Azdra Blog

1. What is your history with dance in SL?
I started as a dancer in 2017, putting together my first set in April 2017. I dance with a few troupes and enjoy what I do.

2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance?
I enjoy the creativity and the challenge to put something together that people enjoy.

3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance?
There is always something new coming out and sometimes, it is a bit overwhelming.

4. What has been your best experience in SL dance?
The best experiences are those when I come out, put on a new, unseen dance…and have the crowd enjoying it and loving what I’ve done.

5. Out of all the dances you have created or participated in, which is your fave?
The most memorable I have is the creation I did for Sia’s The Greatest. The whole aspect of the dance surprised me and was such a fun thing to do.

6. What message would you like to leave for your fans or the dance community?
Dances may look like they are effortless, but there is alot of little pieces that come together to make something look amazing.