Moni (Monique Corbeau)


1. What is your history with dance in SL? I have danced with a few groups

2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance? How you can express how music makes you feel. The fun creating the set and choreography for the dance. Enjoying sharing the dances with wonderful Cast.

3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance? The lag crashing lol

4. What has been your best experience in SL dance? When I made my very first set how proud I felt and joining a team that welcomed me and made me feel at home.

5. Out of all the dances you have done, which is your fave? Dare (lalalala) Thousand Years – My first dance I made

6. What message would you like to leave for your fans?
I do dance as my heart feels, it may not be many but it will be more in future.

7. Anything else you’d like to share? Dance with your soul and heart, that’s when the music flows through you, and you shine your best.