Elysium at Sweetwater’s “Nights Over Egypt”

Wednesday, August 3rd at 4:30pm SLT
Join us for an enchanting evening with an Egyptian theme featuring:

Elysium Cabaret
Performing a two-act mini-show at 4:30

Followed by relaxing Egyptian music with DJ Brown Sugar
Best Egyptian Costume Contest
What a way to get over the hump!
Bring your friends and lets create a magic moment!

Host:) Armagin Silverwings

Your camel:


Nights Over Egypt Invite

Mixin’ It Up at the July Matinee

The SL gremlins made an appearance early in the morning, with the sun rising on half the show staff being locked out of SL. Someone must have called Ghostbusters (the better movie) because everyone made it in! And what a treat they gave everyone with the spectacular ‘best of’ numbers we have come to expect of our monthly matinee. The stage was set, announcements went out and the house waited with baited breath for the first of many jaw-dropping routines.

Sexy Robot by The Pinkertones Jilley1Jilley 2
What more could you want than sexy, futuristic robots?! I know .. Jilley in that robot suit! She certainly can move and strutted her stuff in that skintight suit, the eerie eye-slit helmet completing the look . The dance featured a fusion of robotic-style and hip hop animation, with a healthy dose of sex appeal thrown in. The set popped with a glowing stand, propped up by color-change coils. There was also a rotating metal-orb right above her head.  This was a quirky routine that truly embodied the aptly-named music and, let me just say, if this is what robots will look like then gimme!

Georgia Peaches by Lauren Alaina Selene2Selene1
I loved loved loved the set here. It looked like someone got their hand caught in the cookie jar, except it was a box of makeup instead. Colored bangles, hair-brush, lipstick and many more goodies could be found in here … along with a dancing Selene. If any of you missed it, the silver hand was holding a massive gun matching the one she held. If you also mistook the bullet shells the lipstick caps you could be forgiven, it was very cleverly created. Sporting a striped dress and a black hat, she danced her way to center stage and truly delighted us all. The fact we all made it out in one piece may have helped, this was definitely not a mis-fire!

Unsteady by X AmbassadorsWiz1Wiz2Wiz took this song literally, keeping us on the edge of our seats in the opening moments. Walking a tightrope suspended high above the stage, hearts were in our mouths and we waited to see if he would pull through. Floating platforms soon carried him away, along with Jilley and Zach on either side. They danced precariously here, truly embodying the meaningful lyrics. A visually simply yet breathtaking performance by our wonderful manager, Wiz.

The Hand That Feeds by Nine Inch Nails
From teetering on tightropes to three beauties strutting their stuff, this routine by Lulu featuring Candy and Angie was hot hot hot! The animations were flawlessly connected, smooth as silk and a sensual sensation. I could not take my eyes from the simple and elegant setting which enveloped the dancers. The twinkling lights on the stage and flickering candles elevated the scene, not to mention the stage facade behind them (which I want to steal, it’s really different). Colorful costumes, lacy garters and those sharp bobs only served to enhance an already evocative performance.

This Kind Of Lovin by The Whispers
The set on this routine by Voodoo was a work of art. From a monochromatic beginning to an explosion of colors this certainly had everyone admiring its beauty. Piece by piece, silhouettes of flowers, candles and several other items slit upwards leaving us wondering what would appear next. The first touch of color by way of floating leaves, followed by beautiful butterflies was a stunning vision. The dancer herself was framed lovingly in giant heart, with flowing animations and seamless transitions. A very creative number that was a true, visual fest.

Kamikaze by Mø
Now I am not sure I’m off-base here, but I kinda got a King Kong vibe from this number. The little carts up top just like at the theme park attraction, the bridge and torches. The cart started by dropping off all the dancers, SoCo, Jo and Mona up on the higher road, then Melvis, Zach & Andy down on the beach. Next thing I know, the girls are walking across the bridge (they are brave, looks a little dicey to me) before parting on down with the men. A fusion of Bollywood and hip-hop reigned supreme in this number, some seriously inventive choreography. Super fun to watch and I hear Melvis is already working on his next (and third) routine to the music of Mø.

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed
Disturbing. Creepy. Scary. Creative. Unique. Awesome. These are the words that come to mind on this number by Pea. This exceedingly icky creature started by jumping around the dark forest, finally settling in one place. Thus followed the rise of evil, green smoke which magically transformed it green. Green Pea, I wonder if it goes squish? I know I wanted to make mush out of this shudder-worthy being. Then we add a pram with broken dolly in a kids bedroom and I just want to run screaming. Definitely an awe-inspiring trip into the imagination of this choreographer, creating yet another very memorable dance.

Train by Goldfrapp
If the routine before it was disturbing, then this was just bizarre. I think the dancers (Ayita, Dan, Dara, Gunner, Jo, Oodles, Shayna & Wiz) deserve props for their willingness to wear leather, latex, blindfolds and gags in this out of the ordinary dance by Maia. Deliciously different use of couples animations, including spanked bottoms for all really set this up for success. Seriously smooth mover work, clever use of formations for the large collective and some steam-punk inspired choreography told the tale of good girl gone bad. I may be bad to say this, but all these whips and chains excite me. I know they certainly excited our audience!

Another fanatic show put on at The Empire Room by the equally amazing Elysium Admin, Managers, Choreographers and Dancers. As always, I look forward to the first show of the month and every Friday thereafter.

Ayita xoxo

July 29, 2016 Caribbean Show!

It was high seas, warm beaches of fine, soft sand, the spray of aqua blue salt water so clear you could see right down to the bottom of the ocean floor as Elysium travelled to the Caribbean tonight.  Warm sunshine and that refreshing sea breeze bathed our guests in relaxation as Jilley and Paul welcomed them with colorful fruity cocktails and platters of lobster bisque, crab legs, and steamed oysters.  DJ Gunner was in fine form, spinning tunes to warm guests up even more, as Manager Wiz made the  opening announcements.  “I Gotta Feeling” sang out over the airwaves, and the show began, welcome to the weekend… Caribbean style!  If you like this review then please tick LIKE at the bottom and share it if you are into social media.  To find out if you DO actually like it, read on!  *grins and hands you a coffee*




Wiz opened the show to Happiest Man Alive, dressed as a rastanaut, looking darling… love the dreads!  And the sunnies… Wiz is so hawt with lips that were made for kissing!  He danced on the sand dunes and showgirls appeared, dancing with him, Jilley, Mona, Moni, Nadi and Joy.  Being proper showgirls they were delightfully topless… BEWBIES!!!!  We can see why he was the happiest man alive.  What a place to land!  I’d say he was not only the happiest, but the luckiest.  This was a very fun upbeat quirky dance in the metamorph Wiz style that we have all come to look forward to, and that got us all pumped up for the rest of the show.




Ally then brought us her message, in a bottle at that, to Message In a Bottle by The Police.  The dark sand beach and moonlit sky gave us a nighttime atmosphere on the beach, a bottle washed up in which danced a very sexy Ally.  The waves were fabulous, layered in such a way that you could just feel them washing over the bottle as a wispy mist meandered through the sky, which twinkled with magical starlight.  Particles of bottles appeared as Ally sent out her S.O.S. from within her glass prison.  I love the light effects of the ripples in the sand.  It is those subtle nuances that really enhance a dance.  The use of transparency with the bottle was so well-done.




Jilley took the stage next, rezzing a massive set that was so detailed, this picture does not do it justice at all.  A boat dock over the ocean, sea creatures in the ocean and lots of palm trees to each side, little monkeys, bananas, a goat, a boat and crab on the sand under the dock, a chicken!  Everywhere you looked on Jilley’s set you saw something interesting.  Okay going back and adding in a second pic of everyone’s acts so I can show more of the neat stuff!  But what was more interesting was the fabulous dance to Pitbull‘s version of Shake Senora, featuring T-Pain and Sean Paul.  The dance with Paul, Sebalicious, and ME (Babypea) was so much fun and turned out to be a Calypso tribute to the female  derrière.  Big bootys, little bootys… well Jilley’s booty is little and mine is big, so we all know mine is better!  Yes, I got one a man can grab a hold of with both hands and sink his… teeth into.  Heck, I got enough booty for an alligator to sink it’s teeth into.  Really really fun dance this was!




Ayita brought us on our next adventure, on the high seas indeed!  Way out in the ocean she danced on a set of life preservers.  The song Brandy by Looking Glass had a comical intro that was so funny, you really missed out if you did not get to hear it.  It was some guy trying to sing Brandy a cappella and, well, just unable to hit those high notes or carry a tune.  Then the real song kicked in, and Ayita danced on her rings as sailors, also on rings, drifted in to bank her as they also danced.  Sailors were danced by Wiz, Si De Brit and someone.  Then up popped a Paul much to Ayita’s surprise.  He took her for a swing, then dumped her overboard!  Or rather overring.  How rude!  Well maybe she fell.  The mover work in this dance was fabulous, wonderful choreo too!  And loved the humour in it!




Next was Kyshra’s turn to give us a Caribbean experience.  Nadi, Moni, Corri, and Jo joined her on a sandy, rock-lined beach, draped by palm trees and hosting ferns and torches.  In the background was a gorgeous tropical grotto that beckoned the viewer to come and stay forever.  Kyshra stole one of my Skrillex songs for this dance, dancing to Burn Up The Dance.  How COULD she!  Not that I have ever danced to this Skrillex song, but well I claim ALLLLLLLLLLLL Skrillex songs and Skrillex himself!  MINE MINE MINE!  Yes, I’m a stalker *grins*.  The ladies danced in sarongs and bikini tops with particles forming ribbons of torchlight around them as they moved.  It was a very hot dance with some very nice formations mover work that made good use of the space on the beach.




Next was MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.  Do I have to review my own dance?  No one is going to read it but me.  Haha!  Okay so.  I danced to Bob MarleyThree Little Birds.  I had the same idea as Ally, dancing in a bottle.  Mine was filled with all sorts of things to give worry, such as Davy Jones, a drunken pirate, head hunters… but also things to help a person relax, like a floating tube, a skull with a bathing cap smoking a blunt, and three little birds that flew around me as I danced.  Never mind the kraken that was in the process of claiming my bottle and dragging me to the floor of the ocean.  Which you can’t see in this picture, but he was really really big and wrapped around the entire bottle.  Okay fine, adding in a second pic so you can see da kraken!  And, Immy wants me for her coffee table… woot!




Last but definitely not least was Immy with one of the most over the top totally amazing awesome astonishing dances we have ever had at Elysium.  Her set was the ocean with a yacht and men in tuxes dancing with her to The Lonely Island‘s I’m On A Boat.  Well, except for Keith who was sort of dancing, sort of riding, a blue dolphin alongside the ship… I guess he forgot to buy a ticket!  Or maybe he fell overboard?  As Immy danced with her entourage of Tray, Paul, Si De Brit, and Melvis, the ship hit one big wave that turned the yacht and its dancers on it’s side!  WHAT A SWELL!  But there is much more… there was so much water on stage that it fully flooded the entire audience.  There was panic in the seats as sharks swam amongst the guests.  It was mad!  Totally fun, and everyone had the best time!  Immy is a guts for punishment, and she punishes herself when she creates a dance, always pushing the envelope, always striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in Second Life dance, and this dance was another example of that!



And that brought us to our beloved crowd dances!  We love it when our audience stays and joins us on stage to dance with us at the end of each show.  This is a chance for us to meet you all, to get to know you better and enjoy your company more fully.  It is one way we say THANK YOU for coming out and supporting our shows.  Because without an audience, the shows would not be… shows.  We create these dances to share with you in the hopes of touching you in some way, be it to make you laugh, smile, cheer, cry, or feel SOMEthing.  It is part of how we socialise.  Tonight’s crowd dances were brought to you me Babypea (oh, that’s me).  I chose:

Johnny Nash – Stir It Up

JIMMY EDWARDS – I’ve Never Seen A Straight Banana

Kokomo – The Beach Boys

Thank you to our wonderful audience, our friends and family, and to all Elysiums for creating and sharing these imaginative celebrations of music!  A few more pictures below for your enjoyment.  Hugs!  ♥




The Rose Theatre presents Elysium Cabaret

The Rose Theatre presents Elysium Cabaret in a performance fit for a royal audience.

~ Sunday, August 14th at 2pm SLT ~

A Midsummer Night’s Dream spirits you away to a fanciful land of imagination! Enchanted dreams will shroud you in a cloak of magical dance. Formal attire required please.

Your carriage: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Manor/152/206/29

The Rose Theatre Invitation

Fantasy, Gypsies and Chickens; Oh My!

Friday, Friday, Friday….would it be Friday if Gunner wasn’t providing the soundtrack to our evening?  Or if Paul wasn’t out front welcoming everyone?  Or we didn’t have nice comfy chairs to settle in to and wait, with anticipation while that big blue curtain just sits there…mocking us?  Nope!  So…thank heavens all that happened and it finally swooshed open, right after the Black Eyed Peas announced that the weekend had officially begun 🙂  Our beautiful pictures were provided by Fuki Ameratsu.

Our opening act for the evening was Goddess Shayna with Oodlemi.  They danced to Florence and the Machine’s “Cosmic Love”.  The set was a very pretty space inspired floaty dream. Shay and Oodles started out dancing on separate clouds, and eventually ended up dancing together on one cloud.  Their costumes were stunning…Fallen Gods has such amazing things, they wore long cloaks that glowed, especially at the shoulders and pretty particles surrounded them.  It was a lovely opener and set the mood for a great show.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Shayna

Jo was up next with me, Seb and Melvis.  She chose “La Cumparsita” by Omar Khorshid. We were back down on earth in a gorgeous Gypsy camp with a couple of well behaved horses to accent us.  Jo and I started out dancing with our tambourines and then the guys made it up and came and danced with us.  We even did a little couples dancing at the end.  It was so pretty…I could have moved into the set on a permanent basis and been very happy for a long time!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Jo

Eva Harley joined us next with Wy Nott.  She chose Debussy’s Reverie.  This dance was so beautiful.  Eva began by dancing by herself.  Wy Nott wandered in and watched from the trees and then she got up and began dancing with Eva.  The ladies were clad in beautiful, flowing white dresses which popped on the evening woods where they danced.  It was like a soothing balm after a long work week.  Very pretty!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Eva

Baby was up with Jo, Fuki, Kysh, Voodo Shay and Gunner.  Baby was our foray into silly this week with her choice of Alice Francis’ Shoot him down.  Our lovely ladies were clad in sexy yellow and red with little baby chicks poking out of their corset tops.  Gunner was a big old Rooster resting in his very fance rooster house…replete with chicken leg beams holding it up.  I should have suspected a bad end when I noticed the ladies were wearing guns. Pair that with the lyrics and….our rooster woke up, ambled down and without further ado, our lovely ladies drew their weapons and shot him dead!  FUN!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Baby

JenzZa and her Misfits joined us once again as guests and she danced to a custom mix of Cinquo de Julio. She was joined by Dulcikate, Phoebe, Lollin, Cuddlebug and Seb.  When I say joined by Seb…well, it appears our intrepid Seb may have gotten into the tequila and fallen just a little bit asleep….Sexy JenzZa was dancing a wonderful flamenco dance right in front of him and he just kept right on snoring.  The street scene faded away and all of our ladies appeared, dancing and salsaing (pretty sure that I just made that up) on an enormous sombrero….so Seb at least took advantage of his subconscious and got a good dream out of it!  We joked that this set was brought to our guests by Jose Quervo and JenzZa. Hot and spicy and  saucy JenzZa 🙂

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Guest(Misfits)

Melvis took to the stage next.  I adore Melvis’ mind. It has such fun ideas that spawn really fun sets.  He was joined by Mona, Jo, Ame, Zach and Seb.  The song was Kamikaze and the set was a theme park ride through the jungle.  Our ladies were dropped off on a bridge while the men jumped up on top of the carts they were supposed to be riding in and danced away.  I suspect that the theme park is going to have something to say about this misuse of transportation!  The men jumped down off the carts and the ladies ran to catch up and they all finished up down on the beach  I loved the outfits for this, they had a nice ethnic flair…and the animations were really great.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Melvis

Lulu joined us for a solo to Sia’s “Breathe”.  This set was beyond amazing.  It was a fantasy landscape with mushrooms and twinkle lights and little ferrets…the whole set looked like it fell out of the Hobbit or some other epic fantasy novel.  Eva was a beautiful fairy who danced out in front.  It was completely mesmerizing.  The song is so haunting and the set was a beautiful counterpoint.  It was masterfully done.  Gorgeous Lulu!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Lulu

Gunner and his bevy of babes; Dara, Voodoo, Minty, Maia and Nea hit the planks to Nickleback’s “Something In Your Mouth”.  Now…I know what you’re thinking….and yes…they did have something, but they were at the carnival and it appears that they may have gotten into something at the ice cream cart.  The ladies were extremely sexy in their teensy cutoffs and shirts and Gunner…well, he just looked like he was thoroughly enjoying the fact that all these lovely ladies were dancing for his enjoyment.

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Gunner

Ame and Zach were our closing act…and er…well….um….ok…let me preface this review by stating that Zach and I share a love of oreos….and this theory will come into play towards the end of this review.  We started out in a mad scientist lair.  A nice little space that Dr. Frahnkenshtein would have adored.  It appears that a little tinkering occurred and a carnival pops up with Ame as our gorgeously sexy ringmistress and Zach was some malformed little goblin like clown who was walking on a tightrope.  It’s at this point that it all goes bad for Zach…my position was that he perhaps had eaten all the oreos in the house and this set was retribution….well, however it came to pass, Ame kicks Zach’s butt in a little kerfuffle and she then stomps his bum right into the concreted.  I was laughing like crazy.  We were all laughing…I’m not entirely sure what that says about us, but dang it was fun!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Ame

Ame also provided our crowd dances for the evening and she set them to 3 Doors Down “Every Time You Go Away”, Alice Cooper’s “I’ll Bite Your Face Off” and Whitesnake’s “Love Will Set You Free”.  What a fun way to end the evening…a great way to end a Friday and a heck of a way to kick off the weekend.  On behalf of all of the staff and dancers at the Empire Room, we hope you enjoyed the show and we can’t wait to see you all next week so we can all see what happens at our Caribbean Them Show.  Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Elysium - 22JUL16 - Crowd(Ame)

A Little Something for Everyone

It was Friday night, and like many recent Fridays, SL was doing it’s best to drive us batty.  First, there was the fact that you couldn’t log in due to unscheduled maintenance and then, once you got in….well….I’m pretty sure that the engineers have turned over their Friday night responsibilities to a group of malicious little gremlins who enjoy randomly jamming up servers….

Whatever those little buggers were up to….the staff and fans of the Empire Room were ready with patience and perseverance and one amazingly diverse lineup. Paul, Jilley and Gunner were out greeting and meeting, Wiz was getting out announcements and we were all warming up backstage. The dancers imaginations have taken off like the mint in my garden and what a feast for the senses they provided!

Gunner was our beacon of sanity as usual.  He is such a fun presence in the front of the house, but he’s the soul of calmness in IMs when SL is being crummy.  Adding a song here, tweaking an intro there, making sure everything is ok (my own set wouldn’t rez….) and even when  his own SAM crashed, he just logs off, logs back in and BOOM we are sailing away as if nothing has ever happened.  He’s a pro…and I know we all appreciate what an amazing job he does for us every week.

Jilley opened the show this week to The Spinner’s “Cupid”.  She was joined by Jo and Corri as very beautiful and sexy butterflies in a fantasy mushroom patch and Paul as our intrepid and well muscled cupid. He was also wearing a strategically placed bouquet of flowers which led to much speculation as to what could possibly be behind said flowers…The set was gorgeous, lush and deeply colored with accenting particles and the ladies were in beautifully scarce flowers as well.  The fun animations and toe tapping tune got us off to an inspired start.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Jilley

I was up next with Sara Bareilles’ “She Used To Be Mine”.  This song is from her Broadway debut where she wrote the music for “Waitress” based on the movie.  The song is a heartrending tale of dreams lost over time and working to find your way back to who you know you can be.  I started as a waitress in a diner, and faded to a huge sakura tree with plants and flowers and into a flowy dress as the person I saw myself as in my dreams.  It’s sad, but also hopeful, which is what I hope you all saw.

Elysium - 15JUL16 -_ Winnie

Sexys was up next and if you know her at all, you know it’s likely you have no  idea what’s going to happen, but it’s going to be great!  She chose “Star Wars Daddy” and bopped out as Princess Leia with Fuki as Han Solo and Tomigun as Luke Skywalker.  The set was very…deathstarish and fabulous, but I was glued to Tray and Gunner as Stormtroopers and Baby as Darth Vader.  They all had funny name tags which explained that Han wasn’t Luke’s Dad, and Baby was and the song was hysterical…I loved the part about why no one told Luke that he was kissing his sister.  It was brilliant and funny and I’m so happy SexyS is dancing with us, I can’t wait to see what that brain will bring us next!

Elysium - 15JUL16 - SexyS

Ayita took the stage next and her set was to Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock”.  This set was built as part of a challenge last weekend at her Dancing Outside the Lines school.  The song was picked by others and she had three hours to build, choreograph, recruit, dress and perform, as did others.  An amazing idea!  She was joined by Maia, Mona, Tia, me, SoCo, Kyshra, Rus and Nalani.  Maia and Ayita were the police…at least they were wearing a sort of approximation of a police matron’s outfit..though there was nothing matronly going on there!  The rest of us were the jailbirds and we worked the best looking orange jumpsuits ever!  It was Elvis, there was great lighting and a general butt dancing pile of goodness and fun was had by all.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Naybabe

Corri was up and she chose Agonoize “Blood Queen”.  Corri’s set was hot…like on fire hot.  I can’t imagine what our insurance costs are lol, but Paul swears we are all paid up.  Corri was a little devil…literally, in skin tight latex with adorable little horns and one wildly sexy set of dances to one wild metal tune.  I learned that we have several closet mosh pit fans in the dancers group 🙂  If you were a little tired after a long week, you weren’t after this set!

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Corri

Babypea brought us a little King Kong inspired set to Painkiller’s “Reborn” King Kong mix.  She was a delicate captive, chained as snack food for the big ape, but as only our Baby can, with a set full of skulls and stones and a huge hand where she danced in the palm…she transformed and broke the bonds that held her.  She uses particles so well to smooth her transitions, it was just amazing and beautiful.  I’m pretty sure that the only word that I could come up with in group was WOW.  I have to see this set again, I feel like I missed so much and want to chronicle every little thing she did so I can try to figure out how to do it myself:)

Elysium - 15JUL16 - BabyPea

Kyshra was up next to Rez’s “Puscifer”.  Ok…hot!  Another set where the very building we were in was at risk of going up in flames.  Add to that scenario the fact that Kyshra appeared to have purchased a bra that was seven sizes too small and you have an audience that was at risk of going up in flames by spontaneous combustion.  I did notice that she used these amazing cool purplish particles to accent her deep blood red set.  It was a great counterpoint for those of you who may have been focused on other “assets” that were available for viewing *winks*.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Kyshra

Wiz was up next with an amazing tearjerker of a set.  The world seems to have gone a bit insane these last few months…well, more insane and at a faster pace than previous if you ask me.  If the world was a serial killer, I would say that it’s decompensating.  The weekend of the Orlando nightclub shooting, there was a shooting the night before of an up and coming artist, Christina Grimmie.  Wiz chose her version of “Titanium” a song about tempting someone to “shoot her” because she was invincible because she was titanium….a metaphor for life no doubt, but on Friday, June 10th, the metaphor turned into a tragic reality; she was shot and killed in Orlando, Florida, the night before the nightclub massacre.  Wiz chose to dance in a cut out phone while the story of her life was told on two other phones that surrounded him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  It was beautiful.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Wiz

Mona was the last dancer of the evening with what may have been one of the cutest, most original sets I’ve seen.  She was joined by Keko Heckroth and they danced to Phyllis Hyman “You Know How To Love Me”.  They were the most adorable cut out paper dolls, and the set was that old fashioned (yep..I’m old and fashioned) lined paper from elementary school that changed scenes while our little lovebirds danced.  I adored this…and kudos to content creators who make such amazing stuff for us to bend to our will during sets!  Great find Mona 🙂

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Mona

Imrhien did our crowd dances for us, and what a great round it was.  She chose Tori Amos “Raspberry Swirl”,  Robin Schulz’s “Sugar” feat. Francesco Yates and Razed in Black “I Want Candy”.  Immi not only choreographed, but built three separate sets for the three songs…over achiever!  The songs were great, the sets were great and it was another hip hopping end to the first day of the weekend.

Elysium - 15JUL16 - Crowd(Imrhien)

On behalf of all of us, thank you so much for joining us again and we can’t wait to see you next weekend!  Oh…note that Tray is wearing a tutu over his stormtrooper outfit…I have no idea what that’s all about, but I encourage you all to ask him!

King Kong at Skull Island

A celebration of Skull Island, featuring a dance show tribute to King Kong!  Followed by the King Kong Ball with music, DJ, and dancing.  Dress in your jungle best or opt for the nostalgia of 1930s New York retro attire… not required, but really fun if you want to get into the spirit of the event.  Adventure to Skull Island to explore a fantastic sim-wide build that is full of surprises and magical discovery, so much to see and do!  Excellent photo opportunities.  Step back in time, and prepare to have your eyes widened by the Eighth Wonder of the World!

Followed by the King Kong ball!  Make it a date, make it a night to remember!

Monday, July 18th at 6pm SLT


King Kong Show Invitation

Elysium’s Celebration of ABC’s Summer Crown Cup 2016!

Elysium Dances for ABC 2016 Summer Crown Cup2

It was a HUGE night, truly a premier show at the AWESOME ABC race track.  It is no wonder that “Awesome” is part of their full name… Awesome Breed Creations!  Because they ARE awesome, on every level.  The sim is designed to be extremely low in scripts with plenty of prims available, which means smooth racing and smooth dancing with as little lag as possible.  The PEOPLE are the friendliest and so much fun to dance for.  We love ABC and it is always a privilege and an honour to perform for them.  THANK YOU ABC!  And, please check out their blog… they have a review of last night’s show!  Click the link below to have a visit and a read:


Thank you also to a wonderful team of dedicated performers for making Elysium’s shows such a joy to be a part of!  ♥

Elysium Cabaret: Live at The Empire Room 01JUL16

Our regular blog writers were all on hols last weekend, so here I am!  I am hardly as eloquent as they, but I can at least give you an overview of the show in pictures!  I shall try to keep this short, but perhaps not-so sweet.
While the cats are away…

Those of you who know Baby, know that she is a lovely woman unless faced with certain…. circumstances.  I’m guessing that Gunner didn’t have the coffee ready that day.  Elysium - 01JUL16 - BabyPeaBabyPea creeped us all as she danced Disturbed’s “Down with the Sickness.”


Next up!  Wiz doing Meghan Trainor!  Ok, ok – Wiz wasn’t actually /doing/ Meghan Trainor, but he did bring out his old, room-filling IBM kit out and rock it to “Me Too.”Elysium - 01JUL16 - WizWiz and the boys: Tray, Oodlemi, DavidGage and Paul (not necessarily in that order!)


Our Jilley was in an enchanting woodland setting wearing a floral wreath and peasant dress.  She did a moving solo to John Denver’s “Sunshine on my Shoulders.”  We all remember this song from a simpler, less stressful time in our lives.
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Jilley
Thank you so much , Imrhien Fargis(Porthos) for this great shot of Jilley.


Five girls rocking the candy shop!  Three guys dancing on Lollipops!  DavidGage brought us Treblemakers from the sdtk to Pitch Perfect 2 doing the a capella “Lollipop!”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Guest(DxDancers)
Joining David were DeJaye, Emmy, Eric, Heart, Maeve, Skylar and Sweets!


Oodlemi funked it up with a bit of Sly and the Family Stone with a psychodelic backdrop and visual elements that extended to the audience during “Dance to the Music”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Oodlemi
Oodlemi’s bitches were Shayna and Fukuju,  Oh – that’s me.


There is no sex in the champagne room – none.  No, wait – that’s a totally different song.  Sebastain was smoothin’ and groovin’ to a classy backdrop over Ne-Yo’s “Champagne Life.”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Sebastain
Joining Sebastain on stage were: Keith, Storm, Paul and DavidGage.  Again, probably not in that order.  (Not pictured: BabyPea and Jo Balogh – in champagne glasses)


Next in the line-up was Corri – keeping the streets hot to the raw sounds of Lonely Kamel’s “Damn You’re Hot”
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Corri


Kyshra brought us home with a Skrillexed version of “Sick Bubblegum” by Rob Zombie and a stage full of vivid lights and slick moves.   No crashing and burning here as these girls rocked it, MF!Elysium - 01JUL16 - KyshraKyshra invited Daze, Jo, Mona and Nadi to join her in this high energy act.


What Fourth of July weekend would be complete without the Stars and Stripes?  Baby did not disappoint here!  Her playlist included Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.” “Living in America” by James Brown and from Katy Perry, “Firework.”  Jo was rocking the maple leaf, it was Canada Day, afterall!  😉
Elysium - 01JUL16 - Crowd(BabyPea)All of you amazing Empire Room patrons joined BabyPea on stage for this one and Jilley Liberty made a special appearance!

Thank you to our hosts for the evening, Paul, Jilley and Ally.  And to our DJ, Gunner, much appreciation for being our on-air personality, the voice of Elysium.
To patrons of the Empire Room and Elysium Cabaret – our heartfelt thanks for your continued support these past 3 and a half years.  Everything we do – we do it for you.

As promised, short.  Lucky for you, our regularly scheduled team will be back to give you a proper accounting next week’s show!

Thank you for bearing with me — if you got this far,
Damn it, Jim – I’m a copy editor, not an author!