Zach (Zachbrig)

1. What is your history with dance in SL? started dancing in Clubs before finding the world of Gorean Dance where i’ve danced in Exhibitions and Relay for Life events… finding my way to the Empire Room and Elysium dance troupe, where after doing guest apperances for a while, becoming part of the Phoenix Dance Troupe as well

2. What do you enjoy the most about SL dance? the creativity that goes into each dance from the Choreography to the stages and all points inbetween… seeing how visions can brought to life here in SL

3. What do you enjoy the least about SL dance? FACETIME, i believe dance should be viewed as a piece of artwork for all to enjoy not who’s on stage and the petty “Look at me i’m dancin sillyness”.  Meaningful, impact full, deep seeded visions many that make us see things we normally take for granted, and hopefully can make a difference in someone elses life for the better

4. What has been your best experience in SL dance? Being able to be in some amazing dances with some extremely talented Choreographers

5. Out of all the dances you have done, which is your fave? those with a cause, a deep meaning behind them, and ones geared to benefit others.

6. What message would you like to leave for your fans? if it’s too much like work QUIT! this is to be fun… when it becomes un-fun take a step back, a deep breath, and DANCE!

7. Anything else you’d like to share? what ever they say “I DIDN’T do it!!” unless it’s good then it was all me!