Moniquexi’s Video of Babypea’s PONG Dance

Big thanks to Moniquexi for making a video of this very fun, lively dance I did with Jo, Gracie, Winnie, Kyshra, Ame, Jilley, and BB!  Ma girls are gorgeous!  A really fun dance, performed at Elysium Cabaret and in this video, performed at Winds of the Sahara Cabaret this past Sunday.

For best viewing, please click the gear, select Quality, and then click 1080p. Looks amazing! Super sharp!

If YOU have a video of one of YOUR dances to share, please send me a NC with the link and a few words for the description, and I will get it posted for you!  Thanks 😀


FuzOnAcid’s Video of Babypea’s “Red Lips” Dance

This is an animated dance I created in the virtual world of Second Life.  The song is a creative masterpiece called: GTA – Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno (Skrillex Remix).  This animated dance debuted at Elysium Cabaret in The Empire Room on Copperhead Road sim, and has been performed at other venues since.  I built the set and did the choreography, the costume is by Boudoir.  A huge thanks to my idol FuzOnAcid for making the dance into a video.  He is brilliant.  I also want to thank my patient dancers and especially my other half, Gunner von Phoenix for his patience as well.  And a big thanks to my Diawa Bellic who arranged for Fuz to video this for me.  Because he likes her better than me.  She is so spoiled!  But that is okay because I am the boss of her.  *smiles*

Diawa produced this video, but I am still the boss of her.

Babypea Dances to A Christmas Alleluia


Thank you to Andytez Dumpling for videoing this dance.  If you enjoy it, please give it a like and share it.  It is such a beautiful song and Andy did an amazing job on the video, capturing it live during the actual performance… not easy to do on laggy sims!  The song is “Chris Tomlin – A Christmas Alleluia (Live) ft. Lauren Daigle, Leslie Jordan.”



Beautiful video highlights from our recent “Lure of the Siren” show with thanks to Mr. Lex.  This show was performed at LEA9 in celebration of Lex and Mistys’ new creation Waterworld.  Make sure to go by and explore this fun, amazing build!  Take your family and friends and make it an outing.  So much to see and do, creative, heaps of fun!

Thank you Lex and Misty!  ♥

Elysium Promotional Video Courtesy Lex and Misty

Yes, this made me cry. In fact am still crying. THANK YOU John Oldlex for making this video for us, and all on your own… we didn’t even ask, you just did this for us in your thoughtfulness and kindness. You and Misty are such generous, loving, giving souls. What a wonderful blessing when you found us! People, please help me tag. And if anyone was left out of the credits, please contact me so I can apologize, there are so many people in our group and it is a bit hard at times knowing the guest performers and their dancers from our own, particularly when there are at times crossovers, and some go inactive at times as well, etc. But hey it is one big beautiful dance family!!!! Thank you all so much, from choreographers and dancers to management and staff, for all you have contributed to Elysium Cabaret over the years, including some no longer with us but still cherished and appreciated. Thank you to our extended dance family, the many people from other troupes who grace our stage with their talents as our esteemed guests! Thank you to those of you who form our audience… you are a huge part of our show and we really appreciate you making time for us, and letting us share our dances with you!