Eylsium cabaret Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Friday nights Elysium Cabaret dance was so very fun! There was a huge variety in the perforances and all of them kept our eyes focused on that stage and appreciating ll the hrd work that we know went into creting these msterpieces! Thank you all so much for the amazing cretive gift you share and ty to the dancers who support the amazing Elysium Cabaret choreographers! Thanks also to DJ Gunner, to Pea , Paul nd Wiz for keeping everything running smoothly..and Pea I loved your photos as you can see they are all here today hehe!

Haillie – ‘Diamonds – Megan The Stallion, Normai, Nicki Minaj Remix’ – With Quient, Antonio, Jilley and Pea

Superb dance Hailie! Awesome song, fabulous set and costumes and parrticle use..and wonderful choreography..so good!

SoCo – ‘Zombie Remix’ – With EvA, Ame, Diamonte, Kyser

Powerful performance Soco! Fantastic set, super creepy ! Epic dance, So very cool!

Mikiko – ‘Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am’

Love these colours Mikiko! Super dance moves, great costume and
so much detail on your set! Bravo!

Azdra – ‘ Halocene – The Mirror’ – With Melli, Akiko Nadi Chrissy Cael Pea and Yancy

Very Strong song and super choreography to it, very smooth! Great costumes and set.. awesome finish!

Wiz – ‘No Ordinary Love – Labrinth’

Love this Wiz, so pretty a set , great moves and style!

Bianka – ‘Ringo -Tsumi to Batsu’

Wow Bianka! Everything about this performace is just outstandingly beautiful, and your song resonates in those wonderful colours!

Chrissy – ‘Jimi Hendrix – Bold As Love’ – With Cassie, Akiko, Azdra, Dixie, MeLLi, Beebs & Wolfgang

This is just very trippy Chrissy! Love your set transitions, brilliant performance!


TBDJason Derulo – The Sky’s The Limit

Italobrothers – Upside Down

SL Line – Dancing on the Celing

whoa Eva, my head is still spinning hehehe! So cool, thnk you for bringing us such great fun, pushing us around and making us dance upside down!!! Super !!!

Elysium Cabaret Australia Day Theme Show, January 27th, 2023

Australia is an incredible country. From its very beginnings it is a country rich in history and culture, from the first Austrailans and to the many many generations who came after. It is a  proud country, strong and often harsh, a place where its people shine through showing the relentless spirit of all Australians with a deep inner strength that carries them through  any and  all hardships and struggles faced. We pay our tribute through dance to celebrate this day and this incredible country at The Empire Room. I wish my brother Robert could have been there last night to see it all as he loved his country with all his might. Thank you to all the Elysium Cabaret Choreographers and dancers for sharing this with us all and thank you to our guests who really are the heart of the Empire Room.  Thank you also to Sunset for your help with photos!  

Babypea  – ‘ Christine Anu- My Island Home ‘

So gracefully beautiful and soulfully done Babyp, very poignant and moving. Lovely song, beautiful set and outfit and very heart-warming dance.

Dear – ‘ INXS – Need You Tonight ‘

Pretty set love those colours together , it just works so well. Excellent particles and movement, great song as well and those koalas are just darling Dear!

Mikiko – ‘ The Most Beautiful Song Ever Written (Australian Aboriginal)-Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu’ –  With Morganna, EvA

Beautiful dance Mikiko. peaceful and serene, very soulful, like the song itself. Thank you for letting me dance with you and share in the day!

Yancy – ‘ Guy Sebastian – Bloodstone’ –  With Cael, Zach, Melli, Azdra and Pea

Excellent choreo Yancy, great song and I love your use of stone on the set. Love some of those unique moves you had going on!

Bianka  – ‘ Slim Dusty  – G’day, G’day from Australia ‘ – With Sarah, CowGirl, Rory, Webby

OMG so fun Bianka! Wonderful old song and those guita ravis are just increibly neat hahaha! Great set and costumes, super choreo, a dance to bring smiles!

 Jilley  – ‘ The Seekers – I Am Australian ‘ – With Antonio, Jo, EvAngelina, Hailie and Quient

I loved this Jilley. Beautiful song, heartfelt and such a good reminder to everyone of what Australia and its people are all about. Caught and held my attention completely. Wonderful choreography and costumes/set. Good to see you back here on the Elysium stage!

Babypea  – ‘ Mayawuan – The Cloud ‘ – With Gunner, Web

So pretty pea, I love the use of colour to represent the flags, the combination of old and new world and your sets were superb and well as your choreo. So very cool!


Midnight Oil, Beds are Burning,

Keith Urban The Fighter ft. Carrie Underwood

Kylie Minogue – In My Arms

Woohoo Dear you had us moving so well to those beats! Great fun, cool set awesome music choices! Thank you so much for pushing us around!

Elysium Cabaret January 20th, 2023

What a great show it was at The Empire Room tonight as the Elysium cabaret took the stage! Tonight was fun and fabulous! We have a new choreographer now as Diamonte made his debut and what a fantastic one it was! Thank you to all who make our world go around!!!

Diamonte – ‘What’s Going On Marvin Gaye’ – With Kyser, EvA, Ame, Yancy

Bravo Diamonte! This was an awesome start to the show and a brilliant debut into the Elysium Cabaret! Great moves, costumes, use of effects, and set!

Sarah – ‘Monochrome (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)’ – With Pearly

Very pretty Sarah, beautiful moves, amazing set awesome mystical design and colours, and I love those wolves!

Luna – ‘Hijo de la Luna’

Luna that was just a wonderful performance! Pretty , vibrant and magical!

Taema – ‘Circle by Solace’ – With Azdra, Melli

Such a lovely dance, the blindfolds made it spiritual and sensual, so wonderfully put together and what a fantastic set!

Kira – ‘Delta Rae : I Will Never Die’

Love this so much Kira, it’s powerful and magical, love your particle use, the set, costume and choreo!

Azdra – ‘ Within Temptation – Aquarius’ – With Cael, Melli, Nadi, EvAngelina, Yancy, BabyPea, Diamonte, Kira

This is very creative Azdra I especially love the waves, love the costumes and the colours!!!

Diva – ‘Selena Gomez – Good For You’

Gorgeous Diva! Beautifully done, very sexy and ethereal, wonderful!

Bianka (CROWD)

  1. Levitating – Dua Lipa remix
  2. Rihanna-feat-calvin-harris remix
  3. Make-Me-Feel- Janelle remix

Oh this was so much fun! The set, colours and most of all the amazing moves.. you had us bouncing around until we were out of breath! Thank you so much Bianka!

Elysium Cabaret Friday January 13th, 2023

What a Fantastic show! Thank you to everyone that made it possible! As always when The Elysium Cabaret steps on to the stage at The Empire Room no one knows what will happen..but it is always beyond any expectations! Super fun, sexy, sweet, and sassy, a true variety of all genres and individual creativity. Superb!

Mikiko  – ‘Adickted – Kovacs’

Mikiko I had to get an image of your set this week, that build was so expressive for the song which by the way you created a sexy and sassy routine for. Fun and very well done!

Sunset   – ‘Dream a little dream of me – Mama Cass’ – With Darcy, Mikiko, Morganna

Love this one Sunset, te colours, the choreo and the creativity all rock! So good, dreams don’t get much better =P

Dear – ‘Lewis Capaldi – Forget Me’

To start with Dear, this is such an awesome set, I love how the contrast of the colours works so well together and with your costume too! Wonderful movement and use of animations, very effective and telling a story! Love this!

Kyser – ‘KYSER – LA GRANGE ‘ – With Taema, Babypea, Diamonte, Zach

Boom! This is superb Kyser! The dance itself was perfectly executed and the effects you used on this amazing set were just awesome!

Eva  – ‘Oops I Dit it Again – Vintage’

So sassy Eva! Beautiful performance with smooth movement and so sweet and sexy!

Babypea  – ‘Velvet Acid Christ – Johnny Got His Gun’ – With Gunner and Jordan

Gosh Pea this is scary! So well done as a dance and so very creepy. I havnt seen the movie or red the book but omg you brought it to life for me! Incredibly and vividly done!

Rory – ‘HillBilly Ballet’ – With Cael

Rory…. lmao! OMG you make me laugh so much when I see your performances. Great choreography and so very unique. Your imagination never ceases to amae me! So fun.. well done lol

Sarah  – ‘BABYMETAL – Divine Attack’ – With Pearly Robbiani

I honestly love this Sarah. I watched your dance and to understand better looked up the English lyrics to the song . Powerful. Very well portrayed! Love your choreo and particle use.. super!

Azdra – Crowd Dances

Marilyn Manson – Beautiful People
Halestorm – Freak Like Me

Oh Az these dances were such great fun! Love the animations you chose and the songs are so good! Very upbeat and you kept us moving right on time to that music! thank you for pushing us all around!


Great set Cael, good tunes, excellent selection! Here’s a few pics to remember it all by!!!

‘Believing is Seeing’

Elysium Cabaret  December 9th, 2022 Christmas Show

What a magical, wonderful evening ! Everyone was in high spirits , the house was filled with warmth, friendship and laughter! Our warmest wishes to all of you for a very Merry Christmas.
May the new year bring with it love,friendship and happiness for you and your family. Whether you were naughty or nice,we hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

Mavrick  – ‘Hot Chocolate’ – With Cael, Shaane, Layum, Yancy, Sloan, Tessa

Woohooo Mavrick! Love this, so upbeat, creative and fun! Clever, clever use of animatons, reminded me so much of Broadway musicals and those old black and whites when dance was a big thing in a movie..superbly done, great show opener!!!

Wiz – ‘ Mary did you know – Pentatonix’

Lovely and unique dance rendition of beautiful song Wiz. Very spiritual and deep. Brought tears to everyones eyes.. well done!

Ice – ‘ My Gift is You’ – With Dey,David, Rayni, Rosie, and John

Oh my gosh Ice this is such a delightful, adorable act! Love the set and little avatar creatures! Brilliant! Sweet and so very Merry!!!

 Pussigalore – ‘ SANTA BABY by EARTHA KITT ‘

PG,this is so sassy and sexy! Love the smooth moves and animaton choices! Brings all the meaning in that great old song to life! Love your set and costume too! Bravo!

Yancy – ‘ Darius Rucker – You’re a mean one Mr Grinch ‘ – With Tiberius, Shaane, Zach, Diamonte

Wowza Yancy! Mr Grinch was indeed being very mean to set so much sexiness so far away up on that stage hahaha! Love this, very well done and bringing smile after smile to all of us ladies watching!!!

Eva – ‘ David Archuleta – Winter in the Air ‘ -With Aspen Gwen Harley

I love how your personality shines through in your movements as the snow falls all around you! This was truly really inspiring Eva, tugged at all the heartstrings reminding us what the season is all about! So beautifully done!

Chrissy – ‘ Coldplay – Christmas Light ‘ – With Cassie, Azdra, Cael, Babypea, Gunner, Morganna, Paul, MeLLi, Dixie, Beebs 

You ended our show tonight by lifting our spirits up Chrissy! What a lovely piece of music and your choreography to it is stunningly beautiful, poignant in its wish. Thank you for letting me share in this special moment..perfect and so wonderful!

Azdra – ‘Crowd Dances

Ray Stevens – Redneck ChristmasStraight No Chaser – Christmas Can CanGayla Peevey – I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Loved this Azdra! Such awesome moves made me laugh watching us tryng to get a good pic or two..or three..well you know how it goes hahaha! Thank You for sharing this with us all and for pushing us around so well, great fun!!!!

AFTERPARTY!!!(Just a few pics of our festivity)

Elysium Cabaret December 9th, 2022

The ELYSIUM CABARET Celebrates 10 years!!!!!

Happy 10th Anniversary to The Elysium Cabaret!!!!! Every show is fantastic but this one was far, far more. The Empire Room was packed beyong capacity, holding strong as the crowd swept in to share this special day with us! Congratulations to The Elysium Cabaret and to all those who have dedicated all these years to creating and being a part of this magnificent troupe. Thank you to every one of you who have been a part of our lives and supported us this far! Here is to another ten years of excellence,creativity and magic!! We love you all!

*Pictures for this show are taken by three of us, Babypea, Tempe, and myself..enjoy!!!!!

Babypea and Diawa did a dedication to the Elysium Cabaret and a special presentation to Paul on this incredible night, and rather than use my words to describe this event, I am going to just paste their words in for you to see. Pictures of this were taken by Tempe, tysm and big hugs!

Presentation by Babypea and Diawa

(Babypea)me staggers up to the stage… looks around, smiles and strikes an attention-seeking pose….

Ladies and Gentlemen! Friends and Family! Dear Ones! Thank you all for coming out tonight to help Elysium celebrate a Decade of Dance! For ten years, we have been doing a show every Friday night and a matinee the last Saturday of each month, except for the occasional break when shows clash with some holidays. I will give you the Reader’s Digest Condensed Version of Elysium’s history:

Paul was my friend since like June of 2009.
I met Gunner in 2011 and starting dancing in Gor.
I moved to mainstream dance because I wanted to do more with dance.
Paul and I shared a sim since around 2010.
I invited him to come see me dance.
Diawa said I should start a dance troupe and I told her no, I don’t know how.
Paul and I decided to start a dance troupe with Gunner and Jilley.
This was mostly because I was fed up with all the rules everywhere I danced, I wanted a place where I could do what I wanted and thought others might enjoy the same creative freedom.
We started Elysium Cabaret on December 7th, 2012.
I said, we will give it three months and see how we go.

Now it’s been ten years, and we are still here. We have hundreds of people to thank for that, including people on the stage, behind the scenes, and in the audience. THANK YOU anyone and everyone who has ever contributed to an Elysium show in any way. Over the years, we have had the best and the worst of times, and everything in between… the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. Many changes have happened, and we have rolled right along with them. So thank you all so very much! Much love and fulfillment to you all.

Now it is my great pleasure to introduce a Second Life Virtual Dance LEGEND. One of the pioneers of SL dance, someone who was famous in the dance community for a long time by the time I found it. Many of the tricks and cool things we use in dance creation were begotten by Diawa. She did a lot of things first, and we all copied her. She has mentored many new dancers, including me. She is adorable and funny and sincere and honest and a legendary dancer. Please welcome the irresistible Diawa Bellic!

[18:05] Diawa Bellic: Hello!
[18:05] Diawa Bellic: Babypea has inspired many performers, giving them their start in their dancing adventure. With countless others, myself included, the opportunity to perform on the Big Stage plays a big part promoting dance in Second Life.
[18:05] Gunner von Phoenix (masterperry Resident) shouts: LIL DI DI !!!!!!!!!
[18:05] Diawa Bellic: Paul Woodrunner also plays a huge part in the longevity and the success of the Empire Room and its Elysium Cabaret, also helping the community with his special shows through the Outsiders dance troupe, and maintaining the constant performances at Copperhead Road.
[18:05] Diawa Bellic: Also want to recognize masterperry’s (The GMan) support and DJ’ing talent in this venue. I cant think of any other DJ that has logged the hours the GMan has logged.
[18:06] Diawa Bellic: Together, their contribution to dance over the past decade has been
[18:06] Diawa Bellic: Now i will turn this back over to Baby
[18:06] Babypea (BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl): Thank you Diawa, I love you 🙂

I would now like to take a moment to acknowledge and thank someone very special. He is one of THE most dedicated hard workers I have ever known in either life. He is loyal and dependable and cares deeply about honor and integrity, family and friends, and his work in both lives. Were it not for his driving force and determination, I do not think Elysium would still be around. He carries this troupe on his shoulders and in his heart. So tonight, we would like to invite Paul Woodrunner up on stage. Please come up here Paul.

It gives me great joy to present you with this Platinum Record Appreciation Award for all you do. I hope every time you look at it, you will remember there are people who notice how hard you work, and who really appreciate you. Thank you for making sure Elysium Cabaret has always had a home, and always had a show on a Friday to welcome in the weekend. We love you Paulie. 🙂

Please join me in giving Paul a standing ovation!!

[18:09] Paul Woodrunner: THANK YOU PEA
[18:09] Babypea (BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl): Hugs you!
[18:09] Paul Woodrunner: SO VERY MUCH

I also have something for all Elysium staff… Choreographers, Dancers, and Behind the Curtain Staff. It is this gramophone and is engraved, something to remember this decade celebration… with appreciation and thanks!!

And for everyone, if you click the golden angel behind the DJ seat or the one in the center of the blue dance floor at the back of the theater, there are some really sweet things for you, as a thank you, and hoping you will enjoy them.

Now we best get on with the show! Thank you for sharing in this with us!

Now onwards to the show!!!

Diawa – ‘Vehemence by Purity Ring’

This was a beautiful opening to the show Diawa, so well performed and so very lovely, truly ethereal and graceful. Perfect transitions of your set and every movement just flowed together like magic. Love this!!!

Mavrick – ‘Wolf Totem’ – With Cael, Shaane, Anya, Melli, Sloan, Tessa

Wow Mavrick, this was rather hot, steaming up our screens as we watched all those strong muscled bodies straining as they showed their dominance in the world! Great work, love the animations you chose to use with this song, it was superb, truly so and very sexy!

Taema – ‘Voodoo by Godsmack’

Bewitching Taema! Fantastic set and your costume is sooo sensually intoxicating, VERY voodoo!!! Great dance, I think there was a lot of drooling out front AND backstage when you came on to that stage and those snaky awesome moves were mesmerizing!!

Sakura – ‘ “BON BON GIRL” by SARM – With Diawa, Morganna

So amazing Sakura, Fanastic set, superb particle use, and incredible choreography work! Great song, awesome movement, sexy , sexy costumes..and just fascinating!!! Thank you for asking me to dance with you, I just loved it!!!

Mikiko – ‘Grace – You Don’t Own Me’

This is so cool Mikiko! Great song and the decadence of your set and costume is incredibly powerful together with that music! Love the dance and your dance partners Wonderfully done!!

Paul – ‘jon batiste – freedom’

GO get em Paul! You look great , your stage and screen are fab and the transition from the screen to actual set is wonderfully done!! Love love your dance, such awesome moves!! So very cool!! Bravo!!!!!

Chrissy – ‘The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa’

Hahaha Chrissy this is such a fun performance! Wickedly crazy song, and it all just a little wild all wrapped into one big package! Love your transitions and costume changes, You are a master and changing songs and the dances to them , despite the change in rythm you never lose yours!! Awesome job , just super!

Rory – ‘Once Upon a Time’ – With Webby

Love this Rory, sweet and gentle with a lovely music mix. Webby you look absolutely precious and so daydreamy looking forward to all the dreams in the universe! Rory I love the movent of webbys dance,you made her move with such effortlessness and elegant style….such a wonderful job, made me smile!!

Babypea – ‘Born This Way by Lady Gaga’ – With Azzy, Cael, Melli, Diamonte, Eva, Chrissy, Kira ,Yancy, Jeni, Sunset, Rayni, Jo, Diva, Scar, Webby, Gunner, Paul, Wiz, Morganna, Beebles, Koyia, Taema, Kyser, Diawa

Wow! This is epic Babypea! I love your choreography and how you move everyone so fluidly! Great imagination, , awesome tune and creative set transitions, so very cool ..so fun!!!!Just love it!!Way to go!!! Great finale to this unbeatable show!!

Eva  – ‘Crowd Dances

Get the Party Started


Flogging Molly – Seven Deadly Sins

I Wear Speedos

Wow Eva this set is so neat! Deceptively simple but bold and lovely!!! Great song choices! I think everyone must’ve lost 5 pounds dancing our way into huge smiles and tons of laughter! So good , thank you!!!!!

AFTERPARTY with Cael!!!

Just a few shots of a funtastic afterparty with some super great tunes! Thank you Cael, for making it happen!!!

Elysium Cabaret, Friday December 2th, 2022

It was a sensational show this week filled with fun and surprises ! You never know what the Elysium Cabaret will come up with next, so much talent, genius, and creativity fills the theater with magic and those and the imaginations are incredible! A huge thank you to DJ Gunner, Pea, Paul, and Wiz for keeping everything running smoothly , and to our amazing troupe who are just phenomenal! Thank you also to all of you who take share a part of your time every week to visit us! We love you all!!!

A welcome to DJ Bertie this week who shared his time at our afterparty!!!

Babypea – ‘Dodged a Bullet’

Loved this Babypea! Awesome, some super smooth transitions and very smexy movement! Your sets look so real it was like actually being there! Laughs… I could not resist the gun pic, says everything..don’t mess with the Pea!!!

Koyia – ‘ Ac/Dc Hells Bells ‘ -With Eo, Tempe, Jeni

Oh great tune Koyia and nice moves! That lava looked like it hurt the feet but you survived it and carried on brilliantly! Well done!

Kyser – ‘SHOWTIME IN DA CLUB ( 50 CENT) ‘ – With Taema,Babypea, Kira, Diva

Wow Kyser! So very cool! Loving those moves, superb and flawless transitions , so well performed! Rockin our world and waking everyone up with a smile!!!

Azdra – ‘Nomy – This Heart of Ice’ – With Melli, Cael and Yancy

Very pretty Az, everything about this dance is delicate and filled with light. Might be a heart of ice but it flows like magic!

Wiz – ‘Daydream – Lily Meola

Haha Wiz I love your ‘youtube videos’! Very unique and fascinating! So very clever! Awesome concept !

Diva – ‘Levitate (Koven Remix)’ – With Diva, Oliva, Diawa, Jo

Hehehe…Diva when I saw that upside down close up of you it spoke volumes about your always so very impressive and mischievious mind lol! Loved this performance! Truly epic! Fantastic!


Love, Love , Love your crowd dances Eva! Every one keeps me dancing in my seat and smiling! Such great fun and awesome tunes!! Thank you , thank you for sharing all these great times with us!!


It was nice to meet you DJ Bertie and thank you for sharing your time with us at the after party this week! Awesome tunes and good times!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, November 25th, 2022

What a dazzling night The Elysium Cabaret brought to The Empire Room this Friday! From start to finish, our first-calsss choreographers set the night on fire in this special spotlight extravaganza! I have to say I could not look away! Thank you to all of our performaers, thank you to Babypea and Gunner, Paul and Wiz, and thank you most of all to our amazing audience because it is you who help make all our dreams come true! Happy Tanksgiving Holiday to all!

Azdra – ‘Celine Dion – Ashes’ – With Yancy, Melli, Cael, Shaane, and Sage

Lovely start to the show Azdra! So pretty and graceful, fabulous entrance, wonderful couples choreo and perfect costumes!

Mikiko – ‘Caro Emerald – Excuse My French’

This is such a beautiful dance Mikiko, the colours in your set are so pretty, and your movements so smooth, very fun ,very feminine and sweet! Just lovely!

Kira – ‘ Måneskin – The Loneliest’ – With Azdra, Cael, Koyia, Melli, Sage, Shaane, Tiberius & Yancy

Kira, Great moves, and costumes.. your set is a very cool, very creative way to portray your dancers on another level, and so perfectly lit up! Well done!

Emberlady – ‘ j-hope Daydream’

Oh how fun and trippy Ember! Your transition was very cleverly done, loved watching the process of change as it happened! what wonderful colours, mindbending!

Babypea – ‘Enya – Trains And Winter Rains’

This dance is beautiful Babypea. Every aspect of it was mesmorizing and I found myself unable to look away! wonderful frozen set, brilliant imagery! Excellent costume, truly a spellbinding performance!

Alexis – ‘Loren Allred – NEVER ENOUGH ‘

Alexis, what an incredibly magical performance! Epic! So wonderfully put together and well thought out! Brought tears to my eyes! Love this so much!! Fantastic finale!

Cael (CROWD)

Crowd Dances


Wow Cael this was so much fun, great music and animations choice nd superb set! Thank you for making this happen, I took a lot of pics I know but we all had so much fun it had to be shared!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, November 18th, 2022

Creativity never waits for that perfect moment but when it arrives it sets off sparks that fills the empty world around it with joy! Our Elysium Cabaret chorographers proved that tonight as they took to the stage and showed us all what true talent and creative genius can do! The Empire Room had a full house and everyone had such an amazing time. What a fun show!!! Happy Birthday to Eva!!!!

Mavrick – ‘ Livin’ La Vida Loca (Mavrick Edition)’ – With Anya, Elerra, Sloan, Tessa

This was a Brilliant and oh so sexy opening to our show tonight Mav! Awesome song, Great set transitions and costumes and love those moves!

Kyser – ‘KYSER – ROCK OF AGES’ – With Taema, Babypea

So awesome Kyser! It has all the hallmarks for a superb performance! Love, love the set, the costumes , your choreo ..it is just so aggressively predatory!!! Magnificent!

Chrissy – ‘Lorde – Tennis Court

Wow Chrissy! I am always so fascinated by your smooth set changes and costumes..everything runs like clockwork. It is easy to see how much work you put into this, and it shows! Beautifully and wonderfully done!

Rory – ‘Ex Wives – Cast of Six’ – With: Chrissy, Eva, Ice, Melli, Bianka, Kyra

Hahaha Rory this has to jump to being one of my favorites of yours. What a fun song and your depiction of it is just so cool! Just so sassy and fun! Love it!

Eva – ‘Emii – Magi’

Love this Eva! Powerful and strong, great tune and love the mystical set and costume..so good! Had me dancing in my seat!

Sunset – ‘Goldeneye’ – With Darcy, Morganna

Sunset you did an incredible job putting this all together. Delighful, perfect choreography and the set and costumes looked fab together! Thank you so much for having me to dance with you, always such a pleasure!

Ice – ‘Shatter Me’ – with With David, Shayne, Paxton, Ally, Rosie, John

Other-worldly and so very cool! Love this set and the costumes, wonderful choreo! beautiful work to an amazing song!!

SoCo – ‘Everybody Loves An Outlaw – I See Red’ – With: Star, Babypea

Bewitching and intense, such an impressive performance. Very inspiring! Very sexy, no one could look away! Fantastic choreo, set and costumes. Masterfully done!

Azdra (CROWD)

Crowd Dances

Brooks and Dunn – Boot Scootin’ Boogie

Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee

Garth Brooks – Friends in Low Places

For this set of crowd dances, everyone looked so great out there dancing to those awesome country beats. I took a lot of pics just to share! So much fun Azdra, I love a good country song and don’t hear or dance to them much anymore so this was a blast for me as well as eveyone else! Thank you so much for working so hard then pushing us all around!

Honouring Our Veterans

The Elysium Cabaret at the Bob Hope Theater, Friday, November 11th, 2022

Today was an extra Special Day as the Elysium Cabaret took to the Stage at The Bob Hope Theater. Our wonderfully talented, incredibly creative Elysiums brought to life the true sincerity and gratefulness to all Veterans as they danced their way into our hearts and showed just how strong the bonds we all feel for each other in this vast world we live in! Thank you! Being a Veteran comes with many sacrifices, some that none can ever imagine, so thank you and thanks to your family each and everyday. Words are not enough to express the feelings we hold in our hearts for all our veterans. We are all so truly grateful for your service and sacrifice.

SoCo – ‘Lady Gaga – Hold My Hand’ – With Jo, Babypea, Azdra, Nadi, Diamonte, DC

Powerful Start to the show Soco and just beautiful!! Such smooth transitions and fabulous sets! Brilliant! Really sets the tone for the day and a great tribute!

Bianka – ‘Bob Dylan – Dark Eyes’

So pretty Bianka! Great song and the set, and your movement expresses the sentiment in the song so well! Wonderfully done and love that costume too!

Sativa – ‘Freedom- George Michaels’ – With: Roxee, Caress

Sativa this is unique and very creative and fun! Great costumes, so much happening all the time, upbeat and catchy..well done!!

Babypea – ‘ jessica Andrews – you will never be forgotten’

Babypea this performance is just stunningly beautiful and poignant. It held my eyes and drew me into the feelings behind your the song itself. Fantastic choreo, beautiful set and effects. Just perfect! Bravo!

Azdra – ‘Coffey Anderson and Drew Jacobs – Mr Red White and Blue’ – With: Cael, Melli, Yancy, Nadi, Pea and Tiberius

This reminds me of what it is like back home Azdra. Wonderful entrance and your smooth movements really hit the meaning behind the song for all Americans. Vividly lovely and heartfelt!

Chrissy – ‘The Doors – The End’ – With: Akiko

What a wonderful performance Chrissy, my camera couldnt do it sincere justice. From start to finish you managed to paint such a vivid picture filled with emotion. Beautiful transitions, excellent costumes and fantastically creative amazing set and transitions!


Crowd Dances

Singing in the Rain (Storm in a Double DD Cup Remix)
Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony
Nelson – After The Rain

Oh this crowd set was wonderful Eva and so vey fun!Love this set, Great songs and oh the rain is amazing! Thank you for pushing us all around on this special day!