Pictures from The Outsiders March 22nd Show

If you click the link below, it should take you to the Facebook page of Web Sass, whereon you will find a wonderful album of pics from The Outsiders show last night, Wednesday, March 22nd at the LEA7 Fortunate Sons sim.  Thank you Webby for talking the time to take so many pics and upload them for us!  Please give her a like and a thank you if you enjoy these pics.


March 3, 2017 Show – Photo Gallery

Please click on a picture to enlarge.  The acts are:

  1. Babypea with Corri dancing to Andrea Corr – Take Me I’m Yours
  2. Moni with Jo and Lina dancing to Jessi J – Bang Bang
  3. Devlin with Ariel dancing to After Dark
  4. Christina Aguilera – Save me from Myself
  5. Winnie with Queenie, Jo, Seb, Jorgio and Pan dancing to Taiko Drum Song
  6. Gunner with Baby dancing to Muse – Dead Inside
  7. Jilley dancing to Phil Collins – True Colours
  8. Babypea with the crowd dances:
    Backstreet Boys – Everybody
    Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart
    Run DMC – Its Tricky

Evil Queens From Outer Space – Show Pics!

Here are some pictures from this very popular show, performed this week at Lovefest 2016.  It was so much fun to create dances for Lovefest 2016, an annual festival inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  We were blessed with appreciative audiences, who make our work worth the time, expense, tears and hair-pulling as we struggle with the challenges of dance creation in Second Life.  Every act was absolutely FANTASTIC, and I was again so proud of my Elysium family!  Thanks to them, DJ Gunner, and Lovefest organisers Arik the Red and Fitch Lekvoda for putting this event together and inviting Elysium to participate!  Thank you also to our many dancers who help bring our acts to life.  The pics are of acts by:  Babypea, Mona, Kyshra, Ame, Oodles, SoCo, Ayita, Lily and Shayna.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them or see a slide show.  Please tick Like if you enjoy this gallery.  It takes one second.

The Rose Theatre – Pictures from A Mid-Summer Night’s Dance

Here are some pictures from the breathtaking show Elysium performed this Sunday past at The Rose Theatre.  Many thanks to Countess Lisa Valentino for her help in organising this inspired show.  Thank you Fuki for hosting, and DJ Gunner for the music.  Thank you to PalDan (Dan the Man) for most of the pics featured here.  The ones of Maia’s dance and the theatre were taken by me, the rest were taken by Dan.  Click on a picture to enlarge it or to see a slide show.  Thank you Elysiums for your passion in dance creation and for sharing your beautiful visions!!  ♥

Choreographers featured are Babypea, Ame, Kyshra, Maia, LuLu, and Mona!