Kyshra Rhiadra


1. What is your history with dance in SL?

I stumbled into performance dancing after hanging around in clubs and ballroom dancing.  I was talked into being a cigarette girl (hostess) at Minsky’s Burlesque to see what it was all about, and ended up three days later on stage in my first performance. At the time, I couldn’t build, I couldn’t choreograph, and there was no moving gracefully around the stage. But, in the last three or four years since then, I’ve picked up a few tricks from all the fantastic people that have answered my questions, and the wonderful troupes that have invited me to dance with them.

2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance?

I’ve got two left feet in real life, and, let’s face it, there are some things that you just can’t do there, that you can do in Second Life. SL Dance allows me to stretch my creativity and make something beautiful or funny, or moving that affects the emotions of other people. And hopefully entertains them for a short while,  Erol Ozan said “Dancing is creating a sculpture that is visible only for a moment.” I believe that to be so true. And I get to sculpt week after week and then show it to everyone else and watch their reactions.

3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance?

Like any art, sometimes what I want to get from my head to the stage doesn’t turn out quite right. Or it’s got a few unexpected twists and turns that I can’t navigate.  Fortunately, I have friends that can help me with those spots and eventually I get where I want to go. But the getting there is sometimes very difficult.

4. What has been your best experience in SL dance?

I’ve met SO many people and (hopefully) touched a lot of them.  The best things, to me, are the little IMs that someone sends me privately saying how much they enjoyed what I did or the screen shots that they capture and pass on to me. Those things tell me how all the hard work is successful and that I’ve reached at least one or two people with what I’ve created.

5. Out of all the dances you have done, which is your fave?

That’s so hard to pick. I love doing elaborate choreography with multiple people or making sets that surprise people when they do the unexpected. I love the four story scrolling set that I used for a performance of Sinner’s Prayer, and I love so many bits and pieces of others that were the hardest challenges I’d worked with at the time. Making those work means that I’m growing in my art. I think, though, that my favorite at the moment is my set for a remix of Show Me How You Burlesque, which is a sort of replica of the set from the movie.

6. What message would you like to leave for your fans?

Honestly, I never think about myself having fans. I just perform as part of the troupe and hope that the people watching are fascinated, enthralled, and sometimes a little horrified and creeped out when I do some of my creepier sets. But, for those that I do have, I think I would say if you want to do something, don’t be afraid to take the risk. I’m a very private, shy person, but every week, I get on that stage and it’s the most fantastic experience I have…because of them. Dare to do what you dream.