1. What is your history with dance in SL?
I started as just a back up dancer at Candlewyck when Azdra asked if I would step in to play Poseidon.  My first time on stage was in a seaweed skirt and speedo.
2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance?
The challenge and creativity
3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance?
When you can’t do something you want to and it annoys you
4. What has been your best experience in SL dance?
Having a dance come together and just work perfectly
5. Out of all the dances you have created or participated in, which is your fave?
Honestly, I have to say my favorite I created was Cymatics.  Watching the robots come out from one person and just flow across the stage was mesmerizing.
6. What message would you like to leave for your fans or the dance community?
A wise choreographer once told me…don’t let what others so discourage you.  You are your own creator.  It’s what is in your mind that matters.
7. Anything else you’d like to share?
Dance for yourself.