January 27, 2017 – Elysium’s “Gods and Goddesses” Show!


WOW what a night at The Empire Room on Copperhead Road!  It was Friday and that could only mean, Elysium Cabaret… the big ticket of the night!  Welcome to the weekend!  Tonight featured a “Gods and Goddesses” theme.  DJ Gunner was looking sexeh as he spun the tunes, warming up the gathering crowd who were welcomed by Paul and Jilley.  Wiz wrangled backstage details.  In the dressing rooms, dancers and choreographers were busy stretching and doing warm-ups as makeup, wigs, glitter and faux fur were fluttering around flowing champagne and  hors d’oeuvres.  Did I mention the topless cigar/cigarette girls?  Good, cause we don’t have those at Elysium Cabaret.  But you could step outside for a smoak or head to the bar for a free cigar.  Everything was on the house tonight, so guests had a grand time enjoying cocktails, cracked crab, and Oysters Rockefeller.  Never mind the food!  On to the show!  Which opened with our traditional Black Eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling.”  It’s going to be a good night!




Corri with Paul, Ray, FT, Krysta, and Dream 
Blutengel – Angels of the Dark

First up was Corri, who has really been stretching her wingtips as far as mover work goes.  This dance opened to a detailed Gothic scene, with Paul raising his arms to summons dark angels in the form of Krysta and Dream.  They flew down from grey billowing clouds and danced on the large newels at the top of the staircase.  Corri danced down the dark sidewalk and seemed to find herself sandwiched between the bad influences of Ray and FT.  Paul danced down with his dark angels and cast a spell over Corri, who rose up in a cloud of raging red, and emerged fully converted to a dark angel as well.  She joined her newly-found coven and together they danced in sync.  It was a very exciting dance full of interest and so much happening, I was uber impressed with the work that clearly went into this dance, and especially the mover work!




Ozzy Osbourne – Mississippi Queen

I love Southern Rock and love me some Ozzy Osbourne, so what could be better than this!  Selene never fails to deliver exciting dances and enthralling sets.  This one was a river boat, giant paddle wheel and all, on the Mississippi River!  Yes Selene sailed it right into The Empire Room.  She danced as the Queen of the Mississippi across the deck of her ginormous boat (it was a ship!) to one of the ship’s masts where she expertly pole-danced, then glided over to another mast and pole-danced again.  Her choreography was flawless, so smooth, and was mega sexy.  She started her dance in a big, absolutely darling sweater that said “Rebels” on the back.  But she got so hot she had to peel that off, and well all I can say is, what she had on underneath left the audience feeling even hotter!  Have a peek at the pics, and well if you weren’t there, maybe she will do that dance again some day, cause it was one not to be missed!




Eva with Red Queen, Babypea, CowGrl, Jilley, JMB, Misha, Nadi, Si De Brit, Zach and Lexi
Cirque Du Soleil – Steel Dreams

When Eva told me she was doing an experimental dance this week, all I could do was wish her luck and hope for the best.  This was a very ambitious dance.  It started with Si and Zach out on what appeared to be a spacey runway of sorts in the middle of a purple desert.  They started to dance when suddenly Eva appeared and altered the guys’ reality, transporting them seamlessly to a heavenly temple.  I love the depth of field this set gave the viewer.  Jilley loved it too.  I know cause she commented on it.  Yes, I also know “cause” should have an apostrophe.  I opt not to use it.  Anyway!  Suddenly, eight beautifully carved marble pillars rose, each with a goddess perched on top of it.  All the goddesses wore the same gown but each in a different fabulous colour.  (“Colour” is NOT spelled wrong, I spelt it in Australian!)fullstop  (supposed to put a fullstop after the parenthesis)fullstop  They danced with the “mere mortal” men, then Eva cast a secret spell to magically and flawlessly change all the goddesses’ costumes at the same time.  Now, she did not use the Costume Assistant that most of us are familiar with.  I believe she used a top secret code.  Whatever she used, it worked beautifully.  I was mucho impressed.  And terrified.  apostropheCause I fear all things technical.  If you have technical questions, Eva is your “go-to” person.  She is fearless and uber smart.  She then took all the goddesses back to the purple desert, returning the men home in the process.  Those men are sure going to be tired cause they now have a lot of goddesses to worship and adore.  I was thrilled for Eva that her experiment with this dance worked so incredibly well.  It was absolutely flawless and full of intrigue.  Not to mention, wrangling eleven dancers with mover work is a nightmare within itself, but Eva seemed to really have fun with this dance, as did everyone else!  I still say she is a guts for punishment!  *runs and hides from Eva’s work ethics*




Goddess Shayna
Beats Antique – Veil of Tears

Awesome set!  Goddess Shayna took us to Egypt for a hypnotic journey into ancient magic and mystical power.  Her set was gorgeous, featuring pyramids, Egyptian murals, and sarcophagi (Egyptian coffins that hold Pharaohs.  Oh I know, you already knew!).  I love the animals she had on her set, especially the cute little goats!  But my favourite part was her costume.  It was fascinating and as mesmerising as the music she chose.  She was stunning in black and gold with a golden luminous headpiece that was surely the envy of other goddesses everywhere.  She moved gracefully across the scene, enchanting the eye as she danced in perfect time with the music… wonderful choreography that made her appear almost as a cobra weaving a captivating trance.  And then, she cast forth her power, causing the day sky to turn to night.  As darkness descended upon the land, a glowing orb encircled her, a glow coming from inside her as she seemed to glow as well.  And then!  She suddenly vanished into thin air!  This is my all-time favourite dance of Goddess Shayna’s, and one I hope she will do again.




Aretha Franklin- Natural Woman

Okay, first off, let’s make sure to note: ARETHA FRANKLIN.  Now, there’s a goddess for you, I would kiss the ground Aretha walks on.  Aretha meets Lina.  Well all I can say is, that is a recipe for HAWT DAYUM!  If you missed this dance, I’m sorry.  Because you really missed out.  Her set was elegant and classy, a black and white bedroom scene with pouring rain outside the windows.  She was clothed in some of the most sexy lingerie I have ever seen and it fit her like the skin on a grape.  Starting in a black mini-robe, she danced in a passionate fantasy, obviously thinking about a special someone who really brings out the natural woman in her.  Slowly she began to peel off as she danced over to a lone chair, the rain subsiding and clouds parting to reveal a warmly-lit night sky over a city.  She then curled around the luckiest chair in all of Second Life and did the most sensuous fantasy lap dance that I have seen perhaps ever.  She continued to peel off her garments until she had my RL husband wishing he was sitting in that chair.  Heck, I am straight, and I even was envious of that chair.  This dance was the epitome of DAYUM SEXEH!  If you appreciate fine burlesque, this dance was ALL THAT and more!




Kyshra with Queenie and Jag
Raign – Raise the Dead

This is such an awesome song.  And Kyshra did an amazing job at turning it into a dance.  Her set was so complex she came close to needing her own sim to rez it.  Everywhere you looked on her set, there was an adventure for the eye.  Skulls and bones set in an earthen mausoleum of sorts, graves, and elaborate tombstones keeping watch as Kyshra danced in a hazy mist.  She wore a complex gown of black and red with her head covered and face veiled, purple lightening shooting from her hands as she called the dead to rise and come forward.  Which they did, cast in pink lamplight and enveloped by soft purple vapour, two ghosts rose and cavorted as Kyshra beckoned.  I loved her choreography, it was really different.  She used a lot of animations I haven’t seen before.  I don’t know how she created this dance right in front of my face, because I was lurking as she was making it.  How did she do this so quickly?  Well it seemed quick to me, would have taken me months.  I would like to move into her set for a few weeks just to study it, as it is the kind of set you can see many times, and you will notice something different each time.




Sirenia – Goddess of the Sea

How beautiful is this?  Jilley is an artistè and we are reminded of that every time she takes the stage.  I have claimed all her sets, I want them ALL.  This one was exquisite.  I have never before seen such real-looking undersea water.  The colors, oops colours, and the textures, the painstaking detail!  You will want to crawl into this set and stay.  Bubbles, sun rays, cascading ripples of underwater life… such beauty!  And Jilley looked amazing as always, in an intricate sea goddess costume.  Rings on her fingers, sea snake draped over her shoulders, an elaborate headpiece only a sea goddess would be worthy to wear, and a golden trident… she was as much a work of art as her set.  Her choreography was exhilarating and so precise, matching exciting, vibrant music perfectly.  It was a song of passion and glory, triumph in the face of urgency… a dance of the power of the tides and the secrets held by the ocean fathomages.  What a ride!  Every dance is an opportunity for adventure, and this dance certainly took us to new depths of imagination.




Nick Cave – Avalanche – Black Sails 2015

The final dance of the evening was my own dance.  I adore Nick Cave, such a tortured soul he seems!  And this song haunts me because it is uncomfortably close to reminding me of myself, revealing far more of myself to others than I would usually care for them to know.  Leave it to Nick Cave to peel me open.  It’s complicated, it’s metaphoric.  I also adore the show “Black Sails,” and am still furious over what that whore Eleanor did to my Charles Vane.  How dare she!  Which has nothing to do with my dance.  I danced as the snow goddess Chione.  She’s Greek.  Well, a Greek goddess.  My dance featured an avalanche wherein the fallen snow had formed the shape of a sleeping woman.  There was a tree made of ice in the shape of a woman, and there was a frozen dead person made of ice, and a group of onlookers all made of snow.  Everyone and everything, every moment frozen in time as I danced.  Everything slept.  Nothing progressed, and nothing changed.  But I still danced.  With particles, in a gorgeous gown with thanks to Sharon Twist.  Because she gave it to me for Christmas, even though I am a Grinch who did not deserve it.




Kiss – God of Thunder
Sting – The Soul Cages
Iron Maiden – Flight of Icarus

We at Elysium love and appreciate our audience.  These are the people we dance for.  It is because of them we create dances.  Sharing them with others, the bonding of the human spirit… this is why we do it.  One way we try to say THANK YOU to our FRAMS (friends and family) who bless us with their applause, IMs, generous tips, love and support is by inviting them up on stage at the end of our shows, and dancing with them.  It is a chance to meet them, talk to them, and share the joy of music and dance with them in a personal and meaningful way.  This week, thanks go to our Miss Ame for creating fun and exciting dances for us, and a beautiful, vibrant set.  Everyone has so much fun during the crowd dances!  I think I shall refer to them as Fram Dances from now on.  Because our audience is not just a crowd, they really are our frams!  Much thanks and love to each and every one of you who come out and support our shows!  You are a huge part of Elysium Cabaret, because our shows would not be quite the same without an audience to perform for!

Wishes of joy, health, and fulfilment to you all.  Much love to you, my Elysium family and all our frams.  Special thanks to Paul, Jilley, DJ Gunner, and Wiz for all the behind the scenes work you all do, and for providing Elysium with a home.

I must stop typing soon.  I need to go stick my tongue in a glass of ice because it hurts.  Oh stop, get your minds out of the gutter… it’s because I am dehydrated from a week at the beach.  If you enjoyed this review please take a second ONE SECOND to tick Like, even if you simply refuse to  comment or share.  Because it tells me you read it and you liked it!  And it makes me feel warm and gooey.  And well all this thinking and typing is hard.  Because I’m lazy.  And if you don’t tick Like, you have to do the review next week.

♥ SMOOCHES from Babypea ♥


1/20/17 – Another Hot Night at the Empire Room

I always look forward to Friday nights at Elysium.  I get to hang our with the best audience and dancers on the grid.  Gunner was keeping the crowd entertained with his always great mix of tunes, while Paul and Jilley greeted our fine guests.  I’m not sure who got the tab, but the refreshment was certainly flowing people got seated and comfortable.  We always have a great variety of dances and tonight was no exception.

Ame and Zach – Future World Music – Voyage to Atlantis


Zach and I had the privilege of opening the show with a dance we hoped would capture the mood and beauty of the sea.  Set in our imagined Atlantis ruins, we twisted and turned through the columns honoring the magical place of speculation and legend.

Amari with Diamonte Thomas, Hanna Mixemup, Si Di Brit, Dream Wrexan and Rod Eiland – Marlon Roudette – When the Beat Drops Out


Amari and crew were up next with a really fun routine to a song about being there even when everyone is gone.  The dance began with some on stage walking about and leaving while Amari started alone.  They then began rejoining her with great mover work and choreography.  Definitely a chair dance routine.

Wiz with Ariel – I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash and Olivia O’brien


I always appreciate Wiz’s ability to bring a dance to life and this was no exception.  With a minimal set which allows you to focus on the dancers and emotions they evoke, Wiz and Ariel pulled us right into the conflict represented in the song. This was stunning and one not easily forgotten.

Gunner and Baby – Fiza – Mere Watan


The fourth performance of the night was Gunner and Baby telling the age old story of passion and conquest.  Their dance began as a battle of wit and skill while they jabbed each other with words, punches and kicks which ended in the capture of the woman carried off my the man of the desert.  I think he’s expecting her to cook but I have a feeling it won’t be until he surrenders his wealth…as it should be,  *grins*

Monavie with Fukuju, Diiar, Lina and Goddess Shayna – The New Seekers – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)


Next, Mona brought out a colorful set and dance to this great classic.  Beginning in the rings on the stage full of hearts and bright hues of love, it then transformed into a garden with large flowers and the dancers atop them like fairies.  I was transported back to the simpler and more quiet time of my childhood in the 60’s.  Simply gorgeous.

Babypea with Gunner, Pan, Paul and Zach – Savannah Churchill – Fat Meat is Good Meal


Following Mona was Babypea with a real twist on lobster dinner.  As the chef this time, Baby extolled the virtues of the very handsome meat…er men…in her tank, keeping them fresh until dinner time.  It’s probably a good thing none of us were hungry at the moment or they may have met a supermarket lobster’s usual fate.  Tons of fun with a very snappy tune.

Jilley – Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle (Remix)


In our final act, Jilley seduced and enticed as the elusive genie in the bottle offering up her famous wishes.  Dressed in gold, she seductively moved while removing layers on a beautiful Arabian type set.  I adored the effects she had on the floor and I’ve added this to the list of things I’m jealous of and have to steal.  A terrific end of the show leaving everyone wanting more.

Goddess Shayna – Technotronics – Flo-Rida – WildOnes Dubstep – Pixies – Move This, Where is my Mind


The end of the night allows us to invite our audience up to join us in 3 fun crowd dances.  On a multi-color stage of varying tiers, Goddess Shayna lead us through songs that were a favorite of and dedicated to her son.  With great choreo to match, we closed the night with a bang.

We hope you enjoyed the show and if you weren’t able to make it this week, please join us each and every Friday night at 6pm SLT for some of the greatest entertainment on the grid!  See you next time!

Men In Motion RETURN With an All-New Show!


OMGAWD!  It’s MENS!  On stage, dancing just for you.  This is a DO NOT MISS show featuring all-male choreographers.  Elaborate sets, sexy costumes, and songs that will get you bouncing in your seat.  Come out to The Empire Room at Copperhead Road and cheer for the guys as they get their groove on for your entertainment pleasure!

Saturday, January 21st at 3pm SLT

Your GPS:


Friday the 13th…Empire Style

I don’t seem to understand why everyone thinks Friday the 13th is such a crummy day.  I think, based on Friday’s show that it’s a freaking awesome day!  The Empire room was teeming at the gills with fans and dancers and SL actually seemed inclined to cooperate with lag and all that other usual silliness that it tries to throw at us and we had one heck of a show!

DJ Gunner was once again spinning his amazing tunes while Paul was out greeting the masses and Wiz was cheering us on, Baby was getting us organized…sorta and we were all doing our best not to rez sets on top of each other.  I personally was camming around out front ogling all the pretty dresses.  I’ll say this for the audience; y’all really know how to dress up and look amazing!

Nara was the opener and she was joined by Soco and Gracie in a beautiful set to “Voices of Infinity”by Yakuro.  A dark and rainy forest faded away into a beautiful sunny forest with three beautiful forest nymphs dancing and frolicking in their pretty green, leafy outfits.  Such a gentle and glorious way to start the show…a smooth segue into the weekend.


Seb took to the stage next with most of our dancers in a fantastically fun set to something we are lovingly calling the neon nutcracker…or sugarplum insanity.  There were these wild neon presents and trees, Jo, Baby and I were ballerinas, Seb was the mouse king, Jag and Jorgio were mice…(rats as far as I were concerned) and Dev and Gunner were our Nutcrackers.  It was wildly fun…there was dancing and marching and fighting and mayhem…a typical holiday in most homes!


Ariel joined us next as a sultry alien along with Corri to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”.  Paul and Wiz were our ever-innocent star fleet officers who managed to look remarkably disinterested as the ladies lap-danced their appendages all over the ship.  Eventually they were persuaded to get up and dance to the enjoyment of everyone 🙂  Much fun was had by all, because how can you possibly sit still to Lady Gaga?


A N U Papp from the Muse Dance Company did a most beautiful solo to teh theme song from Outlander.  Disclaimer….LOVE Outlander!!  a n u wore a long green dress and danced in a magical circle in true Scottish style.  If it were  me I would be praying to give up my drab British husband and be rescued by Jamie…oh….wait….She looked amazing, the animations were perfect and the set was so absolutely wonderful, it was magic.


Kyshra…our little minx was in fine form on Friday as were her dancers.  I can say this because there was NOTHING left up to the imagination as Kysh did her best to avoid lag issues by doing her whole set naked *grins*.  She was joined by Queenie, Ame, Lina Monavie, Capri, Minty and Babypea to Eminem ft. Nate Dog “Shake That”.  And shake it they did….ALL of it!  Clean up in aisle 5!!  Drool…everywhere…and far, far too much sexiness for anyone’s health.


Jo was up next, after a quick hose down of the staff and guests, and she and Seb did an adorable duet to Cliff Richard’s “Living Doll”. Jo took advantage of the amazing CoCo Doll Avatar from CoCo designs and she danced out of her display box right into Seb’s waiting arms.  He seemed to know exactly what to do with his little escape artist and what a unique and sweet dance it was.  Jo also had some great artwork in her house which are originals…yep…she’s not just a dancer!


The last act of the evening was Babypea who once again stretched the limits of her imagination and everyone around her with her set to Marnie’s “The Hunter”.  Baby was joined by Sorcha, Beebs, Gunner, Pan, Seb and Kyshra. Truth be told…I need to see this set again.  There were so many things going on…sprites, demons, hunters, demonesses…I’m pretty sure that I need Baby to explain it all to me.  Somehow though, with the great scene changes, particles and mover work…I just stare at it with my mouth hanging open going….gah in amazement.


Eva did the crowd dances, and unfortunately we don’t have a shot of them, which is a shame because the set was soooooo cool.  The poseballs were little black cats!  She chose Rob Zombie’s “Dragula”, a Friday the 13th dubstep remix and AC/DCs “Highway to Hell” or rolled up into one….a hell of a way to kick of the weekend muwahahaaaaaaa!!!

Note from Ame:  We located a crowd dance pic!


Thank you for the kicking off the weekend with us and thanks to Paul, Baby, Jilley, Gunner and Wiz for making it such fun every week. Thanks also to the great fans who fly on in every Friday and help us start the weekend off right!  Catch you next Friday night at the Empire Room.

Setting Home and Lag

Setting home on a sim allows an avatar to enter that sim, even when full.  This is critical to performers, as if a sim is full and a dancer crashes or needs to relog, they will still be able to get back onto the sim.

However, there is a drawback.  Setting home also puts a sim in a position where it goes over avatar capacity.  Maximum number of avatars is set on a sim with respect to how many people can be there without lagging out the show and destroying acts.  Performers teleporting onto the sim after the sim is full will run the sim over the limit placed on avatar capacity.   Then everyone gets upset because the show is having lag issues, and acts that people have worked hard on and spent a lot of money on are not displaying as intended.

Thus, it is in the best interest of everyone that performers and staff arrive 45 minutes before show time.  Being there an hour early is even better.  Sometimes, we all must arrive late for a show, as real life or exceptional circumstances in Second Life must be accommodated.  But we should not make that a habit.  All performers and staff should make every effort to arrive and park on a pose stand before the sim gets full.  Using the ‘setting home’ method of entering a full sim should be used for emergencies and exceptional circumstances.

Please consider this, and make every reasonable effort to arrive on show days 45 minutes to one hour before the start of the show.  This will help us to give our audience our very best performances by keeping down lag that is related to maximum avatars going over established limits.


How to Possibly Improve Your Graphics for the New Firestorm Viewer

I’m not real tech savvy but Ormand Lionheart is, and he advised the following for people who have Windows and Nvidia graphics cards.  It has helped me a lot with my FPS and some others, so maybe it can help you too.  Eva explains things better than me and also kindly created the screenshot below to further help explain what to do.

From Eva:

You may be able to improve your graphics for Firestorm!

This is for LAPTOP users with NVIDIA graphics cards:

– generally, your laptop will choose which video card to use – the basic built in one or NVIDIA. You need to tell your laptop to use NVIDIA for Firestorm. My frame rates jumped from less than 25 to 40-100!

How to do it: right click on your desktop, select NVidia Control Panel, and follow this screenshot:


Thank you Ormand and Eva!  And Gman for helping me fix my computer at home.

Update: Ormand also says, dancers might want to set their particle slider to zero when performing.  The audience will still see your particles.  His FPS went from 58 to 180 when he slid his particle slider down to zero.  Of course, when performing, we need to see our particles to fully enjoy our dances and see how the performance looks.  Maybe try sliding it down for most of the show?  Or perhaps derender house lights/particles and so forth, to reduce their affect on your system.

Also close as many viewer windows as you can, that can make a difference of 30 FPS.  Here is a screen shot from Ormand:


Anyone interested in stalking Ormand, let me know, I am thinking of starting an Ormand Stalker’s Group.  😀

Elysium Review, January 6 2017 – George Michael Tribute

A life may pass, but true talent lives on forever – echoing through the art it inspires and the people it delights. George Michael’s death was an occasion for remembrance and gratitude for countless fans, and Elysium Cabaret was among them, conducting a George Michael tribute show this past weekend. Each choreographer’s vision was the lens that George’s awesome work shone through, producing onstage visions that were sometimes freaky, sometimes fantastical, and always heartfelt. DJ Gunner von Pheonix directed the show with proper solemnity and gratitude for this beloved performer’s legacy. Host Paul Woodrunner made the audience feel included and inspired by the occasion. And the performances at The Empire Room never failed to do honor to George.

Act One: Babypea with Gunner, BB, Pan, Sorcha and Kyshra – Freeek – George Michael


George Michael was an expert at pushing the envelope, and Babypea is his kindred spirit in that area. Her devotion to George Michael took his sexy, freaky song to a whole new level by weaving a love story from a whole other planet – opening with an alien ship landing in a metropolis, and two extraterrestrial lovers getting down on stage. Flanked by a retinue of bizarre, nude figures, this pair of freakish lovers touched, tangled and ground together in the center of a flying saucer. It was as enthralling as it was exotic, and dripped with the sexuality George Michael was famed for.

Act Two: Lulu with Candy, Angie, Babypea and Jilley- Freedom – George Michael


Freedom of expression, of sexuality and of art, were all principles of George Michael’s life and work, and Lulu put them into practice, transforming The Empire Room stage into the edifice of an adult bookstore and having dancers perform in scanty, sexy outfits. As the lingerie-clad squad shook it, spun and spiced up the stage, the heat definitely hit the top of the thermometer. It was a display of choreography and sensuality that was as both classy and sleazy – qualities that radiated from Mr. Michael himself!

Act Three: Lina with Mona, Kyshra, Nella, Snow and Josie – Too Funky – George Michael


Things went from freaky and free to downright funky – and kinky! Lina’s act was all about sexuality at its most outrageous, with dancers performing before a slideshow of erotic photos, bondage pictures and striking images of George Michael. The song may’ve been about being too funky, but the dance was just to the audience’s tastes, served hot and with plenty of kink to spice it up.

Act Four: Corri with Paul and Wiz – I Want Your Sex – George Michael


Modern dance honored a modern-era chart-topping shocker, as Corri and her dancers hit the stage with some 80s moves to George Michael’s boundary-breaking 80s hit! Featuring red hot lingerie and topless male dancers, Corri’s performance showed we can always have faith that she’ll bring the ultimate sexiness to the stage. It was the definition of dirty – and delightful!

Act Five: Goddess Shayna with Lina, Lulu, Ame, Wiz, Babypea, Jiller, Corri, Gunner and Kyshra – White Light – George Michael


Using phases of darkness and light, Goddess Shayna evoked themes of reincarnation with her tribute to George Michael’s moving tune about not giving up on life. As groups of dancers advanced to the spotlight at the fore of the stage, others stayed receded in darkness, with the song building in force and furor to live on for the sake of passion. As the climax hit in a burst of brilliant white light, all the dancers shone below a strip of George Michael images, as the living incarnation of his amazing musical canon.

Act Six: Wiz with Ariel Arrowmint – Father Figure – George Michael


Solitary except for a sleeping figure in a nearby bed, Wiz danced to a song of unconditional devotion. The conditions of the stage were exquisitely tawdry – a run-down apartment – but the dancer’s motions were just as exquisitely tender. This homage to the sensitive side of George Michael struck many chords, bringing out a touching image of what love ’til the end of time truly means – finding grace in the worst of circumstances.

Act Seven: Ame with Zach – A Different Corner – George Michael


As the set gave way to Ame and Zach Starostin, the romance stayed strong. Set in an elegant penthouse, the pair sparkled in glittery body paint and swirled within streamers, coming together in a dance that had all the hallmarks of a true romance – sensitivity, sexuality and splendor. They made love a truly magical thing, and brought the audience to their feet with praise.

Act Eight: Gunner with Paul, Zach, Melvis, Baby, Kyshra – Bad Boys – Wham!


Gunner’s act brought out the devil-may-care attitude of the 80s with classic from George Michael’s Wham! days. Our DJ and his brothers in badness hit a bar for a wild night on the town, with some modern dance moves and primal energy. The good time music that George Michael was known for was in full effect, as Gunner’s squad cut a rug in a way that would put Chippendale’s to shame!

Act Nine: Jilley with Eva and Dream – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – George Michael


Jilley closed out the night with a finale that was festive and full of fun! With more images of George Michael scrolling behind a group of lavishly dressed dancers, elegance and grace was on display. George Michael’s ode to the birth of 20th century dance and the freedom of expression found a magnificent avatar in Jilley’s 24-karat crew of dancers!

Act Ten: Kyshra (Crowd Dance) – Liberty Funeral March, Paul Barbarian’s Second Line, Somebody to Love (Queen)


In front of a display of George Michael pictures and glimmering candles, arranged like a wake, the crowd gathered for Kyshra’s selection of classic secondline funeral tunes – a fitting send-off for one of the world’s finest modern musicians! Swaying and shifting in classic jazz moves, the audience united to honor George Michael in the way that many of America’s musical stars have enjoyed. It all closed out with Queen’s triumphal tune, reminding us that just as controversy, heartache and calamity never kept George Michael down, our own courage and creativity is how his spirit best lives on!

Creativity and artistic courage is always in full supply at The Empire Room! The legacy of George Michael and a host of other artists inspire us every week – just as our audience’s eye is what keeps our spirits alive! We hope you’ll see more of our talent – and join our family – for the many shows ahead in the new year!

Photos by Sorcha Wylde and Storm Wylde.

Elysium Review, December 30 2016 – On the Eve of ’17

We’ve got a feeling – that this year’s going to be a great year! Elysium Cabaret started off 2017 with a stellar show that stunned the audience with displays of celebration as festive as freshly popped champagne. We know we’ll go strong, and you could hear it in the excitement of DJ Gunner von Phoenix’s voice as he announced each of the show-stopping, jaw-dropping dances that hit The Empire Room stage this past Friday. We know we’ll never fail to thrill, and you could feel that energy radiating from the hearty welcomes given by host Paul Woodrunner. And we know that you, our beloved audience, will see many awesome acts over this new year, as Elysium Cabaret showed with its variety of exciting, sensual and visually stunning routines.

Act One: Babypea with BB and Jo – Celebration – Kool & The Gang


Babypea is a true starlet, never failing to shine, and her opening act lit up the audience. Its subject was celebration, and the driving tunes of Kool & The Gang seized the attention of the audience and started the night by sending the crowd’s energy through the roof. Upbeat, elegant and flawlessly orchestrated, this act put all the icons of New Year festivity on display – from fine dresses to flashing lights – and got the party going right!

Act Two: Angie with LuLu and Candinette Metaluna – Earned It – The Weeknd


January may be mid-Winter, but New Years is meant to be one hot holiday, and Angie really cranked up the body heat with her rendition of one of The Weeknd’s most smoldering melodies. Erotic and graceful, Angie’s dancers evoked the spirit of refined sexuality that comes alive on this romantic holiday. With sexy outfits and sleek moves, this act was as juicy as a New Year kiss at midnight!

Act Three: Ame with Zach, Gunner, Baby, Paul, Jilley, Devlin, Wiz, Kyshra and Winnie


Few can argue that Kid Rock doesn’t really rock, and Ame’s act left no doubt when she shook the stage with a monster of a choreographed number to his hit tune, New Year. The prior act’s sensual blazed away into a supercharged routine that seamlessly directed a colossal crowd of dancers, psyching up the audience and bringing down the house!

Act Four: LuLu – Chandelier – Sia


LuLu summoned a darker note to the stage with her act, Sia’s awesome devotion to the self-abusive side of partying hard, with a dance that shone with splendor from every detail. On a stage dressed in notes of gold and black, and decked with icons of celebration, LuLu literally swung from a chandelier, with a gorgeous display of orgiastic motion. With shifting props and exquisite attention to timing, this was a truly spot-on rendition of a perfect hymn to the agonies of ecstasy.

Act Five: Lina with Monavie Voight, Josephine Jinx, Goddess Shayna, Queenie, Melvis Baum, Seb, Prestor and Paul Woodrunner – Let’s Groove In Our Suits & Ties – Earth, Wind & Fire/Justin Timberlake


The follow up to LuLu’s sardonic solo act was a massive routine by Lina – a nine-person swarm of celebration that wowed the crowd! Grooving in New Years’ finery, Lina’s squad of dancers got down with modern dance moves in a classic environment. It kept the audience’s high spirits at their highest, putting on a brilliantly orchestrated display of choreography that illustrated the New Year tradition of getting together and getting down!

Act Six: Winnie – What Are You Doing New Years’ Eve – Ella Fitzgerald


Sometimes whimsical, sometimes woeful, Winnie is always wonderful. And for this exquisite New Years’ act, she went for wistful and nailed it, taking the stage as a solitary dancer and seizing the audience’s attention with a gorgeous rendition of Ella’s hopeful, tragic New Years’ tune. Marvelous and delicate, dainty and sweeping, her dance dazzled the eyes and, as ever, moved many hearts.

Act Seven: Devlin – Partyman – Prince


On this ultimate occasion of new beginning, Devlin broadened our minds with his thrilling routine – an Empire Room choreographer debut that drew from a classic Prince tune to announce that the Partyman was in the house! Wonderfully composed and with a dash of sass, Devlin’s act was all class, with his involvement of the Mad Hatter and the best song from the 80s’ Batman delivering an exciting homage to Tim Burton’s work. He was an outstanding avatar for the spirit of celebration, and we hope to party down with him more over the months ahead!

Act Eight: Kyshra with Babypea, Jilley, Queenie, Jo, Ame, Shayna, Winnie, Lina, Fuki, Monavie, Nadi, Gunner, Wiz, Si, Rory, Zach and Paul – Show Me How You Burlesque – Christina Aguilera


“Wow” was the word that echoed during Kyshra’s number – a saucy, sexy, astonishingly elaborate dance routine that brought almost the entire Elysium cast onto the stage! Just as New Year celebrates inspiration, Kyshra’s act got right to the heart of what the Elysium Cabaret is all about – bringing many talents into harmony for a visually amazing display of what SecondLife can do! It was a fitting finale – a Times Square of a routine – that

Act Nine: Eva (Crowd Dance) – Don’t You Worry Child (Swedish House Mafia), Give Me Everything (Pitbull), The Final Countdown (Europe)


Eva’s crowd dance selected tunes that got right to the essentials of the New Year holiday and electrified the audience with them! Bringing the crowd onto a stage adorned in New Years’ swag, Eva’s group number reminded us that fresh beginnings mean new hope, revived energy and a feeling that something big is about to happen. With a packed house moving as one under The Empire Room’s golden rafters, it hardly gets bigger than this event in SL!

We’ll continue to raise the bar in 2017 – you can count on that! With hilarious, happy, heart-rending and hot-and-spicy routines, the Elysium Cabaret is sure to bring the full breadth of imagination and inspiration to the SecondLife stage. Here’s to seeing you in the stands for an awesome year ahead!

Pictures by Goddess Shayna and our crowd picture by Sorcha Wylde