Corri Lobo (corroded Battery)


1. How long have you been in SL and how did you find it in the first place?
I’ve been in SL about 12 years now. I first came to SL because some friends of mine recommended it, so being nosey .. I mean curious, I had to check it out.

2. What all do you enjoy doing in SL?
I enjoy doing a lot of different things, dancing, djing, riding and hanging out with my MC and family, exploring new places and meeting new people

3. How did you find SL dance?
My SL sister, who passed last year, discovered SL dance and was so excited about taking the classes Rya Inglewood was offering she dragged me along. Then she took me to see a show at the Empire Room. I was hooked!

4. What is it you enjoy most about SL dance?
What I love most about SL dance is that it allows me to express my feelings and creativity. Dance is my “therapy”.