Elysium Cabaret Euro Matinee – Saturday Aug 27th 2022

This weekends Euro dance at the Empire Room was really rockin the house! Our Elysium Cabaret choreographers turned up the volume and brought us a fabulous show! Choreographers for the matinee were Azdra , Ice, Chrissy, Yancy, Rosie, Rina, Chrissy(ty for taken that extra slot Chrissy)! Here are a few pics we managed to get during the show!

Elysium Cabaret Dancing with Numbers Theme show Friday August 26th, 2022

The theme this week for the Elysium Cabaret was Dancing with Numbers and it was a superb show, so much fun , so much variety in music choices and what a great time we all had! Eva was our rockin DJ, and rolled out those number songs making us all laugh and sing along! A newcomer to the Elysiums is Sativa. Welcome and well done on your first performance at the Empire Room!! We hope to see you here often! We had a great afterparty as well. It was Disco with Eva time! I took a few pics of that too just for fun..great costumes all!

Taema – ‘ 1234’ – With Jo and Nadi

This was such a brilliant performance Taema! Everything about it was just amazing, set, costumes and most of all your dance itself! Just loved it! Great show opener!!!

Mikiko – ‘Touch and Go – Straight To… Number One (Dreamcatcher’s Mix)’

Sensual and very seductive.. Mikiko, That costume was amazing how it moved with you! Loved the set and those slow , smooth moves..turn on the AC!!! Bravo!!!

Koyia – ‘ Nena – 99 Luff ballons’ – With Eo, Nadi, Temp and Jeni

Very cute set Koyia, and I had to laugh at the floating Eo! Adorably done. Great costume idea with the balloons! Well done!!


First thing I noticed before you moved was that awesome costume Bianka, Just lovely! I loved this, very sexy and cleverly done with the walkway..lovely effect beautiful colours! Super moves!

Sativa – ‘ Bruno Mars 24K Magic’ – With Rox and Caresse

Excellent performance Sativa, Your set was unreal lol, kinda like an Alice effect on drugs ..really fit the song! Great costume and moves, and the bunny in the hat was unique and clever! Welcome to The Elysium Cabaret!

Sunset – ‘Count on me by Bruno Mars’ – With Morgana and Star

Sunset, I love everything about this dance. The set and scene changes, the costumes, and your animations you used were just perfect for the song. Such a pleasure to be able to dance this with you..thank you!

Azdra – ‘Queen – Another one bites the dust’ – With Cael, Yancy, Tiberius, Zach, Kira and Melli

Geat song and choreo Azdra! Really looked great out there and I loved the entrances! Great fun, great energy!

Bianka (CROWD)

Such a fun set Bianka! Loved the way you pushed us around to numbers tune..Really had a blast myself and i know everyone was having a super fun time! Thank you so much!

Disco afterparty with Eva!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday August 19th

This Friday night was another truly great show at The Empire Room! As most of you know, Olivia Newton-John singer, and actress passed away on August 8th this year. Some of our wonderful Elysium Cabaret choreographers chose songs she performed as a tribute to this amazing woman. A huge thank you to them under such short notice, and also thanks need to be said to DJ Eva who has stepped in while DJ Gunner is away and as always brings the best of the best! A side note here…Our hearts go out to all those who knew and loved Yona, may he Rest In Peace .

Taema – ‘ The awakening of my soul’ – With Kyser and Zach

Absolutely wonderful performance Taema, so creative and intense. Such deep emotions and strength that you managed to express with your costumes, set and superb choreography. Fantastic opening for this weeks show!

Sagia – ‘KID ROCK – ALL SUMMER LONG’ – With Ariel

Fun and summery goodness, pretty set, love that dolphin!! Nicely done. Very cool dance and love the song!

Chrissy – ‘Olivia Newton John – Xanadu’ – With Cassie, Akiko, Dixie & MeLLi

Loved this Chrissy. I have always loved Olivia Newton – Johns music and this is one of my favorites. I truly thought you expressed it very well, the magic and mystery and unity all wrapped up together. Great costumes and set transitions..so good!

Rory – ‘ In the Steam Room’ – With Cael, Mavrick, Wiz, Temperance & Yancy

So good Rory, very scary gym girls lol! Excellent choreo, great set and those are some hot costumes haha! You certainly steamed up the empire room on this one!!

Dear – ‘ Lauv – All 4 Nothing (I-m So In Love)’

Everything about your dance was just exquisitely lovely, Beautiful set and costumes, wonderful intro, graceful choreography and really good song as well..just super!

Bianka – ‘ Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher – Muguette’

Loved this, your costume set and choreo was just perfect and omg boots dancing on their own..who wouldve thought..so cool!! Brilliant!

Melli – ‘ Olivia Newton John – I Honestly Love You’

Wonderful song,and you gave it life once more through your dance. I loved tour set and costume but most of all your fabulous smooth, flowing movement. I watched intently and very beat was so well executed. Beautiful Melli!

Mavrick – ‘You’re The One That I Want (Mavrick Edition)’ With 5 dancers (Rory, Tessa, Anya, +2)

I just adore this one, so fun so creatively performed, never a dull moment, it was as if I was seeing Grease on the Broadway stage all over again only Mavrick style! Superb!!

Bianka (CROWD)

Wonderful Olivia Newton – John tribute songs, fun and happy, bringing good memories and so many smiles. Thank you Bianka for making our night so special!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday August 12th

A super show action-packed and full of dynamite!!! So much variety this week , such geat performance rnges that brought tears, laughter, smiles and awe!!! A couple of Happy Birthday Wishes to send out to Melvis and Ariel, and Happy Baby Day to Webby, also a huge thanks for the poster to Webby and Beebs!!! As most of you kow Babypea and Gunner are on a romantic getaway rl and Eva has taken over the stream!! Thank you so much for being there and for being you Eva! We loves you!!!

Scarlot – ‘Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul’ – With Mac Cheorley

Great song, Great moves, Freat set and costumes and an even geater start to our show this week! Loved this Scarlot, brilliantly done and fabulous use of particles as well!!!

Yancy – ‘State of Mine – Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)’ – With Diamonte, Tiberius, Cael, Mavrick

Very cool dance Yancy, awesome choreography and I like the white costumes on the grey effect.of the set and that face is like wow! Brilliantly presented and performed to a great song as well!

Cael – ‘Mr. Blue Sky’

I must say Cael that I really appreciated that blizzard effect during this drought season hehe..made me feel cooler just watching! Super fun choreo love the running! Totally enjoyable!

Ariel – ‘Tina Turner- Addicted to Love’

This was a very fascinating set! I loved the moving heartbeat it is just very cool! Nice choreo of an oldie but goodie song..one of those never get old tunes. great use of the particles in the box, loved that!

Rory – ‘Beauty of the Male Physique – Rory Mashup’

Rory, you had me almost falling out of my chair laughing.. you are totally one of a kind hehe.. what a concept and what a way to pull it off, not sure anyone but you could hahaha! Loved it, so funny!

Nadi – ‘Scars In Heaven Artist~Casting Crowns’

This tribute dance you made was absolutely beautiful Nadi. You brought tears to my eyes and stirred my soul with your graceful, delicate movement and magnificent set. Perfect and just wonderful.

Sultry – Your Heart is as Black as Night by Beth Hart’

This was very well sultry..Sultry! Sexy, smooth choreography, and love the costume and set! It all was put together so well..bravo, awesome!!!

Mavrick – ‘Airship Pirates’ – With Rory, Cael, Tessa, Anya, Yancy, Kyser

Fantastic, mysterious, intriguing peformance Mavrick! Love it! Brilliantly done, like a show within a show! Fabulous end to our show, what a sendoff!!!

Azdra (CROWD)

Azdra, thank you for bring these wonderfl crowd dances and pushing our sleepy feet around making us work out and wake up! Such fun, so many smiles!!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday August 5th

Absolutely fantastic show this week, kept us all on the edge of our seats from start to finish..just brilliant! Our crowd dance this week was led by Cael, his first time pushing us all around, and it was a huge success! What great fun this entire show was! On a side note, Babypea and Gunner are headed out on a romantic getawy for a few weeks…all the best to both of you, have a wonderful time, stay safe , get in trouble, laugh and love!!! We expect to hear all about your adventures when you return!!!

Chrissy – ‘Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – With Cassie, Akiko, Dixie, Beebs, MeLLi, Kendra

What a beautiful performance Chrissy! Wonderful song and your portrayal of people from around the world was just stunningly done!
An amazing opening for our show!

Wiz – ‘Dancing Queen – Elliott’

Well THIS was unique Wiz! Excellent choreo , love the look hahaha! Really super act, very creative and out of the box..fun and excellent moves!

Azdra – ‘Alannah Myles – Black Velvet’ – With Cael

Fabulous old song, one of my all time favorites and your performance relly showed the sentiment surrounding it. Love the way you had Cael dance with you towards the end, nice touch, well thought out!

Mikiko – ‘ Billie Eilish, Khalid – lovely’

This was an excellent dance Mikiko, your costume was stunning, your set unique and I love your use of the animesh! Such pretty, smooth movement , very sexy very sutle..just lovely!!

SoCo – ‘ In The Air Tonight (ROCK Cover by STATE of MINE)’ – With Tristain, Troy, Star, Pea

Wow Soco! Tis performance was incredible well done! Your costume and set transitions and changes were almost imperceptibly done..so perfect! Love the choreography and the use of animations was brilliant!

Dear – ‘ Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, David Guetta – DON-T YOU WORRY’

Very sexy Dear! Wonderful use of particles and light, beautiful choreo, it flowed like the water itself!

Kyser – ‘ It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)’ – With BabyPea, Diamonte,Taema, Zach

Oh what a cool cool dance Kyser! Had everyone in the Empire Room tapping toes and bouncing in our seats! Fabulous moves and great costumes, fun and upbeat! Love it!!

Mavrick – ‘ Game On’ – With Tessa, Anya, Melli, Sage

This is the perfect way to end a show..clever, incredible creative and just plain fun!!! Love, love it! What an incredible concept and so totally pac man hahhaa! So good!!!

Cael (CROWD)

Cael, thank you so much for these crowd dances this week. Such great tunes and animations, Love the set and style! Everyone had such a great time …hope you will do it again soon!!!

Exceptional! August 5th at 6pm SLT!

What an incredible show we have this week! Every act is brilliant, it’s a must-see night of entertainment!

If it’s Friday, it’s Elysium Cabaret! Fancy some imagination in a fun social setting? In The Empire Room at Copperhead Road, every Friday at 6pm SLT, the dynamic performers of Elysium Cabaret take the stage to bring you a solid hour of entertainment! Featuring elaborate sets, stunning costumes and choreography sequenced to an eclectic genre of music, Elysium Cabaret offers something for everyone.

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We also offer a ‘best of the past month’ matinèe the last Saturday of every month at 1pm SLT, for our friends who can’t make it to our Friday evening shows. See you there!

Welcome to the Weekend!

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