Elysium Cabaret Friday July 15th

Brilliant and fun show this evening, full of colour, emotions, and fun!! We have a new member to the Elysium family tonight as Sultry took her turn on the Empire Room Stage and she wow’d us all with her smooth sexy choreography and fun upbeat tune! Also, thanks to Christee for the poster this week!

Christee – ‘ Santana – Do You Remember Me (Music Video)’ – With Morganna , Merelynn

This performance is so fun and I just love the costumes and set, thak you for having me to dance this with you..smooth smooth dance and just lovely!

Sultry – ‘Cher – You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me’ – With Kendra, Rosie, Christee, Ariel

Your choreo on this dance was spot on and sassy and smooth, just loved it! great set and costumes! welcome to the Elysium Family Sultry!

Babypea – ‘Sail – Concrete Ghost Mix’ – With: Kendra, Diva, Blue and Beebles

Just epic Babypea! You always inspire me so much! I wish I had just a fraction of that oh so creative vision you have! Amazing set and costumes. Wonderful transitions and set changes..just wow!!!

Mavrick – ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers ‘ – With Sloan

This is a lovely, touching, emotionally charged performance that almost had me in tears! I’m sure everyone felt the poignancy in your every movements and felt a pang deep inside!!! Beautiful!

Diva – ‘ Nina Simone – Feeling Good’

Sexy, sexy Diva! Loved this set and it is a perfect foil for your sultry, smooth performance. Very seductive and so very well done!!!

Babypea (CROWD)

Oh my gosh Babypea this was so much fun!! I had forgotten how great these old tunes are and you had us moving and shaking like slimer himself!!! Love the staypuff guy too!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday July 8th

Dance is one of the most beautiful and expressive of forms of art there is. Through dance we can convey anything said and unsaid and express our feelings, our stories, our desires and our visions. The Elysium Cabaret brings so much of this energy to The Empire Room each week, filling our senses and sharing smiles and tears! Thnk You all of you, so very much. Happy Birthday this week to Nadi and a very happy Rez day to Hazel!

Dear – ‘Lauren Spencer-Smith – Fingers Crossed’

You chose such a pretty song to go wih your stunning performance tonight Dear! This was a truly beautiful opening act, your set, costume and movements were all so perfectly balanced and emotion flowed out into the audience!

Taema – ‘I am every woman by Chaka Khan’ – With Ame, Azdra, Blue, Nadi, Morganna

Your energy is so infectious Taema, Very dynamic performances lovely and unique set and outfits, awesome smooth movements! So glad I could dance it with you!!! So fun!

Christee – ‘Cat Scratch Fever – Ted Nugent’ – With Merelynn

Very sexy Christee, love the cat costumes, great choreo, cool stage, super transitions, Pretty colours!!very well done!

Azdra – ‘ Oshrins – Out of Control’ – With Melli, BabyPea, Cael, Yancy

This is beautiful Azdra, Nice formation and energy, wonderful costumes, that outfit looks superb as you danced. A warm and welcoming set..overall so well done.. left us all feeling good!

Koyia – ‘Celtic Woman – You raise me up’

I loved your performance Koyia, your solo was lovely and graceful! Lovely outfit and set, you should get this one videotaped so you have it! Bravo , keep up the hard work!!

Rory – ‘Japanglish’ – With Mavrick, Griffin, Thunder, Melli, Hazel, Bianka, Blue, Kenda, Azdra

So funny, Rory only you would bring Godzilla to The Empire Room in New York and make him dance haha! fun concept, great costumes and set, nice choreography, so fitting for the music..gotta love it!!

Babypea (CROWD)

I just loved your music choices for the crowd this week Babypea! Never a dull moment, well maybe except to anyone Godzilla stepped on lo! So much fun, laughter and you pushed us around so well! Great animations!!! Awesome set! Thank you!

Elysium Cabaret Friday June 1ST

Friday at The Empire Room brought us an outstanding show of superb talent! The hard-working, creative Elysium Cabaret really shined as they brought us all a fabuous evening of variety performances that truly show us the hard work and dedication our choreographers have .Thank you all so much. A newcomer to the Elysium Cabaret this evening is Rina. Beautiful performance and hope to see you much more in the future!

Chrissy – ‘Rag n’ Bone Man – Human’

Great song Chrissy, and I just loved the changes in your sets and costume! Brilliantly done and so unique! It was difficult to take pics that could do your cyborg metamorphisis justice but how wonderfully done!!! Great start to the show, vibrant!!!

Koyia – ‘Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA’ – With Temper, Eodred, Jeni, Azdra, Cael, MellI

Very fun , pretty set, love the fireworks! Nice choreography, lively and bringing those smiles to the viewers! Perfect for the 4th of July weekend! Very well done!

Rina – ‘Sound of Silence-Disturbed’

This dance and sets were both awesome and very lovely Rina! So glad you brought it to the Elysium stage and hope you will perform many more dances with us. Wonderful chorography and costume as well! Bravo and welcome!!!!

Yancy – ‘Nickelback – Stand Together’ – With Azdra, Melli, Shaane, Sage, Tiberius, Cael, Nadi and Chrissy

Great visual for this wonderful song! Love your formation and smooth moves Yancy, really super! Great choreo! Everything is wonderfully put together and just so very well done! Bravo!!

Wiz – ‘Do You Wanna Date My Avatar’ – With Christee

Ha! I have to say I just love this one Wiz! Great avatars and scenery, great choreo and animations! Such a great fun song and you both looked adorable!! Fabulous!! So very cool and clever!

Cael – ‘Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love’ – With Gunner and Paul

Hahah Cael! Gotta love it, not often we get to see you guys with so little on!! Love the choreo on this and your entrance was awesome! great set, vibrant colours.. so good!!!!

Babypea – ‘Shipping Up To Boston-Enter Sandman – Bagpipe Cover Goddesses of Bagpipe x The Snake Charmer’ – With: Kendra, Blue, Beebles, Taema

What a wonderful act this was, great tune, love bagrock! The choreography on this is fantastic and I adored the wicked mixed in with the innocent effect! Great costumes and set as well, perfect faerie forest!!!

Azdra (CROWD)

Woohooo Azdra this crowd dance set was awesome fun and your setting is really fabulous! I love how yo set us on different levels and I really love that floor…so much fun! Thank you for pushing us around!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday June 24th Steampunk Theme Show

Great show tonight… superb dances, costumes and sets.. such wonderful creativity! Thank you to aall the Elysium Cabaret for sharing their talents with all of us!!! A big welcome to PussiGalore who made her Elysium debut this week with an amazng performance and we hope to see many more in the future!!!

Babypea – ‘Caravan Palace – Dragons’ – With Nadi, Bianka, Azdra, Pussi, Tempe, Melli, Tabby, Dear, and Jeni

you always inspire me Babypea! Your use of movement and set changes in this is so amazingly smooth and looked so natural! Just wonderfl and a super opening act for the show!

Dear – ‘Steam Powered Giraffe – Me and My Baby’

This performance is so cool Dear, so artistic and very clever. Love the costume , set, and the timing to every music note is so well done! Bravo!

Bianka – ‘Jukebox – Super Mario Bros’

Oh this tap dancing was just wonderfully performed! Fabulous costume and set, smooth toe tapping moves, great song, gotta love Mario!!!! All around fantastic!!!

Azdra – ‘Abney Park – Aether Shanty’ – With Melli, Babypea, Cael, and Yancy

This was very cool Azdra, great set trasitions, smooth movement and i just love the cloud flight at the end..claps madly**


PG, this was brilliantly done! Love the set and costume, so much detail, wonderfully done and the overll effect was just so cute!!!! Btw…welcome to the family!!!

Melli – ‘Sleep Isabella – Abney Park’ – With Azdra, Pussi and Coralie

Love this fun choreography Melli! Everything was perfectly executed with a true bouncy feeling to make everyone smile. Fantastic performance!!!

Sakura – ‘ Dead London by Hirokazu Akiyama
Steam Fortress by PeriTune’

Sakura, this is a beautiful finale. So gorgeous, smooth and memorable! A fantastic and lovely vision to watch as you stepped across the stage!!!

Bianka (CROWD)

Oh my gosh Bianka this was just such fun! What great exercise hahaha! I just love the animations you use to push us around, and great choice of music! thank you so much!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday June 17th

Sorry this is so late this week all, had a lot going on rl these past few days so everything else fell behind a little! I didn’t forget however, and here we go! Fridays show was so fun and sexy! A BIG Happy Birthday out to both Chrissy and Paul this week and an extra thank you to Paul for coming in on his birthday to take care of everything for us rather than party at home!

Christee – ‘ Jessie J – Sexy Silk’ – With Merelynn Krell, Babypea, Morganna, Kendra Click

Super sweet, super fun and super sexy! Love the colours and set and your moves were smooth and you made us all look so very good!!!! Great Strat off for this weeks show!

Yancy – ‘Rosenfeld – I Want To’ – With Tiberius, Zach, Az, Melli and Pea

Yancy this was awesome! Great costumes, set and animations! your transitions flowed and it looked great from where i was viewing!

Koyia – ‘ Imagine Dragons – Bad liar’ – With Tempi

Really nice koyia, pretty set, nice movement, great song choice! Wonderful choreo, so well done!!!

Rory – ‘Faith Micheals- Definition of a Fetish’ – With Resmay, Griffin, Rosie, Babypea, Sage, Azdra, Melli, Beebs, Yancy & Cael

Well you certainly put the naughty in our show tonight Rory with your fetish hehehe! So sexy, raising the blood pressure of everyone watching!

Diva – ‘Devil in Your Eyes – Valerie Broussard’

Love this Diva! Beautiful stage tranitions and wonderful set, costumes and those oh so smooth moves!

Rosie – ‘Lynyrd Skynyrd – Swamp Music’ – With Rory, Gunner, Babypea, Paul, Morganna

Very fun Rosie and i love this set , looks so great, next best thing to being there! Nice costumes and great movement..bravo!!!

Chrissy – ‘ Eric Church – Talladega’ – With Cassie

Love this Chrissy! Just beautiful and emotional! Fantastic set and great comes, lovely movement!great show finish!

Bianka (CROWD)

Bianka this crowd dance was just so good! I loved the movements and the incredible set changes o match the music! Superb! And so very fun!!! ty!!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday June 10th

Fabulous show this week at The Empire Room! This was an extra special night as there were two choreographers making their debut! Congratulations on your lovely performances and welcome to The Elysium Cabaret family to both of you!!

 Jo – ‘Bi sla naprej?  – by Manouche’ – With Seb, SoCo, Antonio and Jilley

Jo, what a great performance to start off our show, just loved it! Fun, upbeat, snazzy and jazzy with a great set, super costumes and just wonderful choreography! Brilliant!

Arial  – ‘ Little Shop of Horrors prologue/Skid Row’ – With Wiz, Tabby Catnip, Sultry McGregor, Azdra

Ariel, your dance had everyone bouncing in their seats! Nice moves, such cute costumes and set, love the man-eating plants! So fun!!!

Taema, – ‘Bim Bam Bom’ – With Blue, Christee, Jo, Nadi

Super sexy, super fun! Loved this set and costumes, makes you want to get out and party on the beach!! Great choreo, and a pleasure to watch..just wonderful!

Babypea – ‘ Low feat. RuPaul by Todrick Hall’ – With Ame, Zach, Diamonte, Rory, Sebastain, Gunner, Jacob, Web, and Cael

Out of this world Babypea! Such awesome transitions, great sets and costumes and fantastic choreography! So much to see, so brilliantly put together! The energy coming from that stage vibrated through the house!!! Loved this!!!

Koyia  – ‘I knew I loved you – savage garden’ – With Eodred

Lovely Koyia, welcome to the big stage! This dance is beautiul, so romantically sweet and touchingly emotional! Love your set too!! Way to go!!!

Christee  – ‘Maroon 5 – Memories’ – With Babypea, Rosie, Taema, Morganna, Koyia, Merelynn

This is so lovely Christee, all of it..wonderful choreography, super formations, pretty costumes, and it was extra special with the rising flowers, great transition!

Sage  – ‘Enrique Iglesias   Bailamos’ – With Azdra, Melli

What a great debut Sage, loved this! Sexy and fun, great set and smooth moves! Congratulations and welcome to the Elysium family!!!

 Mikiko  – ‘Billie Eilish – Oxytocin (Official Lyric Video)’

Wow Mikiko! Such a great finale to our show! This is just wonderful; choreo, set, song, and your smooth moves and transitions.. all of it is superb, and what a sizzling outfit!!! Love, love this!!!

Babypea (CROWD)

Such a great crowd dance Babypea! Great song choices, the kind that make you feel good and make you want to just dance to dance and have a great time amd we did..thank you for sharing this with us all!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, June 3rd

Such a great show this was this Friday!!!! What incredible and creative talent ! Such good times sharing the laughter and fun! Thank you Pea, Paul and Wiz for all they do, and DJ Gunner for the music. Hope you feel much better very soon Gunner and thank you for being there despite being ill! Also a big thanks to all of The Elysium choreographers, dancers, and their guest dancers for such a fabulous evening, and to Temperance for sharing some of her incredible photos with us all!

 Rory  – ‘ Sukiaki Sumo- Rory Edit ‘ – With Yancy and Griffin

Awesome performance Rory, made everyone laugh like mad, clever and so fun! Not sure how you pulled this one out of your magic hat but you did it well!!! Great set and costumes as well! Bravo!

Dear  – ‘ Camila Cabello – Bam Bam  ft. Ed Sheeran ‘

Very sexy Dear! The things that people get up to in the flamingo room! Fabulous choreo and oooh lala to the outfit!

Azdra  – ‘ Lauren Daigle – Hold On To Me’ – With Melli, Cael, Yancy, Quient, Hallie, Koyia, Sage, Shaane

This is beautiful Azdra, lovely outfits , wonderful choreography, and set changes. Very emotional and heartfelt, flowed so smooth like a river!

Chrissy  – ‘ Florence + The Machine – Not Fade Away’

So creative, creepy and sexy too hahaha! Fantastic sets and transitions, an awesome performance and great costume..Love that dog too!!!

  Babypea – ‘ Zheng, Oud And Udu A’ – With: Web, Jilley, Dear, and Ginty

OMG Pea this is so darn cute hehehe! So cool, awesome costumes..your creative mind has taken on a new twist ! Great choreography and set! I have a question? Did the ants escape?

Yancy  – ‘ One Republic – Counting Stars’ – With Seb and Shaane

This is superb Yancy. Love the costumes, the song and the choreo. Your set and changes were beautifully done..so mysticall!!!

Wiz  – ‘ The Git Up – Blanco Brown’ – With Dear and Chrissy

Very, very clever Wiz and very fun. What a concept! Awesome moves, costumes , great song and well ya’ll looked soo good!!!!

 Eva (CROWD)

Oh this was such a great crowd dance Eva! All of your song choices were great ones and I just love your set!!! Thak you so much for bringing this to the Empire Room and for sharing it with all of us!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 27th

What a beautiful show this was!!! You could feel the healing vibrations filling the sim, everyone was relaxed, happy and enjoying what they saw on The Empire Room stage and as usual The Elysium Cabaret didnt let their audience down!! Magic filled the Room! A thank you to all our fantastic audience , without your support there would be no shows! Thank you to The dedicated and creative choreographers that grace this stage and to the wonderful dancers who are always there to share their time and space! Thank you also to Tempe for sharing some of her photos as well!!

Babypea – ‘Coldplay – Yellow’

A beautiful start to this very special show! So awesome, love the space you created and the emotions filling it as you danced. wonderful set, and that is an incredible tattoo!!! Very, very cool Baby, set the whole tone for the evening to come!!!

Bianka – ‘Mirabai Ceiba – Shree Ma’ – With Charles

Bianka, this is an enchanting and passionate dance. Very poignant and fragile, very loving and filled with feeling! Fabulous choreography , so smooth and constant, and your set is so pretty too!!!

Mikiko – ‘miki matsubara – stay with me ‘

First I have to say how much I love this costume. It is very unique and fit your dance so perfectly! With your sensual, smooth movements and creative stage, this was such a pleasure to watch!!!

Sakura – ‘MATSURI by Kaze Fujii’

Elegant, mystical and |Stunningly beautiful Sakura! Such a graceful and smooth dance, and your set and transitions are amazing! Love your costume so much as well! Just wonderful!!!

Taema – ‘”24K Magic” by SPEEDHERTZ’ – With Dear, Hailie, Jo, SoCo

I just love the colours you used for this performance Taema! So bright and vivid! They fit in so well with your fun and lively dance that made everyone wiggle and bounce! So good, super cool!

Divalin – ‘Gary Jules – Mad World ‘

Diva this is magical! I love everything about it, your set is to die for and your costume is gorgeous! Fantastic movement and transitions, just incredible and a wonderful finale to our show!!!

Bianka (CROWD)

  1. All In – Sean Paul ft. Amara
  2. Medicine – Jennifer Lopez Remix
  3. The Cha Cha Slide – Custom

Oh my gosh Bianka this was awesome!!! Love the song choices and the sexy moves..I have never seen the cha cha slide in sl before..love, love it!!! Thank you so much for the smiles and laughter!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 20th Show

To say that this weeks show was simply a great Show is an understatement! The Elysium Cabaret pulled out all stops Friday and the result was an amazing variety of exceptional artistry! Thank you all so very much for sharing your incredible talent, and creativity with us at The Empire Room!!! There is always something new and different and it is always such a joy to watch!

SoCo – ‘ Titanium’ – With Troy, Fafnir, JP, Diamonte

What a beautifully choreographed dance Soco, complete with strong, powerful music, fantastic costumes and detailed set, bewitching and eyecatching!!! Such a GREAT start to this weeks show!!!

Nadi – ‘Gipsy’

Beautiful set Nadi ! I love the particles you chose, the colors accentuated your flawless choreography, so smooth and pretty! Bright enticing costume as well, very sexy! Wonderfully done!

Mavrick – ‘ You’re The One That I Want’ – With Cael, Shaane, Tessa, Anya, Rosie A

Mavrick, I must say that so many memories flew at me as I watched this wonderful performance! I actually saw the original on Broadway many many years ago and your rendition was fabulous! Love the costumes and the moves…and what a great funhouse set too!!!

Ariel – ‘ Really Slow Motion- Leviathan’

Ariel first I have to say that your costume was just wonderful, clever and unique and just lovely!! Topped with graceful smooth moves and pretty effects, this was just So good!!!!!

Rory – ‘( Sexy and I Know it ) Stay at Home’

Rory…omg you always make me laugh, everytime without fail! Great moves haha, you must have a huge collection of panties by now ! Your mind is so creative and on a different level..love it !!!!

Corri – ‘Christina Aguilera – I am a Good Girl’

So very pretty Corri! Fantastic stage and costume. very seductive, very tempting and alluring! Beautiful choreography, such a pleasure to watch! So well performed! Bravo!!!

Eva – ‘Nicole Scherzinger – Wet’ – With Cowgrl and Melli

This is a great finale Eva, suave, sassy and just a hint of naughty! Love the costume changes very effectively done, nice movement, great set, just Wonderful!

Bianka (CROWD)

Crowd dances are always so much fun and you have really taken us out for a great night partying on this one! Everyone had such a great time it was sad that it ended so soon!!! Thank you Bianka!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 13th Show

What a great show!! Super creative, and seriously entertaining! The Elysium Cabaret has proven once more that The Empire Room has the best of the best dance choreographers that ever graced the stage on any grid!! Thank you all for sharing these gifts with us!!!

Rhea – ‘MUTANT by Reol’ – With Emberlady

Beautiful peformance Rhea! Everything was stunning. Perfect transitions, amazing stage sets and changes, and wonderful use of the mirror effects. Just fabulous! Wnderfully done!

Dear – ‘ Ava Max – So Am I

What a great song choice, reaches to all of us on some level I think and your dance interpretation of it is just fabulous! Great costume, set and oh so smooth movement! Love it!

Taema – ‘In the name of love by Bebe Rexha’

Taema, you look just stunninly beautiful in this outfit and the dance you created for this is both allurin and heavenly at the same time. So very lovely!

Rory – ‘Gin Wigmore’ – With Evan, Resmay, Rosie

Rory..Rory..Rory…. tilting my head sideways trying to figure you out hahaha! Fantastic costumes, clever set and such great laughs to a brilliant song.. flawless choreo and so much fun! Bravo!!

Christee – ‘Britney Spears – Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Official Video) )’ – With Morganna, Rosie, Koyia, BabyPea

Some great moves on this Christee as well as a beautiful set and you made us all look and feel very sexy! Loved your entrance up the stairs (might have to tie Paul down next time lol) and I adore the ending with all of us together !

Wiz – ‘Evolution of Dance’

Wizness in motion! How clever this is! Your creative genius shines through..who would have thought about using youtube in such a unique way!? Love , love it!!!

Babypea – ‘Metallica – The Unforgiven – With Beebles, Blue, Kendra, Koyia

This is so cool Babypea! Love the unique costumes and the heat from those fires could be felt across the sim! Very deep song, intense movements that expressed it well, so smooth and strong!

Bianka – (CROWD)

Oh gosh Bianka this was marvelous! Your crowd dance songs are always versatile and put together in such a fun way!!!! Thank you for pushing us around this week!