Elysium Cabaret Show June 9th, 2023

What a fun show we had at The Empire Room tonight! The Elysium Cabaret was rockin the rafters with an incredible variety of performances , each fantastically creative in their own way! Just Wonderful!!! We had a guest dancer tonight, Janjii, welcome and we hope you will return to visit us again soon!

Yancy – ‘Guy Sebastian – Battle Scars’ – With Cael Beebs Nadi and Azdra

Love this set Yancy, sets the mood for a night of partying! Good moves, love the red shadow across the floor…great opening act!

Sagia – ‘JAMES AND BOBBY PURIFY – i’M YOUR PUPPET (1976)’ – With Ethan Lighthouse

This was very cute Sagia, love the costumes!

Janjii – ‘Marcus Miller – Bruce Lee’ – With Icy, Artemis, Jameelah, Mirabel

Brilliant one Janjii, great transitions and smooth smooth movement..great costumes too!

Koyia – ‘Thunder Imagine dragons’ – With Eodred

Very pretty and well done koyia , wonderful mover work and very pretty set!

Babypea – ‘Bad Things – Summer Kennedy’

Wow pea, just epic! I just love the animations you used and the transition and that set.just wow hehe. superb!

Celestine – ‘Cold As Ice’ – With Babypea

Beautiful set Celestina, and wonderful costumes. Your dance finished the whole performance off perfectlly!

Azdra (CROWD)

U2 – Beautiful Day

Travis McCoy ft Bruno Mars – Billionaire

Sam Tsui and Diamond White – Shut Up and Dance

Love the tunes you chose tonight Azdra, always so much fun when you push us around hehe! Thank you for putting this all together to finish off out evening!!!! So fun!!!

Elysium Cabaret Show, June 2nd, 2023

What an awesome show we had at The Empire Room this Friday night. Lights, colour and action-packed! We had a debut this week of choreographer Seaside PLUS the amazingly talented Amazon Dancers! A huge thank you to our Choreographers, dancers, Paul, Wiz and Babypea and to Gunner for spinning those awesome tunes, and thank you, thank you to our wonderful guests!

Babypea – ‘Natural Disaster’

This was so cool Pea! I just love the effects and your stage transitions are amazing! Great song and dance!!! So mystical and magical!!

Azdra – ‘Sia – Unstoppable’ – With Melli, EvAngelina, Kira, Pea and Dee

Azdra, I love the way this set looks and your costumes fit it perfectly. Great moves, and use of waypoints. Love the lightning, nice touch!

Gunner – ‘Careless Whisper Seether’

This is beautiful Gunner and a true tribute to the feelings you hve for Babypea. Wonderfully done!

Amazon Dancers – ‘queens- the invisible man ‘ – With Luana Bunny, Lola Prince, Danny Dankworth Weidman, Analoon, Eva Lake Marchezini, March Marchezini, Luciana McDowel Shy, Moon Shy

I just love this black and white effect McPol, what a great performance, thank you for coming to visit us and we hope you will come again soon!

Wiz – ‘No Air – Luc’

Very nicely done Wiz. Very deep and you bring that feelig out wih you movements..brilliant!

Seaside – ‘2PM – Go Crazy’ – With Pety, Koyia, and Theron

Seaside, welcome to the Elysium Cabaret and what a fabulous first act you brought us! Astoundingly good choreography and great set and costumes!!


Fabulous performance Diva, just superbly done! I Love , love the colours and particles and lighting and your moves were fluid and perfect!


Jenny Jenny, 867-5309 – Tommy and the Two Tones

Just a Gigolo, Van Halen

We’re Not Gonna Take It, Twisted Sister

This was great fun Eva! What a wonderful end to the evening! Fascinating and cool set and we look so good when you push us around!!! Thank you so much !

Viva Las Vegas! Elysium Cabaret Theme Show, Friday May 26th, 2023

This weeks Theme Show took us to sin city and we had the opportunity to get a taste of all the variety found on the Las Vegas strip! This colourful entertainment was showcased at our incredible Empire Room Theater, home to the acclaimed Elysium Cabaret!! Such fun and oh so sexy! Thank you to everyone for sharing this time with us all! Remember…. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas….or does it?!

Babypea – ‘ Dean Martin – Las Vegas’ – With Luna, Mikiko, Anya, and Beebles

What a great opening act Pea! So traditionally Vegas, Sassy, sexy and true cabaret! Great set made by Luna also nd welcome to you Luna!

Mikiko – ‘ Sin City – Fifi Rong’

Beautiful and very sensual Mikiko! Very effecive movement, lighting everyones fire! Lovely set and costume too!

Gunner – ‘Caro Emerald – Back It Up’ – With Babypea

This is gret Gunner, wonderful choreography, great set and I just couuldnt resist the Gun scene’ at the end ! Fabulous!

Koyia – ‘Celtic Woman – You raised me up’

Very prety koyia, Love the costume and the emotional moves , very heart touching.

Yancy – ‘Chris Connell – You know my name’ – With Azdra, Theron, Babypea, Zach, and Beebs

Very well done Yancy, Super suave and sexy, great couples work!Awesome set and costumes

Azdra – ‘ZZ Top – Legs’ – With Pea, Kira, Beebs, Petty, Morganna, O, Divalin, Dee, Paul, Gunner and Yancy

Legs, legs everywhere and a lot of seductive dance as well, great way to express the reality of the song Azdra, those ZZ top boys would be smiling watching this peformance..I know the lysium audience did!


Freccero – Welcome to Las Vegas

Elvis Presley & Britney Spears – Toxic Las Vegas (Jamieson Shaw Remix)

Gram Parsons – Ooh Las Vegas (feat. Emmylou Harris)

Breathe Carolina – Last Night (Vegas)

Oh my gosh Eva this was so much fun! Great songs and what fantastic moves! Love, love the set too! Thank you for pushing us around !!!!!

Coming! Saturday at 11am SLT! It’s Going to be a DRAG!

It’s going to be
Beyond Fabulous!
It’s going to be a real drag

Let there be feathers
Let there be glitter
Let there be men in tights!
Let there be women with beards!

One fabulous dance show IN DRAG featuring talent from across the grid!
A don’t wanna miss event!

Saturday, May 27th
at 11am SLT
SLEA1 sim

Come as you are, or dress in drag if you want to get into the spirit of the show!

Featuring performers from Elysium, Romperdales, Mynx, Moulin Rouge and TerpsiCorps


Elysium Cabaret show, Friday May 19th, 2023

This weeks show was fabulous! Friday night found the Empire Room filled and everyone was loving the performances shown to them by the Elysium Cabaret! Thank you everyone for sharing such incredible talent with us all! Birthday this week was Sunset! Happy whole week and all the year through and thank you for that wonderful crowd dance! There are I love Elysium gestures in The Empire Room free to get, thank you to O for creating these, pass them around to your friends nd loved ones! Woohooo we did it! Another Friday and onwards to next week!!!

Scarlot – ‘Pistol Annies — Takin Pills’ – With O and Diva

Yeeehaw!!!! You had me bouncing in my seat on this one Scarlot! Great song , set and moves..so fun and makes me look back through the years hehe! Awesome!

Nadi – ‘Iko Iko’ – With Azdra, Beebs, Wiz, Zach, Yancy, Seb

Oh I loved this Nadi! Great set and costumes and a song that made everyone want to be up on that stage with you!

Babypea – ‘The Egyptian Trap Mix’

Wow Pea, intense! Those moves and those snakes are mesmorizing.. and that eye omg! So very cool, brilliantly done!

Azdra – ‘Enya & Enigma – Adiemus’

Beautiful song Azdra, and superb choreography to bring it to life. Sexy sey costume and great set concept!

Yancy – ‘State of Mine – Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana cover)’ – With: Azdra, Theron, Zach, Babypea

Wonderful one Yancy, perfect timing and super choreography! A pleasure to watch!

Ice – ‘Rise Like A Phoenix by Conchita Wurst’ – With Dey, Nancy, and Rox

Beautiful Ice! Incredible, deep and meaningful song , and you portrayed it so well. Bravo!

Sunset (CROWD)

Crowd Dances

  1. God Is A Dancer – Tiësto, Mabel

2, Rhythm Is A Dancer – SNAP!

  1. Dance The Night Away – TWICE

This was such an amazing and fun crowd dance Sunset! Thank you so much for sharing all those great moves with us all, everyone had such a great time, perfect finish for the evening!


It was a great show and we had some brilliant acts but though I wish I could spend the time to talk about this fabulous night, I just don’t have the time real life atm. So here are a few pictures and I cant wait till next week to see whats coming next!!! We also had two birthdays this week, Babypea and Azdra!!! We need a good party!!! See you next week!!

Babypea – ‘Do You Realize – Ursine Vulpine’

Ariel – ‘ Babymetal- Doki Doki Morning’ – With Morganna and Koyia

Rory – ‘ОПА! Yellow Snow ‘ – With Petty Boo, Azdra and Babypea

Dear – ‘Ed Sheeran – Eyes Closed ‘

Gracie – ‘Janelle Monáe – I Like That [Official Music Video]’ – With Azdra, Sagia, Koyia Lionheart

O – ‘Devil is a Woman by Cloudy June’

Babypea (CROWD)

  1. Bubbles
  2. Katy Perry – E.T. ft. Kanye West
  3. Till I Collapse

Elysium Cabaret ‘Ladies Night Theme Show’, April 28th, 2023

Oh my God!!! This weeks Elysium’s monthly theme show was LADIES’ NIGHT! It was about time for some of those sexy Elysium men to take the stage. It was all men, all night, the These guys put on some colour in our cheeks as they paraded their sexy selves up on that stage and so many panties to pick up afterwards!!! Fabulous acts for our entertainment! Rawwwr!

Yancy – ‘Santana – Smooth’ – With Tiberius, Cael, Shaane, Mavrick, Rory

Very sexy awesome choreo Yancy! I like that everything was focused only on the guys in front of us, nothing to distract from detail hehe! Really good, Lovin those views! Bravo!

Rory – ‘Oh Boy! Karaoke!’ – With Griffen, Zach, Cael, Gunner, Wiz

You rock Rory! This is such a great act, very well thought out and performed, love the way the blue soundwaves pop the rest of your set detail so vividly! Awesome one!

Cael – ‘Steve Miller Band – Jungle Love’ – With Gunner and Paul

I think all of us women in the audiences enjoyed this wild man species dancing for us on that stage! We all held our breath waiting for those knots to untie hehe, probably a good thing they didnt or it would have been a mob rush! Great tune, set and choreo too lol!

Mavrick – ‘So Hott’ – With Cael, Shaane

Wow Mavrick, you do know how to make the ladies heart skip a beat or two..maybe three , with this performance! So hot and seductive! Fantastic choreo and great moves! Pass the ice water please!!!

Wiz – ‘ M.C. Hammer – U Can’t Touch This’

Those are some awesome temptations you are tossing out there when you tell us we cant touch this! Almost drove the crowd wild wanting to prove they could hehehe! Great choreo and love the thor theme you had going on!

Gunner – ‘Faderhead Aim to misbehave’ – With Paul, Cael

Well Gunner you guys definitely got our attention tonight! Every eye was focused on the threee of you just waiting to see what would disappear next! We were all fanning ourselves and were more than a little hopeful! Your performance brought beads of sweat on all our foreheads hehe!

Bianka (CROWD)

  1. Party Trick – Lil Sis Nora 2:25
  2. La La La – Red Band & BBNO$ 3:17
  3. Powerful – Red Band & Full Trunk 3:35
  4. Hey Brother – Red Band feat OSOG 3:25

What an awesome set Bianka, and such awesome moves to those great tunes! Thank you for being our crowd dance person this week and sharing your amaing creativity with us all!

Elysium Cabaret Show Friday April 21st, 2023

What a great show we had this Friday thanks to our wonderfully talented and imaginative Elysium Cabaret choreographers! A huge thanks to all the dancers as well as the guests who support them all . Paul is away this weekend and wil be so sad to have missed it all! A special thank you to Sunset for stepping in to help me greet everyone when they arived, it is greatly appreciated dear friend. Also, we had a debut to the Elysium stage this week! A big welcome to Celestine, and hope to see you often in the future!

Chrissy  – ‘ Samuel Kim – Für Elise’ – With Akiko & Hunter

Wow Chrissy! This is so amazing! Everything is fantastic, your transitions, your set and costumes and your movement, all so beautifully crafted together..just awesome!

Celestine  – ‘ Replay ‘

Fabulous debut dance Celestine! Very sexy, nicely put together, great set and costume and so very clever with those cutout replicas of you..Super!!!

Sarah – ‘ Thousand Jang ‘

This is so very pretty Sarah! I just love the perfection of the fan work , it flowed with your movements ,beautiful enhancement. Gorgeous set and costume..wonderful work of art!

Azdra  – ‘ Broken Beautiful/What about Us – P!nk and Kelly Clarkson mashup’ – With Cael, Yancy, Pea, Nadi, Shaane and Sage

Beautiful set Azdra, awesome choreography, that is some wonderful mover work! I love the way the light is reflected on the center, just perfectly done.. fantastic!

Dear  – ‘ That’s When (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) ‘

So magical Dear! Such a beautiful vision you brought to make our hearts feel good! Perfect choreography and pretty pretty outfit too!Truly inspiring!

Babypea  – ‘ Parov Stelar feat. AronChupa – Grandpa’s Groove’ – With Petty, Webby, and Jo

Oh this is such a fun performance baby! Colourful, happy, and very uplifting. Matched with your amazing smooth moves it is a brilliant performance and a joy to watch!

Bianka – ‘ Say So  – Doja ‘ – With Beebs and Blue

Wonderful colours, lovely ladies, pretty set, and that awesome sexy, sassy, classy Bianka style! Creative and stunning!

O  – ‘ Night Club – “Show It 2 Me” ‘

Ha! Intense and incredibly creative O! So vivid, constant change, truly a work of art in itself! Fabulous transitions and movement..applauds!!!

 Eva (CROWD)
Pitbull x Lil Jon ft. Chesca – Cinco De Mayo
Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenz
Marc Anthony – Vivir Mi Vida (Versión Pop)

It is always such a great evening when you push us around eva hehe! So much fun, awesome tunes and great moves! Thank you so much for sharing this all with us!

Elysium Cabaret Friday Show, April 14, 2023

Another fabulous show at the Empire Room this week. I apologize for not being able to get a lot out lately but it has been super busy for me! I did get some pictures for you anyway and want to thank you so very much for sharing all this incredible talent with us all!!!

Mikiko -‘XG – Tippy Toes (Official Music Video)’ – With Morganna, Kendra, Azdra, Taema, Bianka, Sunset

Nadi – ‘Firebird’s Child – S.J.Tucker ‘

Sarah –

Babypea – ‘Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human’ – With Gunner

Paul – ‘Aint no sunshine–Shawn James’

Chrissy – ‘Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes’

Sunset – ‘ Ivo Mozart – Bola de Cristal’ – With Darcy, Morganna, Paulo, Theron, and Zach



Elysium Cabaret Show, April 7th, 2023

Friday night at the Empire Room was a bit on the dark side but oh so much fun! Anyone want a cookie? It is the place to be when The Elysium Cabaret turns up the heat! Such a great evening and the audience loved every moment! Happy Easter to all, and Webby, welcome back! We missed you so much!!!!!

Chrissy- – ‘Carla Gugino & Oscar Isaac – Love is the Drug’ – With Dixie and Hunter

OOOh Poor Joker, that had to hurt! Awesome performance Chrissy, great choreo and perfect timing on all your fabulous moves and what a creeepy set!!

SoCo – ‘Take Me To Church Remix ‘ – With Star and Pea

Wow Soco, this was sizling and beautifully done! Everything about this dance was riveting! Love your choreo, your costumes and hot hot set!!

Babypea – ‘ I Won’t Let You Down – ERIN MCCARLEY’

This is so beautiful Pea, and I think such a fitting tribute to Webby! You look stunning and the deeply touching emotions in both your movements and the song brought tears . So epic!!

Melli- ‘ Devil Inside – CRMNL’

Melli you are very naughty lol! Way to set the Empire Room on fire! Great dance awesome choreo and costume changes and great set!!!

Dear – ‘Rihanna – Lift Me Up’ – With Taema and Melli

I just love, love, love your set Dear, it is perfect and magical! You and your dancers looked very muse-like, enough to inspire anyone! Beautiful outfits, superb choreo! Love it!!

Azzy – ‘REMIX – Flintstones Theme/Walk the Dinosaur’ –
With Cael, Melli, Babypea, +1

OMG how fun this dance is to watch Azdra and your choreography on this is fantastic! Such an upbeat piece of msic hard not to bounce in our seats! Love the dinos too, and nothing steals the show quite as much as little thief running away with the skeleton in her little red wagon.. great finish!

BabyPea (CROWD)


Dark ,dark and amazing! Glad to see you making crowd dances again! So good, and so vibrantly wild! Those nails hurt I must say hahaha! Great music mix and awesome moves! Thank you for pushing us around so well!!!