Where is Morganna?

She’s not here today! That means you are stuck with me posting some pictures from this totally fabulous show. Huge thanks to the lovely Sunset Quinnell for taking these pictures for us! This show was a blast, such fun, energetic creative people who grace the Elysium stage with their talent. And that is the primary reason I dance… getting to socialize with imaginative, kindred spirits in a supportive and encouraging environment where personal vision and style are appreciated and applauded. It is FUN! It is a creative outlet, a chance to express yourself through music and visuals, and to share that journey with others in the hopes of human bonding. Through dance, we reach out to other souls, hoping to make a connection. Thank you all for sharing, and huge thanks to our audience, who are always a

Sundara Karma – Indigo Puff

This dance was so soothing and hypnotic, I could have melted right into it and become those colours and drifted off to oblivion.

With Cael, Taema, Kyser, Jo, Melli, Kira, Star, Pea, Sage, Nadi, EvAngelina, BLUE, Yancy, Koyia, Tiberius and Divalin
Štátna filharmónia Košice – Orpheus in the Underworld_ Can-Can

A hilarious bit of silly, poking fun at all the crazy things that can go wrong during a dance. Including emotes that were as entertaining as the dancing!

James Arthur-Certain things

Don’t you love these colours? This was beautiful, with subtle magic, very powerful song full of raw honesty and passion.

With Bianka and Kendra
NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

How darling are these lovelies? This is how school should have been! What a fun dance!

With Mavrick and Cael
In The Pink- (Toy by Neta)

TOTALLY!!!! Rory outdid himself with this, OMG what a blast this was… I feel sorry for him, I am such a huge Rory fan, he must feel I am his stalker but I know when Rory takes the stage, the fun of everything is going to happen!

With Ginty
Deco*27 ft. 初音ミク – Heart a la Mode

She’s baaaaaaaaaack… after taking a long break, our Sarah has come home! Returning to the Big Stage with a compelling performance that was as darling as it was awesome.

With Babypea, Evangelina, Taema
You and Me by Flume

Now this was something really special from Kyser, totally unique and super artsy with costumes that were incredible!! DING DONG! (Sorry, I’ve been watching Glow Up and Val’s voice is ear worming me… if you’ve seen it, you know she says Ding Dong when something is absolutely fantastic. Plus she has a British accent so between Crazy Frog’s Ding Ding and Val’s British Ding Dong, my head is so full of dings and dongs….)

With Cael, Kyser, Shaane, Rory
Ragnarok (Mavrick Edition) 2.0

DADDY!! Peel me a grape… could you just die?!? All that Viking badassery! Wish they’d raid my village. Mav knocks it out of the park AGAIN, and WOW this was legendary… a must-see!!

With Everyone

Chaka Demus – Murder She Wrote

Afrojack remix – Moonbah

Scatman John – Everybody Jam

Look at that crowd! We had a blast with Bianka dancing us all on stage, super cool set, great fun songs, and super tight choreography… thank you Bianka! Let’s do that again!! So fun.

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