Fridayyyyyyyyy! 03.10.17

Thank God for Fridays.  In the frigid northeast US I was enduring a 6 inch snowfall in sub 20 degree weather so I was soooooo happy to head to the Empire Room…with all those nice snug chairs and little bottles of booze and Gunner’s super great music to warm up to!  Ok…I layed off the booze until after I danced…I swear….*I had nametags turned off, so if there were replacements in sets, I will fix ASAP*

The inimitable Babypea took to the stage to get all of our guests revved up for an evening of amazement.  She came out to the strains of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” and did a split screen set…one where she got in trouble and one where she got out of it…courtesy of getting out of her teensy outfit which was apparently far too restrictive *grins*.  Clean up for drool in aisle 5!!


I chose a set that I did a few weeks ago at a memorial dance for Cyan Magic.  Cyan was known to many of us, both through dance and Gor.  I met her right here at the Empire Room and enjoyed sharing the review with her as well as just chatting and hanging out.  She had a love of dance and we shared that love and the joy we found in it.  I danced with Jo to a cover of “Smile” by Emily Rex.

win and jo 2

Anu and the Muse Dancers were our guest dancers this week and Anu chose “Buttons” by The Pussycat Dolls.  Anu was joined by Star, Ekaterina, Edward Bollinger, Joy Canadeo and Ginin Tonic (OMG great name!).  They were soooo sexy in the urban scene that graced the stage and then….when the chairs faded in…holy cow, even sexier!   We even got a little bit of mancandy for this set.  I totally love those little details onstage like the drunk girl passed out…it cracks me up 🙂


The sexy group set idea was carried on by Lina who was jointed by Jayden Xevion, Aidenchase, Daddy Merriman, Vixenb and Muhrdur to Duffy’s “Mercy”.  Not a whole lot of mercy going on here with sexiness and cages and an awesome dance floor and abs abs abs!  The ladies on the other hand had enough latex on to open a surgical suite 🙂  That stuff is NOT breathable folks….and it was HOT on that stage *winks*.


Wiz brought us a thoughtful and beautiful set to a cover of “Black Hole Sun” by Nouela.  If you haven’t heard this version I encourage some youtubing because it’s amazing.  Wiz is a master at understatement and he wore beautiful particles in front of his huge black sun and moving backdrop, and the particles made gorgeous patterns that reminded me of sun flares with their golden color against the black.  The ballet dances were perfect, allowing the particles time to really create the effects.  Two words…simply stunning!


Jilley created another type of solar flare to The Rolling Stones’ “Start Me Up”.  Jilley, Babypea and Lina roared onstage on their cars with graphics flashing and some buns a-flashing in their super sexy see through skirts.  Note….I may have been a little distracted by the ladies to give the set the observation it deserves, but with a little nod to a certain Whitesnake video…WOW did they make an entrance and no one took their eyes off of them for the remainder of the set!  Superhot Hotwheels of Smexy.


Corri was up and she had the remedy for all this sexiness with a great set to Porcelain Black’s “Favorite Drug”.  A rockin’ song with a big syringe and some other questionable mushrooms and bottles…doesn’t look at all like my medicine cabinet…nope! Dream and Gemma were cool pshychedelic dancers on the mushrooms while Corri took the dangerous road near the end of the hypodermic.  I’ve been in the hospital a lot folks and thank heavens Corri wasn’t my nurse because I’d still be trying to find my husband 🙂


Eva took us to the crowd dances on a wonderful spaceship ride in the sky.  There were 4 poseballs per platform, but what I didn’t notice at first is that they were jet propelled platforms and at somepoint she fired them all up and we all rotated around the stage on our little rocket pads.  TOO FREAKING COOL!!  She danced us to Thirty Seconds to Mars “Closer To The Edge”, Queen’s “Flash” and Rick Springfield’s “Human Touch” and if I may make a tragically bad was a blast!


What a way to start off the weekend…and the perfect antidote to another long work week.  Thanks for coming out and sharing in the fun with us, and thanks to Paul, Wiz, Jilley, Baby and Gunner for another awesome week at the Empire Room!!

A Friday Full of Love

The Friday before Valentine’s Day…or….the beginning of Valentine’s weekend.  Seems to me it would be a great night to have a show dedicated to love, the idea of love, the expression of love, the love of a good partner, or motorcycle for that matter.  The dancers of the Empire Room were up for the challenge and with the music ministrations of Gunner, along with Paul and Jilley greeting the guests and Gunner actually ponying up for the round of drinks…the lovefest was at hand.

Ame and Zach opened the show Friday night with a set that was so moving I was actually speechless.  There are dances that take your breath away and this was one of them.  They chose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”.  This is one of those iconic songs that I have seen several sets to in SL and what I find most amazing is that every single interpretation has been different and profoundly moving.  This is the thing that makes SL dance for me; seeing how everyone’s imagination creates a new and stunning visual narrative for a song.


I had to follow this masterpiece, and once again, I am amazed at how Wiz, our dance manager, puts together a show.  He always knows how to mix up the sets so that sad, sexy, silly and serene blend together to keep me alert and engaged.  I chose The Beatles “All You Need is Love”.  My set was simple…I started behind a shadowbox in my cupid outfit and eventually faded and flew back to finish up on a giant LOVE sign.  A smattering of particles and a giant Happy Valentine’s Day sign rounded out my not so subtle message 🙂


Corri was joined by Ray and FT for The Guilds “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”.  They were in a fantasy forest with a prehistoric vibe and Corri was definitely looking lovely enough to have both of these manly men fighting over her avatar.  I loved the costumes and whimsical feel to the set….it was enchanting, and that song always makes me crack a smile!


Lovely Lina was up next and she chose George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.  Clearly she and I were on the same wavelength with tossing subtlety out the window.  She was joined by Queenie, Immy, Josie, Alexis, Ariel, Paul, Jag and Ray.   There were cages…there were moving stairs, hot slides…there were garters, bare chests and these adorable, strategically placed bows on the ladies’ backsides.  It was sexy and fun and utterly distracting!


Babypea and Ransom joined us to Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”.  Ransom was at home, dancing around to her favorite Madonna tune when her apartment wall magically faded away to show us a vision of a beautiful seaside with Baby dancing in her Spanish finery.  We were all a little jealous of the daydream…especially folks like me…stuck at home following a blizzard with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I could have parked my avatar in that set, grabbed a margarita and been in heaven!


Jilley made a heck of an entrance on her motorcycle to “Fire” by Barnes Courtney.  This is  a great song…..soulful and bluesy and rock and roll and HOT.  Jilley cruised in, parked that bike and got off and owned the bayou.  She was wearing her leathers and a wild mask and every time Barnes sang about fire, she burst into flame.  It was COOL!  I mean, we all know Gunner loves to call her the Devil Girl, but she sort of channeled that into the MC club beotch from hell and still made it look sexy!


Nara was joined by Gracie for our last act of the evening.  She chose Celine Dionne’s “Somebody Loves Somebody” and took advantage of those marvelous mirrored dances that we all seem to adore.  This set was a Valentine’s Day tribute with great heart trees that had little heart particles. Our ladies were sexy in white which played beautifully off the red backdrop and the mirrored dances were placed perfectly. There were particles floating about and softly draped corners. It was such a pretty set to watch and a wonderful way to segue into our Friday funfest of group dancing.


Eva did our crowd dances and first off I’m giving her a shout out for one super cool stage.  The poseballs were actually props…peace words, hands, peace signs…very creative and it made for a psychedlic and pretty set to just look at, let alone dance on.  She chose three great songs; “Love is All You Need” by the Beatles, Bob Marley’s “One Love” and Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s “Stereo Love” to boogie our buns off into the sunset.


I hope you all had a great time and thank you for hanging out on a Friday with us (or Saturday if you insist on living in that hemisphere).  Thanks also to our hosts at Empire for giving us a place to dance and play and kick off the weekend on a fun note.  Catch you all next Friday night, same bat place…same bat time…totally new bat show!!

Friday the 13th…Empire Style

I don’t seem to understand why everyone thinks Friday the 13th is such a crummy day.  I think, based on Friday’s show that it’s a freaking awesome day!  The Empire room was teeming at the gills with fans and dancers and SL actually seemed inclined to cooperate with lag and all that other usual silliness that it tries to throw at us and we had one heck of a show!

DJ Gunner was once again spinning his amazing tunes while Paul was out greeting the masses and Wiz was cheering us on, Baby was getting us organized…sorta and we were all doing our best not to rez sets on top of each other.  I personally was camming around out front ogling all the pretty dresses.  I’ll say this for the audience; y’all really know how to dress up and look amazing!

Nara was the opener and she was joined by Soco and Gracie in a beautiful set to “Voices of Infinity”by Yakuro.  A dark and rainy forest faded away into a beautiful sunny forest with three beautiful forest nymphs dancing and frolicking in their pretty green, leafy outfits.  Such a gentle and glorious way to start the show…a smooth segue into the weekend.


Seb took to the stage next with most of our dancers in a fantastically fun set to something we are lovingly calling the neon nutcracker…or sugarplum insanity.  There were these wild neon presents and trees, Jo, Baby and I were ballerinas, Seb was the mouse king, Jag and Jorgio were mice…(rats as far as I were concerned) and Dev and Gunner were our Nutcrackers.  It was wildly fun…there was dancing and marching and fighting and mayhem…a typical holiday in most homes!


Ariel joined us next as a sultry alien along with Corri to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  Paul and Wiz were our ever-innocent star fleet officers who managed to look remarkably disinterested as the ladies lap-danced their appendages all over the ship.  Eventually they were persuaded to get up and dance to the enjoyment of everyone 🙂  Much fun was had by all, because how can you possibly sit still to Lady Gaga?


A N U Papp from the Muse Dance Company did a most beautiful solo to teh theme song from Outlander.  Disclaimer….LOVE Outlander!!  a n u wore a long green dress and danced in a magical circle in true Scottish style.  If it were  me I would be praying to give up my drab British husband and be rescued by Jamie…oh….wait….She looked amazing, the animations were perfect and the set was so absolutely wonderful, it was magic.


Kyshra…our little minx was in fine form on Friday as were her dancers.  I can say this because there was NOTHING left up to the imagination as Kysh did her best to avoid lag issues by doing her whole set naked *grins*.  She was joined by Queenie, Ame, Lina Monavie, Capri, Minty and Babypea to Eminem ft. Nate Dog “Shake That”.  And shake it they did….ALL of it!  Clean up in aisle 5!!  Drool…everywhere…and far, far too much sexiness for anyone’s health.


Jo was up next, after a quick hose down of the staff and guests, and she and Seb did an adorable duet to Cliff Richard’s “Living Doll”. Jo took advantage of the amazing CoCo Doll Avatar from CoCo designs and she danced out of her display box right into Seb’s waiting arms.  He seemed to know exactly what to do with his little escape artist and what a unique and sweet dance it was.  Jo also had some great artwork in her house which are originals…yep…she’s not just a dancer!


The last act of the evening was Babypea who once again stretched the limits of her imagination and everyone around her with her set to Marnie’s “The Hunter”.  Baby was joined by Sorcha, Beebs, Gunner, Pan, Seb and Kyshra. Truth be told…I need to see this set again.  There were so many things going on…sprites, demons, hunters, demonesses…I’m pretty sure that I need Baby to explain it all to me.  Somehow though, with the great scene changes, particles and mover work…I just stare at it with my mouth hanging open going….gah in amazement.


Eva did the crowd dances, and unfortunately we don’t have a shot of them, which is a shame because the set was soooooo cool.  The poseballs were little black cats!  She chose Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”, a Friday the 13th dubstep remix and AC/DCs “Highway to Hell” or rolled up into one….a hell of a way to kick of the weekend muwahahaaaaaaa!!!

Note from Ame:  We located a crowd dance pic!


Thank you for the kicking off the weekend with us and thanks to Paul, Baby, Jilley, Gunner and Wiz for making it such fun every week. Thanks also to the great fans who fly on in every Friday and help us start the weekend off right!  Catch you next Friday night at the Empire Room.

Hackers?? Can’t Stop the Music at Empire!!

Friday was a wild internet day…wild…hackers, sites crashing, work…blessedly interrupted and all of us crossing our fingers for our Friday night fun.  Not to worry, the staff of Empire are trained professionals, so we buckled down, set home, glued our feet to the pose stands, battened down the hatches and got ready to rumble.

Now…it is October and let’s face it.  There aren’t many folks in SL that aren’t addicted to Halloween….and we are no exception.  Jilley went wild with the blood and pumpkins and creepy curtain; the theater looks AMAZING and it wasn’t even the theme show yet!  DJ Gunner, as per usual was spinning great tunes, Paul was out minding the house, and there was a stunning buffet set up for some pre-show snacking!  The crowd wandered in…gaping at all the halloweeny goodness and settled in for some fantastical dancing.

Jilley opened the show with Baby and Sammy Magic to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and what an epic opening act it was.  Dark blue linear textures were the back drop with white skeletons on the ground, while multi-colored droopy skeletons floated overhead moving to and fro.  Our ladies wore latex skeleton outfits with wild hair and pale skins and with legs as long as the Mississippi they boogied away with no fear of the skeletons moving around them or the cool skeletal heads that were poofing around above them…and with that…we were off!


JenzZa and the misfits joined us for the second act.  JenzZa had a mix called Rockin Goblins.  She was joined by Seb on guitar, Rumor as the skeletal Elvis and Dulcikate, Cuddlebug,  Phoebe, Miny,  and Love Lefko as her Oogie Boogies.  It was all I could do to not kidnap the Oogies and run away with them.  JenzZa’s sets bring tears of silly happiness to my eyes and this set was no exception to that.  The Oogies danced, climbed trees and danced some more….Elvis skeleton rocked it out on lead vocals, and Seb did some serious guitar shredding..all while the lighting changed giving everyone different eerie halloween coloring.  Brilliantly fun JenzZa!


I took the stage to Kate Bush..”This Woman’s Work”.  My SL friends know that I am a stage IIIA breast cancer survivor..I just turned 7 this year, and I don’t let an October go by that I don’t do a version of a breast cancer dance to this song.  Every year it’s a little different, I used a shadowbox this year, because the dance is for everyone touched by this disease, not just me.  I do some local chat encouraging people to be tested, poked, squished and prodded because it’s such a treatable disease and the fear of what may happen is far worse than treatment…trust me…I had it all from surgery to chemo to radiation and I’m here…as are so many others….and I can enjoy my real life and my second life ❤


Asali was joined by Baby, Jilley, Renee and Kyshra to “The Allure” by Beats Antique.  Great song…GREAT!  Electo violins…so freaking great…and the girls looked spectacular in steampunk finery..goggles and all!  The set had huge rotating gears that moved the girls and sank into the floor and they were also around on the walls.  It was mesmerizing and everyone looked so fabulous…the dresses were sooooo great.  Ok…gush-a-potamus there, but Asali doesn’t dance as often as we need her to, because she is amazing.


Lady C joined us with a techno remix of the them from “Halloween”.  Lady is one of the first people I met when dancing on the big stage a few years ago…She is an oldschool burlesque dancer and by that I mean chic and sexy as all heck and she does classic striptease in such an amazing way that she knocks everyone’s socks off with her sets.  She was a creepy bat lady in a gorgeous graveyard (’s that for alliteration?).  It was seriously cool with a huge moon and fence and black cat.  She had lovely little particles on her hands and feet and she swirled and bumped and bopped…and she her teensy suit for the cutest spider web pasties ever.  It was a treat to dance with her again and I hope she visits with us more!


Melvis….Melvis, Melvis, Melvis….first of all, he had a great song mix..none of it which is on the notecard….but here goes.  Stormtroopers…Seb, Paul, Wiz, Jilley, Shay and Diamonte marched onstage…and down some stairs to frame out poor frozen Han Solo.  Darth Vader saunters out, and I may not remember the whole mix, but when Darth pulled out his light saber and started to boogie to Diana Ross’  “I’m Coming Out” I laughed so hard my seltzer came out my nose, I woke up the dog and lost a slipper somewhere under the couch.  It took me a bit to pull myself together, but I also seem to remember Mona and SoCo in Stormtrooper-ette outfits, but bald and without headgear.  Melvis is a treasure and what a brilliant set…what I wouldn’t give to get a peek inside that brain of his!


The lovely Goddess Shayna was next to 311’s “Amber”.  She was a beautiful butterfly fairy dancing on a leaf.  She wore pretty particles and little dragonflies fluttered around her stage.  It was a magical set;. stunningly done, but Goddess was so pretty in the middle of it, my eyes didn’t take much of it in.  She also had some very pretty makeup on.  I need to see this one again so that I can cam out and enjoy some of her hard work making the whole stage look fantastic.


Baby closed out the evening with Wild, Jo and Fuki.  She danced to a rockin song by  Korn ft. Skrillex and Kill The Noise – “Narcissistic Cannibal”.  I’m still struggling with how to explain this set.  It was a two tiered palace with Jo in white on one balcony and Fuki in black on the other.  Baby and Wild started on separate sides, merged together in the middle and then came down the stair and split apart again dancing amongst some creepy circling hands.  Jo and Fuki came down and they danced as couples and then all merged together. It was wild….sort of Dr. Strangelove meets Kurt Vonnegut meets A Clockwork Orange and everyone drops some acid.  Ok…that didn’t really explain it, but it was really weird and freaky and beautiful all at the same time.  It was something only Baby’s imagination could come up with and I desperately want to see it again to enjoy the mindbending a second time 🙂


Poof!  Before we knew it, it was time for those pesky but awesome dance balls to make an appearance and for everyone to hop on stage and dance the night away.  Kyshra did our crowd dances this week and she chose Bad Things “Roll with the Devil” and two mixes, a Halloween  Ghosts and Fear mashup and a Halloween Boogie mashup, both by Dirty D.  It was a wild and wooly end to a wild and wooly day on the interwebs,  and we got to spend it with good friends and family…or framily as Babypea likes to say 🙂  She took a few group picks, so I’m posting a few because it’s fun to find ourselves and giggle!  Thanks for a great show and the Halloween Theme show is next Friday…just in case you thought it was last night with all the fun Halloweeny sets!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting us!!



Twilight with Stage Lights

A clear and lovely Friday night with warm breezes and a starlit sky was where I was watching the show last night, and what a backdrop for a theme show from the “Twilight” series! I confess, I read all of the books (super guilty pleasure) and loved them, so I was excited to see what our awesome dancers would come up with and I wasn’t disappointed.

Our ever cool DJ Gunner started us out with a slightly different soundtrack that our usual rockin’ beats, but it set the mood for a more mellow and romantic show than we may typically see.  Ok…romantic?  Vampires?  Werewolves?  Yep! So with Jilley and Paul making sure everyone was safely snuggled in with garlic and crosses and silver bullets, Gunner was making sure that the guests were ready to be wooed by the magic of our dancers.

Our first dance was choreographed by Moni Corbeau and was performed by Baby and Gunner.  Moni chose Sia’s “My Love”, a beautiful song sung in that iconic voice that just seems to have a way to get straight to your heart and tug every fiber of it.  The stage was framed in a heart and Baby and Gunner danced a beautiful dance all in black in front of a  bridge with candles on a light and airly set.  The color contrast and the framing put our lovers in a perfect setting to focus only on them.  Lovely Moni!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Moni

Goddess Shayna and Oodlemi (I just can’t type his name without a huge grin) were our Bella and Edward.  They danced to “Love Is Worth The Fall” by Oar.The set was a beautiful waterfall and Oods was on a raft, rowing, but he managed to take time with Goddess Shayna and dance with her, wooing her and in general wooing all the lovely ladies in the audience who would have gladly swum out to meet him and enjoy a romantic dance of their own! Our lovers ended by leaping into the water, but not to fear, vampires don’t breathe so they can stay under water a long time 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Shayna

Corri chose The Black Ghosts “Full Moon”. She was a vision in silks that barely hid her beautiful bod.  They were light and airy as was her dance.  She was outlined by the huge full moon in the background and was a temptress for any Werewolf that might appear in the woods that night.  It was also her 10th rez day yesterday, so everyone was also able to wish her a very happy rez day!!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Corri

SoCo and the Phoenix Dance Team chose “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse to do a super sexy set in front of a huge Werewolf that looked like it might gobble them all up at any second.  Lily, Litz, Seb, Zach, JP and Nevar were fantastic, so many abs, so little time…*drools*…. but I digress.  The fog was no match for these lithe dancers who made it perfectly clear that they were far too awesome to be snackfood for a wolf!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Guest(Phoenix Dance Team)

Kyshra took the stage next on the most decadent set of the evening.  I could have moved right on into her set and somehow manage to look sexy in slippers and sweat pants.  She chose Florence and the Machine’s “Heavy In Your Arms”. Flo  has another one of those voices that just cuts right through you.  This dance was gorgeous.  The set was to die for and Kysh was pale with white hair and an amazing blue dress that flowed around her like water.  The lights and particles and textures and candles….  it was a knockout!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Kyshra

Voodoo joined us in a sexy kitten vampiress set to Belle Brigade’s “I Didn’t Mean It”.  She was about 7ft of legs and leather boots with about 7 inches of leather covering the rest of her, and she moved around her set with a wildly sexy strut and dance that was accented by candles and amazing particles that flared with each step she took as she walked across the front of the stage.  She owned that stage and the undivided attention of everyone in the theater.  She may not have meant what she said…but she sure meant to be sure that she made an impression. 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Voodoo

Ally took us to our last set with “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation.  She had a really cool set with these 2 giant floating orbs that pulsated reds and orange swirls and was on a platform with some other abstract ethereal effect surrounding her.  She was all in red and the whole set was backed in black so each effect was accented nicely.  She was a vision as she danced and I’m pretty sure all of our eyes were on fire as we watched her.

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Ally

And like that…an evening of stunning, sultry performances was over and what could be done but join our lovely pale friends who avoid the sun and are allergic to garlic on stage? Baby did our choreography to And One “Sitata Tirulala”, Eisenfunk “Pong” and The Cog is Dead “Burn It Down”.  A hot and sexy set of dances to move us all on our way to a wonderful weekend. These awesome pictures were done by Fuki.  From all of us at the Empire Room, thank you so very much for joining us and kicking off your weekend in style!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Crowd(Baby).jpg

Freaking Really Imaginative Dance and …You! F.R.I.D.A.Y!

Wow it’s hot out….superhot, cook an egg on your car hot.  Three digits on the thermostat hot…Farenheit…but that doesn’t mean that’s any different that it ever is at the Empire Room on a Friday!  SL was blessedly cooperative and Gunner was spinning his usual amazing tunes while we all scratched new bottoms on our toe shoes and Paul and Jilley made sure that everyone who stopped in felt welcome.  I hear the buffet was great, but when you’re dancing there’s never time to hit the buffet!

Jilley opened for us and what an opening it was!  She was the perfectly beautiful caged bird for Lindsey Stirling’s “Song of the Caged Bird”.  There was gently lapping water under the cage and a delicately beautiful winged Jilley in it.  The set was dark with strategically placed accents, an arch, the cage and some flora.  It was mesmerizing and pretty.  A wonderful way to let the week melt away and the weekend begin.


There was a vibe in Friday’s show, maybe it’s the lazy hazy days of summer, but emotion ran high in a few sets and Gunner’s was one of them.  He was with his love, Baby, and there was a plane crash.  Blitz’ “Berlin Leviathan” set the stage and while Gunner appeared to have made it, Baby did not.  He danced to his love, gathered her up and carried her into the sea.  What I didn’t expect, was the two of them rising from the water, like phoenixes…gorgeous flamed dancers dancing together again. Beautiful Gunner!


Goddess Shayna graced the stage in a ruin…not her, her set!  Shayna was a beautiful belly dancer, whose hips wriggled to “Quest for the Oracle” by Paul Dinletir. The perfect song to set the scene with sand and fallen columns as well as some really adorable goats…and were there monkeys too? If I read that right in group…I don’t know…I was too busy staring at Shayna and couldn’t peel my eyes off of her.  It was wonderful! She really was our Goddess of the desert.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Shayna

JenZa and her Misfits were up next and that meant something fun, because with JenzZa it ALWAYS means fun!  JenZza was our intrepid farm lady….curlers in her hair, batter in hand and countless reminders about feeding the chickens, watering the chickens, dancing with the chickens…plastered all over her house while she danced to her mix of Miss McDonald.  The scene faded and our intrepid chickens were hanging out dancing  and looking for worms…more on that later….and so Dulcikate, Phoebe, Love, Cuddlebug, Candykat and Rumour clucked and flapped around, while our little worm…Seb, managed to avoid the beaks of all of them…inching around the chicken coop and leaping …yep… hysterical animation…he contracted and leaped from window to window.  Another cool and wildly fun set from the imagination of JenZza and the Misfits!

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Guest(Misfits)

Wiz was up following the chickens…so let’s just say it was going to take a LOT to follow that act or should I say a little?  To say that our Wiz was a minimalist on Friday would be quite an overstatement.  The song was Katy Perry’s “Rise”. The set was an arena. The inspiration was the Olympics and apparently, athletes originally competed in the NUDE! This brings us to Wiz.  Clad only in some fig leaves.  Fig leaves on his HEAD…the one attached to his NECK!  Not the usual location for fig leaves in one of his sets.  I think there was a lot of chatter about the name of the song…the location of the fig leaves…the set…but frankly, I was distracted.  Suffice to say, Wiz set me straight with his inspiration and the mosaic is Leda and the Swan from Greek mythology.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Wiz

Now it was my turn to have to follow up an act that couldn’t be topped.  Thanks Wiz!  I chose Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”.  Lana has such a haunting voice and her songs really strike a chord with me.  I decided to build a fantasy set because the song is really about what happens after you leave that phase of your life, but the fantasy that is SL allows us to be young and beautiful forever.  I think I have the soul of a vampire…or would…if they had souls.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Winnie

Kyshra was joined by Queenie and Baby to “I Remain” by Alanis Morrisette.  It was a night of two belly dancing sets that were as different as different could be. The ladies flew in on their sand devils or sand tornadoes and it was a heck of an entrance.  They wore particles on their hands and feet that were really amazing…they were delicate and when they moved, they created an effect that almost looked like sand flying through the air.  In the end they were carried away by the sandstorm and in between they were beautiful belly dancers.  Kyshra has been doing a lot with interesting lighting and particles lately and it’s really fun to watch her results.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Kyshra

Baby was our closer and she and Fuki took us to the enchanted forest for the last act to Selena Gomez and the Scene’s “Who Says”.  Baby was Snow White…and yep there were a LOT of jokes about that and Fuki was the Evil Queen and they danced in the woods with the magic mirror between them.  The fun came when the message in the mirror changed from the creepy face to “you’ve got every right to a beautiful life”.  What a fabulous song and message and what a fun way to close the show.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - BabyPea

Well, like that….it was over…dammit.  We had nothing left to do but hop up onstage and enjoy some really fun group dances done by Ame.  She picked the Red Hot Chili Peppers “We Turn Red”, Candlelight Red’s “Demons” and Halestorm’s “I Miss the Misery”.  Hopping tunes which had us all hopping and bopping our way to the finish line of fun on a Friday night.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Crowd(Ame)

On behalf of all of the Elysiums, thank you all for spending some quality time with us on your first night of the weekend.  We had a  great time and hope that you did too!  Can’t wait to catch you under the spotlights next week and having some fun dancing with you after:)  Catch you all next Friday night!










Fantasy, Gypsies and Chickens; Oh My!

Friday, Friday, Friday….would it be Friday if Gunner wasn’t providing the soundtrack to our evening?  Or if Paul wasn’t out front welcoming everyone?  Or we didn’t have nice comfy chairs to settle in to and wait, with anticipation while that big blue curtain just sits there…mocking us?  Nope!  So…thank heavens all that happened and it finally swooshed open, right after the Black Eyed Peas announced that the weekend had officially begun 🙂  Our beautiful pictures were provided by Fuki Ameratsu.

Our opening act for the evening was Goddess Shayna with Oodlemi.  They danced to Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love”.  The set was a very pretty space inspired floaty dream. Shay and Oodles started out dancing on separate clouds, and eventually ended up dancing together on one cloud.  Their costumes were stunning…Fallen Gods has such amazing things, they wore long cloaks that glowed, especially at the shoulders and pretty particles surrounded them.  It was a lovely opener and set the mood for a great show.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Shayna

Jo was up next with me, Seb and Melvis.  She chose “La Cumparsita” by Omar Khorshid. We were back down on earth in a gorgeous Gypsy camp with a couple of well behaved horses to accent us.  Jo and I started out dancing with our tambourines and then the guys made it up and came and danced with us.  We even did a little couples dancing at the end.  It was so pretty…I could have moved into the set on a permanent basis and been very happy for a long time!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Jo

Eva Harley joined us next with Wy Nott.  She chose Debussy’s Reverie.  This dance was so beautiful.  Eva began by dancing by herself.  Wy Nott wandered in and watched from the trees and then she got up and began dancing with Eva.  The ladies were clad in beautiful, flowing white dresses which popped on the evening woods where they danced.  It was like a soothing balm after a long work week.  Very pretty!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Eva

Baby was up with Jo, Fuki, Kysh, Voodo Shay and Gunner.  Baby was our foray into silly this week with her choice of Alice Francis’ Shoot him down.  Our lovely ladies were clad in sexy yellow and red with little baby chicks poking out of their corset tops.  Gunner was a big old Rooster resting in his very fance rooster house…replete with chicken leg beams holding it up.  I should have suspected a bad end when I noticed the ladies were wearing guns. Pair that with the lyrics and….our rooster woke up, ambled down and without further ado, our lovely ladies drew their weapons and shot him dead!  FUN!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Baby

JenzZa and her Misfits joined us once again as guests and she danced to a custom mix of Cinquo de Julio. She was joined by Dulcikate, Phoebe, Lollin, Cuddlebug and Seb.  When I say joined by Seb…well, it appears our intrepid Seb may have gotten into the tequila and fallen just a little bit asleep….Sexy JenzZa was dancing a wonderful flamenco dance right in front of him and he just kept right on snoring.  The street scene faded away and all of our ladies appeared, dancing and salsaing (pretty sure that I just made that up) on an enormous sombrero….so Seb at least took advantage of his subconscious and got a good dream out of it!  We joked that this set was brought to our guests by Jose Quervo and JenzZa. Hot and spicy and  saucy JenzZa 🙂

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Guest(Misfits)

Melvis took to the stage next.  I adore Melvis’ mind. It has such fun ideas that spawn really fun sets.  He was joined by Mona, Jo, Ame, Zach and Seb.  The song was Kamikaze and the set was a theme park ride through the jungle.  Our ladies were dropped off on a bridge while the men jumped up on top of the carts they were supposed to be riding in and danced away.  I suspect that the theme park is going to have something to say about this misuse of transportation!  The men jumped down off the carts and the ladies ran to catch up and they all finished up down on the beach  I loved the outfits for this, they had a nice ethnic flair…and the animations were really great.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Melvis

Lulu joined us for a solo to Sia’s “Breathe”.  This set was beyond amazing.  It was a fantasy landscape with mushrooms and twinkle lights and little ferrets…the whole set looked like it fell out of the Hobbit or some other epic fantasy novel.  Eva was a beautiful fairy who danced out in front.  It was completely mesmerizing.  The song is so haunting and the set was a beautiful counterpoint.  It was masterfully done.  Gorgeous Lulu!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Lulu

Gunner and his bevy of babes; Dara, Voodoo, Minty, Maia and Nea hit the planks to Nickleback’s “Something In Your Mouth”.  Now…I know what you’re thinking….and yes…they did have something, but they were at the carnival and it appears that they may have gotten into something at the ice cream cart.  The ladies were extremely sexy in their teensy cutoffs and shirts and Gunner…well, he just looked like he was thoroughly enjoying the fact that all these lovely ladies were dancing for his enjoyment.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Gunner

Ame and Zach were our closing act…and er…well….um….ok…let me preface this review by stating that Zach and I share a love of oreos….and this theory will come into play towards the end of this review.  We started out in a mad scientist lair.  A nice little space that Dr. Frahnkenshtein would have adored.  It appears that a little tinkering occurred and a carnival pops up with Ame as our gorgeously sexy ringmistress and Zach was some malformed little goblin like clown who was walking on a tightrope.  It’s at this point that it all goes bad for Zach…my position was that he perhaps had eaten all the oreos in the house and this set was retribution….well, however it came to pass, Ame kicks Zach’s butt in a little kerfuffle and she then stomps his bum right into the concreted.  I was laughing like crazy.  We were all laughing…I’m not entirely sure what that says about us, but dang it was fun!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Ame

Ame also provided our crowd dances for the evening and she set them to 3 Doors Down “Every Time You Go Away”, Alice Cooper’s “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” and Whitesnake’s “Love Will Set You Free”.  What a fun way to end the evening…a great way to end a Friday and a heck of a way to kick off the weekend.  On behalf of all of the staff and dancers at the Empire Room, we hope you enjoyed the show and we can’t wait to see you all next week so we can all see what happens at our Caribbean Them Show.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Crowd(Ame)

A Little Something for Everyone

It was Friday night, and like many recent Fridays, SL was doing it’s best to drive us batty.  First, there was the fact that you couldn’t log in due to unscheduled maintenance and then, once you got in….well….I’m pretty sure that the engineers have turned over their Friday night responsibilities to a group of malicious little gremlins who enjoy randomly jamming up servers….

Whatever those little buggers were up to….the staff and fans of the Empire Room were ready with patience and perseverance and one amazingly diverse lineup. Paul, Jilley and Gunner were out greeting and meeting, Wiz was getting out announcements and we were all warming up backstage. The dancers imaginations have taken off like the mint in my garden and what a feast for the senses they provided!

Gunner was our beacon of sanity as usual.  He is such a fun presence in the front of the house, but he’s the soul of calmness in IMs when SL is being crummy.  Adding a song here, tweaking an intro there, making sure everything is ok (my own set wouldn’t rez….) and even when  his own SAM crashed, he just logs off, logs back in and BOOM we are sailing away as if nothing has ever happened.  He’s a pro…and I know we all appreciate what an amazing job he does for us every week.

Jilley opened the show this week to The Spinner’s “Cupid”.  She was joined by Jo and Corri as very beautiful and sexy butterflies in a fantasy mushroom patch and Paul as our intrepid and well muscled cupid. He was also wearing a strategically placed bouquet of flowers which led to much speculation as to what could possibly be behind said flowers…The set was gorgeous, lush and deeply colored with accenting particles and the ladies were in beautifully scarce flowers as well.  The fun animations and toe tapping tune got us off to an inspired start.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Jilley

I was up next with Sara Bareilles’ “She Used To Be Mine”.  This song is from her Broadway debut where she wrote the music for “Waitress” based on the movie.  The song is a heartrending tale of dreams lost over time and working to find your way back to who you know you can be.  I started as a waitress in a diner, and faded to a huge sakura tree with plants and flowers and into a flowy dress as the person I saw myself as in my dreams.  It’s sad, but also hopeful, which is what I hope you all saw.

Elysium - 15JUL16 -_ Winnie

Sexys was up next and if you know her at all, you know it’s likely you have no  idea what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be great!  She chose “Star Wars Daddy” and bopped out as Princess Leia with Fuki as Han Solo and Tomigun as Luke Skywalker.  The set was very…deathstarish and fabulous, but I was glued to Tray and Gunner as Stormtroopers and Baby as Darth Vader.  They all had funny name tags which explained that Han wasn’t Luke’s Dad, and Baby was and the song was hysterical…I loved the part about why no one told Luke that he was kissing his sister.  It was brilliant and funny and I’m so happy SexyS is dancing with us, I can’t wait to see what that brain will bring us next!

Elysium - 15JUL16 - SexyS

Ayita took the stage next and her set was to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”.  This set was built as part of a challenge last weekend at her Dancing Outside the Lines school.  The song was picked by others and she had three hours to build, choreograph, recruit, dress and perform, as did others.  An amazing idea!  She was joined by Maia, Mona, Tia, me, SoCo, Kyshra, Rus and Nalani.  Maia and Ayita were the police…at least they were wearing a sort of approximation of a police matron’s outfit..though there was nothing matronly going on there!  The rest of us were the jailbirds and we worked the best looking orange jumpsuits ever!  It was Elvis, there was great lighting and a general butt dancing pile of goodness and fun was had by all.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Naybabe

Corri was up and she chose Agonoize “Blood Queen”.  Corri’s set was hot…like on fire hot.  I can’t imagine what our insurance costs are lol, but Paul swears we are all paid up.  Corri was a little devil…literally, in skin tight latex with adorable little horns and one wildly sexy set of dances to one wild metal tune.  I learned that we have several closet mosh pit fans in the dancers group 🙂  If you were a little tired after a long week, you weren’t after this set!

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Corri

Babypea brought us a little King Kong inspired set to Painkiller’s “Reborn” King Kong mix.  She was a delicate captive, chained as snack food for the big ape, but as only our Baby can, with a set full of skulls and stones and a huge hand where she danced in the palm…she transformed and broke the bonds that held her.  She uses particles so well to smooth her transitions, it was just amazing and beautiful.  I’m pretty sure that the only word that I could come up with in group was WOW.  I have to see this set again, I feel like I missed so much and want to chronicle every little thing she did so I can try to figure out how to do it myself:)

Elysium - 15JUL16 - BabyPea

Kyshra was up next to Rez’s “Puscifer”.  Ok…hot!  Another set where the very building we were in was at risk of going up in flames.  Add to that scenario the fact that Kyshra appeared to have purchased a bra that was seven sizes too small and you have an audience that was at risk of going up in flames by spontaneous combustion.  I did notice that she used these amazing cool purplish particles to accent her deep blood red set.  It was a great counterpoint for those of you who may have been focused on other “assets” that were available for viewing *winks*.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Kyshra

Wiz was up next with an amazing tearjerker of a set.  The world seems to have gone a bit insane these last few months…well, more insane and at a faster pace than previous if you ask me.  If the world was a serial killer, I would say that it’s decompensating.  The weekend of the Orlando nightclub shooting, there was a shooting the night before of an up and coming artist, Christina Grimmie.  Wiz chose her version of “Titanium” a song about tempting someone to “shoot her” because she was invincible because she was titanium….a metaphor for life no doubt, but on Friday, June 10th, the metaphor turned into a tragic reality; she was shot and killed in Orlando, Florida, the night before the nightclub massacre.  Wiz chose to dance in a cut out phone while the story of her life was told on two other phones that surrounded him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It was beautiful.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Wiz

Mona was the last dancer of the evening with what may have been one of the cutest, most original sets I’ve seen.  She was joined by Keko Heckroth and they danced to Phyllis Hyman “You Know How To Love Me”.  They were the most adorable cut out paper dolls, and the set was that old fashioned (yep..I’m old and fashioned) lined paper from elementary school that changed scenes while our little lovebirds danced.  I adored this…and kudos to content creators who make such amazing stuff for us to bend to our will during sets!  Great find Mona 🙂

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Mona

Imrhien did our crowd dances for us, and what a great round it was.  She chose Tori Amos “Raspberry Swirl”,  Robin Schulz’s “Sugar” feat. Francesco Yates and Razed in Black “I Want Candy”.  Immi not only choreographed, but built three separate sets for the three songs…over achiever!  The songs were great, the sets were great and it was another hip hopping end to the first day of the weekend.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Crowd(Imrhien)

On behalf of all of us, thank you so much for joining us again and we can’t wait to see you next weekend!  Oh…note that Tray is wearing a tutu over his stormtrooper outfit…I have no idea what that’s all about, but I encourage you all to ask him!

Friday, the best day every week!

I love Fridays.  Walking out of work.  Dreaming of a nice martini when I finally get home.  The thought of sleeping past 5am. Best part though?  Knowing in a few hours I’ll get to hear the Black Eyed Peas and meet up with my friends at the Empire Room.  Full disclosure, SL was being a little bugger to me on Friday, so Ame helped me with Nevar, Ally and SexyS  because I only got to catch part of Ally’s set at rehearsal and not either of the others…so bless you Ame!!  Our beloved Fuki is once again responsible for the great photos.

Our evening began with the boundless music library that is our Gunner with Paul and Ally greeting everyone.  I heard the buffet was great and no one got splinters or pulled any muscles trying to warm up backstage.  We had a theme, which was The Blues….and what a bunch of great music found it’s way to our stage!

Nevar opened with a dance that he created in response to the massacre in Orlando. He was joined by Ame, Zach, SoCo, Nadi and Seth and danced to “Stand By Me” by Playing for a change. Nev’s dance was a dance of love and hope.  On the stage were rotating pictures of No hate and loving one another no matter who they are.  This dance was choreographed the day after the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and this was reflected in the armbands and shirts using the logo created in memory of the event. I know that Nev was floored by the response that he got from our guests, he shared some with me, and as a dancer, there is nothing better (at least for me) than when I know what I created touched the heart of someone in the audience.

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Nevar

Ally was up next and she chose “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” by Beth Hart featuring Joe Bonamassa.  Wow.  and….I’m done.  Seriously, Ally and I chatted and she’s been learning a lot about light effects…and holy cow wow.  She was in a dark tunnel with fans and legs up to….the sky…and she had blue lights that reflected from her feet and from the fans on the walls and floor of the tunnel. It was spectacular.  I am now going to pick her brain and try to learn how she is going all this cool stuff.  It was super…if you don’t see her around…it has nothing to do with me kidnapping her and holding her hostage until she shares her knowledge….I know nothing….

Elysium - 24JUN16  - Ally

SexyS was up next…and Ame cracked me up.  She wasn’t really sure of the inspiration for SexyS dance. SexyS is clearly a one of a kind mind in the world of SL dance.  There is nothing at all off limits.  I have seen her do the sexiest dances, put together unbelievable shows and….be eaten by a couch.  She’s also the person who first dragged me up on a stage to dance…so do what you will with that knowledge.  Her song was “The Booze Blues” by ABCD so what followed shouldn’t have been a surprise. She was a drunk star with ratted hair and a large bottle of alcohol in front of a group of paparazzi.  She crashed into the Betty Ford Center.  This is the essence of the enigma that is the joy that is…..SexyS!

Elysium - 24JUN16 - SexyS

This brings us to Lulu.  Lulu has fabulous taste in music.  She and I chose the same song….but different versions 🙂  Lulu’s version of “I Put A Spell On You” was by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and she was a sexy witch with a pentagram and one sad little voodoo doll on a chair, who looked just a wee bit worse for wear.  She also had some delighful little particles that floated around and gave the set which also had a big spell book on it the air of an old attic with some dust motes in a sunbeam…or moonbeam where she was working her magic. It was a beautiful set…as her sets always are, and it was wonderful to have her back with us.

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Lulu

Ame brought us to an old fashioned blues joint….the kind I would be at home in in no time flat.  Pour me a nice Basil Hayden, uncover the dart board and let the guitars start wailing….bliss!  She was joined by Zach, Nevar, Renee,Seb and Nadi.  John Lee Hooker (god) and Bonnie Raitt’s (goddess) version of “I’m In The Mood” seeped out of my speakers and frankly, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sexier dance and everyone kept their clothes on!!  Not that Baby was encouraging everyone to take them off 🙂  Smexy Ame….wildy sexy! *fans herself all over again*

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Ame

Corri was up next to one of my favorite singers…..the incomparable Ms. Nina Simone.  “Sugar In My Bowl” has to be one of the sexiest songs of all time.  I adored what she did with this set….there was a kitchen table with a tea…coffee…tea? set with a sugar bowl and the most delighfully sexy little bee dancing.  Pretty much everyone wanted to catch her and bring her home to live in harmony with their honey jar.  It was such a spot on interpretation and costume; just fabulous!

Elysium - 24JUN16 -Corri

This brings us to me.  I was on my own Ms. Nina Simone kick and I chose her version of “I Put A Spell On You”.  I think I came at this from a darker place than usual.  I had a pyre, a full moon and a rotating spell circle and some fun fog.  I cleary wanted to punish Mr. Wrong and I put on my sexiest leather to make him rue the day he did whatever bad, bad thing it was that he did.  Ok, now I’m just laughing a little as I type…I loathe reviewing my own dance, but I did sort of want that sexy, darker vibe that I don’t often do.

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Winnie

Oodlemi Noodle or Oods as we all call him made his debut at Empire for Blues Night.  He chose “Bright Lights” by Gary Clark Jr.  Before I review his dance….damn I love his name.  It brings a smile to my face even on a super cranky day…so knowing he’s dancing with us means…more smiles all around:)  Oods was awesome, in NYC, at the top of a set of subways stairs…with some animations that had us a wee bit worried about the cleanliness of said sidewalks. Great song, cool set and great animations…Welcome to the family Oods, we’re thrilled to add another wonderful dancer to the ranks 🙂

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Oodlemi

Baby took us out and she also broke us out.  Her brain….just too much fun…there has to be a whole team of crazy, fun little gnomes that live up there.  Baby was a very well dressed visitor at a local lockup.  The song was “Please Mr. Jailer” by Crybaby.  Gunner was the jailer and let’s just say this….after Baby’s little lapdance I’m pretty sure that his inability to stand up was what led to the escape of Seb, Zach, Paul and Nevar from their jail cells.  Our orange-clad convicts were more than happy to celebrate their freedom and once again…time to raid Baby’s closet for coolest oufits ever!

Elysium - 24JUN16 - BabyPea

Our resident sex kitten…Kyshra,was in charge of the crowd dances and she manages to make even me look hotter than hell up there which is always so much fun 🙂  Even being a choreographer, it’s so cool to get up and see us all dancing together and having a blast.  SL was only moderatly buggery for loading us all up and we ended our night with Nina Simone’s “Feelin Good”, Alberta Adams’ “Struttin My Stuff” and The Jeff Healy Band’s “The House That Love Built”.  Three amazing songs to guide our weary souls into the weekend.

Elysium - 24JUN16 - Crowd(Kyshra)

Thank you all so very much for joining us and supporting us so that we can continue to enjoy our Friday nights with you all.  On behalf of all the staff….we can’t wait to see you again this Friday!  Welcome to another weekend!!


Beauty and the Beast

The last couple of Friday nights, our beloved SL and the rain in Australia have done their best to try to knock us out, but I have to say, we have managed to kick both of their butts and put on great shows.  Even more, our wonderful patrons have been willing to stick it out despite crashed SL servers, missing acts who can’t get back, music woes and through it all, the staff has worked to make sure that everything is like buttah once we get back online….so, before I get to the review…cheers to EVERYONE for hanging in, hanging on and being the best, most patient and perseverant group ever!!

We were missing our beloved DJ when we started out, but Shay and Oods took over the stream and got everyone’s music and got us running.  Paul and Ally were out front greeting and schmoozing with the guests, bless them all for being gracious and funny and so tolerant of SL and the telecom system in Australia.  Gunner swooped in right at the last second and was able to take the stream and I’m sure Shay was overjoyed to not have to dance and DJ….believe me, if you’ve never done it, it’s not easy!!  So…the Black Eyed Peas got us to curtain:)

Our first act of the evening was Kyshra who was joined by Fuki, Monavie, Nadi and Maia.  She chose Disturbd “Sounds of Silence”.  This is such an amazing cover of a classic.  The ladies were all silvery and yummy and nekkid and the star of the set was the amazing colors that they made with their particles which swirled around their monotone bodies and the stages that they stood on which had textures that accented the colors.  It was captivating!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Kyshra

Nay was our next act with Maia, Nalani and Jo and she took us on another wild, textured ride to “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse.  Tune number 2!!  This was so freaking cool, the dancers morphed in and out of swirling textures and then the dancers also twirled and danced at angles…I was transfixed!  It was like the best trip ever without the magic mushrooms 🙂

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Ayita

Tray and Imrhien were up next (or Immy as I call her because the spelling of that is a doozy).  OMG, this act was sooooo fun. They chose “Village on the Sand” by Blackmore night and it was the love story between a pirate and a beautiful Indian Princess.  Tray finds Immy on her island and she woos him with her sexy dance, and in the end Tray trashes his ship to stay with her. *wipes and tear at the corner of her eye*Elysium - 17JUN16 - Tray

JenzZa and her misfits were up next with Dulcikate, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Seb and Rumour. They danced to Cowboy Bill’s Misfit Dance Mix by the Punch Brothers.  Oh…what a set!  It’s always a treat when JenzZa and her friends dance.  Seb was this sort of enormous cowboy, the ladies were sexy and Rumour was a horse who danced, did side passes far better than my actual RL horse can and even knew how to bow and play dead… Ok, I confess, Rumour stole the set for me at least and Seb was just so freaking cute with a chin he could have cut marble with.  JenzZa’s imagination is like being in a happy fantasy fairy garden and she knows how to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Misfits

Baby was our next act and she was joined by Gunner to Caro Emerald’s “Back It Up”.  The scene was a casino and Baby was one hottie of a showgirl who wowed everyone including Gunner.  She managed to coax him away from the slot machines to dance with her and then our beloved Baby did the unthinkable…she shot him!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - BabyPea

Jo hit the planks next with Diawa, myself, Maia and Nay.  She chose Unveiled by Raoul Ferrando who is sort of the king of the belly dance as far as I’m concerned.  Beautiful song…which was matched by beautiful babes in flowing silks and fancy tents.  Jo keeps getting propositioned for a life in Gor now that she’s proven she can wiggle in the desert with the best of them….*giggles*.   This was just a gorgeous dance, exactly what it was meant to be with colors and textures and flowing fabrics and HOT!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Jo

Shayna was the last act of the evening.  Even though our lovely Goddess hasn’t been doing her own choreography and building for very long, I suspect that she will continue to wow us because her sets are down right beautiful!  She chose 311-Amber which is a great tune….I have to be honest..what a night of tunage!  Shayna was a lovely little amber imbued butterfly on her plant with sparkly particles and she floated and twirled and looked downright gorgeous as she danced.  Way to go Shay!

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Shayna

Well, like anything great, it must come to an end, but darn it, not before we get to dance to the crowd dances which were choreographed by the inimitable Babypea this week.  Baby chose P!nk “Let’s Get This Party Started”, Celldweller “Gluttony Battle” and Ray Charles’ “Good Thymes”.  We had a wildly good time as the balls were behaving and the servers gracious and we boogied on into the evening.  So happy you could all be there with us and we look forward to seeing you this Friday and we have our matinee on Saturday too!  Thanks to our staff, friends and Paul, Gunner, Jilley, Baby and Wiz for making it another outstanding Friday night 🙂

Elysium - 17JUN16 - Crowd(BabyPea)