March 24, 2017 Show

It was another Friday night in The Empire Room as Elysium Cabaret took to the stage to help frams welcome in the weekend!  Friends and family gathered as DJ Gunner warmed everyone up with fabulous tunes.  Paul and Jilley greeted our cherished guests.  Backstage, makeup and feathers, sequins and hairspray were going all over the dressing room as dancers prepared to perform.  We could already tell, it was going to be a very good night indeed as the Black Eyed Peas introduced the show with “I Gotta Feeling.”


Lulu with Candy, Angie, Babypea and Jilley
Firedance – Edit

Lulu opened the show with a fabulous interpretation of the Village People’s “YMCA.”  Her mover work on this dance was superb, as dancers entered the set from different places at different times.  I got to slide down a lamp post and then pole dance on it.  The choreo was hawt and the dancers sexeh!



Storm with Liriel
The Music of the Night – Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera

Storm brought us an ethereal visit to a much-loved classic.  The set was enchanting and the dancers passionate with choreo that went from singles animations to romantic couples dances, the duet moving together in swirls of black and white, until he laid Liri into a boat that floating off and sank in a bittersweet ending.



Angie with Candy, Baby and Jilley
Bad romance

RAWR!  This was one smoakn hawt sexy dance!  And the costumes these girls wore… yowza!  Intricate mover work, perfectly timed choreo, and a dazzling set gave the audience non-stop exciting visual stimulation.  Look at all those cute little butts!  The set was dazzling.  I can’t wait to see what Angie does next!

Corri with Paul and FT
Devil Doll – Queen of Pain

Only one word can adequately describe this dance: decadent.  It just oozed with sensual wealth.  The rich purple set, the uber sexy dancers, and enticing costumes gave the eyes a feast that Lady Godiva would envy.  And Corri!  OMG hawtness!  Flanked by shirtless men in leather pants and masks, with whips in their hands, it was a most pleasurable pain!


Jilley with Baby and Dream
Neutron Dance – The Pointer Sisters

I love Jilley’s entrance in this dance.  Starting out in the audience and dancing up a walkway to a stage full of color and sparkles, and brilliant lighting, wearing a sexy costume with the most fabulous hair style, it was another example of Jilley’s artistic eye for flair and style.  Then out came two more dancers, energetic choreo and a song that got the entire audience bouncing in their RL seats.  What a heap of fun!


Candy with Aռɢɨɛ (angellikamaia) and LυLυ ƛƦƖƧƬƠƇƦƛƬ
Rihanna – Power it up

Don’t you love this?  What a set!  Mysterious and rich, gold and black classic with crystal chandeliers and wisps of smoke, and super sexy dancers draped in black pearls!  Candy gave new meaning to the phrase “eye candy” and there was plenty of that in this complex dance that utilised excellent mover work and choreo.  This set was a mirror set and cleverly done, giving the illusion of a mirrored floor.  So incredibly!


Photo by R.Crap Mariner

Photo by R.Crap Mariner

Photo by R.Crap Mariner

Photo by R.Crap Mariner

Babypea with Gunner, BB, Pan and Wiz

Okay.  So.  I was a robot who had a bad attitude and wanted to kill all the humans so I could take over.  The top of the floating steampunk laboratory lifted to reveal me as I was being released from having been freshly charged.  The lab then dropped and up rose a giant fan that I floated down to dance on.  I was joined by a rusty junkbot who split into two then four, and the five of us danced our fury and plans to rule the world!


Immy and EVERYONE!
Robin Skouteris – ROCK THIS!
Robin Skouteris – If You Kiss Jesus
Robin Skouteris – One Hell Or Another

YAY IMMY!  She made the most awesome set that looked like a giant jukebox.  All these people and their clever crowd dances!  Mine are so boring in comparison.  And the songs she picked were all mashups, so the crowd got a long super fun round of stage dancing from it.  Everyone had the best time!  Thank you Immy for dancing us!

And thanks to our wonderful audience for coming out to share creative expression of music though dance with us!  Thank you to all the choreographers for using their time and lindens to create dances to share, and thank you to all our dancers and staff for all you do to make these shows each week.  Love and light to Elysiums!  This is why we do it… to share and bond with one another, and socialise with kindred spirits.

A special THANK YOU to Web Sass for the pictures of this show!  And to Crap Mariner for the pictures of my dance, Skrillex’s “Kill Everybody.”

March 17, 2017 St. Patty’s Day!

YAY it was Friday!  Which could only mean, it was Elysium Cabaret.  Welcome to the weekend!  Plus it was St. Patrick’s Day, one of the most popular international holidays.  Considering St. Patty’s Day requires no shopping or gifting, but instead only drinking and eating but mostly drinking, what is not to love about it?  Just wear green so you don’t get pinched, and maybe you might catch a leprechaun or find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Many of our audience showed up in their greenest finery and enjoyed green beer, green champagne, green cupcakes, and more… all courtesy Jilley.  Paul looked splendid in his green tuxedo complete with beard.  DJ Gunner was spinning the tunes, warming up the audience as the talent were stretching out and warming up their muscles backstage.

Sebastain with Storm, Ray, Jo, Lily and Mona
Firedance – Edit

This dance was so incredibly complex, I suppose I will start at the beginning.  It started with a magical golden curtain that had orbs of golden light floating gently.  Through the translucent curtain we could make out the shadows of dancers as they started to move.  The curtain fell away and the dancers, revealed, gambolled forward.  Three vibrant dancers doing lively step-dancing, then joined by three very handsome men.  The men and women each took turns dancing for each other then freezing in pose as the other returned the challenge to move, until all were dancing together.  The mover work on this had to be such a nightmare, as the precision of the couples dancing was so exacting, even having the female dancers dancing in a circle around the male dancers.  This performance was visually stimulating, the colour scheme dazzling.

Sebalicious said he picked this particular music because it is Celtic, but off the beaten traditional Irish green path, having been performed in real life by Maria Pages and Michael Flatley.  Seb said this is one of his favourite dances that he has choreographed.  “It is a LOT of fun.  I like anything Celtic, being a descendant, and I really like the mix of Spanish and Celtic in this dance.”  We like it too!  It is a unique and refreshing take on Celtic presentation.

Nara with Gracie
Guardians of the Woods (Celtic music)

Two beautiful fairies in an enchanted world of mushrooms, sparkling fireflies, lush green grasses, and a backdrop of a mystical waterfall.  The fairies danced with elegance and grace, drawing in their audience to delight them with lithe ballet, moving in the eloquence of fantasy.  This was an exquisite dance that finished with the two fairies rising and flying off into the waterfall.  Very clever mover work to accomplish that!  The song, like the set, costumes and choreography was gorgeous.  I especially loved the delicate wings which were translucent and beset with delicate sparkles.

Nara commented that she has always loved Celtic music.  “I can feel myself absorbed into the tones. It is easy to let creative juices flow just listening to that genre of music.”  She found perfecting the flying part of the dance to be most challenging.  She did a great job with it, I will saying, making flying smooth and having the dancers flying in the right direction and position is not easy.  As beautiful as this dance was, it is not Nara’s favourite that she has created.  She said, “I do not consider this one of my best acts, as I am truly not inspired to create ballet-type ones.  I will leave that, in future, to those who are so talented in that field.. *grins* But will add … I loved building the set.  Oh and blame the music hahaha.”

Special thanks to Tristan Lyonesse for the pics of Nara’s dance.

Jo with Sebastain, Winnie, Kyshra and Melvis

Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding

We love this song.  And Jo created a dock on a bay with ships and boats and seagulls, and people sitting, soaking in the sun, and simply enjoying the day on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away.  I love the pelican!  Each person then got up in turn and joined in the dance.  The choreo was just perfectly suited to the music.  As the dance continued, the day time sky changed to a glorious deep yellow sunset.  It was a beautiful transformation.

It was jolly good fun to hear of the challenges this dance faced Jo with, and how she dealt with them.  She said this dance was cursed, and everything that could go wrong did.  “I keep ambient sounds off at my build platform so it took me a while to discover there were issues.  The sea lion barked intermittently, and for the life of me I couldn’t stop him.  He was descripted, scrubbed and I even put a sound file called “silence” in him, all to no avail.  Even one of the top sound experts in SL who I consulted couldn’t help me fix him, so he was replaced by a seal which I did manage to muzzle.  My flying seagulls squawked so they had to be replaced by soundless birds.  But the static seagull on the deck has to be silenced with a HUD, and as soon as I rez the set I have to turn his sound off manually.

“By now most of the set was linked, and I packed the various bits into the Stage Manager rezzer.  Done.  Ok, time to rez and check it.  What the heck?  A few pieces appeared but not the houseboat, anything linked to it or the set template.  In edit mode I saw them there but the whole thing had turned 100% transparent.”  OMG I have had that happen to me on a set!  SO frustrating!  Jo continued, “I edited that, and they appeared.  But every time I rezzed the set they came out transparent.   I finally found the culprits: 9 transparent objects, each named mesh plane that were part of the houseboat.  They seemed to have no use that I could see, even though they were scripted for seating, so I carefully unlinked  them one by one from the linkset and deleted them.  Now it worked and that was the end of the set creating disasters, thank goodness.”  Sometimes linking to a prim that contains a certain script can make all your prims invisible or can even change the texture.  That leads to baldness.

About the dearly-loved ever-popular classic song, Jo had this to say: “This song is a classic of the sixties, a beautiful, mellow song, written and sung by a very talented young man who sadly died far too soon.  I’ve always loved it, and the wonderful images of the San Francisco Bay he evokes with the lyrics.  I hope the dance is entertaining and fun but yes, it is more than that to me. ”

Eva with CowGrl, Dyhann Gibbs, Misha, Nadi, Rose and Tia Henhouse
In My Head – Techno Remix

Eva once again proves what a clever little sorceress she is, with her stage magic.  This dance started out with gals in white dresses dancing.  Their party was then crashed by a rival group of hiphop dancers, who came to liven things up and show the ‘nice girls’ how it is really done.  The white dresses color-changed more than once, which I love.  That is so cool!  One of these days I will have to learn how to do that cause it looks like fun so is a must-try.  The dancers all had a dance-off, and then all came together and danced as a team.

What was Eva’s greatest challenge with this dance?  “The choreo!  I spent days and days and days on the choreo – I think more than I have on any other dance.  I try to stretch myself, what I’m comfortable with – and this dance did that.  It had sexy, it had street – and the remix has an amazing beat.  It’s a good thing I’ll be performing it again for the matinee, because this dance isn’t done talking to me… still needs to be developed.  One reason I chose it?  I think I’m firmly on the ‘good girl’ list at Elysium… going to shake that up sometime!”  OH EVA!  Shivers me timbers… I have goose skin!  Can’t wait for the earthquake, to see what you do next!  Going to be a naughty girl?  *rubs hands together and grins wickedly in anticipation*

Nadi with Eva Harley, Usher Piers, Jo Balogh and Sebastian.
Mike Oldfield – To Be Free

Sweet!  I loved this song, and just love the stags to each side of the set.  Nadi came from the back, dancing to the front, and joined with her dancers in such lovely, gentle and precise choreography.  It was a pleasure to watch the refined movement.  The colour scheme of white, pink and blue complimented the palace in the background, and was so soothing on the eye.  The performance was relaxing and spiritually uplifting.

Nadi said that she fell in love immediately with this song the first time she heard it on YouTube.  “Sometimes music puts ideas in my head, and I have to write a dance to the melody or the words inspire me.”  The words “To be free” touched her imagination, and she found the dance very easy to put together because of this.  Nadi hoped the audience listened to the words of the song, and were entertained by her interpretation of it.  “That is always my wish when I dance.”

Celtic Fairy Music – Emerald Fairies

Oh, what an enchanting world Jilley drew us into with this dance!  Everywhere you looked, there was something for the eyes to feast on, including Jilley herself.  She was a little dancing flower spirit, a beautiful flower fairy, and her use of particles and colour in this dance was mesmerising.  I would love to smoke a fatty then sit back and watch this dance, but I don’t suppose that is necessary because the movement and sparkles and ripples and shimmers and waves of colour were enough that no smoking was needed to absorb completely into this performance.

Jilley told me she did not like this dance, and had nothing to say about it.  Well, I think she is her own worst critic because I loved this dance, and so did everyone else.  It was fascinating, like stepping into a dream of moving colour.  So creative.  And her costume was absolutely gorgeous.

Babypea with Gunner, BB, Pan and Kyshra
Psy Vs. Takeo Ischi

Absolutely insane.  Some of the craziest fun I have had on stage in at least a week.  While going about me searches for some Irish music, I got to searching for polkas which led to yodelling (I have a massive passion for yodelling) and then well I happened upon this totally awesome amazing twisted bizarre song.  It was Gangnam Style meets Takeo Ischi, a Japanese yodeller who can sing in chicken bawks and make them sound simply amazing.  The result of blending these two songs was absolutely delightful, and called for salty Irish maids, chickens, and of course a leprechaun.  Together, we oppad Gangnam style and combined that with Irish step dancing for a really fun, silly and totally hilarious St. Patty’s Day celebratory dance that was at least as much fun for us as it was for the audience.  Complete with particle rainbow and pot of gold at the end!

Jilley with the Audience
Gaelic Storm – Irish Party in Third Class + John Ryan’s Polka
The Dubliners – Whiskey in the Jar
Flogging Molly – Devil’s Dance Floor

We greatly appreciate our audience… our friends and family who come out to share in our creative expression of music.  I call them our frams.  We thank them for their applause, their kind and generous tips, and their supportive IMs.  Part of how we say thank you is by inviting them up on stage to dance with us at the end of our shows.  This week, our crowd dances were brought to us by Jilley.  She created the most fabulous St. Patty’s Day set, complete with heaps of clover and lots of Irish charm.  The dances were a riot!  Such fun choreography, that saw us all falling down drunk by the end!  What a blast… thank you Jilley!  Everyone danced and had a wonderful time, then adjourned to Paul’s secret venue, The Ram… an Irish pub… for two more hours of partying and dancing, featuring DJ Gunner playing the crowds’ requests.  A really great time, and what a fun way to celebrate the holiday!

February 17, 2017 Elysium Cabaret Review!


It was a Friday night like any other Friday night, yet somehow it felt special.  Like there was something to be celebrated.  Still not sure what it is.  But this show was spectacular, and smooth as cream.  DJ Gunner looked dashing spinning the tunes as Paul and Jilley welcomed guests.  And Gunner even offered to pick up the tab this week!  Backstage, dancers were stretching out, warming up refined muscles in preparation of what would prove to be an exceptional show.  The sim was close to bursting, yet oddly… no lag!  There was just something special in the air.




Babypea – Rewind by Happiness with Kyshra, Gracie, Joy and BB

I opened the show with a dichotomy.  A traditional Japanese set, dancers dressed as Geishas and Ninjas, and a modern JPop tune that totally RAWKS!  The choreography was modern, hiphop and street dance.  Now, I did not like this dance when I first made it.  So I spent some more time on it, and I finished up really liking it because it is high energy and fun.  My dancers looked so sexeh!  This dance happened because, long ago I made this set for Diawa, as a back up for a project she was working on.  She said she needed a set.  Well, she got a set and never needed this one, in fact never even saw it.  So it sat in my inventory for a looooooooong time, and I finally decided to put it to use.  I wanted traditional costumes but a modern tune, and spent hours cruising JPop tunes on YouTube until I found one that I really loved.  Great energy!  And that is how this dance came to be.  It all started with… Diawa.




Seb – New Thang by Red Foo with Jo and Jag

This was about as fun a dance as I have ever seen.  Thing 1, Thing 2, and a Cat in a Hat!  Not just any cat, but a really slick cat with a muscled chest and a sax!  Blowing his horn, trying to woo Jo who was having to pick between the Cat with the Sax and a beefy Thing 2, who was trying to earn her admiration with his sexy moves.  Although Seb said the cartoon set hurts his eyes and is outside of his comfort zone, the dance was just plain fun all around.  I must say, I am jealous!  I want this set, the costumes, the song!  Dammit Seb!  When asked where he got the inspiration for this act, he replied, “Someone had to put something fun in the middle of all the sappy valentines day dances.

“Actually it started months ago, while looking for another costume, I found the Thing 1 and Thing 2 costumes. Thought it would be fun to make a dance around them.  I looked all over for a week or so, then ran across New Thang by Red Foo.  Thang = Thing, get it?  I know, it’s a stretch.”  It was brilliant!  I love the choreo in this dance!

Any particular challenges in this dance?  “The spacing.  The dances I chose for Thing 2 ended up way out in front of the way points, I would be dancing all over Thing 1 and the Sax Cat.  Took some doing, but I managed to get my way points back far enough that I still looked like I was dancing with them but not running them over.  Oh, and finding decent sax animations that could be used that weren’t bank breakers.”  Bravo Seb!




Mona – Nights Over Egypt by The Jones Girls

Mona has been MIA of late, so it was good to see her on stage again.  Her set tonight was an Egyptian oasis with a tent complete with handsome nearly nude man.  A magic carpet waited nearby as she undulated sexy curves in a mesmerising belly dance.  Enchanting particle lights danced with her as she cast a spell on the audience.  Mona got to have an adventure with this dance, as the song she danced to was a request, not a song of her own choosing.  That can be very difficult, creating a dance to a song not of your choosing.  Mona said, “This song was assigned to me, as it was chosen by a couple that hired the group of us to create a private show for them.  It’s always fun to do these.”  Well, if you say so, Mona!  At least one of us thinks it’s fun.  I usually find it a struggle.

This situation did put Mona in a challenging creative position, as she says she usually builds the set first, then selects a song to go with it.  But she accepted the challenge with her usual enthusiasm and dedication.  “It meant a lot to them, as it was a song that was meaningful to the couple.  I tried to fulfill their expectations and have my choreography show the sense that the song portrayed.”  Beautifully done, Mona!




Jo – Yellow by Vitamin String Quartet with Seb

Can we say, “exquisite”?  This dance was an ethereal masterpiece to a musical version of a breathtaking song.  Jo started in the sky with Seb dancing below.  She flew down and joined him on the ground, and together they danced, mixing some mirrored dances into the choreo.  It was like watching Heaven dance.  Jo chose this song to dance to, because she was looking for something that suited the new Abranimations Contemporary Jazz dances.  She said, “It’s a very beautiful rendition of the song with a lovely balletic feel, and it moves me every time I hear it.  It makes me want to get up and dance around the room.  I hope the audience loves it as much as I do.”  I can guarantee they did!  As did those backstage!  Jo continued, “I call something like this music for the soul.  This dance is like an ‘intermission’ in the show when everyone has a chance to catch their breath after the thrill of the first act and before the second act begins.”

This set was outside of Jo’s usual style, and thus presented her with a few challenges.  “Although the set is very different from my usual ones, with smoke emitters and animated textures and is a tad on the surreal side, the biggest challenge was finding a beginning pose for the male dancer.  Oh and finding a yellow costume of the right hue.  Sadly it was not modifiable so the flower decoration had to stay even though to my mind it doesn’t quite fit with the rest of my concept.”  I think the audience was too captivated by the beauty of the performance to be fussed about the flowers!  This dance was art.




Goddess Shayna – How Do You Like Your Eggs in the Morning by Dean Martin and Helen O Connell with Rory

This week, Goddess Shayna presented us with an adorable set.  A glass globe that had a romantic table on which was placed a lovely breakfast meal, fruit, bottle of champagne… and all of this sitting on a giant version of the same!  It was very clever, having a scene within an identical scene, just one giant and the other miniature.  Inside the glass globe miniature scene danced a swingin’ couple, looking quite flash in black and pink.  In the background, we could see The Empire Room logo.  Now, regulars know that The Empire Room is a “Toast to a Different Time.”  As was Goddess Shayna’s dance!  Rory was explaining that he liked his eggs with a hug in the morning.  The song was as darling as the set, and she and Rory kicked up their heels in retro style, finally finishing up… in a hug!  Very chipper, leaving smiles on faces across the entire venue!




Eva – Dark Horse (Official) by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J with Dyhann, Goddess Shayna, Joy, Misha, Selene, Nadi, Nara, Rose and Lexi

Is it just coincidence that “Eva” and “Epic” both start with “E”?  This dance was a creation of epic proportions.  It was highly complex, starting with eight cloaked dancers, dripping shimmering hand particles, on a black set.  The cloaks vanished and then suddenly a golden door appeared.  When it opened, there stood our Eva, framed in a background of golden wings with purple and blue hues.  She gave us all a chance to admire her delectable self, then strode forward as the scene changed, Egyptian quotes appearing on the walls, and glowing stone discs with symbols on them as well.  Eva had a special challenge in creating this dance, as she wanted to avoid making it look just like the video, thus had to be careful about “Balancing how much to put in and what to leave out, and how to express the dance without subconsciously pulling in stuff from the video.  I wanted to really bring the dance ‘to life’, and make it unique.”  Well, she sure accomplished that!

“Dark Horse is one of those songs that hit me as one I NEEDED to create a dance for.  There is so much imagery in the words, and I’m drawn to dramatic music with powerful transitions.”  The choreography and mover work had to be exhausting to create.  But the more work it is, the more Eva seems to like it!  She spoke about her set saying, “For me this song is about strength, and that inner confidence and magnetism. It’s fun, saucy, and listening to it I can’t help but feel fierce. I tried to capture that in the choreography, costumes, set, and movement, and hope I was able to successfully express that. It was amazing to create and so much fun to dance with the amazing women who joined me on stage.”




Storm – Candyman with Liri, Kayla, Dy, Gracie, Baby, Jilley, Melvis and Sendar

Storm brought a fabulous ’50s diner to the stage, complete with handsome servicemen dressed in uniform, lovely ladies in poodle skirts, and more ladies in polka dot dresses dancing on table tops.  The song was one we all know and love, a timeless tune that to this day gets people bouncing in their seats.  Which is exactly why Storm picked it to create a dance to.  “I liked the beat and the words, and it’s a fun and entertaining song to listen to. ”

Couples swing dance and single ladies solo swing dancing gave a fun variety to the choreography.  That many dancers, and especially lining up couples dancers with movers, can be quite a challenge.  Storm said his particular challenge in creating this act was, “Getting the dances to line up in a smooth order so there wasn’t a lot of jerking and sliding in the transitions.”  He did a great job, and the dancers had as much fun as the audience with this lively performance!




Jilley – Glass Princess

And Jilley the artistè does it again!  The curtain opened to reveal a giant blue glass jar that faded away to present the viewer with a glorious vision.  Jilley looked like a goddess in blue hues draped with pearls and layers of diaphanous white.  This set was simply straight from Heaven.  It had a slightly Asian appeal with the ice dragons and her headdress.  White lights moved with her, and the entire performance left one feeling elevated to a higher spiritual place.  It was just dreamy.  Jilley said her inspiration for this dance started with a poem.  “I found a short poem called Tainted Glass Princess, so that was what inspired me.  Luckily I found some nice instrumental music which was appropriately called Glass Princess, and during my dance I emoted the words of the poem.”  WOW.  Just WOW.



Kyshra with Everyone!

Grease vs Dr Dre & Snoop Dog Mashup

Brooklyn Rocks – Joan Jett vs Beastie Boys

We Will Kill the Breath of Bangarang – Queen v RATM v Prodigy v Skrillex

This brought us to our finale, which is always our popular crowd dances.  This is a way we try to say THANK YOU to our cherished audience by inviting them up on stage to dance with us.  We call them our frams… friends and family!  This week, our Fram Dances were created by Kyshra, and she is sure a glut for punishment.  She picked some long, complicated songs, complete with dynamite choreography and a colorful, fun multi-level set that was a blast for everyone!  Kyshra said she picked these songs because, “I like finding unusual music or mashups that people may not hear all the time to help make a set unique.  Even for crowd dances, I think having something a little off from what people expect is good.

Crowd dances are their own kind of work.  It is not easy, “Finding space for 60 or more people on set and making sure that everyone’s poseball is working right.”  But it is so worth it!  The party on stage!  Kyshra continued, “Crowd dances, for me, are mostly for fun. I think the show should end up on an upbeat note where people are bouncing around and having fun and feeling like they’re participating in the show itself….because they ARE. ”  Yes they are!  This is when we get to not only meet our audience, say THANK YOU, but we get to dance and party with them as well.  As Kyshra said, “Grab a poseball and get ready to MOVE.”  Here Here!  We like to MOVE IT MOVE IT!  Below find a few more pics of our beloved FRAMS!

Thank you to all who participated with this show, whether it was behind the scenes, on stage, or in the audience!  Much love to you all!  If I got a name wrong below, please IM me and I will correct it.  If you see yourself and want me to add your name, please IM me!  I am happy to!  I am just old and can’t remember all the who is who.  It’s the dementia settling in.


Usher, Kitti and Power!


Jo, Seb and Shiri!


Fumon and Jeni!


Shiloh and Ginty!


BERT AND GERT!  WOOT!  And Misty and Lex to the left, and Pan and BB at the top!  And I am pretty sure that is Sendar and Dyhann off to the right.  Lady C is right behind Gertie and another pretty lady behind Bertie, who is that pretty Lady?  Is that KissMe?  Someone give me oxygen so I can recharge my brain cells!


A Friday Full of Love

The Friday before Valentine’s Day…or….the beginning of Valentine’s weekend.  Seems to me it would be a great night to have a show dedicated to love, the idea of love, the expression of love, the love of a good partner, or motorcycle for that matter.  The dancers of the Empire Room were up for the challenge and with the music ministrations of Gunner, along with Paul and Jilley greeting the guests and Gunner actually ponying up for the round of drinks…the lovefest was at hand.

Ame and Zach opened the show Friday night with a set that was so moving I was actually speechless.  There are dances that take your breath away and this was one of them.  They chose Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”.  This is one of those iconic songs that I have seen several sets to in SL and what I find most amazing is that every single interpretation has been different and profoundly moving.  This is the thing that makes SL dance for me; seeing how everyone’s imagination creates a new and stunning visual narrative for a song.


I had to follow this masterpiece, and once again, I am amazed at how Wiz, our dance manager, puts together a show.  He always knows how to mix up the sets so that sad, sexy, silly and serene blend together to keep me alert and engaged.  I chose The Beatles “All You Need is Love”.  My set was simple…I started behind a shadowbox in my cupid outfit and eventually faded and flew back to finish up on a giant LOVE sign.  A smattering of particles and a giant Happy Valentine’s Day sign rounded out my not so subtle message 🙂


Corri was joined by Ray and FT for The Guilds “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”.  They were in a fantasy forest with a prehistoric vibe and Corri was definitely looking lovely enough to have both of these manly men fighting over her avatar.  I loved the costumes and whimsical feel to the set….it was enchanting, and that song always makes me crack a smile!


Lovely Lina was up next and she chose George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex”.  Clearly she and I were on the same wavelength with tossing subtlety out the window.  She was joined by Queenie, Immy, Josie, Alexis, Ariel, Paul, Jag and Ray.   There were cages…there were moving stairs, hot slides…there were garters, bare chests and these adorable, strategically placed bows on the ladies’ backsides.  It was sexy and fun and utterly distracting!


Babypea and Ransom joined us to Madonna’s “La Isla Bonita”.  Ransom was at home, dancing around to her favorite Madonna tune when her apartment wall magically faded away to show us a vision of a beautiful seaside with Baby dancing in her Spanish finery.  We were all a little jealous of the daydream…especially folks like me…stuck at home following a blizzard with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I could have parked my avatar in that set, grabbed a margarita and been in heaven!


Jilley made a heck of an entrance on her motorcycle to “Fire” by Barnes Courtney.  This is  a great song…..soulful and bluesy and rock and roll and HOT.  Jilley cruised in, parked that bike and got off and owned the bayou.  She was wearing her leathers and a wild mask and every time Barnes sang about fire, she burst into flame.  It was COOL!  I mean, we all know Gunner loves to call her the Devil Girl, but she sort of channeled that into the MC club beotch from hell and still made it look sexy!


Nara was joined by Gracie for our last act of the evening.  She chose Celine Dionne’s “Somebody Loves Somebody” and took advantage of those marvelous mirrored dances that we all seem to adore.  This set was a Valentine’s Day tribute with great heart trees that had little heart particles. Our ladies were sexy in white which played beautifully off the red backdrop and the mirrored dances were placed perfectly. There were particles floating about and softly draped corners. It was such a pretty set to watch and a wonderful way to segue into our Friday funfest of group dancing.


Eva did our crowd dances and first off I’m giving her a shout out for one super cool stage.  The poseballs were actually props…peace words, hands, peace signs…very creative and it made for a psychedlic and pretty set to just look at, let alone dance on.  She chose three great songs; “Love is All You Need” by the Beatles, Bob Marley’s “One Love” and Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina’s “Stereo Love” to boogie our buns off into the sunset.


I hope you all had a great time and thank you for hanging out on a Friday with us (or Saturday if you insist on living in that hemisphere).  Thanks also to our hosts at Empire for giving us a place to dance and play and kick off the weekend on a fun note.  Catch you all next Friday night, same bat place…same bat time…totally new bat show!!

January 27, 2017 – Elysium’s “Gods and Goddesses” Show!


WOW what a night at The Empire Room on Copperhead Road!  It was Friday and that could only mean, Elysium Cabaret… the big ticket of the night!  Welcome to the weekend!  Tonight featured a “Gods and Goddesses” theme.  DJ Gunner was looking sexeh as he spun the tunes, warming up the gathering crowd who were welcomed by Paul and Jilley.  Wiz wrangled backstage details.  In the dressing rooms, dancers and choreographers were busy stretching and doing warm-ups as makeup, wigs, glitter and faux fur were fluttering around flowing champagne and  hors d’oeuvres.  Did I mention the topless cigar/cigarette girls?  Good, cause we don’t have those at Elysium Cabaret.  But you could step outside for a smoak or head to the bar for a free cigar.  Everything was on the house tonight, so guests had a grand time enjoying cocktails, cracked crab, and Oysters Rockefeller.  Never mind the food!  On to the show!  Which opened with our traditional Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling.”  It’s going to be a good night!




Corri with Paul, Ray, FT, Krysta, and Dream 
Blutengel – Angels of the Dark

First up was Corri, who has really been stretching her wingtips as far as mover work goes.  This dance opened to a detailed Gothic scene, with Paul raising his arms to summons dark angels in the form of Krysta and Dream.  They flew down from grey billowing clouds and danced on the large newels at the top of the staircase.  Corri danced down the dark sidewalk and seemed to find herself sandwiched between the bad influences of Ray and FT.  Paul danced down with his dark angels and cast a spell over Corri, who rose up in a cloud of raging red, and emerged fully converted to a dark angel as well.  She joined her newly-found coven and together they danced in sync.  It was a very exciting dance full of interest and so much happening, I was uber impressed with the work that clearly went into this dance, and especially the mover work!




Ozzy Osbourne – Mississippi Queen

I love Southern Rock and love me some Ozzy Osbourne, so what could be better than this!  Selene never fails to deliver exciting dances and enthralling sets.  This one was a river boat, giant paddle wheel and all, on the Mississippi River!  Yes Selene sailed it right into The Empire Room.  She danced as the Queen of the Mississippi across the deck of her ginormous boat (it was a ship!) to one of the ship’s masts where she expertly pole-danced, then glided over to another mast and pole-danced again.  Her choreography was flawless, so smooth, and was mega sexy.  She started her dance in a big, absolutely darling sweater that said “Rebels” on the back.  But she got so hot she had to peel that off, and well all I can say is, what she had on underneath left the audience feeling even hotter!  Have a peek at the pics, and well if you weren’t there, maybe she will do that dance again some day, cause it was one not to be missed!




Eva with Red Queen, Babypea, CowGrl, Jilley, JMB, Misha, Nadi, Si De Brit, Zach and Lexi
Cirque Du Soleil – Steel Dreams

When Eva told me she was doing an experimental dance this week, all I could do was wish her luck and hope for the best.  This was a very ambitious dance.  It started with Si and Zach out on what appeared to be a spacey runway of sorts in the middle of a purple desert.  They started to dance when suddenly Eva appeared and altered the guys’ reality, transporting them seamlessly to a heavenly temple.  I love the depth of field this set gave the viewer.  Jilley loved it too.  I know cause she commented on it.  Yes, I also know “cause” should have an apostrophe.  I opt not to use it.  Anyway!  Suddenly, eight beautifully carved marble pillars rose, each with a goddess perched on top of it.  All the goddesses wore the same gown but each in a different fabulous colour.  (“Colour” is NOT spelled wrong, I spelt it in Australian!)fullstop  (supposed to put a fullstop after the parenthesis)fullstop  They danced with the “mere mortal” men, then Eva cast a secret spell to magically and flawlessly change all the goddesses’ costumes at the same time.  Now, she did not use the Costume Assistant that most of us are familiar with.  I believe she used a top secret code.  Whatever she used, it worked beautifully.  I was mucho impressed.  And terrified.  apostropheCause I fear all things technical.  If you have technical questions, Eva is your “go-to” person.  She is fearless and uber smart.  She then took all the goddesses back to the purple desert, returning the men home in the process.  Those men are sure going to be tired cause they now have a lot of goddesses to worship and adore.  I was thrilled for Eva that her experiment with this dance worked so incredibly well.  It was absolutely flawless and full of intrigue.  Not to mention, wrangling eleven dancers with mover work is a nightmare within itself, but Eva seemed to really have fun with this dance, as did everyone else!  I still say she is a guts for punishment!  *runs and hides from Eva’s work ethics*




Goddess Shayna
Beats Antique – Veil of Tears

Awesome set!  Goddess Shayna took us to Egypt for a hypnotic journey into ancient magic and mystical power.  Her set was gorgeous, featuring pyramids, Egyptian murals, and sarcophagi (Egyptian coffins that hold Pharaohs.  Oh I know, you already knew!).  I love the animals she had on her set, especially the cute little goats!  But my favourite part was her costume.  It was fascinating and as mesmerising as the music she chose.  She was stunning in black and gold with a golden luminous headpiece that was surely the envy of other goddesses everywhere.  She moved gracefully across the scene, enchanting the eye as she danced in perfect time with the music… wonderful choreography that made her appear almost as a cobra weaving a captivating trance.  And then, she cast forth her power, causing the day sky to turn to night.  As darkness descended upon the land, a glowing orb encircled her, a glow coming from inside her as she seemed to glow as well.  And then!  She suddenly vanished into thin air!  This is my all-time favourite dance of Goddess Shayna’s, and one I hope she will do again.




Aretha Franklin- Natural Woman

Okay, first off, let’s make sure to note: ARETHA FRANKLIN.  Now, there’s a goddess for you, I would kiss the ground Aretha walks on.  Aretha meets Lina.  Well all I can say is, that is a recipe for HAWT DAYUM!  If you missed this dance, I’m sorry.  Because you really missed out.  Her set was elegant and classy, a black and white bedroom scene with pouring rain outside the windows.  She was clothed in some of the most sexy lingerie I have ever seen and it fit her like the skin on a grape.  Starting in a black mini-robe, she danced in a passionate fantasy, obviously thinking about a special someone who really brings out the natural woman in her.  Slowly she began to peel off as she danced over to a lone chair, the rain subsiding and clouds parting to reveal a warmly-lit night sky over a city.  She then curled around the luckiest chair in all of Second Life and did the most sensuous fantasy lap dance that I have seen perhaps ever.  She continued to peel off her garments until she had my RL husband wishing he was sitting in that chair.  Heck, I am straight, and I even was envious of that chair.  This dance was the epitome of DAYUM SEXEH!  If you appreciate fine burlesque, this dance was ALL THAT and more!




Kyshra with Queenie and Jag
Raign – Raise the Dead

This is such an awesome song.  And Kyshra did an amazing job at turning it into a dance.  Her set was so complex she came close to needing her own sim to rez it.  Everywhere you looked on her set, there was an adventure for the eye.  Skulls and bones set in an earthen mausoleum of sorts, graves, and elaborate tombstones keeping watch as Kyshra danced in a hazy mist.  She wore a complex gown of black and red with her head covered and face veiled, purple lightening shooting from her hands as she called the dead to rise and come forward.  Which they did, cast in pink lamplight and enveloped by soft purple vapour, two ghosts rose and cavorted as Kyshra beckoned.  I loved her choreography, it was really different.  She used a lot of animations I haven’t seen before.  I don’t know how she created this dance right in front of my face, because I was lurking as she was making it.  How did she do this so quickly?  Well it seemed quick to me, would have taken me months.  I would like to move into her set for a few weeks just to study it, as it is the kind of set you can see many times, and you will notice something different each time.




Sirenia – Goddess of the Sea

How beautiful is this?  Jilley is an artistè and we are reminded of that every time she takes the stage.  I have claimed all her sets, I want them ALL.  This one was exquisite.  I have never before seen such real-looking undersea water.  The colors, oops colours, and the textures, the painstaking detail!  You will want to crawl into this set and stay.  Bubbles, sun rays, cascading ripples of underwater life… such beauty!  And Jilley looked amazing as always, in an intricate sea goddess costume.  Rings on her fingers, sea snake draped over her shoulders, an elaborate headpiece only a sea goddess would be worthy to wear, and a golden trident… she was as much a work of art as her set.  Her choreography was exhilarating and so precise, matching exciting, vibrant music perfectly.  It was a song of passion and glory, triumph in the face of urgency… a dance of the power of the tides and the secrets held by the ocean fathomages.  What a ride!  Every dance is an opportunity for adventure, and this dance certainly took us to new depths of imagination.




Nick Cave – Avalanche – Black Sails 2015

The final dance of the evening was my own dance.  I adore Nick Cave, such a tortured soul he seems!  And this song haunts me because it is uncomfortably close to reminding me of myself, revealing far more of myself to others than I would usually care for them to know.  Leave it to Nick Cave to peel me open.  It’s complicated, it’s metaphoric.  I also adore the show “Black Sails,” and am still furious over what that whore Eleanor did to my Charles Vane.  How dare she!  Which has nothing to do with my dance.  I danced as the snow goddess Chione.  She’s Greek.  Well, a Greek goddess.  My dance featured an avalanche wherein the fallen snow had formed the shape of a sleeping woman.  There was a tree made of ice in the shape of a woman, and there was a frozen dead person made of ice, and a group of onlookers all made of snow.  Everyone and everything, every moment frozen in time as I danced.  Everything slept.  Nothing progressed, and nothing changed.  But I still danced.  With particles, in a gorgeous gown with thanks to Sharon Twist.  Because she gave it to me for Christmas, even though I am a Grinch who did not deserve it.




Kiss – God of Thunder
Sting – The Soul Cages
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus

We at Elysium love and appreciate our audience.  These are the people we dance for.  It is because of them we create dances.  Sharing them with others, the bonding of the human spirit… this is why we do it.  One way we try to say THANK YOU to our FRAMS (friends and family) who bless us with their applause, IMs, generous tips, love and support is by inviting them up on stage at the end of our shows, and dancing with them.  It is a chance to meet them, talk to them, and share the joy of music and dance with them in a personal and meaningful way.  This week, thanks go to our Miss Ame for creating fun and exciting dances for us, and a beautiful, vibrant set.  Everyone has so much fun during the crowd dances!  I think I shall refer to them as Fram Dances from now on.  Because our audience is not just a crowd, they really are our frams!  Much thanks and love to each and every one of you who come out and support our shows!  You are a huge part of Elysium Cabaret, because our shows would not be quite the same without an audience to perform for!

Wishes of joy, health, and fulfilment to you all.  Much love to you, my Elysium family and all our frams.  Special thanks to Paul, Jilley, DJ Gunner, and Wiz for all the behind the scenes work you all do, and for providing Elysium with a home.

I must stop typing soon.  I need to go stick my tongue in a glass of ice because it hurts.  Oh stop, get your minds out of the gutter… it’s because I am dehydrated from a week at the beach.  If you enjoyed this review please take a second ONE SECOND to tick Like, even if you simply refuse to  comment or share.  Because it tells me you read it and you liked it!  And it makes me feel warm and gooey.  And well all this thinking and typing is hard.  Because I’m lazy.  And if you don’t tick Like, you have to do the review next week.

♥ SMOOCHES from Babypea ♥


Elysium Review November 18, 2016 – Welcome to the Weekend! Another great night at The Empire Room!

The Empire Room filled the house again for another great weekend. This weekend started out with some very talented acts.  The acts performed by the dancers bring creativity like no other on the planet to the stage. DJ Gunner did an exemplary job of providing the music for the performances and great tunes for the audience after the show. Our wonderful Hostess, Jilley, as always welcomed each and every guest into the show, while our dedicated Empire Room owner, Paul Woodrunner made sure to chat up the audience and accommodate the guests with drinks!

Elysium Cabaret Dancers and the Guests performed at top quality as always.  Here is the review below:


Act one:  Setsuna  – Utau Oka by Akiko Shikata – Solo Act


Setsuna from Club Image graced our stage and wowed the audience with a wonderful performance of an enchanted forest.  She danced and hypnotized the butterflies along with the audience as they were mesmerized by her elegant steps.  She danced as if she were alone in a forest and the world was her stage to a customized mix of Utau Oka by Akiko Shikata.


Act two: JenzZa with Dulcikate Noel, Phoebe, Love Lefko, Cuddlebug Clowes and Sebastain Bourne  -performer by On the Clock a Custom Mix


Act two buzzed in from Misfit Dance & Performance Art, a talented group of dancers bounced down off of colorful alarm clocks.  Another Custom mix On the Clock performed by the adorable mice as the clocks ticked on in unison. What a great team in November for the time change! These mice were in time with the beat of the music and the audience just adored them.


Act three:  Lulu with Ƈαηɗу (Candynette Metaluna) and Angie Zobovic (angellikamaia) performing Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become


Lulu, Candy, and Angie took the stage as they performed this morbid act and Lulu did a great choreography job to the beat of Animal I have Become, a very popular song.  It was a bit scary as she had her nurses there to help her along. The audience gave a big round of applause to this exceptional act.


Act four: Dyann with Sendar, Sebastian Bourne, Troy Trallis, nara.zsun, Orlitza Pobieski, JMB Balough, and Jack Shepherd performing Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader


Well maybe girls and werewolves can get a long in the woods after all. Maybe as long as they are dancing in the moonlight! Right? This performance was a great compilation of choreography by Dyann. It was also her debut act at The Empire Room and we welcome her to the Elysium Cabaret.


Act Five: Wiz Nirvana performing Basket Case by Music Box  – Solo

Wiz Nirvana was definitely thinking outside the box with this act where he was all tied up in a strait jacket. He danced the dance of a Music Box ballerina and the audience wondered if they could close it and take him home after the show.  In the ruined settings it looked like he was doomed to be forever dancing until either he was unwound or his battery ran out. The concept was great and the choreo worked will with the box.


Act six: Nara with Gracie – performing The Moment by KennyG


Pink is the new Divine color. Nara did a wonderful choreography that complimented both her and Gracie as they divinely danced on the stage in the moment. The audience was entranced by their beauty. The choreography and the costumes were set in a beautiful pink forest complimented each other along with the music.


Act seven: Babypea – Til the Last Shot’s Fired by Trace Adkins – Solo


An angel danced along a battlefield on stage on Friday night to honor all veterans. Babypea was just gorgeous in her white attire, as she danced across the stage. The choreography was just wonderful and as always she fascinated the audience again with an outstanding performance.


Act eight: Kyshra – Magic Forest – David Arkenstone – Solo


Tonight’s show was enchanted not only by one captivating forest, but two.  The final act ended with one forest which seemed to be out of this world.  As Kyshra’s beautifully done choreography of acrobatic dancing in the sky, her forest seemed to grow around her becoming more and more alive as she enticed it into existence.


Act nine: Crowd Dance by Goddess Shayna (Shayna Paine) – The Last Time (Rolling Stones), Back in Time (Huey Lewis and the News), and Time Warp (ft. Christina Milian & Reeve Carney)


When time came to the close of the show, Goddess Shayna really rolled the clocks back, forward, and even sideways, for that matter.  The crowd dance stage was a riot of clocks and gears. The audience wasted no time getting up on the stage as they joined in and danced like there was no tomorrow and collapsing in to heap on the stage after they did the Time Warp Again!

Pictures and review by Goddess Shayna

Hackers?? Can’t Stop the Music at Empire!!

Friday was a wild internet day…wild…hackers, sites crashing, work…blessedly interrupted and all of us crossing our fingers for our Friday night fun.  Not to worry, the staff of Empire are trained professionals, so we buckled down, set home, glued our feet to the pose stands, battened down the hatches and got ready to rumble.

Now…it is October and let’s face it.  There aren’t many folks in SL that aren’t addicted to Halloween….and we are no exception.  Jilley went wild with the blood and pumpkins and creepy curtain; the theater looks AMAZING and it wasn’t even the theme show yet!  DJ Gunner, as per usual was spinning great tunes, Paul was out minding the house, and there was a stunning buffet set up for some pre-show snacking!  The crowd wandered in…gaping at all the halloweeny goodness and settled in for some fantastical dancing.

Jilley opened the show with Baby and Sammy Magic to “Spooky Scary Skeletons” and what an epic opening act it was.  Dark blue linear textures were the back drop with white skeletons on the ground, while multi-colored droopy skeletons floated overhead moving to and fro.  Our ladies wore latex skeleton outfits with wild hair and pale skins and with legs as long as the Mississippi they boogied away with no fear of the skeletons moving around them or the cool skeletal heads that were poofing around above them…and with that…we were off!


JenzZa and the misfits joined us for the second act.  JenzZa had a mix called Rockin Goblins.  She was joined by Seb on guitar, Rumor as the skeletal Elvis and Dulcikate, Cuddlebug,  Phoebe, Miny,  and Love Lefko as her Oogie Boogies.  It was all I could do to not kidnap the Oogies and run away with them.  JenzZa’s sets bring tears of silly happiness to my eyes and this set was no exception to that.  The Oogies danced, climbed trees and danced some more….Elvis skeleton rocked it out on lead vocals, and Seb did some serious guitar shredding..all while the lighting changed giving everyone different eerie halloween coloring.  Brilliantly fun JenzZa!


I took the stage to Kate Bush..”This Woman’s Work”.  My SL friends know that I am a stage IIIA breast cancer survivor..I just turned 7 this year, and I don’t let an October go by that I don’t do a version of a breast cancer dance to this song.  Every year it’s a little different, I used a shadowbox this year, because the dance is for everyone touched by this disease, not just me.  I do some local chat encouraging people to be tested, poked, squished and prodded because it’s such a treatable disease and the fear of what may happen is far worse than treatment…trust me…I had it all from surgery to chemo to radiation and I’m here…as are so many others….and I can enjoy my real life and my second life ❤


Asali was joined by Baby, Jilley, Renee and Kyshra to “The Allure” by Beats Antique.  Great song…GREAT!  Electo violins…so freaking great…and the girls looked spectacular in steampunk finery..goggles and all!  The set had huge rotating gears that moved the girls and sank into the floor and they were also around on the walls.  It was mesmerizing and everyone looked so fabulous…the dresses were sooooo great.  Ok…gush-a-potamus there, but Asali doesn’t dance as often as we need her to, because she is amazing.


Lady C joined us with a techno remix of the them from “Halloween”.  Lady is one of the first people I met when dancing on the big stage a few years ago…She is an oldschool burlesque dancer and by that I mean chic and sexy as all heck and she does classic striptease in such an amazing way that she knocks everyone’s socks off with her sets.  She was a creepy bat lady in a gorgeous graveyard (’s that for alliteration?).  It was seriously cool with a huge moon and fence and black cat.  She had lovely little particles on her hands and feet and she swirled and bumped and bopped…and she her teensy suit for the cutest spider web pasties ever.  It was a treat to dance with her again and I hope she visits with us more!


Melvis….Melvis, Melvis, Melvis….first of all, he had a great song mix..none of it which is on the notecard….but here goes.  Stormtroopers…Seb, Paul, Wiz, Jilley, Shay and Diamonte marched onstage…and down some stairs to frame out poor frozen Han Solo.  Darth Vader saunters out, and I may not remember the whole mix, but when Darth pulled out his light saber and started to boogie to Diana Ross’  “I’m Coming Out” I laughed so hard my seltzer came out my nose, I woke up the dog and lost a slipper somewhere under the couch.  It took me a bit to pull myself together, but I also seem to remember Mona and SoCo in Stormtrooper-ette outfits, but bald and without headgear.  Melvis is a treasure and what a brilliant set…what I wouldn’t give to get a peek inside that brain of his!


The lovely Goddess Shayna was next to 311’s “Amber”.  She was a beautiful butterfly fairy dancing on a leaf.  She wore pretty particles and little dragonflies fluttered around her stage.  It was a magical set;. stunningly done, but Goddess was so pretty in the middle of it, my eyes didn’t take much of it in.  She also had some very pretty makeup on.  I need to see this one again so that I can cam out and enjoy some of her hard work making the whole stage look fantastic.


Baby closed out the evening with Wild, Jo and Fuki.  She danced to a rockin song by  Korn ft. Skrillex and Kill The Noise – “Narcissistic Cannibal”.  I’m still struggling with how to explain this set.  It was a two tiered palace with Jo in white on one balcony and Fuki in black on the other.  Baby and Wild started on separate sides, merged together in the middle and then came down the stair and split apart again dancing amongst some creepy circling hands.  Jo and Fuki came down and they danced as couples and then all merged together. It was wild….sort of Dr. Strangelove meets Kurt Vonnegut meets A Clockwork Orange and everyone drops some acid.  Ok…that didn’t really explain it, but it was really weird and freaky and beautiful all at the same time.  It was something only Baby’s imagination could come up with and I desperately want to see it again to enjoy the mindbending a second time 🙂


Poof!  Before we knew it, it was time for those pesky but awesome dance balls to make an appearance and for everyone to hop on stage and dance the night away.  Kyshra did our crowd dances this week and she chose Bad Things “Roll with the Devil” and two mixes, a Halloween  Ghosts and Fear mashup and a Halloween Boogie mashup, both by Dirty D.  It was a wild and wooly end to a wild and wooly day on the interwebs,  and we got to spend it with good friends and family…or framily as Babypea likes to say 🙂  She took a few group picks, so I’m posting a few because it’s fun to find ourselves and giggle!  Thanks for a great show and the Halloween Theme show is next Friday…just in case you thought it was last night with all the fun Halloweeny sets!  Thank you all for coming out and supporting us!!



Elysium Review October 14, 2016 – Spirit Worlds in Elysium

In this magical month of October, Elysium Cabaret led the audience on an exploration of fantastical environments and mystical places. From a dive into the glimmering chambers of the Underdark, up to the lotus pond of Nirvana and Heaven’s own chandelier, this supernatural path visited some spectacular sites. DJ Gunner von Phoenix kept the acts flowing smooth with his gravelly voice and seamless soundtrack, while our hosts with the most – Paul Woodrunner and Jilley – boosted the already soaring spirits of the audience. This dance through the spirit realm raised a chorus of excitement from the crowd, and this Elysium Review of the acts should leave no doubt as to why!

Act One: Babypea – Enigma Mix – Sarah

Babypea von Phoenix October 14 2016

Sheltered within a cradle of stars and still waters that reflected the heavens, a lotus pond was the stage for Babypea‘s display of mystical serenity. Beginning with the dancer hatching from a crystalline cone, Babypea’s steps spun her at the center of the lotus garden that signifies life, harmony and inner peace in many eastern religions. As streams of light and clouds of spangles emanated from the dancer’s placid motions, the act showed how the spirit blossoms in the true center of all things, until finally returning to the crystal petals from which it arose.

Act Two: Wiz Nirvana – Chasing Cars – Wind and the Wave

Wiz Nirvana October 14 2016

Another garden was the center of our second act, and though Wiz framed it in the urban setting of a concrete planter, it was no less deeply spiritual. As a bedraggled angelic figure sat bare upon a mossy log, eyes cast upwards, Wiz shifted before her in placid motion and pajama pants. The song spoke of the ephemeral, heavenly feeling enjoyed when lying next to a lover, and the dance announced the same with its somnolent, shifting forms and tender garden amid a hard, concrete world.

Act Three: Corri with Paul, Gunner and FT – Maneater – Hall & Oates

Corri October 14 2016

A darker realm was our third destination, as under a gloomy canopy of deepest jungle, Corri displayed a gruesome tableau of mankind – or womankind – at her most primeval: Cannibalism. While Gunner and Paul boiled in a pot and FT roasted on a spit before a dinner party of wild beasts, Corri was wildest of all, writhing and exulting clad in bones and tattoos alone. This ghastly scene came complete with a crashed plane, suggesting how this story of three men doomed to be meat began. The horror was defrayed by the clever incorporation of ‘Maneater’ – a song that’s always brought an image like this to mind!

Act Four: Eva with Misha, Selene, Nadi, Tauriel, Allyson Solo, Lexi and Goddess Shayna – Spectrum – Florence & the Machine

Eva October 14 2016

Eva‘s act was an abstracted celebration of the eroticism of club dance. As her sexy troupe arched, thrust, ground and spun in buckled white leather, Eva held their center in the scantiest slip of a scarlet dress. They were all as hot as the flames and lights that spun around them, all orchestrated in a perfect harmony of color, fire and sleek flesh.

Act Five: Anu with Star and CowGrl – Breath of Life – Florence & the Machine

Anu October 14 2016

As ‘Breath of Life’ flower over this misty stage, Anu‘s troupe of orcs, beasts, psychopomps and sorceresses gathered before a dark tower for a danse macabre! Anu’s lavish costumes were as awesome as they were elaborate, and the eerie motions of her dance were exquisitely framed by the spin of sparrow flocks – birds who bear souls to and from the spirit world. This was a breathtaking celebration of ancient ways, exotic myths and the undying power of female magic.

Act Six: Jilley with Goddess Shayna and Sorcha – You Spin Me Round – Eiffel 65

Jilley October 14 2016

Next we spun away from the eerie monsters of the human subconscious into an outer space scene woven from the most psychedelic science fiction – and the brilliant mind of Jilley! While chromatic spirals, spinning constellations and tiers of light brightened a black-lit stage, Jilley and her dancers spun in zero gravity delight, sheathed in shiny metallic costumes. From their whirling hands, bands of quivering light whirled around them, making the dancers the most mesmerizing spirals of all.

Act Seven: Kyshra – Until We Go Down – Ruelle

Kyshra October 14 2016

From the heights of imagination’s heaven, we dove into a luminous chamber of the Underdark – the realm of dark elves – to join Kyshra in a dance that was at once erotic and spiritual exultant. Dressed in spidery finery befitting a priestess of Lloth, Kyshra danced amid columns of multi-colored crystal below a golden arch emblazoned with the Tree of Life. Her mysterious movements were perfect for a land that defines dark magic at its most fantastical, giving us an enthralling glimpse of the ceremonies of the Drow.

Act Eight: Sebastain and Jo with Tray – Glitter in the Air – Pink

Jo and Sebastain October 14 2016

A celestial spectacle was our closing act – a scene of surreal romance cupped in the orbit of brightly shining stars, and designed by Sebastain and Jo. As a pair of golden men twisted and revolved in aerobatic performance on a chandelier of balloons and stars, Jo played the part of a ballerina, moving with delicacy and grace in concert with the men above. It was a marvelous homage to idealized love, sewn together with an exquisitely touching song, that settled the audience’s spirits while lifting their hearts.

Act Nine: Crowd Dance by Ame – Faster (Matt Nathanson), Breathe Carolina (Blackout), Angels and Airwaves (Surrender)

Elysium Cabaret Crowd Dance by Ame

The audience hopped onto the stage in front of a triptych of dancers framed in primary colors, and joined together in a routine choreographed by Ame. Excitement was the tone of these tunes, with the entire house dancing as one in front of an ecstatic backdrop.

Artistry and magic, spirituality and sexuality, heaven and horror – this voyage through the mystical reaches of the human imagination had it all! Elysium Cabaret was fierce and fearless on this spiritual journey, presenting a thought provoking and thrilling night of fantasy in motion – a perfect way to kick off an October weekend at The Empire Room!

Pictures by Storm Wylde

Elysium Review September 23, 2016 – Celebration in Elysium

Celebration. It’s the soul of dance. The spirit speaks through the magic of flesh in motion. Imagination flowers from the human form and transforms the stage. Just as the mind must dream, the body must dance.

Last night, the angels of Elysium Cabaret blessed The Empire Room with a celebration of celebration itself – a chronicle of festivity, devotion and downright good times throughout the ages. Our hosts with the most, Paul Woodrunner and Jilley, welcomed all with warmth and kept those good times pumping. DJ and MC Gunner von Phoenix‘s voice rose from the ashes to blaze our way through the outstanding onstage acts. And Elysium burned with a gala of grace that only it can devise.

Act One: Kyshra with Jo, Fukuju, Cowgrl Crystal, Sorcha, Nadi and Queenie – Ladies Come First – Hinder


Elysium started off with a celebration of where we all began – the flesh of a woman. Kyshra steamed the stage with an erotic display like no other: Girls strapped in the tightest of fabric, grinding, arching, pumping in a climax of carnal motion. It was raw. It was hot. It was the kind of dance you could smell in the air. And it left the audience on the brink of bursting, eager for what came next.

Act Two: Goddess Shayna with Oodlemi – This is How We Do – Katy Perry


The next act arrived in a sports car, as Goddess Shanya cruised onstage on the hood of a car driven by Oodlemi and took off – literally! The car soared into the air, over the audience, and led them on a voyage through one hell of a night out. The setting switched seamlessly, from a desert road to a road house, to a park and ride where the couple got down together, all the way to Shayna strutting home with heels in hand and hair mussed. Shayna turned dance into cinema itself, guiding their eye in fifth gear through the very vision of a damn good date night!

Act Three: Jo with Fukuju, Baby, Seb, Gunner and Melvis – Clap Your Hands – Parov Stelar


Jo‘s dance set reminds us that celebration isn’t just for the era of karaoke and krunk dancing, taking us back to the Roaring 20s for a classic routine of color-coordinated celebration. Embraced by the gilded arms of an opulent club, dancers clad in crimson and platinum spun, shucked and jived to a remix of a timeless tune. The dawn of modern dance shone bright as a golden cage while flappers and their beaus reminded us that even in an age of uniformity, people have found a way to cut loose!

Act Four: Nadi with Ray Lobo, Krysta Lobo, Zach Starostin and Fukuju Amaterasu – Dance Again – Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull


A tour through the history of dance and celebration wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the club. That’s where Nadi brought us – under the swing of colored lights, dancers got down on a floor that flared and shimmered with neon patterns. With ecstatic movement and free spirited fun, she showed us why millions dance again – and again and again – every night in the club scene!

Act Five: Wiz – Evolution – Wiz Mix


The endless cycle of discovering new ways to celebrate dance and song took us to the digital cradle of our modern, mobile video age, with Wiz Nirvana‘s dedication to YouTube smash hit, the Evolution of Dance. Set in a perfect construction of an embedded video player, the Wiz danced through the styles and steps of every chart-topping dance sensation that sent YouTube view counts through the roof! The artistry and action was worth nine-digit hits for sure, with Wiz’s mix of trending tunes truly captivating the crowd in its homage to an age of split-second attention spans and in-stream superstars!

Act Six: Melvis with Arabella, Mona, Jo, Seb and Andy – Final Song – MØ


Heavenly. There’s no other word that does Melvis Baum‘s performance justice. The stage opened on a fantasy landscape where angels danced among temple columns and shooting stars. As the music urged us to “not lot this be our final song,” the dancers took to the clouds, frolicking and flying in a celestial paradise. It was an ode to the angelic origin of dance – the spirit – featuring a symphony of special effects and exquisite attention to every heaven-sent detail.

Act Seven: Jilley with Paul – Maria – Ricky Martin



Jilley‘s act brought us to a Spanish-style villa, where Ricky Martin’s hit song was soundtrack of a romantic interplay between the dancers. The story of a south-of-the-border love played out with dazzling steps and a stunning set. Latin passion and lusty dance moves displayed the celebration that beats at the heart of every true romance!

Act Eight: Corri – Dragonfly – Mahogany Rush


One of dance’s greatest powers is to empower the imagination to take wing, as Corri‘s dance, featuring a dragonfly girl dancing in sync with a princely frog, displayed to us. With a vision straight from a fable, Corri’s dancers set a lively beat surrounded by lily pads and Spanish moss. A fairy tale frolic brought to life, it celebrated the magical qualities of dance.

Act Nine: Babypea with Gunner and VooDoo – Walk Like an Egyptian – The Bangles


Babypea brought us all the way back to the dawn of civilization’s dance styles with a classic 80s tune set in the antique world – ancient Egypt! Shimmying and sliding in the geometric style of the West’s first great empire, Baby toured the audience through a cyclopean temple, a royal Nile barge and a stream of endless hieroglyphs. With imagery torn from the Book of the Dead, Baby brought us a vivid reminder that we’re but the latest symbols in a long series of dances that stretches back to humanity’s first steps.

Act Ten: Crowd Dance by Eva – Footloose, Bohemian Rhapsody, Say a Little Prayer


A night dedicated to the celebratory power of dance wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the movies! Eva packed the stage with popcorn, the crowd piled on, and all danced together to some of the greatest songs from moving pictures! Cutting footloose together – as Paul Woodrunner reminded everyone that an Elysium dancer is alive in every SecondLife avatar – brought the evening’s act to a fitting close by making everyone a celebrity!

Putting this into practice, Andy was inspired to create a video of tonight’s events. Giving wings to the imagination is what it’s all about, and we couldn’t be more thankful for his gorgeous cinematography. It’s not to be missed – be sure to view it here!

Super stars in the same onstage constellation – that’s what Elysium is all about! And this night was about how dance can a voice to even the meekest among us. Whether its about warm bodies shining together in the darkness, fantastical fables or getting funky at a roadhouse karaoke stage, there’s a dream within us all. Dance brings it to life!

Many thanks to Fukuju Amaterasu for the photos that immortalized this unforgettable evening.

And, starting Wednesday, we celebrate individual choreographers and dancers with the upcoming interview series – Interview with an Elysian! 

Elysium Review September 16, 2016 – Wild Animals, Wild Times & Wonders of the World

A real menagerie of passion, swank and raw sexuality took the stage tonight at the Empire Room. Aliens and animals, bad dates and big apes, cantina clashes and downtown raunch – every aspect of the wild side of desire was on show. As the voice of Elysium, Gunner von Phoenix, growled over the microphone and Paul Woodrunner barked happy greetings to a packed house, the dance troupe put on a revue that really howled!

Act 1: Jilley with Baby and Mona – Jumpin’ Jack – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

The first act took us to a quirky cafe in a galaxy far, far away, with Jilly introducing us to Sy Snoodles’ three missing sisters. These alien divas got down in a way that would make a Wookie blush, all while quarreling amongst themselves. In this performance rife with imagination, Jilley displayed that personality can bring a new dimension of excitement to the stage.

Act 2: JenzZa – Misfit Dance & Performance Art with Dulcikate Noel, Judd Eldridge, Rumour Bashir and Kaeylan Resident – DayBreak Custom Music Mix

The second act plunged us into the verdant heart of another world – the circle of life within the African jungle. Choreographer Jenzza summoned an entire jungle that overflowed the stage and reached the ceiling with its green canopies. An entire retinue of flora and fauna, from majestic elephants to a delicate bluebird, danced about a tribal mystic, in this display of the natural world’s glory.

Act 3: Sebastain with  Jo, Fukuju, Lily and BabyPea- Just a Gigolo – David Lee Roth 

The rock and roll universe was the subject of the next act – a hard rock revel that had the stage thumping with energy. It brought to life some decades of excess – the loud colors of the 70s and the loud music of the 80s – and choreographer Sebastain brought serious noise and swank to the Empire Room! It was a classic rock ode to the animal side of human appetite and the era it howled at the top of its lungs.

Act 4: Ayita with Babypea, Jo, Nalani, JJ, Kymird and Sorcha – Ooh Ahh I Lost My Bra

elysium-16sep16- - Naybabe
The fourth act brought sexy back, with a wild journey through a date gone wrong – or really, really right. Ayita presented the skin-tingling story of Ooh Ahh I Lost My Bra in glorious technicolor and cartoon design. This randy romp featured a chorus of dancers that took us on a tale through fly-by-night romance, featuring fast cars, missing lingerie and even the Eiffel tower!

Act 5:  Gunner with Babypea, Sebastain and Paul –  Come a Little Bit Closer – Marty Robbins

Things only got hotter in the fifth act, as the audience swung south of the border for a traditional latin dance, set to live guitar music! The place was a cantina, the subject was a group of lovers, and the strident chord of the song kept the whole performance simmering hot from start to finish. Love even became a battlefield with a surprise flight through a window and captions provided by one of Elysium’s wildest imaginations – Gunner von Phoenix!

Act 6: Diawa – Catch My Breath – Kelly Clarkson

elysium-16sep16 - Diawa
The dazzling sixth act featured Diawa in a solo act with fantastic costuming and dreamy imagery all around. With graceful motion and passionate action, she kept the audience on the edge of their seats through this pulse-pounding performance. It wasn’t until the act spun to its climax, could the audience catch their breath!

Act 7: Babypea – King Kong – DeStorm Power 

In the seventh act, Babypea Von Phoenix went big – real big – featuring an entire cityscape centered around the Eighth Wonder of the World himself – or rather herself, Queen Kong!  As the great ape danced atop the Empire State Building, planes arrived to take her down. But nothing could harm the majesty of this ode to bravado, boldness and seizing your moment on top of the world.

Act 8: Corri with Gemma Paw – Bad Girls –  Donna Summer

elysium-16sep16 - Corri
After every highest climb, there comes a deep dive, and Corri took us downtown in a hardcore way with Donna Summer’s Bad Girls. This dance ground it nasty in a wicked part of town, with wild gyrations set against a sleazy snakepit of a city street. Things have never been hot in the gutter, as sensuality shone from the back alleys of this brilliant vision of urban decay.

Act 9: Kyshra – Group Dance

As the audience piled onto the stage to enjoy a crowd dance, the raw attitude of the evening was in full effect. Kyshra‘s dances guided this packed house in pushing it good and hard, with deep grinding, bootie bouncing and sensuous spins. It was a smoldering conclusion to one of the hottest nights at Elysium this year.
The 16th of September was the evening when Elysium let its carnal side loose. From vivid depictions of love gone wrong, to raw nights on the mean streets, and even the Queen of Beasts rising above it all, the show had the crowd roaring. Captured by the camera of Fukuju Amaterasu, this fiery spectacle had to be seen – and felt – to be believed!