Goodbye Skull Island – Hello Waterworld! TONIGHT!

Say goodbye to King Kong’s Skull Island

A project made possible by the Linden Endowment for the Arts! We celebrate human imagination and the wonderment of creativity with a final dance show featuring Elysium Cabaret. This will be followed by an UNDERWATER BALL with DJ Gunner rocking the island. The ball is to herald the arrival of the next big project on LEA9: WATERWORLD! Please join us and share this special evening!

Tuesday, August 30th at 6pm SLT

Say HELLO to Waterworld!

Magnificent Moments at the August Matinee

Babypea (babypeavonphoenix.bikergrrl): Can you please tell the head of the UK to not schedule holidays on weekends when we have shows?

She said it best folks, because where else would you want to be when Elysium has its monthly matinee? Holiday or not, we all know that Friday is the best day of the week except when the last Saturday of the month takes over that title! Come hell or banking holiday, we were out there on the stage today putting our most weird and wonderful on show. This month I decided to dust off my video camera and put my limited skills to the test. Luckily I managed to capture bits and pieces of the amazing dances so please, take a few minutes to peek at the amazing talent we had on display today. Happy viewing.

Babypea Von Phoenix
 Dark Lantern by Mandragora Scream

The scene was set the lair of a wicked witch, or as I interpreted it, a Voodoo witch doctor. A slightly disturbing picture behind her, was the very brave Wild who was strung up as a very pretty, human sacrifice. If the rich textures, clever positioning of large off-center pieces  weren’t enough, they then proceeded to offer a Vegas-worthy light show that was a feast for the eyes. Fiery particles soon surrounded the errr age-challenged practitioner as she cast her spells. The real question is, did her victim make it out alive or was the wrinkled Pea restored her her plump, squishy goodness?

Maia Von Phoenix
Midsummer by Heather Alexander

From dark dwellings to sunlit-forest, Maia’s fantasy land inhabited by fairies and elves was the perfect representation of Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The quirky music, along with clever use of animations brought this routine to life. From Irish-dancing hunky men, to floating beauties and even a toadstool or too, this was truly adorable. Joining Maia in her colorful display as the aforementioned studly elves were Dan, Gunner, Seb with the fluttering fairies danced by Ayita, Jo, Nalani and of course, the choreographer herself.

Tray Porthos
Scooby Snacks by Fun Lovin’ Criminals

We started with the evil, then the mischievous woodland creatures and now it seems the bad guy has come to town. Tray was a very naughty boy indeed, flirting with the pretty girl and then making off with all the money. Of course, what would a bank robbery be without a good car chase, a flash of muscled chest with a pair of handcuffs thrown in. Clearly no one ever told him what happens when you get caught with your hand in the coin-jar. Right into the slammer he went, busted good and proper then doomed to a life of unflattering orange jumpsuits. A great routine, with three amazing set changes to help bring his story to life.

Dongle by Dousk

This next routine was quite unlike anything I had seen before, and if asked to describe it I would have to say ‘performance art at its finest’. Bulbs which appeared broken at first, gradually glowed to life beneath the small, bursts of electricity that were choreographer Ness and her dancers ღღღ Омелия ღღღ  and Nadin Katrin. Arcs of current crackled in the sky, sparks leaping in time with the music with waves of energy flowing behind each girl. The costumes are worth a big mention and truly jaw-dropping in making the dancers appear as live electricity in human form.

Timshel by Mumford and Sons

In the truest embodiment of light, Winnie took to the stage as a hauntingly beautiful melody filled the air. Joined by Jo, this raven-haired woman and her little angel moved with grace in the willowy grass. In a scene marked by barren landscapes, lifeless trees and a crumbled building, strands of bright lanterns glowed in the distance. Then one appeared as though sent from above, then there were two, three and then the sky was filled by the symbolic golden lanterns. In Asian cultures, these floating lights symbolize good fortune and the wish for a bright future. A truly touching routine with every bit of the emotion one can always expect from a Winnie creation.

Rise by Katy Perry

From crumbling ruins in the desert to world famous landmarks restored to their former glory. Speaking of glory, ladies and gents we present to you our Manager Wiz his all his glory. Yes that is right, if you want naked men, bronzed and carved like statues then this is the routine for you! Surrounded by paintings and symbols of Greece, this dance was a beautiful and simple piece of choreography. Smooth transitions, elegant animations and motivational music served to make this a memorable routine for reasons other than the costuming, or lack thereof. ~winks~

Dancin’ Fool (remix) byBarry Manilow

This jivin’ number had a backdrop of stairs too, though a far cry from the previous color scheme. Fuki, Winnie, Seb and Melvis brought the choreography of the very talented Jo to life in this up-beat number that was bound to make everyone wiggle in their seats. The best of swing and some very clever animation choices really shined here where the dancing was the star. There were disco-balls and neon lights and all kinds of other fabulous set elements but the choreography itself was up there with the best. A truly fun and light-hearted routine from the talented Jo.

I’m Only Joking by Kongos

She may have been only joking but I am pretty sure these superheroes would not see it that way, Marvel must be rolling over in their multi-million dollar office if they ever saw this! Jilley put her men to good use in this one with Paul, Zach, Tray, Melvis and Ray dressed up as the various characters. I am not sure what the Joker did to them, but Superman seems to have forgotten to turn off his iron, Spiderman went commando under his spandex, Captain American has a thing for the hot guy in the front row and poor Batman has a touch of unrequited love for Robin. Need I say more? The choreography was perfect for the music and the costumes true to their masked wearers.  In the end though, they ended up back in their corner (or cage) and all they needed was their own little chairs so they could be whoever they wanted to be. Extremely creative and a real hoot to end the show with!

That brings us to the end of another amazing show at Elysium Cabaret. As always, filled with a smorgasbord of music, sets, costumes and of course dance to keep our imaginations well fed. We look forward to seeing you all again on Friday night, and of course at our next matinee on Saturday, 24th September at 1pm.

Twilight with Stage Lights

A clear and lovely Friday night with warm breezes and a starlit sky was where I was watching the show last night, and what a backdrop for a theme show from the “Twilight” series! I confess, I read all of the books (super guilty pleasure) and loved them, so I was excited to see what our awesome dancers would come up with and I wasn’t disappointed.

Our ever cool DJ Gunner started us out with a slightly different soundtrack that our usual rockin’ beats, but it set the mood for a more mellow and romantic show than we may typically see.  Ok…romantic?  Vampires?  Werewolves?  Yep! So with Jilley and Paul making sure everyone was safely snuggled in with garlic and crosses and silver bullets, Gunner was making sure that the guests were ready to be wooed by the magic of our dancers.

Our first dance was choreographed by Moni Corbeau and was performed by Baby and Gunner.  Moni chose Sia’s “My Love”, a beautiful song sung in that iconic voice that just seems to have a way to get straight to your heart and tug every fiber of it.  The stage was framed in a heart and Baby and Gunner danced a beautiful dance all in black in front of a  bridge with candles on a light and airly set.  The color contrast and the framing put our lovers in a perfect setting to focus only on them.  Lovely Moni!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Moni

Goddess Shayna and Oodlemi (I just can’t type his name without a huge grin) were our Bella and Edward.  They danced to “Love Is Worth The Fall” by Oar.The set was a beautiful waterfall and Oods was on a raft, rowing, but he managed to take time with Goddess Shayna and dance with her, wooing her and in general wooing all the lovely ladies in the audience who would have gladly swum out to meet him and enjoy a romantic dance of their own! Our lovers ended by leaping into the water, but not to fear, vampires don’t breathe so they can stay under water a long time 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Shayna

Corri chose The Black Ghosts “Full Moon”. She was a vision in silks that barely hid her beautiful bod.  They were light and airy as was her dance.  She was outlined by the huge full moon in the background and was a temptress for any Werewolf that might appear in the woods that night.  It was also her 10th rez day yesterday, so everyone was also able to wish her a very happy rez day!!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Corri

SoCo and the Phoenix Dance Team chose “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse to do a super sexy set in front of a huge Werewolf that looked like it might gobble them all up at any second.  Lily, Litz, Seb, Zach, JP and Nevar were fantastic, so many abs, so little time…*drools*…. but I digress.  The fog was no match for these lithe dancers who made it perfectly clear that they were far too awesome to be snackfood for a wolf!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Guest(Phoenix Dance Team)

Kyshra took the stage next on the most decadent set of the evening.  I could have moved right on into her set and somehow manage to look sexy in slippers and sweat pants.  She chose Florence and the Machine’s “Heavy In Your Arms”. Flo  has another one of those voices that just cuts right through you.  This dance was gorgeous.  The set was to die for and Kysh was pale with white hair and an amazing blue dress that flowed around her like water.  The lights and particles and textures and candles….  it was a knockout!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Kyshra

Voodoo joined us in a sexy kitten vampiress set to Belle Brigade’s “I Didn’t Mean It”.  She was about 7ft of legs and leather boots with about 7 inches of leather covering the rest of her, and she moved around her set with a wildly sexy strut and dance that was accented by candles and amazing particles that flared with each step she took as she walked across the front of the stage.  She owned that stage and the undivided attention of everyone in the theater.  She may not have meant what she said…but she sure meant to be sure that she made an impression. 🙂

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Voodoo

Ally took us to our last set with “Eyes On Fire” by Blue Foundation.  She had a really cool set with these 2 giant floating orbs that pulsated reds and orange swirls and was on a platform with some other abstract ethereal effect surrounding her.  She was all in red and the whole set was backed in black so each effect was accented nicely.  She was a vision as she danced and I’m pretty sure all of our eyes were on fire as we watched her.

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Ally

And like that…an evening of stunning, sultry performances was over and what could be done but join our lovely pale friends who avoid the sun and are allergic to garlic on stage? Baby did our choreography to And One “Sitata Tirulala”, Eisenfunk “Pong” and The Cog is Dead “Burn It Down”.  A hot and sexy set of dances to move us all on our way to a wonderful weekend. These awesome pictures were done by Fuki.  From all of us at the Empire Room, thank you so very much for joining us and kicking off your weekend in style!

Elysium - 26AUG16 - Crowd(Baby).jpg

Friday, August 26th “Twilight” Inspirational Show

It’s Friday and that means it’s Elysium Cabaret!  Grab some friends and dash on over. Brand new acts… dynamic choreography, detailed staging, and elaborate costumes all to an eclectic mix of music await you!  Starts at 6pm.  Welcome to the weekend!

This Friday, August 26th, it is a theme night.  The theme is TWILIGHT!  The show will features songs from the Twilight movie series.  PLUS our talented friends from Phoenix Dance Team will be honouring our stage with a performance!


Another Awesome Friday – 8/19/16

I love Fridays.  It’s the traditional end of the work week and the first night of a weekend full of dancing.  Tonight was definitely no exception.  Gunner was getting the room rocking with great tunes and picking up the bar tab for the room, Paul and Jilley were getting everyone settled in and comfortable and all of us dancers were in back putting the finishing touches on our costumes and making sure the SL Gods were being kind to our sets.

Ame and Zach – Snow Patrol – What If The Storm Ends

We were honored and excited to open the show with this song that Fuki pointed us to. Set in an post – apocalyptic Dystopia, we did our best to incorporate as many of the lyrics as we could into the dance, beginning with the return of the female to him and taking him away with her at the end.  A very emotional dance for us and proud to have been able to present it.

Ame and Zach - Storm - 81916

Celia – Comptine

I’m not sure any words I could use would describe this stunning young talent.  She is mesmerizing and graceful to watch and brings more than one person to tears with her interpretation of music through movement.  This evening Celia wowed us with a sublime dance in a grand foyer that only seemed to enhance the story and not overwhelm her diminutive stature.  Beautiful dance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Celia

Jilley – Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody

Jilley’s creativity, sets and light work are astounding to me and this was no exception.  She danced on a ship amid the stars and bright colors of space around her in another cool outfit; I really need to see about raiding her LMs.  :))  With her own special alien magic, she got the room hot and audience wanting more.  Stunning performance!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Jilley

Seb w/ Babypea, JMB, Nadi and Lily – Miss McDonald Mix – Continued 

Sebastain, the quintessential bad boy, brought us another example of his yummy bad side with this dance.  Set to swing type theme, Seb danced and seduced each of the women while spending just enough time with each one to leave them begging for more.  Of course Babypea was having none of it and was happily bullying the other girls for more Seb time.  Very entertaining and perfect.  A dance I would love to see again.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Sebastain

Monavie – Beyonce – Heaven

Mona always impresses me with her use of the entire stage, the detail and choice of costume and choreo to fit her music.  She danced in a beautiful purple gown amidst the clouds, gracefully moving from one to the other, the clouds seeming to lead her and form the steps for her to descend and ascend.  She truly gave a vision of heaven for us.  Outstanding!

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Mona

Eva w/ Ally Romani, Amari Di Ricchezi Thomas, Nadi and Tauriel – Jai Ho

This is one of my favorite songs and completely enjoyed Eva’s interpretation of it.  Set in a stunning courtyard in India, the women took turns dancing as well as dancing all together in a spicy routine that got a few hearts pumping in the room and maybe even some blood boiling too.  There sexy costumes and movement made me feel transported directly into that Far East setting.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Eva

Ayita w/Sebastain – Evil Night Together by Jill Tracey

In this naughty and delightfully cheeky routine, Ayita begins as our alien Domina with Sebastain (remember the quintessential bad boy) waiting on the lounge for the lady of the ship, errrr, house to return.  Quickly ducking in the closet, Ayita drags him out riding him around the home, teasing and dancing with him but Seb has other ideas.  He turns the tables on her and she finds herself being the one in the cage and Seb taking the bows for his clever turnaround.  Very well done and loved the twist at the end.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Ayita

Babypea w/ Wild Bravin – Mandragora Scream – Dark Lantern

Our last performance of the night had the talented Babypea as an old haggard witch looking for another dose of youth and poor Wild was her victim.  Baby wove her evil magic throughout the dance with spectacular lights and smoke and fire.  At the end, nothing could save our prisoner and Baby was once more returned to the beauty of her youth.  This dance was simply amazing and I really want to steal her set.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Baby

Eva – The Final Countdown – When Stars Align – Major Tom

As always, we finish our night by inviting the audience to come up and dance with us and experience a few moments as an Elysium Cabaret dancer.  Eva put together a great crowd dance on a terrific space stage.  The choreo was spot on and we all loved it.

Elysium - 19AUG16 - Crowd(Eva)

We look forward to seeing you again next Friday night @ 6pm SLT for the hottest ticket on the grid.  Hope you can join us!

Farewell Skull Island – Hello Waterworld!


Skull Island Farewell Invitation2

Say goodbye to King Kong’s Skull Island

A project made possible by the Linden Endowment for the Arts! We celebrate human imagination and the wonderment of creativity with a final dance show featuring Elysium Cabaret. This will be followed by an UNDERWATER BALL with DJ Gunner rocking the island. The ball is to herald the arrival of the next big project on LEA9: WATERWORLD! Please join us and share this special evening!

Tuesday, August 30th at 6pm SLT

Say HELLO to Waterworld!

Evil Queens From Outer Space – Show Pics!

Here are some pictures from this very popular show, performed this week at Lovefest 2016.  It was so much fun to create dances for Lovefest 2016, an annual festival inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  We were blessed with appreciative audiences, who make our work worth the time, expense, tears and hair-pulling as we struggle with the challenges of dance creation in Second Life.  Every act was absolutely FANTASTIC, and I was again so proud of my Elysium family!  Thanks to them, DJ Gunner, and Lovefest organisers Arik the Red and Fitch Lekvoda for putting this event together and inviting Elysium to participate!  Thank you also to our many dancers who help bring our acts to life.  The pics are of acts by:  Babypea, Mona, Kyshra, Ame, Oodles, SoCo, Ayita, Lily and Shayna.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them or see a slide show.  Please tick Like if you enjoy this gallery.  It takes one second.

The Rose Theatre – Pictures from A Mid-Summer Night’s Dance

Here are some pictures from the breathtaking show Elysium performed this Sunday past at The Rose Theatre.  Many thanks to Countess Lisa Valentino for her help in organising this inspired show.  Thank you Fuki for hosting, and DJ Gunner for the music.  Thank you to PalDan (Dan the Man) for most of the pics featured here.  The ones of Maia’s dance and the theatre were taken by me, the rest were taken by Dan.  Click on a picture to enlarge it or to see a slide show.  Thank you Elysiums for your passion in dance creation and for sharing your beautiful visions!!  ♥

Choreographers featured are Babypea, Ame, Kyshra, Maia, LuLu, and Mona!

Evil Queens From Outer Space … It Is Time!!

Elysium presents Evil Queens From Outer Space! It is a night of dark burlesque as reigning Reignas from all corners of the galaxy travel to Earth at warp speed with the goal of probing your twisted lust with their mesmerizing powers of seduction. Does the galaxy really have corners? This show is part of LOVEFEST 2016, inspired by H.P. Lovecraft.

Monday, Aug 15th – 2pm SLT
Tuesday, Aug 16th – 8pm SLT

Resistance is futile, you will be abducted!

Elysium Lovefest 2016 Invite Final

Freaking Really Imaginative Dance and …You! F.R.I.D.A.Y!

Wow it’s hot out….superhot, cook an egg on your car hot.  Three digits on the thermostat hot…Farenheit…but that doesn’t mean that’s any different that it ever is at the Empire Room on a Friday!  SL was blessedly cooperative and Gunner was spinning his usual amazing tunes while we all scratched new bottoms on our toe shoes and Paul and Jilley made sure that everyone who stopped in felt welcome.  I hear the buffet was great, but when you’re dancing there’s never time to hit the buffet!

Jilley opened for us and what an opening it was!  She was the perfectly beautiful caged bird for Lindsey Stirling’s “Song of the Caged Bird”.  There was gently lapping water under the cage and a delicately beautiful winged Jilley in it.  The set was dark with strategically placed accents, an arch, the cage and some flora.  It was mesmerizing and pretty.  A wonderful way to let the week melt away and the weekend begin.


There was a vibe in Friday’s show, maybe it’s the lazy hazy days of summer, but emotion ran high in a few sets and Gunner’s was one of them.  He was with his love, Baby, and there was a plane crash.  Blitz’ “Berlin Leviathan” set the stage and while Gunner appeared to have made it, Baby did not.  He danced to his love, gathered her up and carried her into the sea.  What I didn’t expect, was the two of them rising from the water, like phoenixes…gorgeous flamed dancers dancing together again. Beautiful Gunner!


Goddess Shayna graced the stage in a ruin…not her, her set!  Shayna was a beautiful belly dancer, whose hips wriggled to “Quest for the Oracle” by Paul Dinletir. The perfect song to set the scene with sand and fallen columns as well as some really adorable goats…and were there monkeys too? If I read that right in group…I don’t know…I was too busy staring at Shayna and couldn’t peel my eyes off of her.  It was wonderful! She really was our Goddess of the desert.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Shayna

JenZa and her Misfits were up next and that meant something fun, because with JenzZa it ALWAYS means fun!  JenZza was our intrepid farm lady….curlers in her hair, batter in hand and countless reminders about feeding the chickens, watering the chickens, dancing with the chickens…plastered all over her house while she danced to her mix of Miss McDonald.  The scene faded and our intrepid chickens were hanging out dancing  and looking for worms…more on that later….and so Dulcikate, Phoebe, Love, Cuddlebug, Candykat and Rumour clucked and flapped around, while our little worm…Seb, managed to avoid the beaks of all of them…inching around the chicken coop and leaping …yep… hysterical animation…he contracted and leaped from window to window.  Another cool and wildly fun set from the imagination of JenZza and the Misfits!

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Guest(Misfits)

Wiz was up following the chickens…so let’s just say it was going to take a LOT to follow that act or should I say a little?  To say that our Wiz was a minimalist on Friday would be quite an overstatement.  The song was Katy Perry’s “Rise”. The set was an arena. The inspiration was the Olympics and apparently, athletes originally competed in the NUDE! This brings us to Wiz.  Clad only in some fig leaves.  Fig leaves on his HEAD…the one attached to his NECK!  Not the usual location for fig leaves in one of his sets.  I think there was a lot of chatter about the name of the song…the location of the fig leaves…the set…but frankly, I was distracted.  Suffice to say, Wiz set me straight with his inspiration and the mosaic is Leda and the Swan from Greek mythology.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Wiz

Now it was my turn to have to follow up an act that couldn’t be topped.  Thanks Wiz!  I chose Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”.  Lana has such a haunting voice and her songs really strike a chord with me.  I decided to build a fantasy set because the song is really about what happens after you leave that phase of your life, but the fantasy that is SL allows us to be young and beautiful forever.  I think I have the soul of a vampire…or would…if they had souls.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Winnie

Kyshra was joined by Queenie and Baby to “I Remain” by Alanis Morrisette.  It was a night of two belly dancing sets that were as different as different could be. The ladies flew in on their sand devils or sand tornadoes and it was a heck of an entrance.  They wore particles on their hands and feet that were really amazing…they were delicate and when they moved, they created an effect that almost looked like sand flying through the air.  In the end they were carried away by the sandstorm and in between they were beautiful belly dancers.  Kyshra has been doing a lot with interesting lighting and particles lately and it’s really fun to watch her results.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Kyshra

Baby was our closer and she and Fuki took us to the enchanted forest for the last act to Selena Gomez and the Scene’s “Who Says”.  Baby was Snow White…and yep there were a LOT of jokes about that and Fuki was the Evil Queen and they danced in the woods with the magic mirror between them.  The fun came when the message in the mirror changed from the creepy face to “you’ve got every right to a beautiful life”.  What a fabulous song and message and what a fun way to close the show.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - BabyPea

Well, like that….it was over…dammit.  We had nothing left to do but hop up onstage and enjoy some really fun group dances done by Ame.  She picked the Red Hot Chili Peppers “We Turn Red”, Candlelight Red’s “Demons” and Halestorm’s “I Miss the Misery”.  Hopping tunes which had us all hopping and bopping our way to the finish line of fun on a Friday night.

Elysium - 12AUG16 - Crowd(Ame)

On behalf of all of the Elysiums, thank you all for spending some quality time with us on your first night of the weekend.  We had a  great time and hope that you did too!  Can’t wait to catch you under the spotlights next week and having some fun dancing with you after:)  Catch you all next Friday night!