This set at first reminded me of a magical candyland with the bright lighting and pink fantastical lighting; not to mention the sweet and sexy costumes that I am sure had many a man drooling as they watched. Mandy, Arabella and Half joined Diddy on stage in her latest work of good ol’ fashioned fun. Then the music kicked in with the edgy blend of rock meets country and every one was bouncing about in their seats. Clever use of mirror animations created great variation in formations and was a real highlight of this upbeat routine.

Kyser and Taema Mynx
Goodbye to Romance by Ozzy Osbourne feat. Randy Rhoads

As soon as the curtain rose on this act by Kyser and Taema, the colors and effects of their set took many a breath from the unsuspecting audience. A wide expanse of richly hued sky, floating clouds and ethereal lights offset the unusual yet enchanting costumes chosen by the pair. In an ode to true love in the heavens, elegant animations paired with smooth mover work truly brought this story to life.

S&M by Rhianna

We all know how much I love to hate talking about my own routines. This number was originally created as part of the DoL Dancer’s Challenge. Choreographers select a song at random and have three hours to create a dance and set ready to put on show that very day. A bit of a crazy excercise, but a lot of us Elysiums took up the challenge and had nervous breakdowns but lots of fun regardless. A couple of weeks to smooth over some glitches and make it a little less hum-drum and here you have it. A thank you to my amazing dancers Maia, Jo, Melvis, Wiz and Max for being brave enough to let out their kinky sides!

Bad Girls by Donna Summer

This routine was bad the first time I saw it, and it just got badder this time around! When I say bad, I mean in a delicious finger lickin’ good kinda way! I blame Gunner for the chicken reference since he was the one who said this routine always made him think of KFC ~laughs~ Gemma and Arabella joined choreographer Corri in this smokingly sexy number that showed off smooth and sultry choreography. A perfect closer to a fabulous show.

In the iconic words of Bugs Bunny, ‘That’s All Folks!’ Well .. until we meet again next month for the last Matinee of 2016. Hope to see you all there!

Ayita xoxo


A Macabre Matinee It Was Not

It was the weekend of witches, vampires, ghosts and goblins — a time where zombies wander the Earth and the veil between us and the spirit world was at it’s weakest. People flooded the Empire Room for the October matinee ready for chills and thrills. Little did the poor souls know this Halloween and Best of Show mash-up would be just as spectacular, spooky, hilarious and sensuous as we have all come to expect of Elysium Cabaret.

Shatter Me by Lindsay Sterling

The opening strains of violin were enough to have this dancer wiggling in her seat, though I may be biased since this is one of my favorite covers of a fantastic song. Eva gave the audience an inspired performance with her clever use of set transitions, moving props and some unique movement paths for her dancers Rosewan, Tauriel, Diamonte Thomas, Melvis Baum and Si. The moving clockwork and cogs in the background where a nice accent to the smooth choreography excecuted by her cas; a perfect opener for the show.

Everybody by Backstreet Boys

Setting the scene with a haunted house, squabbling Scooby Gang and the ever so sensible idea to go inide to investigate, this routine was spooktacular. Starts ticking off the names of this motley crew, hoping she doesn’t leave anyone off; Ayita, Jo, Kyshra, Seb, Gunner, Kymir, Babypea, Fuki, Minty Von Phoenix all joined Maia on stage for this retro classic reimagined in a haunted house. Tight choreography, film-style set and mover work made this a number to remember.

Howl by Florence and the Machine

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf multiplied in this moonlit dance, as if one of each were not enough! Shayna certainly proved that three was indeed better than one with zaney choreography, cute and hairy costuming highlighting the faity-tale characters portrayed by Rory (callmerory), Wiz Nirvana, Heloise Merlin, Beebs and Pan. A fitting accompanyment to the song choice, I wonder how many of us wanted to howl at the moon or maybe run in the other direction because those sharp, sharp teeth.

Bubble Roffo (Kittens n Tigers)
Monster Mash by Bobby Picket

What would Halloween be without the Monster Mash?! Diddy Hyun, TanyaSmart, Mandy Oconnell, Thaladar  Borgin and Hakan Secretspy danced alongside Bubble in this lighthearted and truly monster-mashed routine. I was enthralled by this number, never knowing where to look. I will confess that the Addam’s Family inspired ‘thing’s were an eye grabber, as were the munster-like creatures swimming in the swamp. A great routine that was a total riot in all its orange-tinted glory.

Babypea Von Phoenix
A Perfect Lie by The Engine Room

Naked men, naked men! I am fairly certain that is what many members of the audience were shouting, I know they were in the Elysium chat! Gunner, Wiz, Nevar, Joss, Seb joined their Evil Queen from Outer Space in this Lovecraft based routine. The glistening blue set, stunning use of simple particles and eerie music gave us another glimpse into the twisted mind that is the Pea. This time she definitely got the better of her captives and reminded us how simple choreography, mover-work and visual effects can generate the biggest of impacts.

Unveiled by Raul Ferrando

Jo has been delighting audiences across the grid lately with fluid choreography, unique animations and unique music selections. This routine was no exception, featuring Fuki, Ayita, Maia and Kyshra as silk-clad seductresses. Set in the harsh sands of the dessert, tents of rich fabrics and plump cushions were the ideal contrast and served as a colorful backdrop. Tthis number once again displayed Jo’s trademark, seamless use of movers to create true-to-life routines.

What’s That – Nightmare Before Christmas

From sexy and sultry to cute and fun, Mischa transported us to a Winter wonderland just in time for the holidays. Eva Harley, Sorcha Wylde, Si De Brit and Zach Starostin were right there with her and I have to say the song choice for this was just right in its quirkiness. Adorable choreography with equally adorable costumes and I believe Gunner said this was her Elysium debut routine so welcome to the nuthouse Mischa!

24 by Jem

I always think it is super awkward reviewing your own routines. Instead of following the usual format, I will say thank you to Maia and Jo for sharing the stage with me. I will give a shout out to Eva Harley for her help with color-changing costumes. I will also say that 24 is one of my favorite songs and the first routine I created for it did not quite go to plan. Taking the same song and a new approach, I decided to make lemonade out of lemons and hope that everyone enjoyed the result.

Mel’s Mix by Melvis

If there were any routine which was a hidden surprise, it was this one! In true Melvis style, it featured well known characters doing entirely uncharacteristic things. Storm-troopers marched themselves in and the fearsome sound of Darth Vadar’s breathing heralded his arrival. What did he do when he got there? Well, he ‘came out’ with a bright pink light saber and his faithful followers broke into well known dance moves from the chart-topping dance crazes we love to hate. Andytez Dumpling, Sebastian Bourne, Monavie Voight, Paul Woodrunner, Wiz Nirvana, Diamonte Thomas, Shayna  and Jilley joined  Melvis for the laugh out loud, comical interpretation of Star Wars.

Another month gone, the year goes so fast! It seems like yesterday summer was at an end and now we are already getting close to Thanksgiving. Bring on November and another month of fantastic dancing at Elysium Cabaret!

Ayita xoxo

Stunning Selections at the September Matinee

The house was packed, the lights were dimmed, the DJ warmed up his mic setting the stage for yet another action packed Matinee at Elysium Cabaret. SL seemed to play nice as the afternoon kicked off, leaving most in peace to enjoy the smorgasbord of dance presented by the talented choreographers. Without further ado, here comes the review for the first Fall matinee.

Sound of Silence by Epic Rock

The first to grace our stage was the beautiful Eva with her routine stunning the audience with a simple, changing backdrop that made use of highly effective graphics to accompany the bittersweet melody. Joining Eva were Misha Selene, Nadi, Tauriel, Cowgrl, Si De Brit and Zach Starostin who danced their way through several astounding astounding costume changes, leaving even myself wondering how she did it. A breathtaking routine for not only the use of choeography, sets and costuming but -more importantly- for the message she portrayed.

Physical by Olivia Newton-John

In every show there is always someone hollering out for the hunky men doing their thing on stage. Today, Jilley had the audience bellowing entirely different things as she set the over-padded Paul and Andy to work on those dastardly treadmills. Showing off her svelte figure in a tight workout wear, the talented lady put them through their paces with sit ups and push ups until the boys dropped all their excess pounds. The word was restored to its natural order, with hunky men back in their rightful place in this fun fitness number.

White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

The opening of the next act was extremely creative with Arabella taking us straight down the rabbit hole. This quirky song was embodied by an equally off kilter set inspired by Alice in Wonderland. There was even a disappearing Cheshire cat! Aspen Wrigglesworth, Halfpint Raymaker, Imrhien Porthos, Fukuju Amaterasu and Keesha Lenroy were the lovely ladies joining the cute little white rabbit. She was definitely not late for any important date with her split-sequenced choreography, showcasing her talents to perfection.

Diddy – Kittens ‘n’ Tigers
Umbrella by Casey Abrams

The moment this talented group began tapping their way about, all I could say over and over to anyone who would listen was how fabulous the mover work was. Choreographer Diddy should get serious props for his smooth movements and clever combinations that would have put any Broadway professional to shame. Joining him was Bubble Roffo, Mandy Oconnell, TanyaSmart, Rayzza Rubble and Andytez Dumpling in snappy suits and clear raincoats. Umbrellas never got in the way, held steady regardless of the animation on this blue-hued stage. A fun routine that proved any show with a good dance break and tap shoes will always be a crowd pleaser.

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine

The moment the curtain opened, we were transported to another galaxy filled with shooting stars and brightly hued clouds. Oodles joined the lovely Shayna for her beautiful creation which blended particle effects, lighted costumes and seamless choreography. Two lovers started apart, separated by the yawning depths of outer-space. Soon not even that proved enough to keep them from one another, as they melted into one another’s arms to complete their journey with intricate couples animations.

Evolution Mix by Wiz

This was just fun fun fun! In his usual unique and creative way, Wiz too us all on a journey through the evolution of dance. I could list all the songs but I am not sure my memory is up to the task and I truly applaud his collection of famous dances. Suffice it to say there was jumping, jiving, horse riding, pelvic grinds, bad romances to name but a few. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see which song would make an appearance next and just barely refrained from doing the iconic steps right along with him!

Klark Harvy
Mash: Superman/Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake

Klark Harvy. The name itself is enough to let anyone know they will be in for a treat of lighting and particle wonders. Featuring Si De Brit, Zach, Diamonte Tomas and Sendar, this lineup of limber men in their white suits danced their night away beneath multi-color laser lights mirrored by wall panels. Smooth transitions and orginal animation selection reigned supreme in this fun and lighthearted routine. I hope he doesn’t kill me for saying this, but one of the real highlights of this performance for me was the pre-show. Using particles and effects perfectly timed to dramatic music, Klark managed to create performance art that held a real ‘Wow’ factor … and this was before the curtain even rose on his routine!

Maia Von Phoenix
Push It by Salt-N-Pepa

Yo yo yo yo, Maia was in the house today, or should I say supermarket filled with less than desirable clientele portrayed by Seb, Ayita, Jo, Paul and Max. One of the funnest parts of this were the two guys misbehaving with a trolley, rolling up and down the store appearing to cart-surf. This didn’t phase the girls, or the check out chick -err guy- who kept up their hip hop moves which matched the music perfectly. Hopefully no damage was done, or displays sent toppling to the ground, in the making of this number.

Babypea Von Phoenix
Cover Girl (Put The Bass In Your Walk) by RuPaul

So my SL had died on me by this point, so a few creatures were missing in the video. Luckily, Fuku and Oodles saved the day by also providing some pictures of this unconventional fashion parade. Pea headed this lineup of beauty queens of Jilley, Mona, Kyshra, Fuki, Amy and Immy in this  left of the center routine. The costumes were awesomely cool and unique, had me peering closer to work out exactly what these things were. They boogied their way up, down, backwards, forwards, across and back the changing stage like the true models they were leaving the audience in fits of giggles as we often are after a peek into the squishy Pea’s mind.

That was it for this month’s matinee, but we all know that the fun never stops for long at Elysium Cabaret. These guys and many more of your favorite choreographers will be back on Friday, September 30 at 6pm SLT with all new creations for your eyes to feast upon. Of course, please also join us for our next matinee on Saturday, October 29 at 1pm SLT.



Magnificent Moments at the August Matinee

Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl): Can you please tell the head of the UK to not schedule holidays on weekends when we have shows?

She said it best folks, because where else would you want to be when Elysium has its monthly matinee? Holiday or not, we all know that Friday is the best day of the week except when the last Saturday of the month takes over that title! Come hell or banking holiday, we were out there on the stage today putting our most weird and wonderful on show. This month I decided to dust off my video camera and put my limited skills to the test. Luckily I managed to capture bits and pieces of the amazing dances so please, take a few minutes to peek at the amazing talent we had on display today. Happy viewing.

Babypea Von Phoenix
 Dark Lantern by Mandragora Scream

The scene was set the lair of a wicked witch, or as I interpreted it, a Voodoo witch doctor. A slightly disturbing picture behind her, was the very brave Wild who was strung up as a very pretty, human sacrifice. If the rich textures, clever positioning of large off-center pieces  weren’t enough, they then proceeded to offer a Vegas-worthy light show that was a feast for the eyes. Fiery particles soon surrounded the errr age-challenged practitioner as she cast her spells. The real question is, did her victim make it out alive or was the wrinkled Pea restored her her plump, squishy goodness?

Maia Von Phoenix
Midsummer by Heather Alexander

From dark dwellings to sunlit-forest, Maia’s fantasy land inhabited by fairies and elves was the perfect representation of Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The quirky music, along with clever use of animations brought this routine to life. From Irish-dancing hunky men, to floating beauties and even a toadstool or too, this was truly adorable. Joining Maia in her colorful display as the aforementioned studly elves were Dan, Gunner, Seb with the fluttering fairies danced by Ayita, Jo, Nalani and of course, the choreographer herself.

Tray Porthos
Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin’ Criminals

We started with the evil, then the mischievous woodland creatures and now it seems the bad guy has come to town. Tray was a very naughty boy indeed, flirting with the pretty girl and then making off with all the money. Of course, what would a bank robbery be without a good car chase, a flash of muscled chest with a pair of handcuffs thrown in. Clearly no one ever told him what happens when you get caught with your hand in the coin-jar. Right into the slammer he went, busted good and proper then doomed to a life of unflattering orange jumpsuits. A great routine, with three amazing set changes to help bring his story to life.

Dongle by Dousk

This next routine was quite unlike anything I had seen before, and if asked to describe it I would have to say ‘performance art at its finest’. Bulbs which appeared broken at first, gradually glowed to life beneath the small, bursts of electricity that were choreographer Ness and her dancers ღღღ Омелия ღღღ  and Nadin Katrin. Arcs of current crackled in the sky, sparks leaping in time with the music with waves of energy flowing behind each girl. The costumes are worth a big mention and truly jaw-dropping in making the dancers appear as live electricity in human form.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

In the truest embodiment of light, Winnie took to the stage as a hauntingly beautiful melody filled the air. Joined by Jo, this raven-haired woman and her little angel moved with grace in the willowy grass. In a scene marked by barren landscapes, lifeless trees and a crumbled building, strands of bright lanterns glowed in the distance. Then one appeared as though sent from above, then there were two, three and then the sky was filled by the symbolic golden lanterns. In Asian cultures, these floating lights symbolize good fortune and the wish for a bright future. A truly touching routine with every bit of the emotion one can always expect from a Winnie creation.

Rise by Katy Perry

From crumbling ruins in the desert to world famous landmarks restored to their former glory. Speaking of glory, ladies and gents we present to you our Manager Wiz his all his glory. Yes that is right, if you want naked men, bronzed and carved like statues then this is the routine for you! Surrounded by paintings and symbols of Greece, this dance was a beautiful and simple piece of choreography. Smooth transitions, elegant animations and motivational music served to make this a memorable routine for reasons other than the costuming, or lack thereof. ~winks~

Dancin’ Fool (remix) byBarry Manilow

This jivin’ number had a backdrop of stairs too, though a far cry from the previous color scheme. Fuki, Winnie, Seb and Melvis brought the choreography of the very talented Jo to life in this up-beat number that was bound to make everyone wiggle in their seats. The best of swing and some very clever animation choices really shined here where the dancing was the star. There were disco-balls and neon lights and all kinds of other fabulous set elements but the choreography itself was up there with the best. A truly fun and light-hearted routine from the talented Jo.

I’m Only Joking by Kongos

She may have been only joking but I am pretty sure these superheroes would not see it that way, Marvel must be rolling over in their multi-million dollar office if they ever saw this! Jilley put her men to good use in this one with Paul, Zach, Tray, Melvis and Ray dressed up as the various characters. I am not sure what the Joker did to them, but Superman seems to have forgotten to turn off his iron, Spiderman went commando under his spandex, Captain American has a thing for the hot guy in the front row and poor Batman has a touch of unrequited love for Robin. Need I say more? The choreography was perfect for the music and the costumes true to their masked wearers.  In the end though, they ended up back in their corner (or cage) and all they needed was their own little chairs so they could be whoever they wanted to be. Extremely creative and a real hoot to end the show with!

That brings us to the end of another amazing show at Elysium Cabaret. As always, filled with a smorgasbord of music, sets, costumes and of course dance to keep our imaginations well fed. We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday night, and of course at our next matinee on Saturday, 24th September at 1pm.

Mixin’ It Up at the July Matinee

The SL gremlins made an appearance early in the morning, with the sun rising on half the show staff being locked out of SL. Someone must have called Ghostbusters (the better movie) because everyone made it in! And what a treat they gave everyone with the spectacular ‘best of’ numbers we have come to expect of our monthly matinee. The stage was set, announcements went out and the house waited with baited breath for the first of many jaw-dropping routines.

Sexy Robot by The Pinkertones Jilley1Jilley 2
What more could you want than sexy, futuristic robots?! I know .. Jilley in that robot suit! She certainly can move and strutted her stuff in that skintight suit, the eerie eye-slit helmet completing the look . The dance featured a fusion of robotic-style and hip hop animation, with a healthy dose of sex appeal thrown in. The set popped with a glowing stand, propped up by color-change coils. There was also a rotating metal-orb right above her head.  This was a quirky routine that truly embodied the aptly-named music and, let me just say, if this is what robots will look like then gimme!

Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina Selene2Selene1
I loved loved loved the set here. It looked like someone got their hand caught in the cookie jar, except it was a box of makeup instead. Colored bangles, hair-brush, lipstick and many more goodies could be found in here … along with a dancing Selene. If any of you missed it, the silver hand was holding a massive gun matching the one she held. If you also mistook the bullet shells the lipstick caps you could be forgiven, it was very cleverly created. Sporting a striped dress and a black hat, she danced her way to center stage and truly delighted us all. The fact we all made it out in one piece may have helped, this was definitely not a mis-fire!

Unsteady by X AmbassadorsWiz1Wiz2Wiz took this song literally, keeping us on the edge of our seats in the opening moments. Walking a tightrope suspended high above the stage, hearts were in our mouths and we waited to see if he would pull through. Floating platforms soon carried him away, along with Jilley and Zach on either side. They danced precariously here, truly embodying the meaningful lyrics. A visually simply yet breathtaking performance by our wonderful manager, Wiz.

The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails
From teetering on tightropes to three beauties strutting their stuff, this routine by Lulu featuring Candy and Angie was hot hot hot! The animations were flawlessly connected, smooth as silk and a sensual sensation. I could not take my eyes from the simple and elegant setting which enveloped the dancers. The twinkling lights on the stage and flickering candles elevated the scene, not to mention the stage facade behind them (which I want to steal, it’s really different). Colorful costumes, lacy garters and those sharp bobs only served to enhance an already evocative performance.

This Kind Of Lovin by The Whispers
The set on this routine by Voodoo was a work of art. From a monochromatic beginning to an explosion of colors this certainly had everyone admiring its beauty. Piece by piece, silhouettes of flowers, candles and several other items slit upwards leaving us wondering what would appear next. The first touch of color by way of floating leaves, followed by beautiful butterflies was a stunning vision. The dancer herself was framed lovingly in giant heart, with flowing animations and seamless transitions. A very creative number that was a true, visual fest.

Kamikaze by Mø
Now I am not sure I’m off-base here, but I kinda got a King Kong vibe from this number. The little carts up top just like at the theme park attraction, the bridge and torches. The cart started by dropping off all the dancers, SoCo, Jo and Mona up on the higher road, then Melvis, Zach & Andy down on the beach. Next thing I know, the girls are walking across the bridge (they are brave, looks a little dicey to me) before parting on down with the men. A fusion of Bollywood and hip-hop reigned supreme in this number, some seriously inventive choreography. Super fun to watch and I hear Melvis is already working on his next (and third) routine to the music of Mø.

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
Disturbing. Creepy. Scary. Creative. Unique. Awesome. These are the words that come to mind on this number by Pea. This exceedingly icky creature started by jumping around the dark forest, finally settling in one place. Thus followed the rise of evil, green smoke which magically transformed it green. Green Pea, I wonder if it goes squish? I know I wanted to make mush out of this shudder-worthy being. Then we add a pram with broken dolly in a kids bedroom and I just want to run screaming. Definitely an awe-inspiring trip into the imagination of this choreographer, creating yet another very memorable dance.

Train by Goldfrapp
If the routine before it was disturbing, then this was just bizarre. I think the dancers (Ayita, Dan, Dara, Gunner, Jo, Oodles, Shayna & Wiz) deserve props for their willingness to wear leather, latex, blindfolds and gags in this out of the ordinary dance by Maia. Deliciously different use of couples animations, including spanked bottoms for all really set this up for success. Seriously smooth mover work, clever use of formations for the large collective and some steam-punk inspired choreography told the tale of good girl gone bad. I may be bad to say this, but all these whips and chains excite me. I know they certainly excited our audience!

Another fanatic show put on at The Empire Room by the equally amazing Elysium Admin, Managers, Choreographers and Dancers. As always, I look forward to the first show of the month and every Friday thereafter.

Ayita xoxo