Babypea Von Phoenix


1. What is your history with dance in SL?

On May 11, 2011 a friend sold me to a Gorean Master as a joke.  We hit it off, and I learned he loved Gorean dance, so I started competitive Gorean dance back in January, 2012.  I did it to please him, Gunner von Phoenix, who is now also my RL husband.  I danced in 41 competitions, placing in all but six, including 17 First Places.  I also danced in exhibitions, which I preferred.  Though I loved it, I longed to explore more creative options in dance… to dance to different genres of music, wear costumes, and create atmosphere through building sets.

So, in July of that year, I entered mainstream SL dance.  Through Dance Queens, I met a beautiful dancer named Lady Correia who helped me get started.  I also started dancing at Orchids for Diva Lilliehook with thanks to Yummy (Lat Lovenkraft).  I found a mentor by the name of Diawa Bellic, a legendary SL dancer.  I decided to start my own dance troupe because I wanted an outlet for my every dance adventure, a place with no rules where I could do anything I wanted in dance.  So!  I started Elysium Cabaret with my other half, Paul Woodrunner, and Jilley Resident, as we all shared a sim together and were all interested in dance.

Elysium Cabaret had their first show on December 7, 2012.  Along with Elysium, I have danced for a lot of troupes because, in dance we make friends.  We enjoy dancing with our friends.  Many of my friends started dance troupes and asked me to dance in their troupes, as they danced in mine.  I have really enjoyed the time I spent dancing.  This is how I socialize.

2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance?

I most enjoy sharing creativity, exploring human imagination, and the bonding that happens between people when one person’s dance touches another person’s soul.  I love seeing people having fun, being happy, and joyfully expressing their vision.  This is an art form that brings people together.  It is how I socialize.  I love hanging out with dancers, talking to dancers, and sharing ideas.  I love teamwork!  The best is, seeing someone new to dance learning and growing, developing their passion and watching them just blossom on stage.  Knowing they are happy and fulfilled in their craft makes me feel happy and fulfilled as well.  I do love to teach and help people as I can.  I sure don’t know everything, have heaps more to learn, but I do enjoy sharing what I have learned thus far.

3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance?

I detest the competitive attitude of some.  Some people feel the need to weigh and measure human imagination and creativity, to pass judgment and determine a pecking order of who is ‘The Best.’  Some people need to feel they are ‘The Best.’  I assume this is due to insecurity and low self-esteem.  I know a lot of people feel like failures in RL, so some come to SL and try to compensate.  But I detest it.  It taints the creative energy of SL dance.  I try to ignore it.  I prefer to think of the SL dance community as one big dancing family.  We are all kindred spirits, sharing a common passion.  There is nothing finer than people happy and having fun doing what they are passionate about, so why not be happy for one another and celebrate each other’s successes?  That greatly multiplies our own happy.

4. What has been your best experience in SL dance?

I have had so many!  But my all-time favorite would be doing a show inspired by the art of ToySoldier Thor.  I did a dance inspired by HillBilly Airways, and it was a riot!  Korean yodeling, a giant mosquito carrying a girl out of an insane asylum and flying away with her, goats and chickens and piglets dancing with alpine yodelers in a parking garage to Gangnum Style, ballooning over the buildings at the end of the dance… it was epic!  By far the funnest dance I have ever created, silly good fun.  It was mad!  I had a blast!

5. Out of all the dances you have done, which is your fave?

My favorite Gorean dance is, “The Extra Letter” which is my Love dance that I created for my Gorean Master and RL husband, Gunner von Phoenix.  Don’t give me a hard time for having a Master… it is my choice, and it relaxes me immensely.  I love him, he spoils me, and that dance said it all.  Please respect my free agency, and I will do the same for you.

Mainstream dancing, my fave is probably Wild Wild West.  I love that song!  I love Will Smith and Sisqo!!  It was the first set that I built myself to that extent, rather than solely buying stuff and modding it.  I learned a lot about building through creating that set.  The choreography was complex, and I did the dance using Barre macros.  Having different people doing different dances, then bringing them all together to dance in sync, using Spot On movers… for me, at that stage of my dance experience, it was a huge accomplishment.  And to this day, that dance is still a lot of fun… lively, exciting, and a real good time.

6. What message would you like to leave for your fans?

Without you, there would be no reason to dance.  YOU are why I do this.  To create a dance to perform for you and entertain you, make you smile or laugh or excite you, touch your heart or your soul… to bond with you on a creative and deeply feeling level… this is why I dance.  My dances are never finished until I have shared them with you.  Thank you for making time for me.

7. Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d like to share my box of donuts.  I think donuts make everything better.