Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 20th Show

To say that this weeks show was simply a great Show is an understatement! The Elysium Cabaret pulled out all stops Friday and the result was an amazing variety of exceptional artistry! Thank you all so very much for sharing your incredible talent, and creativity with us at The Empire Room!!! There is always something new and different and it is always such a joy to watch!

SoCo – ‘ Titanium’ – With Troy, Fafnir, JP, Diamonte

What a beautifully choreographed dance Soco, complete with strong, powerful music, fantastic costumes and detailed set, bewitching and eyecatching!!! Such a GREAT start to this weeks show!!!

Nadi – ‘Gipsy’

Beautiful set Nadi ! I love the particles you chose, the colors accentuated your flawless choreography, so smooth and pretty! Bright enticing costume as well, very sexy! Wonderfully done!

Mavrick – ‘ You’re The One That I Want’ – With Cael, Shaane, Tessa, Anya, Rosie A

Mavrick, I must say that so many memories flew at me as I watched this wonderful performance! I actually saw the original on Broadway many many years ago and your rendition was fabulous! Love the costumes and the moves…and what a great funhouse set too!!!

Ariel – ‘ Really Slow Motion- Leviathan’

Ariel first I have to say that your costume was just wonderful, clever and unique and just lovely!! Topped with graceful smooth moves and pretty effects, this was just So good!!!!!

Rory – ‘( Sexy and I Know it ) Stay at Home’

Rory…omg you always make me laugh, everytime without fail! Great moves haha, you must have a huge collection of panties by now ! Your mind is so creative and on a different level..love it !!!!

Corri – ‘Christina Aguilera – I am a Good Girl’

So very pretty Corri! Fantastic stage and costume. very seductive, very tempting and alluring! Beautiful choreography, such a pleasure to watch! So well performed! Bravo!!!

Eva – ‘Nicole Scherzinger – Wet’ – With Cowgrl and Melli

This is a great finale Eva, suave, sassy and just a hint of naughty! Love the costume changes very effectively done, nice movement, great set, just Wonderful!

Bianka (CROWD)

Crowd dances are always so much fun and you have really taken us out for a freat night partying on this one! Everyone had such a great time it was sad that it ended so soon!!! Thank you Bianka!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 13th Show

What a great show!! Super creative, and seriously entertaining! The Elysium Cabaret has proven once more that The Empire Room has the best of the best dance choreographers that ever graced the stage on any grid!! Thank you all for sharing these gifts with us!!!

Rhea – ‘MUTANT by Reol’ – With Emberlady

Beautiful peformance Rhea! Everything was stunning. Perfect transitions, amazing stage sets and changes, and wonderful use of the mirror effects. Just fabulous! Wnderfully done!

Dear – ‘ Ava Max – So Am I

What a great song choice, reaches to all of us on some level I think and your dance interpretation of it is just fabulous! Great costume, set and oh so smooth movement! Love it!

Taema – ‘In the name of love by Bebe Rexha’

Taema, you look just stunninly beautiful in this outfit and the dance you created for this is both allurin and heavenly at the same time. So very lovely!

Rory – ‘Gin Wigmore’ – With Evan, Resmay, Rosie

Rory..Rory..Rory…. tilting my head sideways trying to figure you out hahaha! Fantastic costumes, clever set and such great laughs to a brilliant song.. flawless choreo and so much fun! Bravo!!

Christee – ‘Britney Spears – Slumber Party ft. Tinashe (Official Video) )’ – With Morganna, Rosie, Koyia, BabyPea

Some great moves on this Christee as well as a beautiful set and you made us all look and feel very sexy! Loved your entrance up the stairs (might have to tie Paul down next time lol) and I adore the ending with all of us together !

Wiz – ‘Evolution of Dance’

Wizness in motion! How clever this is! Your creative genius shines through..who would have thought about using youtube in such a unique way!? Love , love it!!!

Babypea – ‘Metallica – The Unforgiven – With Beebles, Blue, Kendra, Koyia

This is so cool Babypea! Love the unique costumes and the heat from those fires could be felt across the sim! Very deep song, intense movements that expressed it well, so smooth and strong!

Bianka – (CROWD)

Oh gosh Bianka this was marvelous! Your crowd dance songs are always versatile and put together in such a fun way!!!! Thank you for pushing us around this week!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, May 6th Show

WOW what a great Friday this was! Tonight’s show by The Elysium Cabaret at The Empire Room was phenomenal! Each act was so different, unique, and brilliant! I am always in awe at the performances I see cross that stage! It is such a gift to be able to see what new vision reveals itself from the minds of our amazing choreographers! Such a joy to watch! A huge thank you to our wonderful choreographers, dedicated dancers, and to our audience who always take their time to be with us each week! Thank you to Eva for being our DJ this week and for providing us with a festive fun-filled Cinco de Mayo crowd dance and afterparty!! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!!!

Misha – ‘Chicago the Musical – All that Jazz’ – With CG, Baby, Eva, Blue

Misha, your performance was the perfect start to our show this week! Your dynamic energy was so infectious, had my feet tapping behind the scenes! I love the smooth, sassy choreography and set, super fun!! Well done!!!

Nadi – ‘Ed Sheeran – Supermarket Flowers’ – With Melli

Beautiful song, you brought me to tears Nadi, remembering my own mom who passed away a few years ago. So emotional with smooth movements expressing the feelings so very well. And Melli is a wonderful angel! Loved this!

Babypea – ‘Halestorm – I Miss The Misery’

Burning hot Baby! incredible song to create a dance to, your visual personification of those raw, base emotions expressed intensely with the help of your incredible set and particle use..so well done, fabulous performance!!

Wiz – ‘Vitamin String Quartet – Pumped Up Kicks’ – With Nadi

This was so cool Wiz, very Regency pomp with a modern twist! Great Costumes, perfect Choreo and nice wiggle hehe! Just awesome!

Diva – ‘”Bang Bang” by Rita Oro’ – With PussiGalore Hijinks and Scarlot

Wow! I really love your transitions, costumes and sets Diva! Very sexy and fabulous choreo..a wild moment where the audiences jaw dropped haha, but iced drinks helped! Fabulous work!

Webby – ‘Christina Aguilera – Desdunate’ – With Baby and Beebs

This was sooo good! I really enjoyed watching this dance Webby, it was smooth , sexy and fun all in one! Your Rainforest set is great, outfits adorable, and omg I just loved those rain drops on the ground!!!

Morganna – ‘ Lindsey Sterling – Masquerade’ – with Cullum, Sunset, Reinah

I had so much fun doing this dance, thank you to my dancers and to Cullum a huge thanks for this beautiful set. Your artistry is amazing! All the kind words said to me for this performance mean alot to me and they encourage me to continue forward..hugs to you all!


What a wonderul stage setting for a Cinco de Mayo celebration Eva! This crowd dance was super fun and I love the animations you chose to share with us.. what a great time thank yolu!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Saturday Euro Matinee April 30th, 2022 Show

What a great Euro matinee the Elysium Cabaret put on this month as the imagination and energy of Rory, Melvis, Soul Dancers, Eva, Gracie, Christee, and Babypea stepped on that stage! Such variety ; great music, fabulous lighting, incredible scenery, and costumes all so different and expressive, the crowd was happy and relaxed, and after the show, everyone left The Empire Room smiling!

Rory – ‘Bruno Mars The Lazy Song

OMG Rory! Always something fun when you step on that stage! You never fail to make everyone smile and feel good just sharing the laughter.. Your choreo is always super as well and your costumes unique! Fabulous job !

Melvis – ‘ SWING KING–GNAGS’ – With SoCo, Jo, Diamonte, Eva

Wow Melvis! Fantastic mover work, great set and costumes too! I love the colour choices as well, beautifully done! Amazing as always! Love it!

Soul Dancers – ‘TBD’

Beautiful underwater performance, very dreamlike and peaceful with beautiful Merfolk lifting our spirits and that water is amazing!

Eva – ‘Beast Within by In This Moment’

Peeks between my fingers..OMG is that you Eva? Well you are full of surprises! Very naughty, Sizzling and wild..where has this Eva been hiding hahaha! Fantastic choreography, superb set..claps loudly!

Gracie – ‘Sparrow by Emili Sande’ – With Jo and SoCo

What a lovely set Gracie! Beautiful choreo and costumes, so graceful and I love this song as well..so well done! Wonderful!


Adorably sexy, fun and sassy ! Lovely set and costume Beautiful colour use! You knocked their socks off Christee!

Babypea – ‘Tom_Sawyer – Rush’

So expressive! Your set creations are always fantastic..these look so real! wonderful costumes and smooth amazing movement! Love it!

Elysium Cabaret Canadian Singers Theme Show , Friday April 29th, 2022

Dance is social, cultural, and historical. It is a way to express our creativity, our emotions, our hopes, and dreams. Dance is a magic with so many forms that it is a neverending treasure of surprise. This theme show reminded me of how great that treasure is. The monthly theme show at The Empire Room this week was all about Canadian Singers and what a great night it was! The Elysium Cabaret took the stage and rocked our world with such a great variety of music genres all gifted to us from great Canadian talent and the performances were all stunning and unique!
I want to add here an acknowledgment and a huge thank you to Temperance Von Phoenix and her incredible photography skills! I have included many photos this week that she took as well as my own, and I am just in awe of Tempes skill! Thank you for allowing me to share your amazing talent with everyone Tempe and I look forward to seeing much much more!!

Bianka – ‘Weeknd – Blinding Lights’

Such an awesome set Bianka, everything was so vivid, and vibrant! Your use of particles was fantastic! Perfect choreo, great costume! The whole performance was entrancing and just wonderfully done!

Melli – ‘Stompa by Serena Ryder’ – With Diva, Scarlot, O and Beebs

This performance was truly lovely Melli, very cool costumes and brilliant choreography, such a great song and your smooth animations were really right on the money..bravo!!

Mikiko – ‘ Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman (Official Music Video)’ – With Morganna and EvA

Sassy and sweet, provocative and daring..this dance has it all Mikiko. Love the costumes(especially the hat hehe) and your transitions and stage effects were fabulous! So fun, glad I could be part of it

Sunset – ‘ Come What May’ – With Cullum, Morganna, Paul and Reinah

Sunset, this is I think my favorite dance of yours. It is magical, and sets such an otherworldy essence to the stage. Fabulous use of movement and costumes, thank you for having us dance with you! This is just so beautiful!

Babypea – ‘Tom_Sawyer – Rush’

Wow Babypea, this is performace shows such incredible talent and gives us a peek into what true imagination and creativity is all about. Fantastic transitions and brilliant set design, superb, in every way , Awesome!

Diva – ‘Classified – Oh…Canada’ – With Web Sass

Diva this really made me smile. Made me miss Canada more as well hahaha! Wonderful, and clever. Webby was such an adorable moose, and i just love all those Canada creatures..so much fun all in one big package!


I really loved this crowd dance Eva. The music was so fun, and you always have such fantastic movements to make us all work out hahaha! Quite a crowd and everyone had such a great time. Thank you for pushing us around so well!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, April 22nd show

A huge thank you to all the guests who come to the Empire Room whenever possible to see the wonderful Elysium Cabaret choreographers and dancers perform and also thanks to DJ Gunner for those amazing tunes and to Paul, Wiz and Babypea. Thank you for providing such an extraordinary venue and show every week. It is never boring , always something new and surprising.. and I am glad to be able to see and share it all!

Babypea – ‘ Marty Feldman Eyes (with apologies to Kim Carnes) Written and performed by Tom Bergeron ‘ – With: Web, Beebles, Koyia, Kendra

The Eyes have us!!! Such a fun performance Pea… great choreography, gotta love those moves, and your costumes were to die for hahaha! Some things can never be unseen…..

Sakura  – ‘”Hypnosis” by yahyel & “No Doubt” by OfficialHIGEDANdism

I love this Sakura! It is like a performance within a performance! So very cool, very creative and Brilliantly thought out! Bravo !!

Taema  – ‘ When the Blues Catch up to You By Bettye Lavette ‘ – With Babypea and Haili

Just wonderful Taema. Fantastic, smooth movements, and I love the neon background, The colours really stand out and allowed the view of such sexy ladies to be the focal point of everyones dreams hehehe!

Dear  – ‘ Witt Lowry – Into Your Arms

So Pretty and delicately feminine Dear! Wonderful choice of music, lovely set and sexy moves ..can’t get much better than that!


What a lovely set, fun and sexy choreo and wonderful choice of costume! Cute and sassy performance! well done!

Corri – ‘Alicia Keys-Fallin’

Corri you put the ssss in seduction this time around! Fantastic, and so much sizzle everyone needed ice water instead of booze hahaha! So well done !

 Mavrick  – ‘ Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy – (Mavrick Edition) ‘ – With Rory and Shaan

Oh I love this song Mavrick, and your depiction of how it should be danced to almost set the place on fire hahaha!
I just love your entry transitions and the set itself took many of our minds to a good time and fun space! so perfectly executed .. I also love how you bring the audience into your shows..just the if you want to be her cmon up..I like that , it really makes everyone feel special!

 Babypea (CROWD)

This was soooo much fun Pea! I just love this vibrant set with movement and light to accompany our dancing! Great music choices, upbeat and making everyone smile!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, April 15th, 2022 Show

This week was a blast !! The ELYSIUM CABARET did it again bringing smiles, laughter and the occassional jaw drop as our choreographers took the stage. It has been a crazy week for all and it is SO good that we finally reached the weekend!!! The imagination, talent and creativity that we are able to see performed at The Empire Room never ceases to amaze me, such awesome talent and unfettered creativity! Words from Babypea stuck with me from last night, they truly express how we all feel and she said it so well! ‘( Babypea) THANK YOU ALL for bringing such great acts to share!! Thank you for your hard work and creativity, and dancers, for your dedication!!.’…..’I want to say a special thank you to the Elysiums who were not in the show tonight but still came out to support the show, big thanks for the spirit lift!’ Happy Easter to All !!!!!♥

Diva  – ‘ Space Diva – Luscious Jackson ‘

What a great opening for our show this week Diva!!! Super choreo, sexy costume and mesmerizing set! Very very cool!

Nadi  – ‘ Perlice ‘ – With Taema, Keyser, Paul, Morganna

Such a beautifuk Hawaiin scene and lovely dance, next best thing to being there! I really loved this, it is both refreshing and so fun and gives us hope for a wonderful summer ahead!!! So glad we were able to be a part of it too! Thank you!

Yancy  – ‘ Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Wompanahga Dubstep Remix) ‘ – With Cael, Babypea, Melli and Azzy

Yancy you won our hearts with your adorable alien friends..they can come visit again any time! such a fun dance, awesome choreo and great costumes!!!

Christee  – ‘ China by Anuel AA, Daddy Yankee, Karol G, Ozuna & J Balvin ‘

Very smexy…love those moves Christee! You had that rythm so smoothly done..perfect ! To top it all off your set and costume expressed carnival beautifully!! Bravo, so good!

 Ember  – ‘Bjork – 107 Steps’ – With Rhea, Babypea, Morganna, Koyia, Nadi

This is so cool Ember! I love the set and the set changes, very unique and compelling! Fabulous choreo great costumes, I am so glad I was able to be a part of it Ty! wonderful!!!

Rory – ‘ Christina Aguilera- Mercy On Me lyrics ‘ -With Resmay

Rory you may go to that fiery place for this one hahaha! Fabulous choreo on this, Very naughty very sexy, and very Rory!!!! Bravo!!

Babypea – ‘ Mad Max – Do you feel alive ‘

This dance is truly wonderful Baby. I love the message about the earth, something we get too busy to remember sometimes… Love these set changes and costumes and the emotional choreography..just so heart tugging!

Bianka (CROWD)

Oh Bianka this was a wonderful wonderful crowd dance! Everyone was laughing and feeling relaxed and good! Such fun, thank you for sharing this with us all!!!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, April 8th, 2022

What a great show Friday was as the superb Elysium Cabaret choreographers shared their creative masterpieces in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of The Empire Room! DJ Gunner, Paul, Babypea and Wiz kept the music, dance, and drinks flowing smoothly, and backstage we all took a bow of thanks to the great coffee gods who keep us going strong!

Chrissy – ‘David Arnold – Diamonds Are Forever (feat David McAlmont)’ – With Cassie, Akiko, Dixie, Harley Jo, & MeLLi

Stunning choereo and design Chrissy and I just loved how your set was steadily changing, really a brilliant and creative performance!

Ariel – ‘Lindsey Stirling Mirage’

So very pretty Ariel, all of it! The colours you chose , the scene, the gentle movements all gave a true sense of grace and beauty!

Dear – ‘Haley Reinhart – Deep Water’

I just love this one Dear. Beautiful, smooth moves and oh what a lovely set this is – and it matches that wonderful song so perfectly!

Azdra – ‘: Portals – We have Arrived’ – With Beebs, Melli, O

Very cool performance Azdra! Such beautiful colours, costumes, particles, and design. wonderfully put together!

Sarah – ‘Karma’ – With Ginty

Awesome set, particles and oufits, and the story within the dance. Very deep and meaningful..truly wonderful Sarah!

Wiz – ‘ Cameo – Word up’

Go, go, go Wiz! You certainly had those moves going on with this performance! Fantastic use of the animations, so smooth and smokin! Very fun to watch!

Mikiko – ‘Don’t Be Cruel – Billy Swan’

Clever and unique Mikiko! Love your outfit very hot..well for everyone who saw it hehe, great choreo and use of the animesh and the spider seat, bravo!!!

Rhea – ‘Bijin by Chanmina’ – With 69emma96, Emberlady, SarahRho Huntress, Sunset Quinnell

Truly wonderful Rhea. I love everything about this ..the costumes are magnificent, the choreography is superb and the set is fantastic.. claps and claps..super good!!!

Eva (CROWD) – Back to the Future Mix

Eva, I always love your crowd dances but for set changes this one wins my vote and I didnt even post all the changes here but they are superbly done..just love it! Thank you so much for such great fun, so brilliantly done!

Elysium Cabaret Friday, April 1, 2022 Show

It was a fantastic show this Friday with so many brilliant performances, and this week was a true April Fools Day real time for me as my computer died and I had to rush to exchange it. Consequently not everything was set up or cached on my own viewer in SL and this weeks photos are thanks to Babypea who stepped in despite being so busy herself..thank you Baby for these wonderful pics and hopefully this coming Friday I can pick up where we left off lol! Thank you everyone for all your patience and kind words and we will see you next week!!!!!

Elysium Cabaret Saturday Euro Matinee March 26th, 2022 Show

Our end of the month Euro matinee was full of variety! Great performances older and new all brought together at one table to give us a deliscious smorgasboard of fun, laughter and awe! Great show, thanks to all who created, and danced, thanks to DJ Gunner, Wiz, and Paul..and ty Misha for helping with the caching too! Most of all ty to all the amazing guests who come to see the Elysium Cabaret!

Rory – ‘Bacon Strip (Rory Mashup)’ – With Mavrick and Cael

Rory you never cease to surprise me! A+++ for imagination gone wild..all the way to the barnyard! cute, clever, fun..!

Sunset – ‘A Little Something Special’ – With Arabella, Cullum, elana, Morgana, Reinah, and Zakros

Oh how I want to be by the seaside on this beautiful beach! Love this one Sunset, fun and flirty with all the elements of the season! great tune as well and beautiful choreo!

 Soul Dancers – ‘ Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart’-With Darkfire, Quirima Resident, Akteur Resident, Gioia Sautereau, Donner Resident, Sweety81 Lionheart, Choice Saenz, Sahrarau Resident, Tyraida Resident

just so lovely, beautiful intense colours, costumes and set and graceful movements! just georgeous!

Angelina (Rouge Soiree) – ‘ jazz and 50er / itzi bitzi’ – With Cindy, Jaqueline, Julie, Sunniva

Oh how fun! Makes me long for summer to come sooner! Love the sassy , teasing dance and your use of animations from the start! Bravo!!

Misha – ‘ Toccata And Fugue In D Minor – Vanessa Mae’

This is a classy and elegant performance Misha, my camera ability cant do it justice. Wonderful smooth transitions beautifully executed..superb!

Yancy  – ‘ Breaking Benjamin – I Will Not Bow edited”‘ – With Mavrick, Cael, Azdra, Morganna

Great music choice..powerful song and well expressed in your dance. Thanks for adding me, sent a strong message and left us all feeling ready to take on the world! Love it!

Babypea  – ‘Time by Pink Floyd’

I feel so inspired watching this performance Baby. Your use of movement and set changes in this is so amazingly smooth and looked so natural! This is a beautiful, soul – calling dance that brings a timeless song to life!