Elysium Cabaret January 14th, 2022 Show

What a fantastic show at The Empire Room last night as the Elysium Cabaret took to the stage! Such a great variety of performances. This is what people come to see! Life may be crazy but it is never boring with the Elysium Cabaret!

Azdra  – ‘BYU Vocalpoint –  The Greatest Showman A Cappella Mashup’ –     With Eva, Shaane, Sage, Cael, BabyPea, Morganna, Yancy, Melli

Wow Azdra! I cannot even imagine the amout of really long hours and hard work that it took to create thisw set and performance..fantastic timing, excellent costumes and truly a wonderful production in itself!

Rosie – ‘ HANKY PANKY – MADONNA ‘ – With Dixie

Woohoooo! Go go Rosie! Wiggling and bouncing across that stage you need to be spanked hahaha! Great dance..and very fun!

Taema – ‘ Lalisa by Lisa ‘ – With Hailie, jo

Taema I have never seen a cuter costume and dance combo. Sassy and sweet is what comes to my mind, had me bouncing in my seat hehehe! Excellent choreo, bravo!!

Mavrick – ‘ So Hott ‘ – With Wiz and Gunner

Yikes! *Note to self: taking photos for the blog can be dangerous when you zoom in!* Fabulous Mav, great entrance, really superb way to interact with the audience and you had us all drooling over those smooth sexy moves!

Luna – ‘ SexyBack ‘ – With Rosie, Apache, Baby and Taema

Love Love your set and choreo Luna! Such smooth movement and superb Style! Wonderfully done!

Sarah – ‘ [ENG sub] PRODUCE48 [단독/최종회] 다시 만난 소녀들<내꺼야> NEKKOYA FINAL ver. 180831 EP.12 ‘ – With Ginty and Pearly

So very fun, and I just love these costumes and your set..superbly put together , excellent choreo and everything looked so perfect together! Way to go, just lovely!

Babypea  – ‘Yung Gravy – Oops for Beebles’ – With: Gunner, Beebles, Web, Bianka

Hahaha Baby this was so much fun to watch! Just loved the animations you used, they fit so well together making your performance hot, flirty , and adorable all in one!!!

Eva (Crowd)

Trying hard to keep a poker face … i just love love this set Eva! The animations and songs really set the tone up for the night as we all stared in amazement at your house of cards! so fun, thank you for the smiles!!!


So glad to have so many coming back to the dance floor after the show to kick back and relax while listening to excellent tunes! A huge thank you to Dj Gunner for that great song lineup and for sharing that extra hour with us !

Elysium Cabaret January 7th, 2022 Show

It was our first show of 2022 on Friday and it was truly one creative evening of dance. fantastic sets, incredible costumes, and wild imagination! This was not a show that will easily be forgotten!.We were all revved up from the very first performance! Rez day this past week for Elysium Co-Owner Paul Woodrunner on the 3rd. we started the 2022 show seasopn later this month but you aren’t forgotten! 13 years! HAPPY BELATED REZ DAY!!!!

Rory – Beg By Jesse Malay

Speechless lol. This was totally bonkers, completely off the wall and twisted, and also a fabulous performance Rory!

Dear – Ashe – Me Without You

Beautiful and strong, both the song and lady! Dear I just loved your choreography with this. It all fit together so perfect and smooth!

Rosie – I HATE RAP – CONFEDERATE RAILROAD With Gunner, Paul, Wiz, Rory, Cael

very fun dance Rosie, nothing better than sexy cowboys out on the ranch ! great choreo and a ton of smiles!

Melli- : Because The Night by 10,000

Whistles ! naughty naughty melli..I have no doubt you melted more than just a few frozen toes when you danced tonight ! wonderful song and great interpretation!!

Wiz Dream On – Morgan James (PMJ)

Your songs, sets and choreography are always so deceptively simple..and remarkably deep. Beautiful performance Wiz, very emotional!

Mikiko : My strange addiction- Billie Eilish

Mikiko brought the Sssssss in seductive with this dance. Love this set and costume..overall a fabulous package and your movements were very smooth and sultry!

Eva (Crowd Dances) – Singing in the Rain (Storm in a Double DD Cup Remix), Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony, Nelson – After The Rain

Still laughing that as soon as you turned up the storm on stage my computer flashed a messaged that it was raining! Synchronicity at its finest lol! So much fun and laughter and great props too..Thank you so much for this fantastic crowd dance!!!

Elysium Cabaret Christmas Show December 17th, 2021 

No I didn’t forget, don’t worry, it has just been a crazy two weeks and I had to pause to catch up with myself!! It was Hailie’s Birthday this week..and I am sorry I couldn’t stay for the party on Thursday but from what I hear it was a fun evening that won’t be forgotten quickly!! The Elysium Christmas show on Friday was a wonderful and magical evening filled with the holiday spirit. It was entrancing and brought smiles to everyones faces and the afterparty was rockin those Christmas tunes of all types haha.. I hope that you all enjoy these photo memories and that you all have a Blessed and joyful Christmas!!!! See you in 2022!!! (oh….and RUN RUDOLPH RUN!!!) =p

Hailie – The Polar Express With Quient, Taema, Kyser, EvA, Jo and Beebs

Cael – Christmas Vacation With Azdra, Melli, Koyia

Kyser – Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry With Taema

Azdra  – Josh Grobin – Believe    With Melli, Cael, Yancy, Shaane, Sage

Misha – Faith Hill – Where are you Christmas With Eva, CG

Quient – Leona Lewis – Kiss Me It’s Christmas ft. Ne-Yo With Hailie

Babypea  – : Bohemian Christmas Rhapsody    With Fuku, Beebs, Webby, Gunner and Logan

Eva – Crowd Pajama’s and Christmas afterparty!

Elysium Cabaret Special 9th Anniversary Show December 10th, 2021 

We had a full house at The Empire Room for our 9th Anniversary Show! The Elysium Cabaret gave their all performing to Jo Blankenburg’s Elysium Soundtrack and it showed! Everyone brought such creative, incredible magic to brighten our cold winter evening! All of the performances were inspiring, powerful, and showed a great love for dance and performance. Watching everyone on stage, I felt such love for what I do and I felt very proud to be able to be a part of such an incredible team! Everyone put a lot of hard work and time into preparing for this Anniversary . Thank you all for sharing your visions, artistry, and talent!! Thank you also to all the amazing guests who devote their time to spend it with us! Happy 9th Anniversary Elysiums!

Alexis – ‘Garador’s Flight’ Joined by: Baby, Beebs, Jo, SoCo, Melli, Corri, Cael, Ray

(Garador’s Flight ) Garador is A dragon riding hero and leader of the Kingdom of Altodestenia. Nicknamed The White Meteor, he rode upon his white dragon Illustre, who, while was not very large, was the fastest dragon in the skies. Reckless, yet brave and daring, this man led Altodestenia to many victories. As a man, he was very honest and straightforward, yet cheery and chipper to a fault. He has never lost a battle in his life. He has since fused with Illustre and become the white dragon god.

Bianka – ‘ Ascencia’

(Ascencia) scencia represents innovation, independence, determination, courage, sincerity and activity.

Sarah – ‘Gryphonheart’ Joined by: Ginty

Gryphonheart) The Gryphonheart dynasty was the Human ruling family of the kingdom of Erathia on the planet of Enroth. The Gryphonheart bloodline stretches as far back as the centuries immediately following the Silence, and its familial crest is the Griffin, which was also emblazoned on Erathia’s flag.

Chrissy – ‘Illumielle’

(Illumielle-) is illuminate..To light up or brighten with light
To help to clarify or explain
To illustrate with pictures
To emphasize, stress, or indicate the importance of
To instruct or teach, especially morally or intellectually
Conspicuously inscribe or display a design on
To shine brightly or powerfully
To set free, especially from entanglement or difficulty
To provide or serve as a satisfactory explanation for
To inspire (with a given quality)
Be a typical example of
To make great or greater in status or value
To give color to

Taema – ‘Terra Mirus’ Joined by: Kyser

(Terra Mirus) Literally means smiling Earth

Babypea – ‘Leaving Lemuria’ Joined by: Web, Beebles, Hailie, Morganna

(Leaving Lemuria) Lemuria (/lɪˈmjʊəriə/), or Limuria, is a continent that, according to a disproved scientific theory put forward in 1864 by zoologist Philip Sclater, was located in, and subsequently sank beneath, the Indian Ocean. The theory was proposed as an explanation for the presence of lemur fossils in both Madagascar and India, but not in Africa or the Middle East.

Cael ‘ Zephyrus’ Joined by: BabyPea, Nadi, Koyia, Melli

(Zephyrus) One of the Anemoi who were Greek wind Gods. Zephyrus is the God of the west wind

Hailie – ‘Empyrea’ Joined by: Quient

From the game WORLDS OF EMPYREA , ‘Empyrea is based on three premises: magic instead of Technology, a sentient but indifferent Planet who knows how everything can be in balance, and royals who place quality of life (for all) above unbalancing mass whims (like war and wealth)

Morganna – ‘Theogony’ Joined by: Babypea, Taema, Hailie, Webby, Beebs, Chrissy, Bianka, Eva, Paul, Gunner

Theogany) The Theogony is an 8th-century BCE didactic and instructional poem, credited to the Greek poet Hesiod. The Theogony was, at first, not actually written down, rather, it was part of a rich oral tradition which only achieved written form decades later. The Theogony traces the history of the world from its creation through the battle between the Olympians and the Titans to the ascension of Zeus as the absolute ruler of all of the Olympian gods. With the rise of Zeus to supremacy and the birth of his many children, the poem ends and does not address the continued struggles between mankind and the gods. ‘They, the Muses, once taught Hesiod beautiful song, while he was shepherding his flocks on holy Mount Helicon; these goddesses of Olympus, daughters of aegis-bearing Zeus first of all spoke this word to me, “Oh, you shepherds of the fields, base and lowly things, little more than bellies, we know how to tell many falsehoods that seem like truths but we also know, when we so desire, how to utter the absolute truth.” Thus they spoke, the fluent daughters of great Zeus.-(Theogony (22–35)’


Elysium Cabaret December 3rd, 2021 Show

Dance is a form of expression that brings people together, allows creativity to thrive, and is a fantastic way to escape the stresses and cares of life in both worlds. The charasmatic show that the Elysium Cabaret put on at The Empire Room on Friday was all of that and much more! We had a pretty good crowd last night and it was apparent that they loved all of the performances! Happy 5 month Anniversary to Cael and Azdra, your dance was a super sweet gift Az! hugs to you both!

Imogen – “Voices” – Switchfoot ft. Lindsey Stirling

Super depiction of this song. A tough song to express but you pulled it off nicely with simplicity and style. well done, excellent and powerful choreo and smooth transition and I loved thed negative to positive set changes!

Ariel – Kim Petras- ‘Future Starts Now ‘

Very emotional, and heartfelt and such a pretty set with the changing lights behind you great interpretation of the songs story through your movements and dance routine, beautiully done Ariel!

Luna – Tell Him With Gabriella

It was easy to see that you put your heart and soul into this dance. Very Lovely choreography and song choice, emotionally deep and engaging to all of us whoo watched it!

Diva  – Shania Twain – Man, I Feel Like A Woman!   With Oliva Wonder and Scarlot Verrazzano

This was a fabulosly dynamic and eye-catching performance Diva! Loved the song, the outfits your set and transitions and you did it all so smoothly! Bravo!

Mikiko – Cold War Kids – So Tied Up ft. Bishop Briggs

Wonderful, colourful set, beautifuly designed. Great dance, smooth and flowing and the energy was wonderful! Felt kinda bad for the headless guy but I guess he deserved all he got !!

Azdra – No Resolve – Easy On Me With Cael, Melli, Yancy, Paul, Morganna, Gunner, BabyPea, Hailie, Quient

Loved this Azdra! What a loving gift! Graceful and gentle you shined through! Superb couples movements, terrific transitions, congratulations to you both and ty for asking us to dance with you!

Wiz – Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know

You chose one of the most incredibly beautiful songs I know and put it in a setting where movement carried a true expression of the poignant joy in the song. Incredibly done Wiz. Just beautiful, sensitive and soulful..super!

The Heist (Mavrick’s Grinch Intro)    With Sloan, Tessa, and Melli

Mavrick, this was mind-blowing and just, well, phenomenal! So creative and cleverly put together! The performance, costumes and set were all Extraordinary! Great finale to the show and one that put everyone in a jolly mood! Fantastic!

Bianka (Crowd)

Oh my gosh Bianka this was so much fun! L:oved the music, the dance animations you chose and the set! Big crowd up on that stage and everyone had such a wonderful time! Thank you for being there and for sharing this with us!!!

Elysium Cabaret November 26th, 2021 Show

Our Friday Jazz Theme was an inspiring showcase at The Empire Room!. Every performance was outstanding, vibrant and so fun! Jazz is a category of music that allows for so many variations in style and we certainly had a night full of that creativity as the ELYSIUM CABARET shared their visions with the crowd who just loved it!

Taema – Bye Bye Black Bird With BabyPea, Beebs, Eva H, Divalin. Jo, Hailie, Quient, Kyser

This opening act was just fantastic, the costumes, set and the dance itself was superbly done. I just loved this Taema, you have outdone yourself on this one! I hope to see it again one day, simply wonderful!

Luna – Down by The River Side With Gabriella and Apache

So glad you are back Luna we have all missed you and yor performance tonight was just so fun an uplifting! Hope we see much more of you in this upcoming year!

Morganna – Fever – Peggy Lee With Sunset and Babypea

I have to say thank you to these two sexy ladies dancing with me! It was fabulous to have been able to be up there on stage with both of you..loves you both!

Babypea – Everybody Jam Scatman John With Gunner, Hailie, Quient, and Web

This was great Baby, I love the costumes, set and song.. you always seem to be able to pull everything together in one perfect vision!

Sunset – Alok – Table for Two With Ktahdn Vesuvino, Morganna Marenwolf, Paul Woodrunner, Star Lyonesse, Tristan Lyonesse, Babypea and Gunner

This is lovely Sunset, and ty so much for includig us. I love the way the set turned out and the dance you made was perfect with that wonderfully sweet old song!

Mikiko – Beth Hart – Jazz Man

A masterpiece of sexy.. and what a great song! All the tradition elements of Jazz are in this dance and you managed to bring it to the stage.. just super!

Eva – (crowd collaboration )- Set Design Gracie Amore; Animations Eva

I had so much fun dancing the crowd dances tonight Eva… you and gracie made a pretty good team on this, and everyone had such a wonderful time…love your outfit by the way..fabulous!

Elysium Cabaret November 19th, 2021 Show

FAN-TASTIC!!!! The Elysium Cabaret was on fire this weekend with all of the components an incredible show needs, a lot of sexy, sweet, soft, and seductive all in one great evening! The simplicity but effectiveness of the dancers’ use of animations was beautiful to watch, they all told a story with the dynamics of their movements. Thank you all for such an amazing show!!!

Taema – Kiss Down Low by Kelly Rowland With BabyPea, Dear, Hailie

Teama, you caught our attention the moment that curtain opened with you rhythmic moves, sexy outfits, beautiful ladies and sultry song.. You can do anything with that combo! You made all the changes in set and costumes look effortless..fabulous!

Ariel – Justin Timberlake, Anna Kendrick- True Colors With Morganna and Paul

Beautiful and peaceful are the first words that come to my thoughts about this performance of Ariels which both Paul and I had the priveledge off being a part of. It is a powerful song and the delicately graceful movements showed great strength through gentleness..just lovely!

Dear – : Diane Warren, Rita Ora, Sofía Reyes, Reik – Seaside

Dear, you make me want to go on vacation! What a pretty set, so warm and inviting! The song makes you think of pina coladas and sunshine, and I loved your delightful dance and smooth movements. Is that surf up yet?!!!

Azdra – Nomy – This Heart of Ice With Melli, Cael, Yancy

Exquisite and romantic set, and outstandingly perfect outfits to set it off. The effect of movement both with the dance and the with the pagoda was alluring. Love that hair! Fluid animations, almost feline in nature Azdra, and so well executed!

Sarah – Tugen Renka With Ginty and Bianka

This performace was very pretty sarah and the intricate and detailed choreography was very well put together ! Love the set and costumes as well,. I really Enjoyed watching this!

Yancy – Fozzy – Nowhere to Run With Azdra, Melli

What a great tune Yancy and your dance did it justice! Loved your uniques stage entrances, deceptive in simplicity, and effective! Exceptional choreo..very well done!

Hailie – Rihanna – Sledgehammer With Quient, EvA and Diamonte

Hailie, I have to say that the power and intensity of your dance was a moment of beauty in my evening! The costumes and set were incredible and your choreography was stunning!

EVA (crowd)

Hahahaha! Eva does it again, spinning us up, down, and all around! SO much fun and I loved both the music and the set changes.. Superb!!!!!

Elysium Cabaret November 12th, 2021 Show

This week was a blast !! The ELYSIUM CABARET did it again bringing smiles, laughter and the occassional jaw drop as our choreographers took the stage. It has been a crazy week for all and it is SO good that we finally reached the weekend!!! The imagination, talent and creativity that we are able to see performed at The Empire Room never ceases to amaze me, such awesome talent and unfettered creativity! We are very lucky and Blessed to be given such a gift!!! A big Happy Birthday to Sarah.. the best of wishes out to you!! Onward we go!!!

Diva -Lizzo – ‘Lingerie’ With Oliva, Scarlot, Bianka, Webby

Go Diva!!! Loved this, clever, sexy and smooth. Awesome use of props and movers..a pleasure to watch ,very well put together and a great start to our show!!!

Rory – Oh Boy! Karaoke! With Quient, Zach, Cael, Josef, Wiz

Oh gosh Rory you never fail to make me me smile!!! Loved this! I swear you must be a madman with an imagination that has no limitations hahaha. Just fabulous!!!

Azdra – REMIX – Flintstones Theme/Walk the Dinosaur With Cael, Melli, Webbies, Zach

The Flinstones!!! OMG I hadn’t thought of them in years!!! I just loved that time travel plan you created.. Very cool! The whole night at the museum idea..and just adore your little theif, hope you caught up and got everything back!!!!!

SoCo – Set Me On Fire With Baby, Vanity, Ame

Whistles, I don’t know if you caught the voices in the crowd but you certainly started fires with this performance SoCo!! Fabulous choreo; seductive and blazing hot!!! Love this set too , couldnt do it fair with my camera taking the pics but it is really just incredible!

Sarah – JK/DA Popstars With Ginty

*Sings* Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you… and I seriously enjoyed this performance Sarah! It was upbeat colourful and so fun..I really like those cars too hahaha! Well done!!!

Babypea – I Got a Pea With Gunner, Quient, Rory, Hailie, Web

Oh Pea..only you ahahahaha!!! This is almost beyond words I mean besides cute, fun and bouncy with fantastic choreo just how does someone describe these veges in all their glorious vegetable shapes??!!! Clever and clearly the Pea is found 😉 loved it!!!!!

Wiz – Every Breath You Take – Chase Holfelder

Excellent performance and and awesome set, seriously creeeepy scary..and compelling. Unable to look away…going to have nightmares just thinking about this persona listening to us breathing!!! That mask is intense and so was your dance! Geat job Wiz!

Eva – Ryan Star – Start A Fire With Misha, Baby, Zena, Cowgirl

What is that sizzling sound??? Eva I never realized how naughty you are and you do it so very well !!! Loved this, the choreography was superb and the set annd costume changes really fired up the crowd! Beautifully done and beautiful ladies! Awesome!

Bianka (crowd)

Bianka you had us bebopping , enjoying those cheerful and energitic tunes as you danced us all across the stage! Everyone had a blast, and such a great time!!!!

Elysium Cabaret November 5th, 2021 Show

We made it to the weekend and what a great show this was; fun, upbeat, and relaxing all in one dynamic Elysium Cabaret package! It’s been another crazy week of hard work and it was wonderful to see everyone in such high spirits, happy it is finally FRIDAY!

Mavrick – Pink Panther theme With Gunner, Sloan, Tessa, Dear, Melli, Rosie

This was so clever Mavrick! Made me smile even as I struggled to catch a snap of Inspector Clouseau, but he was too quick and too focused on his hunt for that tricky panther! Super use of movement and sounds with the choreography, like a play within the dance..very cool! Superb show starter!

Mikiko – Sarah Hester – Savage Daughter (Lyrics) With Eva and Bianka

I loved this Mikiko! Expressive, flowing and strong..just like the song! Beautiful set and costumes, a joy to watch!

Gunner – David Lee Roth – Ladies Nite in Buffalo With Baby

Awesome set and song! Smooth, superb use of movement, animations and style! Fun, sexy and Fabulous!


Bravo Rosie! Steaming hot, made the Empire Room temperature rise as you sauntered across that fluffy carpet! Well done!

Dear – Paloma Faith – Monster

Dear, you brought the champagne bubbles to the bouquet of a fine red wine with this one. I like pink but never thought of it as sexy until you brought on those smooth moves!

Sarah – Suki! Yuki! Maji Magic Sour Hatsune Miku [PV]

Kinda creepy but love it! Chuckie has never been on my favorites list but you got him under control! Great moves, fun, and love the set too!

Chrissy – Queen – Somebody To Love With Cassie

Beautiful. The perfect vision of a love story and with such a beautiful ending, touching and emotional and your flowing movements were brilliantly done! Breathtaking finish to the show!

Bianka (Crowd)

We were swaying and rocking across a sizzling hot stage with Bianka in charge making us move those hips to those sultry tunes! Fun times, great friends, good music….nothing better!

Elysium Cabaret Saturday Matinee October 30th, 2021

Imogen  – “This is Who I Am” – Tape Machines   With Babypea, Bianka, Azdra, Chrissy, Morganna, Dear

I love how you think Imogen! This dance is all about being an individual and thinking out of the collective..great use of color and design, those boxes are just so cool and the timing was perfection!!!

Quient – Ne-Yo – Another Love Song (Audio) With Hailie

This is a performance that makes people feel good and smile happily! Upbeat and romantically sentimentil, and the dance , the costumes and the set are just wonderful!

Ana – Oasis – China Anne McClain: Calling all the Monsters With Sari, Ava, Josy, Emelie, Tyli

What a fun dance this was to watch!!! It was an impressive display of choreography and creativity! Bravo Oasis!!!

Hailie – Can’t Help Falling in Love (Dark Version) With Quient, Antonio, Jilley, Taema and Kyser

Fatal Love, can’t get deeper than that!! Excellent performance Hailie, I love how you used special movements like this fall within your dance itself, so very good. You really outdid yoursdelf with this one!

Cael – Somebody’s Watching Me

Cael this is sooo creepily good! Those eyes are flat out scary haha!! I would love to see inside your head lol! excellent performance!

Taema – : Fever With Kyser

Taema this dance is boundlessly creative! I loved the costumes, set and your use of animations which flowed together so well. Wonderful!

Azdra – Lindsey Stirling – Where do we go With Imogen, Chrissy, Morganna and Beebs

Magical performance Azdra. Beautiful song and costumes, such a pleasure to be a part of it all! You captured the spirit of it and brought it all to life!

Babypea –  Faderhead – Aim To Misbehave   With Beebles and Webby

Dynamic and Rockin our world ! These costumes are out of this world and the set is amazing! Love your use of choreography and design.. just wow! I’m still bouncing in my seat, great one!